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Rep. James Clyburn: “There would be strong support against the Bill of Rights” if voted on today


MSNBC’s David Gura discusses the controversial 1994 “Crime Bill” with South Carolina Democratic congressman James Clyburn, a supporter of the bill when it was passed. Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, defended his support for the bill, and talked about how people today seem to be willing to give up some of their freedoms. “I run into people every day who would like to see so much of those guarantees uprooted.” Clyburn continued, “You don’t tear stuff up in order to improve on it.” Clyburn also refuted claims that the Crime Bill directly lead to mass incarceration, citing bills passed in the 1980’s which he believes were much more to blame for that issue. Clyburn has served South Carolina’s sixth congressional district since 1993, and is currently the third ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives.