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Fight night in Las Vegas!

Fight night in Las Vegas! The Republican candidates piled on each other last night on issues like immigration, healthcare, the 999 plan, and the perils of comparing apples and oranges. Last night’s showdown begs the question…Is this the best Republicans have to offer? We’ll ask msnbc’s Howard Fineman and Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall. And on that note, could the debate have an unlikely “winner:” President Obama? Does the political circus play right into his re-election strategy? Fmr. White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and Republican Strategist Ed Rollins are here to discuss.


Then: Can Occupy Wall Street spark a political movement? Fmr. Labor Secretary Robert Reich outlined his plan for economic recovery and he will talk us through it tonight. And Salon’s Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh joins us with the latest on the OWS movement and whether it can be a catalyst for social change.


Plus: We’re tracking the assault on voting rights here on “Hardball” and tonight we’re bringing you the latest: Research shows that a law requiring voters in South Carolina  to show photo ID disproportionately affects minority voters in the state. Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian calls it “electoral genocide.” He joins us tonight with The Advancement Project’s Judith Browne-Dianis.