Pa. gov. throws support behind medical marijuana bill

Closer Look Medical Marijuana
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There’s some new hope for parents in Pennsylvania looking to treat their epileptic children.

Governor Tom Corbett has changed his position on medicinal marijuana and is now backing legislation to legalize marijuana extract for the treatment of seizures in children. The governor’s spokesman says the marijuana oil would be dispensed by research-based hospitals and the legislation will tap medical professionals who are experienced in treating children with severe seizure disorders to administer the extract. 

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The Republican governor has been under pressure by parents of epileptic children in the state to change his stance on the marijuana oil, and Democrats challenging Gov. Corbett this fall support the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

In March alone, Kentucky, Utah, Alabama, and Georgia have all passed legislation to allow the use of the marijuana oil.  The North Carolina State Assembly will consider one bill to legalize all forms of medicinal marijuana and another focusing solely on the cannabis oil for the treatment of epilepsy when the assembly reconvenes on May 14.

Gov. Corbett’s plan now goes on to seek approval from the state Legislature.