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The crux of the debate: Creating jobs versus cutting spending.

The crux of the debate: Creating jobs versus cutting spending. In last week’s New York Times-CBS Poll, 62 percent of those polled said creating jobs should be nation’s highest priority right now. Can President Obama turn the conversation from a sole focus on debt to the greater need for job creation? That’s The Chris Matthews Job Program: focusing on job growth in the short term and debt reduction in the long term. We’ll talk about it tonight with Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann.


Surprise, surprise: The new USA Today/Gallup poll shows that voters are mad at just about everybody. A majority of those polled said most members of Congress don’t deserve re-election, and only 47 percent said President Obama deserves re-election. After three wave elections in a row, what will happen in 2012? If there’s another wave, who will ride it? USA Today’s Susan Page and author and political commentator Ron Reagan join us tonight to discuss.


Total Recall! After this winter’s Republican attack on unions, Democrats and labor have their chance to get even in tonight’s recall election. But how the races play out all depends on voter turnout—and that’s an unknown. We’ll preview the races and what’s at stake tonight with msnbc’s Ed Schultz and Democratic candidate Sandy Pasch.  


Obama plan: Destroy Romney,"the story everyone’s talking about in today’s Politico, details the Obama re-election campaign’s plan to take down Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney in a “personal assault on [his] character and business background.” Looks like nothing’s off-limits. How will voters respond Romney’s Mormonism? How about Bachmann and Perry’s far-right Christianity? We’ll discuss with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Senior National Correspondent David Brody and Democratic Strategist Steve McMahon. Tune in tonight!