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Leading off tonight: Why Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping matters.

Leading off tonight: Why Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping matters. He doesn’t seem to want to be the Tea Party candidate, but that doesn’t stop him from throwing a bone to the far right every now and then. TIME magazine’s Editor-at-Large Mark Halperin and New York Magazine’s National Affairs Editor John Heilemann, co-authors of Game Change, are here tonight to discuss.


The anti-abortion fight is heating up in Mississippi, where a “Personhood Amendment” threatens birth control and in vitro fertilization. If it passes, could a woman in Mississippi be arrested for taking a morning-after pill? Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State and Senior Fellow at the Family Research Council supports the amendment. He and Michelle Goldberg, who recently reported on the measure, join us tonight.


Next up: Perry has a new debate strategy…stay home! How is that going to work out for him? If he can’t outshine Romney now, how would he fare against President Obama next year? We’re asking Republican Strategist John Feehery and Democratic Strategist Steve McMahon.  


Plus: Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to! That’s advice the Cain campaign reportedly passed down to its staffers. Is political newcomer Herman Cain and his campaign ready for primetime—or the scrutiny it brings? We’ll hear from Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank and author and political commentator Ron Reagan.