2020 Democratic National Convention headed to Milwaukee

A Democratic National Committee spokesperson announced Monday that the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The choice seems significant, as fmr. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not visit Wisconsin during her 2016 Presidential campaign. However, MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin told Hallie Jackson that she isn’t sure it will make a major difference in the election: “There are lots of ways to get to 270 for the Democrats, and I tend to agree that I think the location of the convention matters to people like us more than it does to the average voter,” Rubin said.

Fmr. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines said holding the DNC in Wisconsin might be an overcompensation— and that Wisconsin was the make-or-break of Clinton’s 2016 candidacy.

“To me, the bigger puzzle to solve is Pennsylvania,” Reines said. “Everyone loves to think it’s as simple as, ‘let’s just go to Detroit a couple more times, let’s go to Milwaukee a couple more times.’ It’s not that simple. Something happened in Western Pennsylvania that I don’t think is gonna be resolved just as simply as going there more and more and more.”