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3,700+ deaths TRANSCRIPT: 3/31/20, All In w/ Chris HayesCOVID-19-stricken TRANSCRIPT: 3/31/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowCoronavirus Pandemic Special TRANSCRIPT: 3/31/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellTrump WH predicts TRANSCRIPT: 3/31/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsWhite House balks at new ACA open-enrollment periodInfrastructure Week makes a comeback: Trump eyes 'Phase IV'Trump admin fumbles Pentagon offers to help with crisisIt's tough to defend Trump's step backward on fuel efficiency standardsMSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle: Are you on Social Security? Don't forget to do this if you want the $1,200 stimulus checkHow many warnings did Team Trump fail to take seriously?Wednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.1.20Stay-at-home orders can't make an exception for houses of worshipWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.1.20re-open Obamacare TRANSCRIPT: 4/1/20, The Beat w/ Ari Melbervirus death toll TRANSCRIPT: 4/1/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020Bill Gates TRANSCRIPT: 4/1/20, All In w/ Chris HayesGov. Inslee TRANSCRIPT: 4/1/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowGov. Cuomo TRANSCRIPT: 4/1/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'Donnell2020 election TRANSCRIPT: 4/1/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsTrying to defend Trump, Pence rewrites coronavirus historyUnemployment filings go from horrible to even more horriblePressed on uninsured, White House struggles to answerGeorgia's Kemp just learned what most already knew about virusAntibody testing one key to supporting essential healthcare workersAs crisis continues, some new economic measures start to kick inThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.2.20Coronavirus is canceling senior year across America: 5 ways to help your child copePelosi announces new select committee on coronavirus pandemicInto Life and Loss in a PandemicThursday's Mini-Report, 4.2.20MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle: What to do if you can't pay rent as a result of the coronavirus pandemiccoronavirus myths TRANSCRIPT: 4/2/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020Coronavirus cases TRANSCRIPT: 4/2/20, All in w/ Chris Hayescoronavirus patients TRANSCRIPT: 4/2/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowCOVID-19 surge TRANSCRIPT: 4/2/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellNew jobless claims TRANSCRIPT: 4/2/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian Williams:Despite crisis, Trump finds time to send Schumer an odd letterBrutal jobs report shows deep job losses in MarchWhite House line on stay-at-home directions is a garbled messTeam Trump should get up to speed on South Korean modelTrump equates oversight on coronavirus aid with 'witch hunt'Friday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.3.20What exactly is Kushner's role in the White House's pandemic response?Author Minda Harts: 3 ways to promote a virtual work culture that prioritizes inclusivityGovernment website altered to match odd political talking pointsTranscript: Into Life and Loss in a PandemicFriday's Mini-Report, 4.3.20Rapper Jeezy TRANSCRIPT: 4/3/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020Nailed it.rescue bill TRANSCRIPT: 4/3/20, All In w/ Chris HayesCoronavirus outbreak TRANSCRIPT: 4/3/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowAMA TRANSCRIPT: 4/3/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellCOVID-19 TRANSCRIPT: 4/3/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsOn multiple fronts, Trump clashes with public-health expertsOusting Atkinson, Trump shifts focus back to his 'revenge list'White House unveils its alternative to a new ACA enrollment periodTouting untested medicinal treatment, Trump adds, 'What do I know?'Peter Navarro's role in the pandemic response draws scrutinyMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.6.20Does the airplane testing regimen touted by Trump actually exist?Monday's Mini-Report, 4.6.20Ukraine call to Congress TRANSCRIPT: 4/6/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020coronavirus crisis TRANSCRIPT: 4/6/20, All in w/ Chris HayesCOVID-19 TRANSCRIPT: 4/6/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowChicago Mayor TRANSCRIPT: 4/6/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellThis is what it's REALLY like giving birth in the age of coronavirusCOVID-19 TRANSCRIPT: 4/6/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsVoting during a pandemic: Wisconsin's election 'boggles the mind'Biden shares 'several suggestions' with Trump on pandemic responseAfter dire HHS warning, Trump responds in a Trumpian wayWork already underway on the next economic aid packageOfficials reportedly warned not to contradict Trump on untested medsStephanie Grisham out as White House press secretaryTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.7.20Trump admin struggles to implement worthwhile economic ideasWith social distancing impossible, what do we do about inmates?Tuesday's Mini-Report, 4.7.20Coronavirus Task Force briefing TRANSCRIPT: 4/7/20, The Beat w/ Ari Melber393,000 cases TRANSCRIPT: 4/7/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020toilet paper shortage TRANSCRIPT: 4/7/20, All In w/ Chris HayesGov. Newsom TRANSCRIPT: 4/7/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowSen. Klobuchar TRANSCRIPT: 4/7/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsOn $2.2 trillion aid package, Trump acts like he has something to hideWhy Wisconsin Republicans wouldn't budge on Election DayAfter voting by mail, Trump denounces voting by mailOn air and at home: How NBCU moms are juggling work, family while covering coronavirusWhy Trump targeted the HHS inspector general so aggressivelyThe new White House press secretary's unfortunate historyLooking for an enemy, Trump targets World Health OrganizationWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.8.20Bernie Sanders exits the stage, but not empty-handedCan you eat your way to a better immune system?Despite lack of testing strategy, Trump seeks 'congratulations'How to Zoom like a boss during the coronavirus pandemicWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.8.20deadliest day TRANSCRIPT: 4/8/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020Wisconsin Republicans TRANSCRIPT: 4/8/20, All In w/ Chris HayesChicago Mayor TRANSCRIPT: 4/8/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowWisconsin voters TRANSCRIPT: 4/8/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellBernie Sanders ends campaign TRANSCRIPT: 4/8/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsTrump, GOP get the 2020 match-up they clearly did not wantFor third straight week, number of unemployment claims soarsWith pandemic commentary, AG Barr strays far outside his laneSmall business aid program is not 'way ahead of schedule'The problems plaguing Congress' new economic aid packageKansas GOP reverses governor on religious services during pandemicThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.9.20Trump struggles to find a good reason to reject voting by mailJane Park and Lisa Sun: 6 ways women entrepreneurs can support each other in a COVID-19 worldMaddowBlog author pens new book, The ImpostorsInto an Outbreak Behind BarsThursday's Mini-Report, 4.9.20Lady Gaga has a surprisingly simple way you can help during this difficult timeTrump WH briefing TRANSCRIPT: 4/9/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberWH Coronavirus Task Force TRANSCRIPT: 4/9/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020Sen. Sanders TRANSCRIPT: 4/9/20, All In w/ Chris HayesICU patients TRANSCRIPT: 4/9/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowCoronavirus TRANSCRIPT: 4/9/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'Donnelldraconian coronavirus measures TRANSCRIPT: 4/9/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsEven some Republicans tire of Trump's misguided briefingsHouse GOP leader sees push for mail-in balloting as 'disgusting'Florida's DeSantis flubs relevant detail about coronavirus threatTrump puts a little too much stock in his 'proper feelings'Would Trump turn medical supplies into a patronage system?Trump's new anti-Biden, anti-China attack ad is wildly wrongFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.10.20The conditions are ripe for a Friday night news dumpWhy it matters that AG Barr is still wrong about Russia probeTranscript: Into an Outbreak Behind BarsTrying to reopen society without widespread testing is ridiculousFriday's Mini-Report, 4.10.20re-open country TRANSCRIPT: 4/10/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberEaster restrictions TRANSCRIPT: 4/10/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020prison inmates have died TRANSCRIPT: 4/10/20, All In w/ Chris HayesKansas prisoners riot TRANSCRIPT: 4/10/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowEaster weekend TRANSCRIPT: 4/10/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellGood Friday TRANSCRIPT: 4/10/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsDoes the White House really need yet another task force?Why Trump is indifferent to the crisis at the US Postal ServiceTeam Trump makes 'political calculation,' puts burdens on governorsRepublicans still won't negotiate on small business aid packageCan Trump 'override' states' pandemic decisions? Will he?Elections have consequences in Virginia: Dems expand voter accessMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.13.20For Trump, over-promising and under-delivering is a real problemTargeting Obama, Trump set a standard that came back to haunt himMonday's Mini-Report, 4.13.20Trump responds to NYT report TRANSCRIPT: 4/13/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberPres. Trump TRANSCRIPT: 4/13/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020Gov. Cuomo TRANSCRIPT: 4/13/20, All In w/ Chris Hayesshortages of PPE TRANSCRIPT: 4/13/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowCoronavirus Pandemic TRANSCRIPT: 4/13/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellBernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden TRANSCRIPT: 4/13/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsDespite reality, Trump claims to have 'total' authorityElection debacle backfires on Wisconsin RepublicansTrump's 'timeline of action' features a gap he prefers to ignoreTrump campaign sues local station over ad that quotes TrumpGubernatorial praise for White House comes with a key caveatTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.14.205 must-know tips before spending your stimulus checkHoping to fill timeline gap, Team Trump produces underwhelming listEndorsing Biden, Obama takes aim at Trump's Republican PartyWrestling company considered an 'essential business' in FloridaTuesday's Mini-Report, 4.14.20Alexis Glick: No job is more important than teaching — Let's stop paying lip service and pay upTrump blames WHO TRANSCRIPT: 4/14/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020US cases top 604,000+ TRANSCRIPT: 4/14/20, All In w/ Chris HayesUS has highest number TRANSCRIPT: 4/14/20, The Rachel Maddow Show606,500+ coronavirus cases TRANSCRIPT: 4/14/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsPutting his name on aid checks, Trump prioritizes public relationsAnother step backward: Trump halts World Health Organization fundingAfter making up powers, Trump retreats on 'total' authorityFlorida's DeSantis defends making WWE an 'essential' businessStudent files suit against Falwell's Liberty U over virus policyGOP rep makes provocative case for putting people back to workWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.15.20What happened to Trump's 'opening our country' task force?Health care heroes: Meet some of workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemicWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.15.20COVID-19 Task Force briefing TRANSCRIPT: 4/15/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberTrump reverses course TRANSCRIPT: 4/15/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020WWE essential TRANSCRIPT: 4/15/20, All in w/ Chris HayesGlobal coronavirus TRANSCRIPT: 4/15/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowWHO funding TRANSCRIPT: 4/15/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellWHO TRANSCRIPT: 4/15/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsTime for Trump to embrace 'a project of national significance'For fourth straight week, number of unemployment claims soarsTrump's attempts at looking strong backfire when they fall apartNational strategy needed in search for coronavirus treatmentsLatest evidence of dysfunction: Team Trump flubs new task forceCorporate leaders tell Trump what he needs to hear on pandemicThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.16.20Paycheck Protection Program officially runs out of moneyJust how many virus task forces does the White House have?Why it matters that Kellyanne Conway flubbed a basic COVID-19 detailThursday's Mini-Report, 4.16.20Into Music as a LifelineUS Coronavirus cases TRANSCRIPT: 4/16/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberCOVID-19 Task Force briefing TRANSCRIPT: 4/16/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020WHO TRANSCRIPT: 4/16/20, All in w/ Chris HayesIreland Gov. TRANSCRIPT: 4/16/20, The Rachel Maddow Showunemployment surges TRANSCRIPT: 4/16/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'Donnellcoronavirus TRANSCRIPT: 4/16/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsNew White House re-opening 'plan' lacks an actual planTrump finds new way to snub Romney in dramatic fashionNew WH press secretary points to non-existent 'testing system''Sideshow Don': Pandemic does little to slow larger Trump agendaPolls show steady support for pandemic mitigation effortsMcConnell, Trump appear to differ on pending economic aid billFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.17.20Seeking masks, FEMA agrees to contract with insolvent companyWorking moms are struggling to engage at work — and it will cost the economy $341BPerhaps Trump didn't fully understand one of his 'favorite' moviesFriday's Mini-Report, 4.17.20Transcript: Into Music as a LifelineNancy Pelosi TRANSCRIPT: 4/17/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020COVID-19 treatment TRANSCRIPT: 4/17/20, All in w/ Chris HayesFrontline medical workers TRANSCRIPT: 4/17/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowCuomo strike back TRANSCRIPT: 4/17/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellCuomo rips into Trump TRANSCRIPT: 4/17/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsWhy Trump's 'liberate' rhetoric makes so little senseWhy is the White House so reluctant to ramp up testing?Majority backs stay-at-home restrictions, despite economic costsWhite House's case against World Health Organization crumblesTrump claims self-congratulatory displays are 'not about me'Monday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.20.20Pandemic isn't slowing Trump's border wall ambitionsEven during a pandemic, Trump can't shake his Obama fixationMonday's Mini-Report, 4.20.20Gov. Hogan TRANSCRIPT: 4/20/20, MSNBC Live Decision 2020Coronavirus cases TRANSCRIPT: 4/20/20, All in w/ Chris HayesWaterloo Tyson TRANSCRIPT: 4/20/20, The Rachel Maddow Showtimeline for vaccine TRANSCRIPT: 4/20/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellPPE TRANSCRIPT: 4/20/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsTrump claims he can suspend immigration through executive orderWith re-opening plans, red-state governors place a dangerous betTeam Trump shifts its focus on hyping unproven virus treatmentGOP governor takes Trump's advice, faces Trump's criticismOn voting by mail, public rejects the Republican lineTrump sees partisan scheme in calls for ramped up virus testingTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.21.20Dr. Leana Wen: 5 pieces of advice for new moms during COVID-19Trump admin isn't ready to implement unwritten executive orderBipartisan Senate doc: Russia targeted elections to help TrumpTuesday's Mini-Report, 4.21.20How to accept what's beyond your control in a COVID-19 worldcoronavirus death toll TRANSCRIPT: 4/21/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020coronavirus bill TRANSCRIPT: 4/21/20, All in w/ Chris Hayesprotective gear TRANSCRIPT: 4/21/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowCDC TRANSCRIPT: 4/21/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O'DonnellSky News TRANSCRIPT: 4/21/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsAG Barr considers action against states over virus restrictionsAs new economic aid package clears the Senate, what happens now?US officials spurn coronavirus treatment endorsed by TrumpMcConnell's influence wanes unexpectedly during pandemic crisisWhy the coming fight over state aid is going to be a big dealBattling Covid-19: The Need for Immigrant DoctorsWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.22.20Trump's hotel seeks a break on rent from Trump's administrationHere's how you can make a difference on Earth Day while under quarantineTexas' Dan Patrick: 'There are more important things than living'Georgia's Kemp neglected to warn people about his dangerous gambleWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.22.20Seth Meyers TRANSCRIPT: 4/22/20, All in w/ Chris HayesGrand Island TRANSCRIPT: 4/22/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowPPP loan TRANSCRIPT: 4/22/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsDid Team Trump oust a top US vaccine official during a pandemic?For fifth straight week, number of unemployment claims soarsWhy would a former dog breeder help oversee a pandemic response?Trump quickly reverses course on Kemp's re-open plan in GeorgiaMcConnell, Trump are not on the same page on aid to statesThe White House's line on testing manages to get even worseThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.23.20On the pandemic, Team Trump should avoid more predictionsInto Dirty AirThursday's Mini-Report, 4.23.20Great Depression TRANSCRIPT: 4/23/20, MSNBC LiveGA governor TRANSCRIPT: 4/23/20, All in w/ Chris HayesBay Area TRANSCRIPT: 4/23/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowTime to add 'don't try this at home' warnings to Trump briefingsTrump virus response draws rave reviews from unnamed admirersWhy are so many college seniors in influential Trump admin posts?After Trump's comments, Lysol maker warns of 'improper use'During crisis, 'no one is even looking for Washington to lead'Maybe Trump should start attending more task force meetings?Friday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.24.20A grim milestone exposes a misguided Trump projectionDespite reality, Trump says disinfectant comments were sarcastic3 ways to boost your mood, regain control during this stressful timeFDA spurns coronavirus treatment touted aggressively by Trump'There's never time to just stop': MSNBC's Kasie Hunt on the work-life juggle during coronavirusMSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle: Having trouble filing for unemployment? 4 ways to streamline the processTranscript: Into Dirty AirFriday's Mini-Report, 4.24.20Trump ducks questions TRANSCRIPT: 4/24/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberVanity Fair TRANSCRIPT: 4/24/20, All in w/ Chris HayesFrontline Trauma Surgeon TRANSCRIPT: 4/24/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowBill Gates TRANSCRIPT: 4/24/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O. DonnellTrump's disinfectant remarks TRANSCRIPT: 4/24/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsRecent history be damned, Pence, Mnuchin offer bold predictionsCuomo's shot across McConnell's bow: 'I dare you'On USPS, Trump peddles false claim, impertinent threatDespite Trump's opposition, support for mail-in voting growsTrump's disinfectant comments lead to 'stifled giggles' abroadMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.27.20Trump picks a fight over state aid he doesn't fully understandSupreme Court rejects argument intended to undermine the ACAMonday's Mini-Report, 4.27.20Into 2020 with Stacey AbramsDr. Birx TRANSCRIPT: 4/27/20, The Beat w/ Ari Melbervirus briefings TRANSCRIPTS: 4/27/20, MSNBC Live: Decision 2020The Trump crisis TRANSCRIPTS: 4/27/20, All in w/ Chris HayesPre-professional students in the coronavirus pandemicWhat happens to people in drug treatment, recovery housing?CO plant TRANSCRIPT: 4/27/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowNY Rep. Max Rose TRANSCRIPT: 4/27/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O. DonnellTrump Intel briefing TRANSCRIPT: 4/27/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsTrump reportedly ignored intel briefings on coronavirus threatWhat McConnell wants in exchange for rescuing states facing crisesTrump moves the goalposts on the pandemic's U.S. death tollBarr to prosecutors: Look for 'overbearing' pandemic safeguardsTrump dodges responsibility after calls to poison controls climbTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.28.20Transcript: Into 2020 with Stacey AbramsTeam Trump slams 2020 virus strategy memo from GOP officialsOn economic policy, Trump still struggles with the basicsTuesday's Mini-Report, 4.28.20WHO TRANSCRIPT: 4/28/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberDr. Fauci TRANSCRIPT: 4/28/20, MSNBC LiveOxford Scientists TRANSCRIPT: 4/28/20, All in w/ Chris HayesUS meat plants TRANSCRIPT: 4/28/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowStacey Abrams TRANSCRIPT: 4/28/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O. DonnellMayo Clinic TRANSCRIPT: 4/28/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsWhy Pence's explanation for not wearing a mask at Mayo is so oddIn first three months of 2020, crisis takes its toll on economyOn aid to states, Trump seems to have an extortion plan in mindIowa has a message for those reluctant to work at re-opened businessesTrump finds new way to defend misguided 'close to zero' claimSenate GOP moving forward with controversial judicial nomineeGloves at the grocery store? 5 must-know safety tips from Dr. Leana WenWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.29.20'Smell the pizza,' plus 4 other must-do exercises to develop mental strength during COVID-19On testing, Trump's misplaced boasts go completely off the railsKatty Kay on why this quarantine may give women 'a bit more power at work and at home'Gender economist Katica Roy: Female-owned business' access to cash is mission-critical to save our economyWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.29.20GDP falls TRANSCRIPT: 4/29/20, The Beat w/ Ari MelberTrump Admin. TRANSCRIPT: 4/29/20, MSNBC LiveBiden campaign TRANSCRIPT: 4/29/20, All in w/ Chris HayesTyson meat plant TRANSCRIPT: 4/29/20, The Rachel Maddow ShowRep. Porters TRANSCRIPT: 4/29/20, The Last Word w/ Lawrence O. DonnellMLB TRANSCRIPT: 4/29/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian WilliamsWhy Republican resistance to state aid doesn't make senseFor sixth straight week, millions file for unemployment benefitsWhy does Trump keep making death toll predictions?Kushner tries to repackage failure as 'a great success story'Trump reportedly threatened to sue his campaign chief over pollsPentagon budget raided (again) to finance Trump's 'wall'Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.30.20Justin Amash could affect 2020 outcome, but in what direction?Into the Survival of Main StreetThursday's Mini-Report, 4.30.2062K deaths TRANSCRIPT: 4/30/20, The Beat w/ Ari Melberphased reopening TRANSCRIPT: 4/30/20, MSNBC Live9 ways young women can 'earn it' while working from home during COVID-19