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The Obama Derangement Syndrome. Is he a U.S. citizen? Is he a Muslim? The anti-Christ?

The Obama Derangement Syndrome. Is he a U.S. citizen? Is he a Muslim? The anti-Christ? We’re taking a hard look at the movements against this President and asking: is this par for the course? Is it collateral damage when one occupies the White House? Or has this President been dealt a particularly low blow? We’ll discuss with Fmr. Mayor Willie Brown (D-SF) and Republican Strategist Ron Christie.


Will he or won’t he? Gov. Chris Christie’s being courted by the GOP bigwigs, but he insists he’s not running for President. But if that’s the case…why is he giving a speech tonight on American Exceptionalism at the Reagan Library in California? Should he take the plunge? We’ll ask Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann.


Did you notice this part of President Obama’s jobs bill? The New York Times reports that under the President’s proposal, it would be unlawful for a business to refuse to hire an applicant because he or she is unemployed. Moreover, unsuccessful job applicants could sue and recover damages from the employer who passed them over. Is this the way to improve hiring among the unemployed? Or is it just a political tactic to show the President extending a helping hand? Or will it lead to endless lawsuits? We’re asking The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and the Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore.


Plus: No photos, please! Mitt Romney met with Donald Trump yesterday—Romney was one of the last 2012 candidates to dine with the mogul—but his team gave press the runaround, denying them a photo op. Is it another instance of Romeny trying to play it two ways: courting Trump but not willing to live with the evidence? We’ll talk about Romney’s “Profile in Courage” with Roll Call’s Christina Bellantoni and Politico’s Maggie Habermann.