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Are you for, or against U.S. success?

Let me finish tonight with those classic "two kinds of people."

Let me finish tonight with those classic "two kinds of people." There's "two kinds of people" in this country right now: the ones who want things to get better. They want BP to plug that oil spill at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico; want the American economy to take off and start producing jobs; want Congress and the president to get it done on immigration, stop the illegal entry into the country, "really" stop it, while letting people who've been here work their way to citizenship.Then, there are the people who want it all to go bad. They may not be willing to admit, even to themselves, they like this destruction of the Gulf but they love the horror of it, the chaos, the anger it's causing; they love the civil discord. Same with unemployment. They may not admit they love the shame and sadness of the hard-up families but they love the anger, the grief. And, going to today's headlines, they love the failure of this government to get its act together and stop the illegal immigration because it's driving up opposition to this administration and to government itself. So which side are you on? It's easy to tell what side some people on this program are on. You can see their giggles at the bad news, the flatness of the economy, the grim fact of that dark petroleum spewing out of that pipe, the sign of illegal immigrants racing across the southern border. Why? Because they know how these realities drive people against this president.So there is it, and here we are.From now to November, one question: Do you want things to go well for this country and perhaps in the process benefit the president's party? Or, are you willing to see mayhem in the land we love, horror and certainly pain, in order to have the opposition win another dozen seats in the House of Representatives?

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