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Noah Rothman

Noah Rothman is the associate editor of COMMENTARY Magazine.

Noah Rothman is the associate editor of COMMENTARY Magazine.

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12d ago

Georgia's election law has pros and cons. But Biden needs to keep it honest.

Biden’s playing a dangerous game with his commentary on Georgia's election bill.

Republican backlash to Biden's inauguration points to post-Trump challenges

Conservatives must be clear-eyed about the long, hard task before them — even if that conflicts with their political instincts.

Trump's Georgia rally contrasts with White House stimulus push. Which legacy will win out?

The president seems more interested in licking his wounds than concerning himself with the future of the GOP. But those around him aren’t so self-absorbed.
169d ago

The Trump 'Resistance' loves GOP collaborators like Miles Taylor. But who's playing who?

There is nothing so satisfying to the ego as a display of contrition from a defeated enemy.
321d ago

Trump's George Floyd protest tweets are pro-police for a reason. Will it work in November?

There can be no nuance if these events are to be exploited for maximal political gain. And, it being an election year, that’s the president's objective.
452d ago

The Senate impeachment trial is a minefield. Will Republicans repeat Democrats' mistakes?

The majority of voters believe Trump’s conduct vis-à-vis Ukraine was wrong. If Republicans aren’t careful, they might assume a healthy share of that disfavor for themselves.
511d ago

Democrats' 'bribery' impeachment strategy is an unforced error with sobering consequences

If impeachment fails, retrospectives on the process will wonder where it all went wrong. And the answer to that question may be obvious.
570d ago

Democrats' Trump impeachment hysteria in the past will help Republicans ignore Ukraine now

Trump’s political allies are going to frame the current inquiry as an illegitimate expression of unhinged partisanship — and they do not lack for supporting evidence.

Trump's path to the 2020 GOP nomination should be hard. Joe Walsh's primary challenge is a first step.

No Democrat will make Trump answer to those who mourn the sacrifice of so many conservative values. Only a Republican can do that.

The Republican Party has long been the party of stupid. Now Democrats have joined it.

If Democrats think that the voting public won’t remember the promises they made during this primary, they have a rude awakening coming.

Roy Moore's Senate run is the symptom of a bigger problem for Republicans (and Democrats)

Moore’s indecorous Senate candidacy highlights a conflict as old as republicanism itself. And America will pay the price in the form of political dysfunction and radicalization.