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Clarissa-Jan Lim

Breaking/trending news blogger

Clarissa-Jan Lim is a breaking/trending news blogger for MSNBC Digital. She was previously a senior reporter and editor at BuzzFeed News.

Clarissa-Jan Lim is a breaking/trending news blogger for MSNBC Digital. She was previously a senior reporter and editor at BuzzFeed News.

Latest from Clarissa-Jan Lim

4h ago

'Our family has a permanent hole in it': Oxford shooting victims' families address gunman

The shooter, who was 15 at the time, killed four students and injured seven other people. He will spend the rest of his life behind bars.
5h ago

Multiple investigations determine Israeli tank shells killed Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah

Multiple investigations into Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah's death as he was reporting from Lebanon have reached one conclusion: Israeli tanks fired on his group of journalists, with several reports having determined that the attack was "apparently deliberate," even "targeted."
1d ago

Judge grants Texas woman’s emergency abortion request

Kate Cox, whose fetus is diagnosed with a fatal condition, had to sue Texas in order to get an abortion.
1d ago

Republican running for George Santos' House seat is convicted on Jan. 6 charges

Philip Grillo, a Republican running for expelled U.S. Rep. George Santos' seat, was convicted this week for his participation in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.
1d ago

Deadly UNLV shooting adds to record-breaking year of gun violence in U.S.

The suspect is deceased after multiple people were killed at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, according to police.
1d ago

Florida Republicans clamor to eject GOP chair after rape allegation

The Florida GOP has been rankled by both the criminal investigation and the nature of the allegations against Christian Ziegler.
2d ago

Taylor Swift says Kim Kardashian’s recording of Kanye West call was a ‘frame job’

Taylor Swift says she feared that her public clash with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian amounted to “a career death.”
2d ago

Fallout from Florida GOP chair’s rape investigation leads a chapter of Moms for Liberty to cut ties

Pennsylvania members decided to split after Moms for Liberty jumped to defend Christian and Bridget Ziegler.
2d ago

Biden said he's 'not sure' he'd be running if not for Trump

President Joe Biden suggested Tuesday that Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee facing multiple federal criminal cases, is the reason he's running for a second term.
3d ago

Fetterman used campaign funds to pay George Santos to troll Bob Menendez

Sen. John Fetterman used campaign funds to troll Sen. Bob Menendez's "legal problems" with a Cameo video from George Santos.
3d ago

U.S. hits a gruesome mass killing milestone

There have been 38 mass killings involving guns in 2023, and 630 mass shootings in which at least four people were shot and killed or injured.