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Fani Willis hints at potential charges in Georgia Trump probe

Tuesday’s hearing over the potential release of a grand jury report didn’t reveal an answer. But it produced some interesting statements from the DA.


For those eager to get their hands on the Georgia special grand jury report, I have some bad news: The judge didn’t rule on the issue at Tuesday’s hearing. It’s unclear how and when he will.

But for those eager to see Donald Trump and others charged in the Peach State for crimes stemming from their attempt to overturn the 2020 election, I have some interesting news from the hearing: Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said decisions are "imminent.”

And the DA’s reasoning for wanting to keep the grand jury report secret, at least for now, also suggests that she's gearing up to bring criminal charges. That’s because Willis pressed Judge Robert McBurney to consider the rights of future defendants — that's defendants, plural — who could be implicated by the report. So, it’s a little more than a hint that the DA’s imminent decision could include criminal charges against multiple people, though against whom wasn’t specified at Tuesday’s hearing.

An odd dynamic at the hearing came in the form of the parties who squared off against each other to debate arcane points of Georgia law: Willis against media groups pressing to have the report released. Absent was any potential defendant, including Trump, whose lawyers issued a strange statement ahead of the hearing that assumed the special grand jury wouldn’t recommend charges against him.

When exactly we learn what the special grand jury thinks about that assumption remains to be seen, but we could imminently learn the thinking of Willis and a regular grand jury, which, unlike the special grand jury, can actually bring charges against Trump and others.