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Countdown to the G.O.P. debate!

(By Tammy Haddad, Hardball Executive Producer)I am sitting 40 feet away on the side of Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library right above the d

(By Tammy Haddad, Hardball Executive Producer)

I am sitting 40 feet away on the side of Air Force One at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library right above the debate stage.  It's been a fantastic day for people who care about politics, a mix of history and hope for the future. You can feel it in the elevators. You can feel it in the make up rooms AND you can feel it in the cool breeze that rises up the sharp edges of the Santa Susannah Mountains.   Some terrific old Washington hands, Alexe Glenn (Reagan Bush and former Crossfire producer),  John Reed, now with the Chamber of Commerce, Susan Molinari, Alex Castellanos and Hardball fav Barbara Comstock.  All the big stars behind the scenes of politics are here to help Nancy Reagan make this event a success.

Our friends and partners at have been up since the crack of dawn going through those emails looking for great questions.  And remember you can email a question in live to the candidates, register now at  John Harris is right behind me, I asked him who he was wearing and he said some Italian designer.  Chris is in Brooks Brothers.  Jim VandeHei was wearing jeans earlier but I forgot to ask him who he was going to wear tonight. Jonathan Martin thinks he wearing Joseph Abboud. Jeanne Cummings, a class act ALWAYS, is wearing Rizik's private label.

Did I tell you my guest for the debate is Desperate Housewives favorite plumber, James Denton.  He told TV Guide his favorite show is Hardball.  My kinda superstar.  Sam and Mary Haskell, and The TODAY show's superstar Noah Oppenheim, and former Hardball Topper is here (He is wearing GUCCI, network guy!!!!!!).  And NBC's man on the Hill, Bob Okun is also here. 

We watched each of the candidates do their walk through (just like the Oscars).  Right now Senator McCain is there.... We are all under the firm and fantastic hand of Joanne Drake.  AND YOU know who she is.

Gotta run, Mike Murphy is here (remember when he lived on OUR Coast.)  Governor Arnold is on his way, and Nancy Reagan is in the house. Is there anything better than this?