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Trump is wrong about Michael Cohen and the Georgia grand juror

The pressure of potential charges could be throwing the former president off his usual commitment to accuracy.


For some reason, Donald Trump has grand juries on his mind.

The former president should think a bit harder, though, because his Truth Social post on the subject Thursday afternoon, I’m sorry to report, contains inaccuracies. Here’s what he posted:

Does anybody believe that SleazeBag disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen went before a Grand Jury yesterday, and did little but talk about it today? You’re not allowed to do that, just like in Georgia where the Juror was severely admonished for “talking.” Cohen has no credibility at any level — A Total Loser!

We’ve already been over this with Georgia. Yes, foreperson Emily Kohrs spoke about her experience on the special grand jury that investigated possible interference in the 2020 presidential election. And yes, people are free to disagree about whether she was wise to do so. But she had the right to talk about things that weren’t deliberations, as even the judge overseeing the probe pointed out.

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When it comes to Michael Cohen — a witness, not a grand juror — it’s true that Trump’s former fixer has also spoken with the media, including Nicolle, following his grand jury testimony in the Stormy Daniels hush money investigation. But if you listen to what he has actually been saying, he’s not delving into details. Further, a New York law barring grand jury disclosures states, “Nothing contained herein shall prohibit a witness from disclosing his own testimony.”

As for Cohen lacking “credibility at any level,” I addressed the issue Wednesday. I noted that, while Trump’s defense lawyers might attack his former fixer’s credibility at trial, they risk tarnishing Trump’s own credibility in the process, given that at least some of Cohen’s past misdeeds were connected to Trump himself. So it’s unsurprising that the daunting reality of such a witness providing testimony against the former president has caused him to lash out.