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It’s Them against Us.

It’s Them against Us. Since President Obama set foot in the White House, critics have made political, ideological, religious, ethnic and even racist claims against him. Remember The Donald’s Trumped-up birther charges? Huckabee’s Mau Mau Revolution reference? The 2008 Jeremiah Wright controversy? GOP and Tea Party mouthpieces have been falling into line, with Rush Limbaugh admitting he wants Obama to fail, and Mitch McConnell openly stating his “political priority…to deny President Obama a second term.” Them against Us. What’s happening to this country? Howard Fineman and Joan Walsh are here to discuss.


Republicans have fought to cut government spending, which economists agree will deepen the recession and delay recovery. And a slow economic recovery is bad news for Obama in 2012. This month, the President heads to the Rust Belt states—the corridor between Scranton and Oshkosh—to talk jobs with voters. We’ll talk with Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) and msnbc Contributor Chris Cillizza.


Remember fictional president Jeb Bartlett from “The West Wing,” who ran as a Democrat but governed as a centrist? We’ll take a look at the famous TV series in light of President Obama’s  current situation, with Jonathan Alter and Alex Wagner.


Plus: Will he or won’t he? The GOP field might hinge on Rick Perry’s decision about the 2012 race—and a pro-Perry television ad has hit the airwaves in Iowa ahead of Perry’s declaration. But the potential breakout candidate is facing scrutiny for his prayer and fasting event at the Houston Texans’ football stadium this weekend. Dallas Morning News Senior Political Writer Wayne Slater reports, with Texas political strategist Eric Burns