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How much time did Giuliani actually spend at Ground Zero?

In a new segment, "Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top political headlines.

In a new segment, "Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top political headlines.

Rudy’s time at Ground Zero under scrutinyRudy Giuliani is facing tough scrutiny for equating his 9/11 experience to those of the 9/11 rescuer workers. On at least three occasions, Giuliani has said that he faced comparable risk and similar hours. His mayoral archive [courtesy of the New York Times] tells a different story: from mid-September to December of 2001, he spent roughly 29 hours at the site. Rescue workers at the time were regularly putting in 12 hours a day.

Jenna Bush gets engagedJenna Bush is tying the knot to 29-year-old Henry Hager. So who is this guy? He's a former White House aide, who went to Wake Forest University and just got his MBA at the University of Virginia. Hager's Dad is John Hager, Chairman of Virginia's Republican Party and a former Education Department official. No word yet on whether we'll be seeing the first Rose Garden wedding since Tricia Nixon married Edward Cox.

Obama fires backBarack Obama continues to face questions in Iowa about whether he has the experience to be president. Though initially reluctant to take shots at Hillary, Obama has taken to regularly drawing a sharp contrast. In response to Hillary's purported experience, he said, "Nobody had more experience in Washington than Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and what they lacked was good judgment. I'm running on my judgment and I will tell the American people where I stand."

Gonzales controversy heats upFormer FBI Director Robert Mueller says that John Ashcroft was "barely articulate" when Alberto Gonzales came to him in the hospital in 2004 to get him to sign the president's secret, warrantless wiretapping program. Did the president and his guy manipulate a sick man into handing over power?

Faces of the fallenThe Washington Post today remembered some of the more than 3,600 American troops killed in Iraq since 2003. U.S. troops are still there fighting, this war is still going on. Who's going to end it?