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You might be a birther if… you’re Rick Perry.

You might be a birther if… you’re Rick Perry. After losing his footing at the top of the GOP field, Perry is reviving a beat-down right wing mantra in hopes of boosting his campaign: He’s saying that it’s not definitive that President Obama was born in the United States. He says the issue came up in his meeting with Donald Trump the other day (Which begs the question, is this what Trump uses his candidate meetings to discuss?). Didn’t we put this one to rest? msnbc’s David Corn and Dallas Morning News Senior Political Reporter Wayne Slater have the story for us tonight.


Next up:  Talk about a flip flop! In 1996, Romney called the flat tax model “a tax cut for fat cats” but today, he’s changed his tune. It’s part of the central debate on shifting the tax burden to the middle class’s shoulders. GOP Strategist John Feehery and Democratic Strategist Mark Feldman are here to discuss.



Then: “We Can’t Wait.” That’s the President’s new refrain aimed toward rallying the public to pressure Congress to act. Today President Obama kicks off his Western tour in Nevada. We’ll have the latest with New York Magazine’s John Heilemann and the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein.


Plus: National Journal’s Matt Cooper and Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg on the Occupy Wall Street movement. Polls show most Americans support the protesters. But are they protesting anything except the status quo? Tune in!