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Noah Rothman

Noah Rothman is the associate editor of Commentary Magazine.

Noah Rothman is the associate editor of Commentary Magazine.

Latest from Noah Rothman

7d ago

Biden popularity poll amid voting rights vote seems bad. But there's a silver lining.

How the failure of progressive initiatives from a vaccination mandate to the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act set Biden's White House up for a comeback.
41d ago

Biden's Russia dealings may be the death knell of American credibility

This Russia-Ukraine brinkmanship has once again rendered Putin the center of global attention and mired the West in diplomatic confusion.
65d ago

Republicans have a Kevin McCarthy problem on their hands

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California has shown little ability to impose any kind of discipline on his conference.
72d ago

Covid school closures backfired on Democrats in a big way

Democrats are doomed to pay a heavy price for ignoring grievances from parents.
86d ago

Virginia election spotlights Biden's flailing party

How the Democrats put Republicans in the enviable position of having to do nothing at all.
98d ago

Congressional Democrats' obsession with what's popular may doom them in 2022

To predicate your political strategy on popularity is to build a foundation on sand.
117d ago

J.D. Vance's latest Fox News stunt is a far-left fantasy

The Ohio candidate for Senate suggests seizing and redistributing the assets of philanthropic foundations.
132d ago

Trump triggered Biden's Afghanistan disaster. Now Blinken's stuck with it.

America’s chief diplomat has become a full-throated advocate for Biden’s patently calamitous Afghan policy. How did we get here?
148d ago

Biden's Afghanistan troop withdrawal reveals risky obsession with deadlines

This managerial style has robbed the administration of political victories and undermined its objectives at home and abroad.
163d ago

The fall of Afghanistan in 2021 is the result of years of American delusion

The notion that the Afghan conflict looked the same in 2021 as it did in 2016 is downright hallucinatory.
182d ago

New Covid mask mandates could backfire for Democrats

Don't be too sure about polling that claims renewed mask mandates are popular.