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GOP race starts to fall apart

Let me finish tonight with this.

Let me finish tonight with this. A couple of things are happening in South Carolina.

Both could be headlined "the chickens have come home to roost." One is the house of cards on which Mitt Romney has built his inevitability. The big lead he had in South Carolina - and now doesn't - was built on the big victory he had in New Hampshire which was itself built on the foundation of his having won that victory in the Iowa caucuses the week before.

Had he lost those caucuses, does anyone really think he'd have gotten that big boost up in New Hampshire? Does anyone think he would have had that big lead in South Carolina he once had? So, it turns out he didn't win in Iowa.  Looks like Santorum got the most votes in a count that was so messed up that there are whole precincts that never got reported, that are - we're told - lost permanently.

Suppose this chaos had been the headline the next morning in Iowa instead of that headline being that Mitt Romney turned out to be the winner? Again, do you think Mitt would have come rootn' tootn' into New Hampshire? So here we are the Thursday before the Saturday they vote in South Carolina, the state that likes to pick the nominee. Do you really think they're ready to rally around Mitt?

But wait those other chickens have come home to roost, those ones for Newt Gingrich. Turns out, while Mitt may end up one for three in the political arena, we're now getting a reminder that Newt is already into the clubhouse with his marital score, which also happens to be one for three. And now Mrs. Gingrich No. 2 has a word or two to share.

Oh well, we'll let her speak for herself, Newt to speak for himself, Mitt to come up with John Sununu or Jim Talent or Susan Molinari to speak for him and then the voters of South Carolina will get to speak.