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Coming up on Hardball... Newt under fire!

Newt Gingrich is under fire… from Mitt Romney!

Newt Gingrich is under fire… from Mitt Romney! Among Romney’s accusations: Gingrich is “unreliable” for having changed his opinion on too many issues and he has a “zany” temperament. Can Romney pull off an attack on Newt that hits so close to home? And are the attacks a sign that the Mitt camp is panicking? We’ll ask msnbc Political Analyst Michael Steel and Salon Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh.  


Obama Senior Campaign Strategist David Axelrod plays Hardball tonight from Chicago, home of the Obama re-election headquarters. We’re asking the tough questions: What exactly does Obama want to accomplish in a second term? And is it good for Obama if the GOP candidates fight for the nomination a while longer?


Next up: The Reinvention of Newt Gingrich. New poll numbers show that Newt could win the nomination, but his standing against President Obama isn’t so strong. What’s it worth to the Republican Party to see Newt attack President Obama in the debates? We’re talking to Newt supporter Fmr. Rep. Robert Walker (R-PA) tonight.


When Army Captain Steve Hill appeared in the FOX News/Google GOP debate via video from Iraq to ask if the candidates would block progress for gays in the military last September, the conservative crowd booed. Capt. Hill plays Hardball tonight in his first interview. We’ll hear how he felt when he heard the crowd’s response…and what happened next. Tune in!