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Now Hiring: 10 Awesome Openings With the Federal Government

With seven million Americans in search of a job and the labor participation rate at a 35 year low, finding steady work is still a struggle for many Americans.
John Wagner/News-Miner
John Wagner/News-Miner

With seven million Americans in search of a job and the labor participation rate at a 35 year low, finding steady work is still a struggle for many Americans.

According to figures released Friday, the nation's largest employer, the federal government, actually shed about 300 jobs in August. The U.S. government employs almost 2.75 million workers to staff federal agencies like the Department of Transportation and the Post Office.  To field candidates for the thousands of federal jobs that are available at any time, the government is required to provide public notice of all employment opportunities. That’s why a few years back the government launched USAJOBS, a consolidated clearing house for people interested in “Working for America.”

Here are ten of the most awesome jobs that he U.S. government is offering right now.

Animal Keeper for the Smithsonian Institution

Salary: $17.85 to $20.83 per hour

Why it’s awesome:  Stop staring at pandas and koalas on YouTube all day and get a job to “ensure the proper care, feeding, exhibition, and propagation of a collection of wild and exotic animals, many of which are rare and endangered.”

International Broadcaster (Multimedia) (Mandarin) for Broadcasting Board of Governors

Salary: $77,585.00 to $100,859.00

Why it’s awesome: Report on the world’s most populous country for a living, travel to exciting locales for field reporting and “Initiate and conducts original interviews with a wide variety of subjects and news sources, with someone whom may be suspicious and uncooperative.”

Astrophysicist for the Smithsonian Institution

Salary: $75,222.00 to $97,787.00

Why it’s awesome: Delve into the mysteries of the Universe and “develop a comprehensive understanding of the detailed dynamics of exoplanet systems.”

Branch Chief, Intelligence Community Coordination Branch for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Salary: $104,211.00 to $136,771.00

Why It’s Awesome: Not only would you get to make Edward Snowden money, but it would be your job to track terrorists and, “provide guidance in the nomination of identities as terrorist threats.”

Smokejumper with the USDA Forest Service

Salary: $31,315.00 to $34,907.00

Why it’s awesome: Because you’ll never get tired of telling people that you’re a smokejumper, duh. If you’re into, “parachute jumps and other duties in the suppression of wildland fires,” then this is for you. Also the Forest Service has the best motto, “It's an awesome responsibility—but the rewards are as limitless as the views.”

Policy Analyst at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Salary: $71,893.00 to $131,483.00 / Per Year

Why it’s awesome: Not only is the FDIC ranked as the best place to work among mid-sized agencies in the Federal Government, but you’ll get to protect against the next financial crisis by “monitoring and analysis of emerging consumer protection risks and consumer financial products, services, and practices, identifying potential issues and impacts, and assisting in developing recommendations for potential options for appropriate policy actions.”

Recreation Aid/Recreation Assistant (River) with the Department of the Interior

Salary: $9.59 to $21.17 / Per Hour

Why it’s Awesome:  This is the perfect gig for the budding survivalist as, “Work may take place in extremely remote environments and may require primitive camping and living skills for upwards of two weeks in duration. The work is performed outdoors in rugged terrain; to include very steep, wet, muddy, rough, uneven or rocky surfaces; positions require physical exertions, such as, bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, reaching, or similar activities. Individuals should be capable of working alone, or with other people, during early morning hours, night, or during the day.”

Archeologist with the USDA Forest Service

Salary: $68,809.00 to $68,809.00

Why it’s awesome:  First things first, Indiana Jones was an archaeologist, so this qualifies as a job that your 9-year-old self would approve of.  So when you’re not dealing with snake pits your boss will ask you to, “Survey for the location and verification of archeological and historical sites and provides guidance to line officers and district archeologists in marking, protecting and salvage of these sites.”

Social Scientist for the Department of Transportation

Salary: $75,222.00 to $97,787.00

Why it’s awesome: This one is a bit idealist-geeky, but for anyone with a passion for smart, modern public transportation, this job could help create meaningful change. Job duties include, “Designing and executing research and studies in support of critical, innovative transportation programs.”

Pathways Intern at NASA

Salary: $27,990.00 to $84,139.00

Why it’s awesome: The chance to become “The Mohawk Guy.” Not all internships are created equal and with the opportunity to, “Provide real-time flight control during International Space Station Missions,” and “Develop robotics hardware and software that will support missions beyond low-Earth orbit,” it’s fair to say the sky is no limit.