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Gingrich, Huckabee a 'duet of disharmony'

Let me finish tonight with this horrible, ongoing, relentless nastiness we're getting from the Huckabee and Newt Gingrich.Newt started this Kenya talk, this Mau

Let me finish tonight with this horrible, ongoing, relentless nastiness we're getting from the Huckabee and Newt Gingrich.

Newt started this Kenya talk, this Mau Mau-ing of the President, this insidious charge that he's not an American, not one of us but the product of the 1950s bush war against the British, he's an African killer of white people, ambushing them in their homes and offices without mercy and sympathy.

This is what Newt calls the "predictive model" of Barack Obama's conduct.  If you want to know what he will do on any given issue, think "Mau Mau," think killer of white people, think savage.

And it's this notorious calumny that Huckabee picked up like you would a old cigarette butt left on the street looking for a few more drags on it; it's this behavior of thought - if you can call it that - which delves down to the lowest charge you can make against Obama - picking it up from the gutter and doing it again and again - until you're caught and have to say, "oops, I didn't mean to throw the worst I could at him; no, it was just a … uh … uh … (have to say SOMETHING here) … a …. A … mis … stake."

These dreadful corruptions of our politics are talking this way because it will talk them into the national debates - and the Republican party will wish they didn't have to keep their company - imagine sharing the stage with this troupe of mountebanks - this latter day duet of disharmony - this latter-day "Duke and the Dauphin" now working the cable circuit the way the charlatans of the anti-bellum period worked the riverboats.

They know Obama was born here.  They know he never met a Mau Mau, never lived in Kenya, never met his grandfather and had his father abandon him at age 2.  They know all this but they spout their "predictive models" and cover for their "mistakes" because it's what sells in that element of the right that feeds on "anything" that can be thrown at the president.  

I wonder where they got these ideas - Newt and Huckabee? Where did they get the idea that a guy they disagree with on policy must be attacked at his very American nature, that he has to be slain in the public eye before they can win what they want.

Maybe it was something "they" learned before they were two - something deep in their infant's memory that they can't quite say where they got it.  I guess that's something of an excuse.