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Beck is a top 'exploiter of fear'

Let me finish tonight with the exploiters of trouble.

Let me finish tonight with the exploiters of trouble.  

Whenever there is a trouble facing our country, there is a predictable claque who pop up like bizarre Jack-in-the-Boxes to scare us, set blame, then try as best they can to reap the benefits. 

Today's number one exploiter of fear is Glenn Beck.   Beck thinks he's Bishop Sheen without a cape and collar.   But, yes, he's got blackboards and a kind of odd instructive manner that appeals to people who don't have the time to dream up worst-case scenarios but are, sometimes ready to give a listen to his brand of conspiracy.  The villain of all his conspiracies are, to keep his lessons handy, American liberals who don't watch him, can't stand him, and see him, quite frankly, as a menace to society.

Yesterday, when we here getting the latest news from Cairo and the White House, Beck was preaching "the coming of the Caliphate."

That's right, the coming of the Caliphate. Oh, we got trouble in River City, the mad professor is prophesying.   Britain, France, Spain, Portugal are all being grabbed by a second coming of the Ottoman Empire.   Forget the names of the countries, the Fez is familiar!  They're coming and we're goners!  Don't even bother buying green bananas.  The time of the reckoning - at least the Beckoning - is upon us.     

Why's Beck selling this fear?  Because he doesn't want to deal with the problem at hand.  It's too tricky for him, as it is for most of us.

So, what are Beck and the trouble-makers doing?  They're scaring people into a frenzy over the coming of a global Caliphate.  And to what effect?  To fight for Mubarak?  To place blame if we don't? To encourage Mubarak to fight the people in the streets?  

No, I'll bet it's to begin a long campaign of fear, something to talk about on the radio, something to scare people - like Beck's claims that Obama is a racist and we should shoot our political rivals here in the head, the forehead to be exact. 

Or do we hear something even more malicious in this man's new crazed meanderings?  Did I really hear him say that the past two American presidents made a point of having our bombers avoid targets in Ancient Babylon - located in modern Iraq - so that we, the American government, could help make way for what was prophesized to be the seat of the eventual global Caliphate.   Is he nuts enough to be saying that George W. Bush "and" Barack Obama are in cahoots with the Islamist mission of world domination?  Wonder where they held the meetings, and how did this guy get into hear what was up?

Does anybody check this guy's copy over there?  Is Fox saying that "they" believe this stuff, this argument, the latest, that we all should arm up personally, build our bunkers and vote against Democrats or any Republican who doesn't side with Beck and Bachman and the rest of this band of loony tunes?