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Where’s the line between putting your foot down and showing disrespect?

Where’s the line between putting your foot down and showing disrespect? Was this week’s spat between the White House and Speaker Boehner just another example of a refusal to compromise, or is it something deeper—a political or a personal, disrespect and dismissal of President Obama? Politico’s Roger Simon has the scoop on what really went down behind closed doors  between the West Wing and the Speaker’s office over the date for the President's joint address of Congress. Be sure to watch as Simon dishes and as Ron Reagan talks about his own father's experiences with issues like this tonight.


Who's got Rick Perry's back? Suddenly attacks are coming from all sides — including his own party-mates Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Palin has yet to get into the race, but she’s reportedly using her Iowa Tea Party speech tomorrow to throw fireballs at Perry—though not by name. Real Clear Politics says that she’ll allude to “crony capitalism” and “permanent political class”…a pretty clear rebuff of Perry. And Michele Bachmann supporters have put out a new ad which is directly aimed at Perry. We’ll discuss it all with msnbc Political Analysts Michelle Bernard and David Corn.


The East Coast is still reeling from last week’s hurricane, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor is still pushing budget cuts to cover FEMA aid for Irene victims. We’ll get the latest on how Cantor's words have set off a political firestorm from Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) and Roll Call's Christina Bellantoni.


And did you miss them? George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are back in the news, thanks to  Cheney’s newly-released memoir and the upcoming 9/11 anniversary. Check out Eugene Robinson’s column in the Washington Post today, “Bush and Cheney remind us how we got into this mess." He’ll join us tonight to talk about how this could be some welcome relief for President Obama. We’ll also have the latest retorts from the administration figures who Cheney criticized in his book.