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Congress finally reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling, but no one’s happy.

Congress finally reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling, but no one’s happy. Aside from averting default and (tentatively) getting the deal through before deadline, Democrats won very little in a “compromise” that included all spending cuts, and no tax increases. Republicans, for their part, don’t know when to declare a win. And we may have just witnessed the biggest display of Tea Party power to date.


Tonight, Chris plays Hardball with OMB Director Jack Lew. Then, msnbc Political Analysts Howard Fineman and Richard Wolffe will give us analysis on the deal that the House will vote on tonight, and that the Senate will take up tonight or tomorrow.


Next: Did President Obama get rolled? Progressives seem to think so. We’ll talk with Jonathan Chait, Senior Editor of The New Republic and Cynthia Tucker, columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, about whether the President gave away too much, and what he could have—or should have—done instead.


Plus: For a bipartisan deal, the proposed legislation is meeting an awful  lot of resistance. Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver called it a “Satan sandwich.” And FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe opposed the Boehner plan, presumably as too liberal. So, what do they think about the compromise? We’ll ask them both tonight.


And finally, it’s worth noting what the majority of 2012 candidates have been saying about the debt ceiling debate: Nothing. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza reports. Tune in tonight!