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Full text: Read Clarence Thomas’ annual financial disclosure PDF

Amid heightened ethical scrutiny of the Supreme Court, the beleagured justice discloses trips he took in 2022 that were paid for by billionaire buddy Harlan Crow.


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has released his annual financial disclosure report, and it includes trips paid for by his billionaire buddy Harlan Crow.

Seven of the court’s nine justices filed their required 2022 reports on time in the spring, but Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito requested and received filing extensions. The two Republican-appointed justices released their reports Thursday, amid heightened ethical scrutiny of the Supreme Court.

In an accompanying statement for Thomas’ report, lawyer Elliot S. Berke said that upon review of the justice’s financial records, he was “confident there has been no willful ethics transgression and any prior reporting errors were strictly inadvertent.”

Read the full text of the financial disclosure below, along with the accompanying statement: