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Hurricane Sandy is 2012's political 'Black Swan'

Let me finish tonight, again, with this storm.

Let me finish tonight, again, with this storm.

They're called "Black Swans" — those unpredictable, unknown forces that enter a campaign, often in the last week that, to use the language of the comic books, "change the course of mighty rivers."

There was George W's admission to an old "driving under the influence" charge. (His real crime, I would say, was leading us "under the influence" of Dick Cheney and his neo-conservative allies, into Iraq.)

But the "Black Swan" now swooping across the American East Coast carries with it all the unpredictables and unknowns for which the species owes its name. It swoops in. It is dark with mystery.

This storm will pass, thank God, but what it leaves in its trail is still a stranger. I have said for days that the power of the first presidential debate would not die until operated on by an outside force. That's Newton's first law of physics, and it applies to politics as well.

Ladies and gentleman, that outside force, whichever direction it takes, is now upon us. A "Black Swan" now has us on its wings.