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Coming up on Hardball... Nice guys finish last

They say nice guys finish last.

They say nice guys finish last. Mitt Romney’s decided to put on his fighting gloves to take on Newt Gingrich ahead of the Florida Primary, and the latest polls show it’s working. Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are live in Miami to discuss.


Next up: It’s now or never for Newt. He says he’ll go all the way—that’s something we hear from candidates all the time—but has it turned personal for him? We’ll ask msnbc Political Analysts Howard Fineman and Michael Steele.


One thing’s for sure: Mitt Romney today isn’t as strong a candidate as he was heading into New Hampshire. Is President Obama taking cues from Newt on how to defeat Mitt? Should he be? We’ll hear from msnbc Political Analysts Chris Cillizza and Eugene Robinson.


Plus, Fmr. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist plays Hardball tonight. We’re asking him about the state of the 2012 race in Florida and the state of the Republican Party. Tune in!