How Mueller busted Trump’s 'criminal intent' to obstruct justice

In a special report, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber examines the substantial evidence against Trump for the crime of obstruction of justice, rigorously documented in the Mueller report. Melber breaks down how Mueller documents Trump obstructive acts and how they boil down to three incriminating topics: protecting Michael Flynn from indictment, improperly pressuring former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and attempts to oust and thwart Mueller, then cover those attempts up.

They're voting Friday in the presidential contest. Here's where.

Early balloting, which has been on the rise for years, could hit record levels in 2020.


The Morning Rundown: Today's top headlines

Iran's supreme leader said the recent missile attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq dealt a “blow to America’s image” in a rare appearance on Friday.


Aftershocks rattle Puerto Rico as islanders confront new crisis

"Our home is not habitable, because it might collapse if there is a bigger one," a woman said. Over 1,000 quakes have jolted the island in the last two weeks.