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Noah Rothman

associate editor of Commentary Magazine

Noah Rothman is the associate editor of Commentary Magazine.

Noah Rothman is the associate editor of Commentary Magazine.

Latest from Noah Rothman

219d ago

After Kevin McCarthy caves, Mitch McConnell consolidates power

Where the House speaker has surrendered much of his authority, the Senate minority leader is exercising it with gusto.
231d ago

Ilhan Omar’s committee removal was a long time coming

Her ouster from the Foreign Affairs committee isn't surprising, given the case her fellow Democrats previously made against her.
238d ago

Biden's and Trump's document scandals are more alike than Biden claims

As the scandal surrounding Biden’s mishandling of classified materials grows, we should ask whether the contrast between his behavior and Trump’s is that stark.
246d ago

Biden’s Covid ‘emergency’ has become a well-worn, flimsy crutch

It's been months since the president declared the pandemic over. Congress should take back his emergency powers.
258d ago

Republicans' other 'democracy' problem

Populist House Republicans' blocking Kevin McCarthy from becoming House speaker prove the GOP is not as authoritarian as its critics have claimed.
270d ago

The main problem with these key Jan. 6 committee charges against Trump

Trump's Jan. 6 actions have been well documented and evidence unearthed by the House special committee, but some potential charges are still unlikely to stick.
285d ago

What if Donald Trump doesn't go quietly?

The former president may be down, but he can still hold Republicans hostage.
290d ago

Biden's assault weapons ban push is a gift to Republicans

President Joe Biden made little effort to disguise his relief when he addressed reporters on the day after the midterms.
306d ago

How media should not cover Donald Trump

As the 45th president embarks on a campaign to become the 47th president, a pearl of conventional wisdom that once tried to explain Donald Trump’s meteoric
315d ago

Republicans' gaffes are saving Democrats from themselves

The midterm results and the reaction to them suggest Both parties seem determined to misread the country.
332d ago

This ugly and self-defeating impulse could be ruining Democrats' midterms chances

Democrats want to blame voters who choose their pocketbooks over threats to institutions. But the party itself has muddied the waters.