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Do 'we' really want to alter 14th Amendment?

Let me finish tonight with the 14th Amendment to the constitution.

Let me finish tonight with the 14th Amendment to the constitution."All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside."Some senators now say they don't like this provision. They don't like all the Hispanics who have come here illegally and have had children here. They want this provision of the 14th Amendment changed.Is this want "we" want to do: say that the children of immigrants, no matter how they got here, are not Americans?Is this what we want to do: tell young people growing up in America to know they are not one of us, that they belong somewhere else, back in the old country of their parents? Is this a way to assimilate people into our American culture and values; telling them to go back to where their parents came from?What about the "children" of the children of illegal immigrants? Do we tell them that, even though their parents were born here, they are "still" not American, they still need to go "home," and that their home is back in the country of their grandparents?And how on earth do you enforce this new cauterized 14th Amendment?My grandmother came from Northern Ireland, my grandfather from England. I assume they came here legally but I really don't know how it came about. I certainly couldn't take an oath that they did - again, because I don't know.Would I fall under the scythe Senators Graham and Kyl and the rest are now preparing to wield? Would I be declared a foreigner once the 14th Amendment is not what it was?I am not big on this long list of constitutional amendments people are forever sporting about. They've got them on abortion, prayer in public school, marriage, you name it.The weirdest thing is that they're always being promoted and ballyhooed by the same folks who strut their fealty to the constitution as written. Isn't it odd that it's these "strict constructionists" who now can't wait to tear down the very structure that has guarded our freedoms all these years?They remind me of the spouse who gets married saying she loves the other person, then immediately starts saying, "there's this thing about you I'd like to change. In fact, there are a number of things!"

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