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Trump team’s big plan in Georgia? Do some legal research

A Trump lawyer’s comments on the recent remarks by the foreperson of the Fulton County grand jury suggests the former president’s legal team has work to do.


Some lawyers do research before suggesting that they have a winning argument, but former President Donald Trump’s team is apparently taking a different approach.

In an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” over the weekend, Trump’s lawyers were asked what their options were after Emily Kohrs, who served as foreperson of the Fulton County special grand jury in the investigation into possible election interference in Georgia, spoke out about her experience.

“Are the results of that special purpose grand jury to be crumbled up like a piece of paper and thrown into a wastepaper basket? Our options are, can this district attorney’s office continue to be part of this case?” Trump lawyer Drew Findling responded, referring to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Then, amazingly, Findling continued: “We have to legally research all of those issues.”

I noted last week that, whatever one thinks of Kohrs’ media tour, it didn’t appear to be illegal. Plus, the special grand jury on which she sat wouldn’t even be the grand jury returning an indictment against Trump or anyone else, if that happens. Willis would need to do so with a regular grand jury.

All of this led me to wonder: What exact legal challenge does the Trump team think it’s going to bring here?

Findling’s comments lead me to believe that, perhaps, Trump’s lawyers don’t know either.