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Can’t touch this!

Can’t touch this! Newt’s winning streak is staying strong after a solid debate performance on Saturday night…so now is Romney’s only hope for taking over the lead a major Newt screw-up? msnbc Political Analysts David Corn and Howard Fineman join us tonight.


Is Mitt’s campaign going the way of Hillary Clinton’s? The parallels between Mitt’s current status and Hillary’s campaign around this time in the 2008 cycle are clear: Both had debate gaffes, relied on their professional backgrounds to win over voters, and were pounded on their records (Hillary’s Iraq War vote is Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare). Is this the beginning of the end for Romney? NBC Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director Chuck Todd and Washington Post Chief Correspondent Dan Balz will weigh in.


Just a day after the GOP Clown Show rolled into town, President Obama took to 60 Minutes to defend his record. With bombthrowers on the right and cool-as-a-cucumber Obama on the left, who came out of the weekend looking better? Is the Republican infighting doing Obama’s campaign work for him? We’re asking Newsweek/Daily Beast Columnist Michelle Goldberg and msnbc Political Analyst Eugene Robinson.


Plus: The latest on the Penn State scandal. Yet another version of what then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary saw and heard in that locker room in 2002 has surfaced. Will the discrepancies in the key witness’s statement damage the case against Jerry Sandusky? NBC’s National Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff and Daily Beast Contributor Buzz Bissinger have the story.