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Friday's Mini-Report, 7.31.20Transcript: Into a New Voting Rights ActMorgan Freeman Reads the Last Words of John LewisAs Biden's VP decision nears, keep three categories in mindThe ONE word to avoid at the bargaining table, according to this U.N. negotiation trainerFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.31.20As Election Day nears, USPS rings the alarmDespite vow, Trump's 'exciting' new health care plan doesn't existDid Kushner and his team see the virus as a blue-state problem?Why isn't the GOP more concerned about the economic downturn?On virus, Trump points to 'very powerful' strategy only he can seeOn the future of the Senate filibuster, Obama changes the gameInto a New Voting Rights ActThursday's Mini-Report, 7.30.20Following Gohmert news, GOP staffers share unsettling experiencesTranscript: Into Facing the Pandemic with a DisabilityAs economic aid talks falter, where's the 'ultimate dealmaker'?Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.30.20Why Trump's latest foreign-policy gambit is so hard to defendDespite US law, Trump raises specter of delaying electionFor 19th straight week, unemployment filings top 1 millionUS economy saw record collapse in spring, early summerWith benefits expiring, Trump and GOP are lost without a mapInto Facing the Pandemic with a DisabilityWednesday's Mini-Report, 7.29.20Asked about alleged bounties, Trump has Putin-friendly answersWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.29.20Trump expects Republicans to follow his lead on FBI headquartersOn withdrawing troops from Germany, Trump admin advances gambitTranscript: Mike Leiter: IntelligenceOfficials contradict Trump claims about military, vaccine distributionAs US death toll tops 150,000, Trump sees himself as the victimMike Leiter: IntelligenceEven Republicans see their party's economic aid package as 'a mess'Why 'DNA from aliens' made it into a White House press briefingTuesday's Mini-Report, 7.28.20The 'how-do-we-go-back-to-school debate is raging, but one voice is missing …Transcript: Into the Trayvon Generation with Elizabeth AlexanderGOP includes the 'three-martini-lunch' deduction in aid packageThe 'she-cession': Teachers, a majority-female workforce, grapple with what's nextTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.28.20How to land a virtual job: 4 actions you can start todayRead this before you take your summer road tripWhy does the GOP aid package include millions for fighter jets?Dr. Leana Wen: 5 ways to convince a skeptical loved one to wear a maskHaving learned nothing, Trump promotes bogus COVID 'cure' onlineOn the virus, aides get Trump's attention by focusing on red statesControversy builds over Trump's interest in the FBI's buildingYankee Stadium pitch becomes latest debacle for TrumpTrump is predictably (and needlessly) secretive about Putin chatsInto the Trayvon Generation with Elizabeth AlexanderMonday's Mini-Report, 7.27.20Tom Cotton sparks controversy with comments on slavery, historyMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.27.20GOP, White House get 2020 sabotage story completely backwardsEven White House allies are asking: Where's Trump's pandemic plan?Flailing Trump campaign can't shake fixation with its floating fansTrump brags about 'largely symbolic' executive order on drug pricesDeSantis' response panned as 'divorced from scientific evidence'At crunch time, Republicans push to slash unemployment benefitsFriday's Mini-Report, 7.24.20Transcript: Into the Federal Response to Chicago's ViolenceGENYOUth's Alexis Glick: An open letter to my son and the class of 2020Trump tries to partner with Inhofe to protect Confederate namesFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.24.20'I would like you to do us a favor, though': One year laterWhy the FBI headquarters' location is suddenly important againOne of the glaring flaws in Trump's weak pitch to Black votersThis organization is empowering women from low-income communities, one garment at a timeFollowing Roger Stone's commutation, Trump eyes more pardonsOn economic aid, Republicans flounder, clash with one anotherScrapping convention plan, Trump's explanation is unbelievableInto the Federal Response to Chicago's ViolenceThursday's Mini-Report, 7.23.20Transcript: Into the Conservatives Against TrumpThis is why 50% of multicultural women are thinking about leaving their jobs in the next 2 yearsPointing to retaliation, judge returns Cohen to home confinementInto the Conservatives Against TrumpThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.23.20When Trump turns donors' money into his own moneyJustice Dept forced to correct AG Bill Barr's latest tall taleLamenting Trump era, Romney says GOP has 'taken a different course'Why does Trump keep saying odd things about that cognitive test?For 18th straight week, unemployment filings top 1 millionThe problem with Trump's strange denial in his new golf scandalTexas now home to three worst federal prison coronavirus outbreaksWednesday's Mini-Report, 7.22.20Team Biden targets Ron Johnson over possible foreign influence scheme3 ways to find your authentic voice, sharpen your public speaking skills from homeWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.22.20GOP's Matt Gaetz confronts new, difficult ethics questionsTo protect Confederate names, Trump's ready to veto military bill'What in the hell are we doing?' Republicans lost on economic aidAs coronavirus fatalities climb, White House pretends otherwiseSome in GOP think even Liz Cheney isn't reliably conservative enoughTranscript: Amy Hess: Fidelity, Bravery, IntegrityAmy Hess: Fidelity, Bravery, IntegrityTrump reportedly pushed diplomat to boost his UK golf resortTranscript: Into Remembering John LewisTuesday's Mini-Report, 7.21.20Dems fear foreign influence campaign is using Ron Johnson probeDoes this mask make me look fat? 6 signs that social distancing is getting the better of meIs Michael Cohen behind bars because he wants to release a book?Suze Orman: The perfect financial storm is heading our way— Here's how to weather itTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.21.20White House pushes odd loyalists for key Pentagon postsNearing cliff, it's Republicans vs Republicans on economic aidState House Speakers find themselves the target of law enforcementJacksonville sheriff has 'grave doubts' about Republican conventionWhy it's unwise for Trump to invite international virus comparisonsThe politics of Trump's plan to 'go in and take over cities'Into Remembering John LewisMonday's Mini-Report, 7.20.20Maybe Trump should stop talking about that cognitive testLessons of diversity, proximity, and humanity at workAsked what he'd do if he loses, Trump hedges, despite earlier vowMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.20.20Gubernatorial advisor believes Trump 'got bored with' coronavirusAs US testing system falters, Trump seeks congratulationsAs pressure grows, Trump's talk on race grows far less subtleState Dept whistleblower complaint raises new Pompeo concernsPushing bogus anti-Biden claim, Trump tripped up by realityTeam Trump pushes Congress to cut funds for virus testing, CDCKarine Jean-Pierre: What we can all learn from Rep. John Lewis' extraordinary lifeFriday's Mini-Report, 7.17.20As countries ban US travelers, Team Trump argues against int'l travelFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.17.20Kellyanne Conway acknowledges, spins Trump's drop in pollsMembers of Team Trump act as if ethics rules don't apply to themRight on cue, Trump fails to follow through on minimum wageWhy suburbs are suddenly the focus of Trump's campaign pitchTranscript: Into Please Stop Talking to Me About RaceTrump says economic aid package 'must' include dubious tax breakWhite House: Science shouldn't 'stand in the way' of school openingsInto Please Stop Talking to Me About RaceThursday's Mini-Report, 7.16.20Transcript: Into the Philadelphia D.A.'s OfficeRichard EngelHow women can lower financial stress, take control of credit card debt during COVID-19Even now, Trump admin officials face White House 'loyalty tests'How to practice more empathy right nowThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.16.20GOP governor describes Trump as useless on pandemic responseMonths later, Team Trump still lacks cohesive coronavirus planTrump lawyers to craft new reasons to keep his tax returns hiddenFor now, indicted GOP congressman is pretending nothing's wrongFor 17th straight week, unemployment filings top 1 millionTrump thinks firing his campaign manager will help (but it won't)Into the Philadelphia D.A.'s OfficeWednesday's Mini-Report, 7.15.20On coronavirus data, Team Trump decides to circumvent the CDCWhat Trump considers 'a terrible question' about police, racial violenceWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.15.20Behind in the polls, Trump finds a metric he likes better: boatsThe White House campaign against Anthony Fauci takes a bizarre turnTeam Trump struggles to hide its indifference toward ethics lawsTrump puts a needlessly ugly twist on the 'Rose Garden strategy'One last indignity: Trump brings Sessions' career to an ignominious endGOP congressman faces felony charges over alleged voter fraudTranscript: Fiona Hill: FortitudeFiona Hill: FortitudeTrump wearing mask TRANSCRIPT: 7/14/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberU.S. conducts first federal execution in nearly two decadesTuesday's Mini-Report, 7.14.20Pres. Trump attacks China TRANSCRIPT: MTP Daily, 7/14/20Trump admin retreats on restrictions for international studentsTranscript: Into Jamaal Bowman's Insurgent RunShould you send your child back to school in the fall? 5 questions to considerWith families home and the economy cratering, traditional gender roles ramp upTrump argues the US has 'created cases' through virus testingTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.14.20Looking at the Mike Pence coronavirus op-ed, four weeks laterWhy Trump is vowing to 'take over cities' with higher crime ratesIn Stone case, Trump celebrates 'rave reviews' only he can hearTexas' Cornyn: 'We still don't know' if kids can get, transmit virusNew White House pitch: tax cuts for rich, odd advice for joblessAs millions lose health coverage, Trump hopes to add to the totalCOVID-19 TRANSCRIPT: 7/13/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsTexas poll TRANSCRIPT: 7/13/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellArizona breaks record TRANSCRIPT: 7/13/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowInto Jamaal Bowman's Insurgent RunDr. Anthony Fauci TRANSCRIPT: 7/13/20, All In w/ Chris HayesMary Trump's book TRANSCRIPT: 7/13/20, MSNBC LiveRoger Stone TRANSCRIPT: 7/13/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberMonday's Mini-Report, 7.13.20Dr. Fauci TRANSCRIPT: 7/13/20, MTP DailyAn old Bill Barr quote about presidential pardons makes a comebackTwo new deaths in San Quentin prison brings total to nineTrump promotes missive targeting CDC, doctors as untrustworthyHow to repurpose your closet's summer staples for a work-from-home environmentMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.13.20As the debate heats up around reopening schools, 5 critical pieces of advice for parentsThe problem with Trump's defense of his many golf outingsDespite DeSantis' earlier boasts, Florida shatters virus recordTrump strains to find coherent defense for Roger Stone commutationWhite House attacks on Fauci described as 'nuclear grade bananas'Betsy DeVos struggles to defend school re-opening gambitTrump's corrupt intervention in Stone case was about helping TrumpMiami Beach Mayor TRANSCRIPT: 7/10/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsStone Ghosts TRANSCRIPT: 7/10/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellBarr Picks Replacement TRANSCRIPT: 7/10/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowHousing Crisis TRANSCRIPT: 7/10/20, All In w/ Chris HayesRoger Stone's Prison Sentence TRANSCRIPT: 7/10/20, MSNBC LiveBreonna Taylor TRANSCRIPT: 7/10/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberFriday's Mini-Report, 7.10.20Transcript: Into Police ChokeholdsPres. Trump TRANSCRIPT: 7/10/20, MTP DailyIG report puts 'Sharpiegate' in a new, relevant, unflattering lightThe problem(s) with Trump targeting universities' tax-exemptionsAs coronavirus failures mount, 'it's like nothing has changed'Friday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.10.20On his 3rd try, Trump says his future agenda is more of the sameIn public and in private, the CDC faces unusual political pressure'The equivalent of a bus accident a day, every day'A curious boast: Trump brags about 'acing' a cognitive testDeVos eyes redirecting education funds, faces immediate pushbackBusted! The 4 biggest myths about COVID-19 antibody testingTo grandmother's house we go? 5 things to consider amid COVID-19On multiple fronts, Republican convention plans are in deep troubleCovid-19 surges TRANSCRIPT: 7/9/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsAG Barr TRANSCRIPT: 7/9/20, The Last Word with Lawrence O'DonnellSCOTUS tax rulings TRANSCRIPT: 7/9/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowTrump administration TRANSCRIPT: 7/9/20, All In w/ Chris HayesInto Police ChokeholdsBreonna Taylor shooting TRANSCRIPT: 7/9/20, MSNBC LiveEasterseals CEO: 'Just because someone is different, it does not mean they are deficient'SCOTUS ruling TRANSCRIPT: 7/9/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberTranscript: Into the WNBA BubbleThursday's Mini-Report, 7.9.20Supreme Court TRANSCRIPT: 7/9/20, MTP DailyFollowing court rulings, Trump throws epic online tantrumAs case totals climb, Trump flunks test on testing (and arithmetic)Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.9.20Supreme Court rejects Trump's argument in key tax-return caseWhy is the CDC producing new guidelines on re-opening schools?For 16th straight week, unemployment filings top 1 millionLocal official: Trump rally likely intensified public-health crisisFlorida teachers concerned TRANSCRIPT: 7/8/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsGeorge Floyd TRANSCRIPT: 7/8/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'Donnellspike in Mississippi TRANSCRIPT: 7/8/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowSpike in Houston TRANSCRIPT: 7/8/20, All In w/ Chris HayesInto the WNBA BubbleKanye West reap PPP loan windfall TRANSCRIPT: 7/8/20, MSNBC LiveTrump slams CDC plan TRANSCRIPT: 7/8/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberWednesday's Mini-Report, 7.8.20Trump administration visa policy TRANSCRIPT: 7/8/20, MTP DailySupreme Court backs Trump plan for limiting contraceptive coverageFaced with 'bullying,' Lt. Col. Vindman retires from militaryWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.8.20On re-opening schools, Trump trashes the CDC's recommendationsFormer WH chief of staff fears 2020 'referendum' on TrumpAs crisis intensifies, Trump says, 'I think we are in a good place'After Trump's directive, churches become key source of virus casesTrump wants schools to re-open, but he still doesn't have a planTranscript: Jim Miller: HawkeyeJim Miller: HawkeyeTrump's withdrawal from World Health Org comes with a catchTuesday's Mini-Report, 7.7.20Transcript: Into Resuming Federal ExecutionsMika: How I'm dealing with the stress of these extraordinary timesKey GOP senator: United States 'overreacted' to the pandemicTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.7.20As Flynn goes over the edge, would Trump welcome him back?Kayleigh McEnany: U.S. looked at 'as a leader' on pandemicGOP 'unnerved' by Trump's racism, but not for the right reasonsThe she-cession has begun: What to do if you're worried about getting laid offWhite House eyes new pandemic message: 'We need to live with it'On alleged bounties, White House targets leakers, not RussiaJames Baldwin TRANSCRIPT: 7/6/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsRussian bounties TRANSCRIPT: 7/6/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellU.S. nears 3 million cases TRANSCRIPT: 7/6/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowNick Cordero dies TRANSCRIPT: 7/6/20, All In w/ Chris HayesInto Resuming Federal ExecutionsTrump stokes racial division TRANSCRIPT: 7/6/20, MSNBC LiveBiden victory TRANSCRIPT: 7/6/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberMonday's Mini-Report, 7.6.20Trump downplays virus TRANSCRIPT: 7/6/20, MTP DailySupreme Court rules against 'faithless electors' in national electionsMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.6.20Under Trump, 'The swamp is alive and well in Washington, D.C.'The two problems at the heart of Trump's false line on testingAs Trump downplays virus threat, admin struggles to defend himIowa's Ernst has wildly different standards on Ebola, coronavirusA familiar ploy: Cabinet secretaries sent to 2020 battlegroundsTrump identifies a new enemy: Americans he doesn't likeTranscript: Into Black Trans LiberationInto Black Trans LiberationWashington NFL team TRANSCRIPT: 7/3/20, All In w/ Chris HayesTrump's relationship with Putin TRANSCRIPT: 7/3/20, MSNBC LiveTrump rallies at Mt. Rushmore TRANSCRIPT: 7/3/20, The Beat w/ Ari Melber SpecialMt. Rushmore spectable TRANSCRIPT: 7/3/20, MTP DailyIndependence Day 2020Russian Bounty intel TRANSCRIPT: 7/2/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsRussian bounty TRANSCRIPT: 7/2/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellSenator Duckworth TRANSCRIPT: 7/2/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowBiden beats Trump TRANSCRIPT: 7/2/20, All In w/ Chris HayesStacey Abrams TRANSCRIPT: 7/2/20, MSNBC LiveHow this military colonel, executive and mom of three is managing during these stressful timesRussia bounty plot TRANSCRIPT: 7/2/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberThursday's Mini-Report, 7.2.20Biden tops President Trump TRANSCRIPT: 7/2/20, MTP DailyAn Arizona rep wants the WH Coronavirus Taskforce 'disbanded'?Ignoring irony, McConnell warns Dems may 'vandalize' the SenateThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.2.20Transcript: Into 'My Body is a Monument'Trump threatens to veto military funding over Confederate issueChecking items off their to-do list, Dems pass infrastructure planDr. Leana Wen: 5 actions to avoid July 4 weekend amid the coronavirus pandemicOffered 'a retake,' Trump still can't describe a second-term agendaThe discouraging truths lurking behind today's good job numbersVirus will 'sort of just disappear': Trump has happy talk, but no planInto 'My Body is a Monument'Wednesday's Mini-Report, 7.1.20On Russia-bounty scandal, Trump is contradicted by his own teamObama's former Protocol Chief on how to make diplomacy work for you, especially during these uncharted timesWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.1.20Trump's reverse Midas touch: Americans back more immigrationRand Paul's coronavirus posturing goes from bad to cringe-worthyGOP quietly kills measure to discourage foreign election interferenceCarol Lam: Her HonorTranscript: Carol Lam: Her HonorWhy did a Trump-backed GOP congressman lose in a Colo. primary?In one of the reddest red states, voters back Medicaid expansionOn threats, is Trump really 'the most informed person' on Earth?COVID-19 vaccine guidelines TRANSCRIPT: 6/30/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsSenator Duckworth TRANSCRIPT: 6/30/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellHouston E.R. doctor TRANSCRIPT: 6/30/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowThe Front Lines of Change TRANSCRIPT: 6/30/20, All In w/ Chris Hayes