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Noah Rothman

Noah Rothman is the associate editor of Commentary Magazine.

Noah Rothman is the associate editor of Commentary Magazine.

Latest from Noah Rothman

3d ago

No, FBI's Trump search doesn't mean 'civil war' — but that's not stopping the MAGA mob

In the populist imagination of Trump’s die-hard supporters, government is an instrument that will be wielded, if not by you, then against you.
12d ago

Biden gets credit for Ayman al-Zawahiri's death. Now comes the bad news.

The drone strike is evidence the Biden administration has not washed its hands of Afghanistan.
21d ago

The U.S. is getting stretched too thin to fight China's rise

China's goal is to be first in its region — and first in the entire world.
47d ago

Mike Pence broke the Constitution on Jan. 6 — but only to save it

We knew what Trump didn't do Jan. 6. Now we know more of what he did.
56d ago

How Biden got caught in Russia's oil and gas web — and who is paying the price

Today, Ukraine is absorbing much of the cost of the West’s hunger for Russian energy, but its people won’t be the last to suffer for our delusions.
63d ago

Republicans' feeble attempt to discredit the Jan. 6 hearings

Almost everybody around Trump told him his claims of election fraud were bogus.
74d ago

The thankless task of cleaning up after Joe Biden

Republicans didn't cause Biden's predicament. They're just watching it.
85d ago

Why about a million people who don't exist will have representation in Congress

Minnesota’s population being overestimated by up to 310,000 residents means the state almost certainly should have lost a seat in Congress.
90d ago

Biden's response to the baby formula shortage is disappointing — and disingenuous

While necessary, the FDA recalls exacerbated a preexisting baby food shortage that was already hard to miss.
98d ago

The attack on Roe could lead to midterm victory for Dems — if they're smart about it

Can Democrats capitalize on a midterm election advantage they so fervently hoped for?
112d ago

DeSantis aims at Disney and hits Florida's taxpayers

Aspiring culture warriors soon learn that government cannot engineer sweeping changes into existence.