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GOP gets serious

It's about Iowa, but also about the Republicans. I think they're getting serious... dead serious.

It's about Iowa, but also about the Republicans. I think they're getting serious... dead serious. They want to kill the Obama administration.  They want it gone! This isn't one of the things they want.  It's the thing.  They want this president gone -- out of their way -- his achievements erased from the books,  his presidency zapped from history. You can see the power of this dead-serious ambition in what's happening here in Iowa  because Iowa is not leading the Republican charge to end the Democrats' hold on the White House, it's getting itself in line with it.  Look at Romney running up in the lead.  Look at the candidates who can't win in the general election, dissolving, melting away one after another after another like a line of Frosty the Snowman's.   Mitt Romney is taking over this Republican race for the presidency because he is the only candidate who next November has the capacity to cross the finish line, the only one who can do the job the Republicans want done:  to evict Barack Obama from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   So don't underestimate the power of the struggle ahead.  Passion is power in politics.  Negative passion has shown itself the most potent of passions.  People know that they can't make something happen.  They can't make a candidate of their choice accomplish what he promises to.  But they know for sure they have the power to get "rid" of someone they don't like.  They can't make Mitt Romney or any other Republican a successful president but they can get rid of a Democratic president they deeply dislike. So pay strict attention.  This election coming up in 2012 is going to be a very tough challenge for the Democrats, very tough. Any partisan of President Obama who doesn't get that is missing the deep-down fire that's burning in the other side and is coming to a blue flame here in Iowa.