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Dirt is not a reason to vote for, against someone

Let me finish tonight with dirt.

Let me finish tonight with dirt. Old fashioned dirt. 

If you can't beat someone cleanly, spread the dirt. Does anyone believe this is anything but a weapon?

Dirt is not a reason to vote for or against a candidate. No. The person slinging the dirt always has his reason. It's why you're out there throwing that dirt in the first place.

Exhibit A: Donald Trump. Does anyone believe that Donald Trump was ready to vote for President Obama before he came up with this thing about the President being some kind of illegal immigrant, someone who's mother cooked up some elaborate, wild scheme to have her son born in Africa so that he could be someday elected president? 

No, Trump declared personal war on the President for all his own personal reasons, and then went to work pushing this nonsense, this "birther-ism" out there to the lesser minds, those impressed by Trump's money and swag, who follow his lead like the mobs in a comic book following some villain in Batman. You know, the Joker! 

Does anyone think that the great Jack Welch, who proved his brains leading General Electric, the most successful industrial company in history, decided he didn't like Obama last Friday morning between 8:30 and 8:35 a.m. eastern daylight time, between the times the lower 7.8 percent jobless rate came out from the Labor Department and when Welch tweeted his attack? Don't bet on it.

No, these people are out there pushing "birther-ism" or this jobs theory because they want to throw some dirt on the guy, want to hurt him and skim some votes from him. It's not good for our politics, not good for our country—and people who have it so good in this country—shouldn't be doing it. It's just wrong and people with brains and consciences know it is.