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Check out Hardball tonight with guest host Michael Smerconish!

Check out Hardball tonight with guest host Michael Smerconish! Here’s what we have in store…


At the close of another workweek, we’re left wondering: Are we any closer to a debt deal? True to expectations, the House GOP’s “Cut, Cap and Balance,” plan was shot down in the Senate today, and Dems and Republicans are finding more headaches than common ground in the potential Obama-Boehner plan. And if the President and the Speaker can make a deal, who would be the winners? We’ll ask Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD). And we’ll ask msnbc Political Analyst and Fmr. RNC Chair Michael Steele what Republicans stand to gain in the Obama-Boehner plan.


Then, the two words that could bring down the Murdoch empire: “For Neville.” A former employee attests that James Murdoch may have known of the extent of the phone hacking scandal earlier than he admitted in Tuesday’s Parliamentary hearing—and it’s all because of what’s been nicknamed the “For Neville” email. We’ll fill you in tonight. Plus the U.S. Department of Justice is stepping in to investigate whether laws were broken here. Tune in to Hardball for the latest with NBC News National Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff and ITN Senior Correspondent Robert Moore.


And the story that can’t be ignored: Heat wave! Could the blame for soaring temperatures fall on an unlikely source… overpopulation? We’ll explore the theory with Earth Policy Institute President Lester Brown and Worldwatch Institute Executive Director Bob Engelman.


Plus, Tiger Woods fired his caddy of 13 years, who’s been with him through thick and thin. Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Michael Bamberger has covered 13 of Tiger’s 14 major championships. He’ll give us the scoop tonight.