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I'm hopeful about fiscal cliff negotiations

Let me finish tonight with this.

Let me finish tonight with this.

I'm hopeful about the cliff. I'm hopeful that the president can get the change in the top rate, that we can get a balanced plan to cut the growth in the national debt.

I think getting an agreement would be a powerful catalyst for boosting business confidence, getting some real power behind this recovery. I'm also hopeful we can use the success on this deal between Obama and Boehner to go for big, positive deals in 2013. If they can do this, they must just be able to deal with immigration, tax reform, gun control, and other things.

Let's hope they get the deal this week—that it's a fair deal and, yes, it's the start of something big.

I'm a guy who believes in government, who believes in winning, who believes in this country's ability to govern itself. To be honest with you, on this case: I simply want to be confirmed in my belief.