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Latest from Julio Ricardo Varela

4d ago

'Alien' dehumanizes immigrants. Our language must change.

Colorado's and California's shifts in language are small but needed steps toward humanizing immigrants.
11d ago

Disinformation on Facebook is bad, but for U.S. Spanish speakers, it's even worse

U.S. Latinos use Facebook more. That makes Facebook's indifference to Spanish language disinformation more upsetting.
29d ago

Nicaragua's election will repeat a vicious cycle. What will the U.S. do about it?

Having experienced the loss of power, Ortega understands how valuable it is. And he has a plan to keep it.
46d ago

Bolsonaro's Covid denial puts Trump to shame

Why 11 Brazilian senators citing Bolsonaro’s deadly Covid denial was never going to bring him down.

White liberals must stop pushing Puerto Rican statehood for their own benefit. Let us decide.

Telling a nation you colonized that you know what's best for them is no more progressive in this century than it was in the last two.
408d ago

Trump and Biden's debate over kids in cages underscores the stark choice facing Americans

This election is both about who we want the president to be, and what sort of place we really want America to be.
512d ago

Goya CEO's Trump comments led Latinos to call for a boycott. That Goya was surprised says a lot.

A company connected by more than profit margins to the Latino community in America wouldn't be surprised by customers offended at the CEO's comments.
601d ago

ICE's coronavirus response has been 'business as usual.' That puts all of us at risk.

A pandemic knows no borders. An agency that cares about nothing but borders cannot protect anyone on either side of them from the pandemic.
654d ago

Democratic debate winners and losers: Stereotypes won, and Latino voters lost

The remaining candidates can’t seem to get beyond simplistic takes on immigration and pablum about our supposed entrepreneurial hopes.
672d ago

'American Dirt' is a bestseller because it reflects guilty liberals' quiet beliefs about migrants

The setting of Jeanine Cummins' novel isn't Mexico, but fundamentally conservative, white American construct of its neighbor that many liberals buy into.
684d ago

Trump did get Mexico to build a wall — of its troops on its own southern border

It might not be a concrete barrier overlooking the Rio Grande, but Mexico's president has given Trump a big helping hand with immigration enforcement.