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How Obama can solve his scandal problem

Let me finish tonight with this.

Let me finish tonight with this.

I said up front that the president's problems - the Benghazi "talking points," the IRS digging into the Tea Party, the FBI digging for reporters' phone records - are containable if the President takes two clear steps.

Step one - Clear himself and those closest to him of any mischief.

Step two - Fire anyone in the executive branch who was into mischief.

Both are easily doable.

But the real problem is the nature of this second term. There is a strong sense that he, the President, lacks a hardnosed agenda. There is nothing that the president is fighting for, asking "us" to fight for.

There's no cause, and without a cause, there is no urgent need to "be" there.

I think the best goal for this president is the one he inherited. It's to create jobs. No one will ever target a Democrat for trying to do what they believe deeply in doing - using the public sector to create jobs.

It's been going on since the earliest days of the Republic. It's what made the Democratic party great in the 1930s.

Put men and women to work. Create big construction projects that demand work and do it now. Interest rates will never be lower. Money will never be less expensive. There will never be a better time to put money where it's needed: putting Americans to work.

And... it will give the president something to do.