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All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 8/31/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 8/31/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 8/31/2016Meet the new Donald Trump, same as the old Donald TrumpSupreme Court puts N.C. voting restrictions on holdCan Clinton turn Arizona into a 2016 battleground state?Why the gap between the candidates' field operations mattersThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.1.16Some Hispanic Trump backers give up following immigration speechDubious Clinton 'controversies' litter the political landscapeThursday's Mini-Report, 9.1.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/1/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/1/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/1/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/1/2016Trump pays IRS penalty following controversial donationJob growth tapers off in August, but unemployment remains steadyLatinos for Trump leader fears 'taco trucks on every corner'2016 debate schedule comes into focus for Clinton, TrumpTrump's African-American outreach runs into troubleFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.2.16Citizens United chief takes leadership role on Team TrumpThe weakest of the not-so-controversial Clinton controversiesFriday's Mini-Report, 9.2.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/2/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/2/2016Week in Geek - Mars on Earth editionLabor Day, 2016Trump tries to explain away Florida AG controversyHillary Clinton takes aim at increases in drug pricesWith Labor Day over, latest polling points to changing 2016 raceWhat does it mean to 'look presidential'?Tuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.6.16Trump campaign's 'black box' leaves key questions unansweredMTP Daily, Transcript 9/6/2016Tuesday's Mini-Report, 9.6.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/6/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/6/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/6/2016New details emerge in Trump's Florida AG controversyJohn McCain gets lost in translationTrump inadvertently proves Clinton right on national securityIn 2016, the 'education split' is driving the campaignWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.7.16Trump has 'no idea' if birther theories alienate black votersWhy Trump focuses on corruption despite his many controversiesObama breaks new ground with Muslim judicial nomineeTrump discredits his own talking points on tax returnsWednesday's Mini-Report, 9.7.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/7/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/7/2016Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/8/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/8/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/8/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/8/2018Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/9/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/9/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/9/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/9/2016Hillary Clinton's pneumonia captures political world's attentionDonald Trump has an underappreciated 9/11 problemLatest polls highlight Clinton's advantage over TrumpCFPB uncovers Wells Fargo scheme, scores major win for consumersClinton camp 'could have done better' disclosing pneumoniaMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.12.16What Donald Trump considers 'the biggest mistake' of 2016Monday's Mini-Report, 9.12.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/12/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/12/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/12/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/12/2016Trump Foundation faces controversial new allegationsHouse Republicans go to bat for ExxonMobilAdd the economy to the list of Trump's conspiracy theoriesNCAA joins backlash against North Carolina's anti-LGBT lawTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.13.16GOP governor envisions bloodshed if Trump losesTeam Trump picks the wrong fight at the wrong timePoverty goes down, coverage goes up, and America gets a raiseTuesday's Mini-Report, 9.13.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/13/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/13/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/13/2016Donald Trump's child-care 'plan' is hard to take seriouslySex allegations shake up Louisiana's Senate raceColin Powell sees Donald Trump as a 'national disgrace'Paul Ryan's poor sense of timing extends to the CFPBWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.14.16The odd twists and turns of Trump's medical informationWednesday's Mini-Report, 9.14.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/14/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/14/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/14/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/14/2016New polls serve as a wake-up call: Trump could win presidencyScott Walker confronts alarming new allegations in WisconsinTrump chides Flint pastor who interrupted his anti-Clinton speechGOP campaign's tax-return talking points continue to unravelDemocrats face tough odds in fight for Senate controlEditorial board argues, 'Even Trump's charity is a scam'Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.15.16Imagine Romney's first term was nearing its end right nowThursday's Mini-Report, 9.15.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/15/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/15/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/15/2016With bizarre statement, Trump's birther beliefs reclaim spotlightBrian WilliamsElizabeth Warren has an interesting question for the FBIThe debate over 'deplorables' is going off the railsCruz, Beck accuse Obama of 'giving away the Internet'Trump's FDA plan should raise concerns for Americans who eat foodFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.16.16Trump gets caught lying while walking back birther claimsMSNBC Instagram Challenge Rules and RegulationsA chance to earn tickets to see the 2016 Global Citizen FestivalFriday's Mini-Report, 9.16.16Week in Geek - Map of the stars edtionCandidates react to explosive devices in New York, New JerseyKaine accuses Trump of trying to incite anti-Clinton violenceFollowing birther reversal, Trump's allies lie about his lieMike Pence's VP role model: Dick CheneyBefore and after a war is not 'the same thing'RNC throws a 'brush-back pitch' at anti-Trump RepublicansMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.19.16Chris Christie faces new allegations in 'Bridgegate' scandalDonald Trump misses another key leadership opportunityHardball with Chris Matthews Transcript, 9/19/2016Monday's Mini-Report, 9.19.16All In With Chris Hayes Transcript, 9/19/16The Rachel Maddow Show Transcript, 9/19/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell Transcript, 9/19/2016Is one candidate a 'recruiting sergeant for the terrorists'?Bush's Pentagon chief: Trump is 'beyond repair'The campaign for criminal justice reform ends with a whimperClinton takes a keen interest in Wells Fargo controversyWealthy would reap a windfall under Paul Ryan's planTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.20.16Trump Foundation starts to look like a slush fundHardball with Chris Matthews Transcript, 9/20/16Tuesday's Mini-Report, 9.20.16All In With Chris Hayes Transcript, 9/20/2016The Rachel Maddow Show Transcript, 9/20/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/20/2016Team Trump complains about H.W. Bush's 'slap in the face'Rahami arrest renews misguided 'enemy combatant' debateTrump believes his campaign is actually 'a movement'The part of the Wells Fargo story Pat Toomey left outTrump: African Americans in the worst shape 'ever, ever, ever'Team Trump struggles to defend latest Foundation revelationsWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.21.16From Mitt's Mendacity to Donald's DishonestyHouse Republicans' IRS hearing doesn't go as plannedHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/21/2016Wednesday's Mini-Report, 9.21.16All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/21/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/21/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/21/2016The Heartland: Life and Loss in Steel CityMTP Daily, Transcript 9/22/2016Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/22/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/22/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/22/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/22/2016Trump's running mate: Talk of racism, police should endA big step backward for the GOP's African-American outreachLatest polls show Clinton hanging on after rough patchGary Johnson isn't doing himself any favorsTrump aide: Critics will 'bow down to President Trump'Donald Trump's stop-and-frisk policy raises eyebrowsFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.23.16The debates leading up to the debatesAbandoning all principles Ted Cruz backs Donald TrumpHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/23/2016Friday's Mini-Report, 9.23.16All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/23/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/23/2016The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/23/2016Week in Geek - Hubble redux editionTrump campaign faces new questions about Russian tiesDebate commission director balks at real-time fact checkingDonald Trump has a new casino problemAs the debate season begins, the latest polls show a dead heatGeorge Will knows some candidates he'd like you to supportMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.26.16Donald Trump's brazen dishonesty starts to catch up with himPaul LePage's racially charged claims start to crumbleMonday's Mini-Report, 9.26.16All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/26/2016Presidential Debate Open ThreadDebate shows Donald Trump still isn't ready for prime timeNew polling points to clear debate win for ClintonDonald Trump takes aim at Miss Universe (again)Donald Trump's favorite lie isn't doing him any favorsFollowing controversy, Trump adviser exits campaignTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.27.16Christie aide: Governor knew about Bridgegate scheme at the timeDonald Trump is still getting tripped up by tax returnsTuesday's Mini-Report, 9.27.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/12/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/27/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/27/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/27/2016How likely is a government shutdown this week?Team Trump has adultery on its mindDespite previous praise, Trump lashes out at debate moderatorHillary Clinton picks up some unexpected 2016 endorsementsHouse GOP leader: 'I think the Earth is in a cooling trend'Trump Foundation confronts yet another controversyWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.28.16With more debates looming, Team Trump looks for a solutionWednesday's Mini-Report, 9.28.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/28/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/28/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/28/2016Gary Johnson hurts himself with another 'Aleppo moment'Team Trump wants credit for all the wrong reasonsTrump campaign defends its rejection of substance, policy detailsWhy the nuclear first-use debate matters in the 2016 raceHas Donald Trump paid federal taxes or not?Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.29.16Trump tells a familiar falsehood about Chinese manufacturingDonald Trump's Cuba problem comes with big risksThursday's Mini-Report, 9.29.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 9/29/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 9/29/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 9/29/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 9/29/2016Trump flubs 'favorite world leader' test in a surprising wayGOP leaders flunk Governing 101 test on 9/11 billTargeting former Miss Universe, Donald Trump goes off the railsFor Democrats, two terrifying words: 'Ralph who?'The wrong issue, at the wrong time, from the wrong campaignThe latest in a series of controversies for the Trump FoundationFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.30.16Trump vows to fulfill 'every dream you ever dreamed'Alabama's Moore gets kicked off the bench over ethics controversyFriday's Mini-Report, 9.30.16