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Former DC mayor defends nonexistent yogurt tax

Marion Barry has been actively promoting his new book "Mayor For Life," and now it seems he is publicly promoting his views on dairy products.
Marion Barry
Former Mayor and current DC City Council member Marion Barry on March 19, 2014 in Washington.

Marion Barry has been actively promoting his new book, Mayor For Life: The Incredible Story of Marion Barry, Jr., and now it seems he is publicly promoting his views on dairy products.

The four-time DC mayor and Ward 8 council member was at LOOK, a DC restaurant lounge, on Friday evening when a Q&A session with journalists took a strange turn. According to the Huffington Post, one of the reporters in attendance asked Barry about a controversial tax instituted by DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson on yoga studios and fitness facilities.

But Barry apparently misheard the question, and began to discuss his position on a tax on yogurt, rather than yoga.

"Yogurt is more healthy than a lot of things. As is cottage cheese," Barry said, expressing his disagreement with the nonexistent tax and staunchly defending the health benefits of yogurt. "The best kind of yogurt is organic, without all these fillers and stuff."

Barry also attributed the blame for the yogurt tax to Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans when he criticized the DC Council's proceedings. "They're grasping at straws," Barry continued. "I'm not sure who proposed it, I think Jack proposed it."

Albeit a noisy venue, Barry's passionate defense certainly lives up to his reputation as a performer in public life. Now that he has clarified his feelings about yogurt, we're still left wondering what he thinks about the yoga tax.