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Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 2/29/2016Hillary Clinton seeks repeat in American Samoa on Super TuesdayApple doesn't have to help FBI in New York iPhone case, judge saysAll In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 2/29/2016Astronaut Scott Kelly's very social #YearInSpaceThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 2/29/2016Bill Clinton's campaign presence felt on stage and offCitations for the February 29, 2016 TRMSPoll: Trump hits new high, Clinton maintains double-digit leadGoing head-to-head with Trump: Can Rubio or Cruz win?Donald Trump favored on Super Tuesday; rivals see fight aheadCan Clinton deal Sanders' campaign a fatal blow on Super Tuesday?Texas candidate's office shot in apparent racial attackWhy Clarence Thomas broke his decade-long silenceShare your Super Tuesday excitementRepublicans confront their own plan's 'unintended consequences'TIME contacts Secret Service over incident at Trump rallyState Department releases final batch of Hillary Clinton's emailsFirst Read: Four Super Tuesday storylines to watchRape rhetoric trips up another GOP officialTrump's rivals flub criticism on tax returnsBuyer's remorse for Chris Christie after he endorsed TrumpApple, FBI to face off in congressional hearing on encryptionRubio faces cloudy skies in the Sunshine StateRepublican endorsements start piling up for TrumpHouse Speaker Paul Ryan: No room for 'bigotry' in GOPTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.1.16Here's your handy election glossaryDavid Duke 'laughs off' Trump's disavowal, continues praisePaul Ryan gets stuck in the Republican Party's dilemmaScattered problems for voters at polling sites, especially in the SouthCan Bernie Sanders pull off a 'must-win' in Colorado?Black student evicted from Trump rally: 'We just wanted to gain knowledge'Federal judge rules Indiana Gov. Mike Pence can't block Syrian refugeesTogether We Can Take ActionSenate Republicans swat away Obama's outstretched handTexas targets researchers in Supreme Court case over abortion lawTuesday's Mini-Report, 3.1.16Marco Rubio unloads just as some polls are about to closeSuper Tuesday exit poll results: Who is voting for Donald TrumpSenate Republicans debate distancing themselves from TrumpBen Carson has no plan to win the nomination -- or drop outClinton, Sanders and Trump score early wins on Super TuesdayNewspapers demand Christie resign, lament endorsement for supporting TrumpTexas exit poll results: How Cruz won a home state victoryHillary Clinton hauls in delegates at Bernie Sanders' expense on Super TuesdayTexas exit poll results: Visible fault lines divide the GOP fieldSuper Tuesday exit poll results: Values voters picked Cruz; change voters chose TrumpSuper Tuesday exit polls: Clinton wins big on Super Tuesday, but vulnerabilities persistGOP nears its breaking point as Donald Trump rolls toward nominationSupreme Court takes up Texas abortion caseJoe: Donald Trump's hostile takeover of the Republican PartySuper Tuesday moves Trump much closer to GOP nomination#FreeChristie: Governor's appearance with Trump inspires hashtagClinton's Super Tuesday wins narrow Sanders' optionsSuper Tuesday turnouts similar to '08, but with parties reversedHow white working-class and blacks influenced Super TuesdayMarco Rubio's 'denial' obscures his many failuresFirst Read: Rivals have just two weeks to stop TrumpThe RNC's least favorite topic: RepublicansThe Democratic plan: make Republicans own their nomineeElection 2016: The five strangest Super Tuesday momentsWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.2.16Texas abortion restrictions finally face Supreme Court scrutinyLive updates: SCOTUS takes up Texas abortion lawMajor Republican donors push dump Trump effortNo clear signal from Supreme Court on abortionMissing MH370: Possible Boeing 777 part found off Mozambique, sources sayRomney to deliver speech on the presidential raceFilmmaker seeks to put the Equal Rights Amendment back on the mapBen Carson withdraws from GOP debate, sees no "path forward"Where Bernie Sanders' political revolution has already succeededGOP cares a lot less about immigration than Donald Trump wants you to thinkBen Carson no longer sees a 'path forward'Wednesday's Mini-Report, 3.2.16Indicted Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon dead in car crashMeet the Republicans speaking out against TrumpHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/2/2016From outsider to left out: How Carson's candidacy floppedAll In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/2/2016Hillary Clinton projects inevitability after Super Tuesday winsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/2/2016Donald Trump reveals details of his health care planThe Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/2/2016Citations for the March 2, 2016 TRMSWhat to watch in Thursday's GOP debateMitt Romney lays out scathing critique of Donald TrumpIf Trump is the question, is Romney the answer?Rubio changes his tune about narrowing Republican fieldTrump: Romney is a stiffPressure takes its toll on Chuck GrassleyThe chance to stop Trump is realLatest polls show bumpy road ahead for RepublicansSome Republicans warm up to the idea of a Cruz-Rubio pairingNew Jersey's largest newspaper calls for Christie resignationHouse GOP's 'witch hunt' takes an alarming turnRepublican ex-IRS commissioner: Trump should release taxesUpcoming Obama biopics prove there's still an audience for his storyThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.3.16Women in Politics: College Edition -- Cornell UniversityJimmy Fallon mimics Donald Trump's Super Tuesday speechTrump sends a shot across Speaker Ryan's bowChristie on Trump press conference flap: 'No, I was not being held hostage'Voting restrictions could offer warning signs for NovemberSoccer legend Brandi Chastain to donate brain to scienceA few follow-up questions for Mitt RomneyDelegate math: Here's how a contested convention could happenThursday's Mini-Report, 3.3.16Kasich: Ohio victory could lead to contested conventionHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/3/2016Caitlyn Jenner's presidential preference: 'I like Ted Cruz'All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/3/2016Conservatives revel in 'vacation' from 2016 election at CPACThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/3/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/3/2016Only the voters can judge Donald Trump's horror show of a debateCitations for the March 3, 2016 TRMSSanders' radical message missing moderate blacksLatino voters seem split on candidates. This could hurt Hillary ClintonRepublican debate makes history, but not in a good wayUS economy beats expectations, adding 242,000 jobs in FebruaryJob growth picks up steam, economy adds 242k jobs in FebruaryKasich goes after Clinton on Libya warMitt Romney on TODAY Show: I'll do everything within 'political bounds' to stop Donald TrumpBobbi Kristina Brown died after water immersion, drug intoxication: Medical examinerSo long as party loyalty reigns, 'Never Trump' is just noise'Little Marco vs. Big Donald' and other jaw-dropping debate momentsRepublican voter thought he hated 'Obamacare,' until he got sickAnti-Trump forces have few options for third party alternativeRubio inexplicably applauds Snyder's handling of Flint scandalUp to 10 refugees to compete at Rio Games: IOCMarco Rubio on TODAY Show: Trump has turned election into 'circus,' 'freakshow'Can 'House of Cards' compete with the Donald Trump show?Seeing new opportunities, Dems target Iowa's GrassleyFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.4.16Republican National Committee on defense over contested conventionAnalysis: Listen to the people, schedule a vote on criminal justice reformDonald Trump drops out of conservative conference'Your numbers don't add up'Knife found on O.J. Simpson property inconsistent with killingsNina Simone film sparks heated debate about colorism in HollywoodCast your vote on this week's news quizRubio: It depends on what the meaning of 'never' meansSaturday primaries will test influence of Romney's anti-Trump pleaRepublican blames Trump's rise on Obama's level-headednessFriday's Mini-Report, 3.4.16Rubio: Clinton is worse than TrumpJudge thinks toddlers can learn immigration lawBen Carson suspends 2016 campaign at CPACHow CPAC foreshadowed Donald Trump's takeover of the GOPHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/4/2016Study finds Zika damages babies at all stages of pregnancyBen Carson officially suspends his presidential campaignAll In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/4/2016At CPAC, the big question is: To broker or not to broker?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/4/2016Will women voters balk at Trump?This Week in God, 3.5.16Opinion: Flint highlights environmental justice issues for black communitiesAlabama Supreme Court refuses challenge to gay marriageSenator puts hold on lead bill, says Flint doesn't need fed aidWatch the 7 Days of Genius Live StreamHollywood screenwriters compare primary to campaign comediesShowers of adoration for Marco Rubio at CPACTed Cruz's supporters heckle Donald Trump at Kansas caucus siteHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clash over tradeTed Cruz wins CPAC straw pollRubio on losses: 'The map only gets better for us'PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, Transcript 3/6/2016Week in Geek: A galaxy far, far away edition'Super Saturday' sets up a Trump-Cruz showdownPoll: Trump, Clinton ahead in MichiganJoe: Marco Rubio gets massacredSanders notches more wins, but falls behind on delegatesSuper Saturday boosts Ted Cruz and Donald TrumpRonald Reagan's son endorses John KasichClinton camp on emails report: More 'overclassification run amok'Former First Lady Nancy Reagan dead at 94Three things to watch for in the Democratic debate in FlintIraq suicide attack: 47 dead, dozens injured in blast south of BaghdadTrump and the Reagan Democrats: A match made in Macomb?Social media reacts to Nancy Reagan's deathMitt Romney would vote for write-in candidate over Donald TrumpRomney: Trump birtherism 'different' from 2016 commentsProsecutor: If O.J. trial held today, it'd probably be hung juryRubio wins Puerto Rico Republican primary, NBC News projectsNancy Reagan: Condolences pour in for 'tower of strength' first ladyBernie Sanders wins Maine caucuses, NBC News projectsIn Flint, both Clinton and Sanders call for Michigan Gov. Snyder to resignNational security gets no airtime during Democratic debateHillary Clinton denies Bernie Sanders a win at Flint Democratic debateDemocratic debate highlights one clear loserSeven lead-poisoned families to file Flint class action lawsuitIdaho pastor shot, wounded after delivering prayer for Ted CruzRubio's latest challenge: putting a positive spin on failureFirst Read: Why Trump's delegate lead could be narrower than you thinkTrump's unfortunate call to supporters: 'Raise your right hand'Costco latest to hike its minimum wageSupreme Court voids Alabama ruling against gay adoptionSanders makes the case for a single-issue candidacy'Ghetto' gaffe highlights Bernie Sanders campaign's struggle with raceLatest polls set the stage for tomorrow's Republican contestsNancy Reagan's war on drugsMichigan Gov. Rick Snyder responds to Democratic debateMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.7.16The world watches the U.S. presidential race with 'disbelief'U.S. airstrike in Somalia kills scores of Al-Shabab militants during 'ceremony'Victoria McGrath, Boston Marathon bombing survivor, killed in Dubai car crashPeyton Manning ends historic NFL career amid tears, controversyNancy Reagan dead at 94: There's little protocol for honoring a first lady's passingFlorida governor signs new death penalty bill into law after SCOTUS rulingUber isn't a model for government, despite what Republicans argueVirginia pols vote to force prisoners to electric chairThe two numbers that may matter most for Donald TrumpBloomberg announces he won't run for president in 2016Monday's Mini-Report, 3.7.16The question the Democratic candidates haven't been asked1950s movie co-star remembers Nancy ReaganHulk Hogan takes on Gawker in Florida sex tape trialJury awards Erin Andrews $55 million over nude videoCatholic thinkers urge: Don't vote for TrumpHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/7/2016Prosecutors renew request for Apple to open iPhone in Brooklyn caseNRA calls Bernie Sanders' comments on gunmaker liability 'spot on'Trump releases Rubio attack ad in Florida a week before primaryFerguson City Council 'may reconsider' DOJ-ordered police reformsAll In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/7/2016Zika fears prompt feds to ship blood to Puerto RicoRubio: 'I'm comfortable running as an underdog'The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/7/2016Speaker Paul Ryan phones Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to discuss 'bold conservative' agendaThe week that could determine the GOP nomineeMitt Romney records anti-Trump robocall for Marco RubioCitations for the March 7, 2016 TRMSAfter strong Super Tuesday, Clinton surges ahead in weekly tracking pollTrump maintains significant national lead, Cruz moves into second place: pollFlint prepares for the political spotlight to fadeThe flaw in Romney's anti-Trump gambitMaria Sharapova fails drug test, prompting Nike to suspend relationshipBloomberg had the good sense to ignore bad adviceFirst Read: Is Trump losing momentum? Tuesday will tellEven now, Senate Republicans still don't like Ted CruzRNC losing top African-American staffer Orlando WatsonThe 'Neocon Dream Team' picks a Republican favoriteNetanyahu manages to offend the White House once againCrossword world in a ruction (n: 'uproar') over plagiarism allegationsRepublicans adopt a short-sighted Supreme Court strategyDonald Trump's failed business ventures are back in the spotlightDocumentary about black man's attempt to court KKK arrives amid 2016 dramaWhat if the Supreme Court punts on abortion?Rubio: 'This ride has got a few more tricks and turns'Tuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.8.16Clinton up nine points over Sanders nationally in new NBC News/WSJ pollQuiz: It's Women's History Month. What do you know about it?More than 1 million early votes already cast in FloridaStruggling in his home state, Rubio declares, 'Buckle up'Caitlyn Jenner's Clinton slam is latest example of conservative streakNew ad hits Trump for bleep, bleep and bleepNo, Al Franken is not to blame for Donald TrumpElizabeth Garrett, Cornell's first female president, dies of colon cancerTales from the trail: The campaign plagueOne way Mississippi is more important to Clinton than MichiganGOP takes on Illinois' Duckworth in a deeply unfortunate wayBill Gates: Apple could propose a balance in FBI disputeGOP tweet attacks double amputee for 'not standing up' for vetsTrump and Cruz locked in tight race nationally in new pollTuesday's Mini-Report, 3.8.16Kasich distances himself from message of Romney robocallsAG Loretta Lynch asks 'not to be considered' for Supreme CourtCruz likens Trump loyalty oath to pledging to a kingNCLR's Janet Murguía blasts Trump: Latinos won't be 'a punching bag'Donald Trump rolls over Marco Rubio in Michigan, Mississippi as decisive contests nearMajority of American voters say Trump is harming GOPPoll: Majority disapproves of GOP move to block SCOTUS nomineeHow Trump, Rubio and Cruz would fare against Clinton in NovemberMichigan win rescues Bernie Sanders' campaignJoe: Trump crushes Ronald Reagan's Republican PartyGOP races remove all doubt about Trump's frontrunner statusTrump on making Rubio VP? 'Sure,' but…Sanders upsets Clinton in Michigan, but loses ground on delegates'Fifth Beatle' George Martin dies at 90Rubio doesn't get to pick which contests matterFirst Read: 2016 momentum shifts, but not the mathDemocratic wins in Kentucky deny GOP total controlFrom Paul O'Neill to Dennis Rodman: The stars who have lined up for TrumpLatest polls reinforce Republican Party's challengesMO state senators end filibuster over 'religious freedom' billCarly Fiorina endorses Ted CruzCruz picks up support from Fiorina, but not Republican colleagues#WachowskiSisters: Second member of 'Matrix' directing duo comes out as transWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.9.16Arab billionaire who dumped Trump: U.S. election isn't reality TVTop Arab-American city backs Jewish socialist, man for Muslim banThe missing details from Bernie Sanders' general-election pitchTrump: 'Not proud' of children mimicking my deportation rhetoricAll-female 'Ghostbusters' already fending off controversyJeb Bush to meet with three of four former rivalsSenate Republicans rediscover the value of 'Pinata Politics'Wednesday's Mini-Report, 3.9.16Rubio says he's 'not entirely proud' of personal attacks against TrumpSanders' surprise win and Clinton's defeat: What happened in Michigan?Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/9/2016Bill Clinton stumps in Ohio as campaign's 'long slog' continuesFlint finally suspends water utility billing amid lead crisisObama to skip Nancy Reagan's funeral to attend South by SouthwestRubio sinks in Florida as Cruz challenges his anti-Trump strategyClinton and Sanders make big promises on immigration at debateGOP mulls unity ticket: 'This makes sense'Voters learn new details from latest Clinton, Sanders debateRubio rethinks recent gutter tacticsDonald Trump attacks Muslims: 'Islam hates us'Latest polling sets stage for next round of Republican racesWhere have all the popular candidates gone?President Obama calls out America's 'free rider' alliesRepublicans see political upside to Supreme Court blockadeDonald Trump lands endorsement of The National EnquirerLeaked ISIS personnel files paint picture of group's recruitsWhy the 2016 primary season will likely last another three monthsOhio loves John Kasich. Maybe too much to lose him$11 Million spent attacking Trump in five upcoming statesRivals turn their fire on Kasich as the governor gains strengthFour things to watch in the Florida GOP debateThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.10.16Liberal groups drop criticism of potential Obama Supreme Court nomineeDonald Trump's Etch A SketchTed Cruz to get first Senate endorsement from Utah's Mike LeeSpike Lee to revisit #BlackonCampus protests in new documentaryObama's approval climbs as his would-be successors line upWhat Capitol Hill really thinks about Donald Trump and the electionMan charged with assault after punching protester at Trump eventSenate Republicans debunk their own Supreme Court talking pointsThursday's Mini-Report, 3.10.16Tales from the trail: Another reason for Rubio to dislike Ohio State footballAppeals court: North Carolina can print 'Choose Life' platesThe trademark on Trump Steaks was canceled two years ago, records showHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/10/2016Ben Carson to endorse Donald TrumpCruz super PAC opts against advertising in FloridaAll In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/10/2016Immigration turning point for Clinton and Sanders hits just before Florida primaryThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/10/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/10/2016Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump rally violence: He is 'urging people on'Five takeaways from a kinder, gentler Republican debateSix women politicians shifting the local political landscapeJoe: Trump making wreckage of Reagan's proud GOPIn debate, Republicans replace bad behavior with bad answersObama rejects blame for Republicans' embrace of TrumpHillary Clinton on path to hit magic numberTed Cruz finally finds one Senate allyBen Carson endorses Donald TrumpWhy Carson's Trump endorsement mattersTrump: Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields 'made up' alleged Lewandowski assaultWhy Cruz is walking away from the Florida primaryEx-'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant Clay Aiken says Trump is a DemocratWounded Warrior Project fires top two executives amid reports of lavish spendingScrambling to clean up a failed Republican governor's messFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.11.16How Bernie Sanders hopes to pull a Michigan in OhioGulf Coast braces for torrential rains, 'life-threatening' floodsIn the year's weirdest caucus, the winner was ... no oneA Trump campaign gag order?New film revisits 1966 UT Austin massacre as school braces for 'campus carry' lawEndorse this news quizRubio 'releasing' Ohio supporters in effort to stop TrumpElizabeth Warren challenges Republicans to do their jobsA friend's tribute to Ruth Bader GinsburgProtesters heckle Trump at St. Louis campaign stopNancy Reagan honored at funeral with memories, laughter and tearsClinton apologizes for praising Nancy Reagan's HIV/AIDS legacyTales from the trail: Voices of a Mississippi town still reeling from KatrinaClinton: I 'misspoke' about Nancy Reagan and AIDS advocacyFriday's Mini-Report, 3.11.16Astronaut Scott Kelly retiring from NASATrump rally in Chicago postponed after clashesGOP candidates accuse Donald Trump of encouraging violence at ralliesThis Week in God, 3.12.16Republican candidates assess violence at Trump eventsWhy trade matters in the Rust BeltJohn Kasich: 'I'm going to be the Republican nominee after we win Ohio'How Bernie Sanders supporters shut down a Donald Trump rally in ChicagoTrump blames 'thugs' for violence at abandoned Chicago rallyRubio: If Trump's our nominee, GOP will be 'defined by' violenceIn hard-hit Ohio steel town, Trump and Sanders resonateSecret Service rushes stage to protect Donald Trump at Ohio rallyJohn Kasich accuses Donald Trump of fostering 'toxic environment' at ralliesSanders campaign praises Ohio ruling that allows 17-year-olds to voteDonald Trump supporters weigh in on violence at their ralliesPoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, Transcript 3/13/2016Polls: Trump ahead in Florida, Illinois; Kasich leads in OhioA wave of Puerto Rican migration could make Florida a Democratic strongholdTrump calls for arrests after protesters disrupt KC speechWho does Wall Street want to be president?Week in Geek: Martian decade editionDonald Trump on supporters' anger: 'I'm just a messenger'Despite 'demagoguery', Cruz still committed to Trump if nomineeDonald Trump warns Sanders: 'Be careful, Bernie'Kasich says 'it's tough' when asked if he would support Trump as nomineeLessons of Teaneck: Town's journey from riot to redemption after cop shootingHillary Clinton: 'I made a mistake' on the Reagans' HIV/AIDS legacyAttack in Ankara, Turkey: 27 killed, 75 injuredIvory Coast beach attack leaves at least 16 dead, attackers 'neutralized'No one knows how bad the Trump situation is going to getMitt Romney to campaign with John Kasich in OhioHillary Clinton tees off on Trump, toughens stance on tradeJoe: Donald Trump's Chicago scamAfter violent confrontations, Trump shows no regretsBreitbart's Michelle Fields and three others resign over Trump incidentA rare sight: presidential hopeful brags about last-place finishRichard Simmons on TODAY Show: 'No one is holding me in my house as a hostage'Amtrak passenger train derails in Kansas on Los Angeles-Chicago routeIn race against Trump, Rubio takes aim at ObamaCuban, Venezuelan immigrants wrestle with Bernie Sanders' brand of socialismFirst Read: A scary time in American politicsWhy Trump wants Pete Rose to go to bat for himLatest polls set the stage for another Super TuesdayAmerican ISIS fighter detained by Kurdish forces in Iraq: reportsJustice Department: States should not jail poor people over fine nonpaymentBen Carson: There's a 'real possibility' Trump rally violence will escalateNew polls point to close contests between Clinton, SandersHouse Republican leader puts a positive spin on Trump's successJohn Legend to Donald Trump Jr.: Your dad is racistRubio, Kasich, and the perils of strategic votingRNC launches campaign to oppose Obama's Supreme Court pickMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.14.16Barnicle: What Bobby Kennedy Would Say To TrumpObama delivers a harsh truth about today's Republican PartyPalin cancels Trump event after husband in snow machine crashThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/14/2016Humans of New York creator to Trump: 'The hateful one is you'North Carolina braces for strict voter ID law ahead of Tuesday primaryVladimir Putin orders Russian military pullout from SyriaSenate Republicans will ignore Court nominee, but RNC won'tHow bad will confirmation process get? Ask these would-be judgesCruz stands by pledge unless Trump shoots someoneTexas sued over voter registration policiesRubio tells Florida voters: 'We plan to win'How much do you know about women's history?Monday's Mini-Report, 3.14.16Sanders supporters divided on Trump protestsSanders: Trump enticing supporters to be violentAll In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/14/2016Hillary Clinton: Trump harkens back to lynchmobsThe Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/14/2016For first time, NFL acknowledges link between football and brain disordersMarco Rubio makes sure his campaign dies with dignityTrump and Clinton lead nationally, but Clinton support dips ahead of key contestsIs Trump expanding the GOP electorate by creating new Republicans?Six data points to get you ready for Tuesday's primariesTuesday's vote is a make-or-break moment for GOP racePutin tries declaring victory and going homeWhat does Florida's early vote mean for the GOP?Senate Republicans prioritize abortion ban over Supreme CourtYoung Latinos convert parents into supporting Bernie SandersBernie Sanders explains his loose Democratic tiesCarson: Even if Trump is terrible, it's just 'four years'Trump's health care reform 'plan' falls far shortA month on offense: How Sanders upped his attacks on ClintonFirst Read: Ohio plays a starring role in 'Separation Tuesday'White House eases restrictions on Cuba travel, transactionsTexas governor helps debunk his own voter-fraud argumentNFL acknowledges CTE, weighs limiting Roger Goodell's cloutHatch: Court blockade will limit 'mistreatment' of nomineeTheory of Relativity wins this year's Ultimate Genius ShowdownTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.15.16Ryan: My position hasn't changed on supporting the GOP nomineeChina uses Trump to make case against democracyHarvard agrees to retire law school shield tied to slaverySanders vs. Clinton: What you need to knowPaul Ryan won't back up his warnings with actionsPolitical junkies look for value in campaign memorabiliaObama calls for 'cycle' of campaign trail animosity to endTuesday's Mini-Report, 3.15.16Marco Rubio ends presidential runTrump's Ohio loss muddles GOP race as Clinton racks up key winsClinton sweeps Sanders on 'Separation Tuesday'Chicago voters reject embattled prosecutorDonald Trump wins big, but nomination not yet guaranteedExit poll results: With Rubio out, where do his supporters go?The beginning of the end of the Republican presidential racePresident Obama to announce SCOTUS nominee Wednesday morningCruz urges Kasich to drop out of 'two-man' race Against TrumpMagic is a 'national treasure,' declares Texas Congressman Pete SessionsDemocratic race nears its end point after Clinton's sweepThe Republican Party's Chosen One exits stage rightFirst Read: Clinton, Trump start leaving rivals in the dustPresident Obama nominates Merrick Garland to Supreme CourtBoehner backs Paul Ryan for GOP nominationObama makes his choice for the Supreme CourtPaul Ryan 'will not accept' GOP nodElection 2016: The most memorable 'Separation Tuesday' momentsThe path forward for Trump, Cruz and KasichWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.16.16With Trump's success, Koch brothers focus on down-ballot racesFlorida governor calls on GOP to unite behind TrumpSenate Republicans vow to keep Supreme Court blockade intactGOP debate canceled after Trump won't attendHillary Clinton showing off comedy chops in 'Broad City' episodeProgressives split on Merrick Garland as pick for Supreme CourtAnalysis: Senate blocks bill to make GMO labeling voluntaryCongress remains shielded from anti-establishment waveNikki Haley says it's 'my prayer' Ted Cruz can defeat TrumpWednesday's Mini-Report, 3.16.16Obama hits North Korea with new sanctions for nuke testsTrump presidency is a global threat, Economist Intelligence Unit warnsHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/16/2016Trump warns supporters may riot as fears of violence escalateAll In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/16/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/16/2016Five deputies disciplined for inaction after Trump rally sucker punchThe Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/16/2016Citations for the March 16, 2016 TRMSTrump raises the prospect of 'riots' at Republican conventionMichelle Obama tells SXSW crowd she won't run for presidentSeaWorld to end breeding program for killer whalesGOP rolls out baffling double standard for Obama's Court nomineePaul Ryan: We'll make Trump workA handful of Republicans are willing to clear a low barJohn Kerry: ISIS is committing genocideRubio sees Cruz as 'the only conservative left in the race'The GOP is facing only bad choicesAs Trump campaign picks up steam, so do faux endorsementsThe Republican 'autopsy' plan died long before Trump's riseMeet Ted Cruz's foreign-policy teamLin-Manuel Miranda seeks to keep Alexander Hamilton on $10 billThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.17.16Representatives call for EPA Chief Gina McCarthy, Michigan governor to resign over FlintSenate Republicans turn their principles into a punch lineScans of King Tut's Tomb reveal hidden rooms, Egypt's antiquities ministry saysPaul Ryan calls Trump's 'riots' comment 'unacceptable'How 'Hamilton' reignited $20 bill fightKalamazoo shooting: Lawsuit against Uber allegedly filed by suspect is hoaxApple's Tim Cook on FBI feud: 'No one's going dark'Women in Politics: College Edition -- MITHouse GOP goes out of its way to influence SCOTUS on immigrationLindsey Graham to fundraise for Ted CruzCruz maps out narrow path to GOP nodCaitlyn Jenner clarifies: 'I never said that I endorsed Ted Cruz'Pro-democracy rally frightens conservative mediaWhite House: Obama still neutral in Democratic primary battleRepublican senator supports candidate he's long opposedGroup of rabbis plan boycott of Trump speechWill Merrick Garland be confirmed in the lame-duck session?Thursday's Mini-Report, 3.17.16Google wants Congress to smooth the road for self-driving carsRubio pans VP slot, praises Cruz but stops short of endorsementThe stop Trump movement limps forwardHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/17/2016Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/17/2016Sanders concedes Missouri primary, won't seek recountMan convicted in attack on Texas 'draw Muhammad' contestMaryland moves to finally scrub 'Northern Scum' from state songAll In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/17/2016Trump information 'leaked' by Anonymous has been online for a whileThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/17/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/17/2016Sanders hopes to lure superdelegates with electability argumentCitations for the March 17, 2016 TRMSSanders surprises with controversial superdelegate strategyRNC Rules: Insiders speak out on contested conventionDespite rebukes, Paul Ryan embraces some of Trump's visionNY police investigating suspicious powder sent to Trump's sonRepublican anti-Trump forces still searching for a solutionNo unified GOP strategy to stop Trump'This is not the Chuck Grassley we thought we knew'Elizabeth Warren reacts to Vader insult: I'm more like Princess LeiaGOP turnout is way up in 2016, but will it matter?The Brennan Center's Michael Waldman on 'The Fight to Vote'The Dow could be mounting its biggest quarterly comeback since 1933Get ready for an unusual sight: a two-term president on the trailFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.18.16Obama makes the case for Merrick GarlandDid Donald Trump break the Republican Party, or was it already broken?A clarifying week for two different kinds of political partiesJohn Kasich is no moderateParis terror suspect Salah Abdeslam, 4 others arrestedManny Pacquiao's homophobic comments continue to cost himAir Force investigating drug abuse at Francis E. Warren Air Force baseWho is Gina McCarthy? White House stands by embattled EPA chiefFrom rival to endorser: A look at the top insults traded by GOP candidatesJohn Kasich's delegate math keeps voters largely out of equationMitt Romney says he will vote for Ted CruzFrom bad to worse for Sam Brownback's KansasSen. Mark Kirk: Republicans should 'man up' and vote on SCOTUS nomineePoll: Majority of Americans want Senate to vote on Garland nominationFriday's Mini-Report, 3.18.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/18/2016We nominate you to take this news quizJury awards Hulk Hogan $115 million in Gawker sex-tape suitAll In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/18/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/18/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/18/2016Weather, pilot error eyed as possible causes of deadly plane crash in RussiaCitations for the March 18, 2016 TRMSThis Week in God, 3.19.16Trump questions Romney's Mormon faith at Utah rallySuicide bomb attack in Istanbul kills 5, wounds at least 39Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam almost committed suicide bombing: ProsecutorParents of Sandy Hook victim: Sanders is wrong about the point of our lawsuitDonald Trump resumes fight against Fox News anchor Megyn KellyThreatening letter sent to Donald Trump's sister prompts investigation: SourceThree Trump protesters in Arizona arrested, while demonstrators in NYC detainedPolitics Nation with Al Sharpton, Transcript 3/20/2016Protester punched, kicked at Donald Trump rally in ArizonaTrump campaign denies that video shows Lewandowski grabbing protesterIn Cuba and US, expectations are mixed on Obama's historic tripTerror suspect Salah Abdeslam's lawyer plans legal action against French prosecutorTurkey says Istanbul bomber had ties to ISISMcConnell: No lame duck Supreme Court confirmationBehind barbed wire: Remembering America's largest internment campWill Obama demand Cuba hand over fugitive cop-killer?Kasich walks back comments that he might pick Garland for SCOTUSDonald Trump: 'At what point do people blame the protesters?'Week in Geek - Microrobot editionMarvin's world: Nine lessons from homeless man's winter in NYCBelgian officials: Salah Abdeslam was planning something newSouth Carolina, New York state consider refugee registriesPresident Obama lands in Cuba to forge new vision for the US relationshipWhy Barry Goldwater's family is against Donald TrumpOn Supreme Court, Republicans can't keep their story straightMitt Romney picks a side (sort of)Serena Williams slams tennis CEO over sexist comments about female playersFirst Read: The GOP establishment's big choice about TrumpDonald Trump goes to Washington for GOP establishment eventsNevada's Sharron Angle is ready for her comebackU.S. Supreme Court declines to referee state disputes over marijuanaAnti-Trump forces start eyeing possible third-party candidatesObama makes history with trip to CubaDonald Trump huddles with Republicans at DC law firmClinton vows to take U.S.-Israeli relations to the 'next level'Picking a GOP running mate is suddenly a lot more complicatedObama in Cuba: President Obama meets with Raul CastroAIPAC highlights Donald Trump's complex relationship with IsraelMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.21.16Concern for environmental issues rises ahead of 2016 electionTennis official's sexist rant re-opens conversation about disparityThe fight for congressional control takes an unexpected turnAnalysis: Human rights treaty provides a tool to fight racial biasSanders wins primary votes of Democrats living abroadTrump's critics plot as the candidate meets with RepublicansClinton claim on small donors is 'mostly false,' PolitiFact finds'Miracles From Heaven' becomes latest faith-based film to hit bigWhiplash: Romney warns against Kasich one week after campaigning with himElizabeth Warren: Donald Trump is a 'loser'Apple's Tim Cook kicks off product launch by addressing FBI feudThe right's misplaced apoplexy over Cuba imageFormer Benghazi investigator drops claims GOP unfair to ClintonMonday's Mini-Report, 3.21.16Trump's foreign policy rollout hits some bumpsDonald Trump pledges commitment to Israel in uncharacteristically scripted speechTense Cuban leader Raul Castro on political prisoners: Give me their names!All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/21/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/21/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/21/2016Sanders advocates for Israeli-Palestinian peace in would-be AIPAC speechTrump supporter who punched and kicked Arizona protester is in Air ForceBrussels airport and metro explosions: ISIS claims responsibilityTrump maintains national lead, but big divisions exist within evangelical supportClinton maintains strong national lead, but many millennials think Sanders will win nominationFBI opens inquiry into Virginia man's death after tasing at hospitalBirth control is back at the Supreme CourtObama gets the better of Castro in CubaWorld leaders condemn attacks in BrusselsNew polling points to a raised ceiling for Republican frontrunnerSix years later, 'Obamacare' gets credit for successes'Shocking' unpreparedness by Belgians: Ex-officialDonald Trump: Brussels is 'catastrophic,' waterboarding Paris suspect 'would be fine'Paris Attacks: Probe centers on Brussels suburb of MolenbeekClinton responds to 'distressing' Brussels attacks: 'Unrealistic' to shut bordersArizona eyes punishment for local progressive policiesUS officials, travelers on alert after Brussels blastsIn reaction to Brussels terror attack, Trump says 'more' tortureTrump's lessons on foreign policy are off to a rough startObama tells Cubans he aims to 'bury' Cold War rivalryRob Ford, former scandal-plagued Toronto mayor, diesTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.22.16A look at what's happening on the ground in BrusselsU.S. candidates' responses to Brussels terrorism speak volumesPolice hunt Brussels suspect, find bomb and ISIS flagCommentary: Countries must commit to fighting discrimination in the lawAn anti-immigrant experiment failed long before Donald Trump's ascentWhat does the early vote tell us about who will do well in the Arizona primaries?Cruz calls for police to 'patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods'The unexpected political impact of terrorist violenceTerrorist attacks in Brussels: What we know right nowDonald Trump's plan to solve the racial divideWhat to watch for in Tuesday's Arizona, Idaho and Utah primariesTuesday's Mini-Report, 3.22.16Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/22/2016Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/22/2016Brussels attack highlights ongoing GOP split on foreign policyObamacare turns 6 and the White House declares victoryMigration crisis looms in backdrop of Brussels terror attacksThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/22/2016Trump tweets seemingly threatening message about Ted Cruz's wifeClinton, Trump take Arizona while Sanders wins Utah and IdahoClinton's and Trump's foreign policy visions clash after BrusselsSix ways healthcare and politics have changed since ObamacareBrussels attacks: Suicide bombers were brothersJeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz, urges GOP to reject Donald TrumpTrump's top lawyer helped open political spending floodgatesNYPD commissioner condemns Cruz's call to 'patrol' Muslim areasHigh-stakes election results offer something for everyone'Sisters In Law' provides black female lawyers with a platformCruz's 'patrol and secure' plan goes from bad to worseFlorida GOP to send women to dentists for reproductive care?Sanders wins overshadowed by Arizona lossFirst Read: Rivals unable to slow down Trump, ClintonFractured GOP base frets over Trump's style but weighs cost of disunityWhen the going gets tough, some Republicans fall to piecesWhen a House Republican leader chooses not to leadRepublican support for McCarthyism is sometimes literalTools of terror: Details of Brussels bombs revealedWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.23.16Music from John Lennon and Adele gives 'hope' to Belgian peopleBrussels attacks: Timeline of the events in the Belgian capitalTrump doubles down, blames Cruz for ad he didn't makeContraception faces another conservative test at Supreme CourtSupreme Court appears headed for tie in Obamacare caseWith weakened Voting Rights Act, some Arizona voters wait hoursObama says singling out Muslims 'makes no sense'Najim Laachraoui: What we know about suspected bomb-makerOn its sixth anniversary, 'Obamacare' takes a victory lapPaul Ryan calls for respect amid divisive GOP primary#ActuallySheCan: Female filmmakers to make their mark at Tribeca Film FestivalQuiz: How much do you know about the Affordable Care Act?Who will bear the burden on birth control?Obama issues strong rebuke of Cruz's 'patrol and secure' planClinton takes on Trumpism in foreign policy speechBrussels attacks strand hundreds of airline passengers in makeshift shelterWednesday's Mini-Report, 3.23.16Brooklyn DA won't seek prison for Peter Liang after conviction in Akai Gurley deathSecret cable: Belgium thought it was slowing ISIS tideSuspected Paris bomb maker Najim Laachraoui died in Brussels airport attack: sourcesHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/23/2016Americans died because of released Gitmo detainees, Pentagon official admitsAll In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/23/2016Alabama top cop says governor fired him for refusing to lie about affairCongress goes home for Easter Break without paying for Zika fightThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/23/2016After Brussels terror attack, Obama says no need for a 'plan B' against ISISThe Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/23/2016Citations for the March 23, 2015 TRMSJoe: Ted Cruz's harebrained, harmful policy towards American MuslimsBrussels attacks: Many questions, few answers after suicide bombingsShould the CIA use drones to kill ISIS targets?Alabama's 'family values' governor mired in sex scandalGiuliani: Clinton 'created ISIS,' could be considered a 'founding member'Conservative justices struggle to understand ACA basicsCruz calls out Trump for comparing wives' appearances on TwitterNorth Carolina limits local governments after transgender bathroom ruleWhy Paul Ryan's political diagnosis falls far shortFirst Read: Why Trump can't afford to miss the 'magic number'North Carolina cracks down on local anti-discrimination policiesPanel pins blame for Flint crisis on Gov. Snyder's administrationIranians charged with cyber attacks on U.S. banks, damBrussels attacks: Bombers filmed nuclear researcher, expert saysEx-Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic guilty of genocideObama on ISIS: 'They're not an existential threat to us'Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.24.16Georgia faces business pressure over 'religious liberty' billBen Carson struggles to defend Trump in combative interviewExamining Trump's problem with women votersWatch Caitlyn Jenner meet Hillary Clinton for the first timeCriticism of Trump draws harassment and violent threatsVice President Biden rips supposed 'Biden rule'Controversy surrounds long voting lines in ArizonaDisney, NFL could boycott Georgia over 'religious freedom' billTed Cruz: Trump is a 'sniveling coward'How Donald Trump makes Ted Cruz look like a feministChelsea Clinton dismayed over 'vitriol' among Cruz and TrumpScandal-scarred Alabama Governor Bentley refuses to quitGranny get your gun! NRA rewrites fairy tale classicsFBI Director Comey believes Brussels attacks won't inspire US copycatsThursday's Mini-Report, 3.24.16Our Principles PAC is the second anti-Trump group to invest big in WisconsinHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/24/2016Police raids in Paris foil planned terrorist attack: OfficialsEveryday heroes acted fast and selflessly after Brussels attacksThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/24/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/24/2016A rushed vote draws North Carolina into national fight over LGBT rightsCitations for the March 24, 2016 TRMSRevealed: Trump's big plan to stop a contested convention — NBC News ExclusiveThe behind-the-scenes delegate fight that could stop Donald TrumpThe cross-color coalition fighting to stop Donald TrumpNew York-based Sascha, Alexander Pinczowski killed in Brussels blastsBrussels attacks: Man 'neutralized' in area near bomb factoryNew fissures emerge in Senate Republicans' Court blockadeBrussels attacks: Naim al-Hamed reportedly is 5th suspectFollowing Brussels attack, GOP wants Obama to visit ... Florida?First Read: As Republicans feud, Clinton pivots toward NovemberDrug tests for welfare applicants reaches another stateISIS' second-in-command, Haji Imam, killed in raid: Defense officialsHouse Republican pushes pro-recession messageSenator, fearing violence, may skip Republican conventionSenior ISIS leader killed in Syria raidWhy Bernie Sanders isn't dropping outFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.25.16Elizabeth Warren: 'I'm still cheering Bernie on,' rips into TrumpWith nuisance laws, has 'serve and protect' turned into 'silence and evict'?Wisconsin throws up major voter registration hurdleThe Republican convention fight already getting underwayTed Cruz calls tabloid report 'garbage'Jimmy Kimmel 'mansplains' how to speak, dress to Hillary Clinton'Batman v. Superman': Are both superhero icons inherently fascist?Don't 'spill the beans' on this news quizTexas voters ask Supreme Court to block voter ID lawWisconsin's 'war on voting' leads to real consequences'Vote Trump, Get Dumped' movement aims to hit Trump where it hurtsFriday's Mini-Report, 3.25.16Mark Kirk will be the first Republican senator to meet with nominee Merrick GarlandHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/25/2016All In with Chris Hayes, 3/25/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/25/2016Ethics report filed against Alabama governor accused of affairFrench president: Terror group being eliminated but threat still loomsCitations for the March 25, 2016 TRMSThis Week in God, 3.26.16Why it's so hard to pinpoint domestic terror recruitsBrussels bombings: Faycal Cheffou faces terror chargesRob Reiner calls for filming boycott in North Carolina over 'anti-LGBT' lawBrussels terror attacks reopen airport security debateMeet Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for presidentDonald Trump: 'Knock the hell out of the oil'Justin and Stephanie Shults, Americans missing in Belgium, confirmed deadBernie Sanders sweeps Clinton in Democratic CaucusesNYPD Commissioner Bratton slams Ted Cruz over call to patrol 'Muslim neighborhoods'Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, Transcript 3/27/2016Why identifying Brussels attacks victims has taken so longSyrian forces retake ancient city of Palmyra from ISISRight-wing protesters met by riot police at Brussels memorialDe Niro's Tribeca festival yanks anti-vaccination filmJohn Kasich: 'Families have to be off-limits'Is the UN ready for a female secretary general?Belgium charges suspect after raid near Brussels 'bomb factory'Open carry at the Republican National Convention?Suicide bomber kills dozens, mostly women, kids celebrating Easter in Pakistan parkRaptor riddle: Deaths of eagles in Delaware, Maryland baffle investigatorsMore Dem debates? Sanders wants another chance at ClintonWeek in Geek - Evolution of Saturn editionBrussels bombings: Belgian police issue new appeal for info on 'man in white'PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, Transcript 2/28/20162 more Americans confirmed dead in Brussels attacks: State DepartmentFollowing Bernie Sanders' latest landslides, what's next?Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner welcome a baby boyDe Niro's Tribeca festival yanks anti-vaccination filmTrump's newest dubious boast: 'I do know my subject'Lahore bombing: Suicide attack kills 72 in park on Easter SundayFirst Read: What Saturday's wins for Sanders mean — and don't meanKansas Republican faces fierce far-right backlashFlorida's Rick Scott signs drastic anti-abortion measure into lawWisconsin race tests impact of GOP campaign's latest ugly turnNew lawsuit challenges NC's controversial discrimination lawSCOTUS denies former Gov. Blagojevich's appealDe Niro decision to pull film can't cure Hollywood's vaccine obsessionGeorgia governor to veto 'religious freedom' law as N.C. is sued for LGBT biasBrussels attacks 'suspect' Faycal Cheffou freed due to lack of evidenceOne state surprises on automatic voter registrationMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.28.16Cuba's Fidel Castro slams Obama following historic visitGeorgia's GOP governor vetoes 'religious liberty' billJust eight GOP senators up for re-election would definitely back TrumpRising tide lifts Obama, but not Republican CongressIdaho bill to allow permitless concealed carry inside city limitsCan Bill Cosby's career still be honored?After weekend hat trick, Sanders looks to take WisconsinPHOTOS: Obamas host bittersweet Easter Egg Roll at the White HouseShot fired at US Capitol Building, wounded gunman in custodyGOP activists work to prevent fight with Trump over party platformTrump defends campaign in contentious interview with #NeverTrump supporterBernie Sanders' campaign offers awkward take on state of the raceNC discriminatory law bigger than which bathroom you can useMonday's Mini-Report, 3.28.16Capitol shooting latest of several incidents raising safety fearsCalifornia to raise minimum wage to $15 an hourSecret Service: No guns allowed at Republican National ConventionNorth Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory calls LGBT criticism 'political theater'Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/28/2016Hillary Clinton slams Republicans' vow to block Obama's SCOTUS nominationSuspected DC gunman once disrupted Congress, proclaimed himself 'prophet'All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/28/2016Professor who taught Obama, Garland talks about the Supreme CourtClinton, Sanders campaigns duke it out over...everythingGovernment says they got data off terror iPhone without AppleThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/28/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 3/28/2016President Obama calls on journalists to hold candidates accountableSupreme Court fight: A quarter of Republican senators now back meetings for Merrick GarlandCitations for the March 28, 2016 TRMSPoll: Trump holds nearly 50 percent support of Republicans nationallyHillary feels the heat if not the Bern: New national poll shows closest race of 2016EgyptAir hijacking: Hostage taker arrested in Cyprus after plane divertedFight over guns at the RNC draws Secret Service responseNC's McCrory dismisses criticism of new discrimination lawUtah governor signs bill requiring abortion anesthesia after 20 weeksWhy Wisconsin is the new New HampshireFacing long odds, Mark Kirk's desperation ploy gets uglyWalker backs Cruz, but most Republicans remain on the sidelinesWisconsin Gov. Scott Walker backs Ted CruzSupreme Court split saves public-sector unionsSupreme Court tie spells win for unions in fee caseThe Republicans' challenge: localizing a national election cycleFBI accessed iPhone in terror case, raising more questionsTrump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski charged with assaulting reporterTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.29.16Clinton campaign's hesitance to debate sparks #ToneDownForWhatDonald Trump's campaign manager faces criminal chargeNFL can't make up its mind about CTEJanice Dickinson will have day in court with Bill CosbyHow 'vigorous civility' can protect free speech amid heated debateSupreme Court raises new Obamacare questionsSupreme Court fiasco weighs on key Republican senatorSurprise signal from Supreme Court on birth controlOscar-winning actress Patty Duke Is dead at 69Obama pushes for more treatment for opioid addictionSex scandal gets even worse for Alabama governorDon't blame intelligence failures for Brussels attack, Belgian justice minister saysTuesday's Mini-Report, 3.29.16Mark Kirk becomes first Republican senator to meet with SCOTUS nominee Merrick GarlandHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/29/2016All In with Chris Hayes, Transcript 3/29/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/29/2016Trump is anything but 'Wisconsin nice' as crowd jeers female reporterWho is Donald Trump's controversial top aide Corey Lewandowski?The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 2/29/2016Trump, Cruz, back down from pledge to support Republican nomineeCitations for the March 29, 2016 TRMsRubio makes unprecedented bid to keep delegates for contested conventionDonald Trump's rapidly changing policy positionsTrump and his rivals back away from RNC's loyalty pledgeDavid Brock group hits Bernie Sanders with ethics complaintsYears later, the 'D.C. Madam' scandal is relevant once moreFirst Read: Backing away from the GOP loyalty pledgeTed Cruz resorts to rhetoric about 'no-go zones'Trump defends campaign manager in heated interviewMaybe Trump doesn't know what 'proliferation' meansSusan Sarandon: 'LOL that I would ever vote Trump'John Kasich turns to history to reassure supportersTim Tebow becomes political football againWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.30.16Jamar Clark shooting: No charges against 2 Minneapolis cops involved in killingThe disappearance of actual Republican 'moderates' is a problemFDA move could radically transform abortion accessJohn Kasich says he would fire Trump campaign manager LewandowskiObama commutes sentences of 61 prisonersChris Brown suicide rant has consequencesIowa high court hears challenge to felon voting banFed Source: About 12 FBI agents working on Clinton email inquiryNew Wisconsin poll shows Cruz leading, close Dem raceTrump advocates abortion ban, walks back 'punishment' for women remarkLatest polling: Underdogs well positioned in WisconsinTrump backs abortion ban, calls for 'punishment' for womenWomen are already being prosecuted for having abortionsWednesday's Mini-Report, 3.30.16Adviser to Alabama governor resigns amid allegations of affairRepublicans increasingly fret that Trump escalates 'War on Women'Condemnation rolls in after Trump's remarks on abortion, punishmentClinton, Sanders tag-team Trump in MSNBC eventThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/30/2016Donald Trump releases curious letter on tied-up tax returnsNew differences emerge between Clinton and SandersThird American killed in Brussels terror attacks identifiedGovernor faces impeachment threat in AlabamaNC's McCrory struggling to defend controversial anti-LGBT lawBernie Sanders' unlikely role model: Hillary ClintonFirst Read: Why Trump's controversies matter for all RepublicansTed Cruz jokes about hitting Trump with a car on 'Jimmy Kimmel'Trump stumbles on Supreme Court basicsIf women are Trump's kryptonite, will it matter?FDA announcement shakes up reproductive health debateBelgium town scoured for link to French terror suspectWhy Whoopi Goldberg's weed business mattersISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's ex-wife Saja al-Dulaimi speaksChina unveils proposal for $50 trillion global electricity networkRepublicans take a fresh look at their 'eight-state rule''Vaxxed': Anti-vaccination doc gets new home after De Niro snubThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.31.16Corporate sponsors think twice before backing Republican eventBelgium to extradite Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam to FranceKasich breaks positive tone to go after TrumpAnother top African-American staffer departs RNCQuiz: Who is César Chávez?Fan influx hasn't bridged soccer's alleged gender wage gapDonald Trump holds surprise meeting with RNC in DCMississippi Senate passes sweeping 'Religious Liberty' billDonald Trump's poll numbers collapse as general election loomsElizabeth Warren continues her anti-Trump campaignDisney among the companies accused of going to 'war' on ChristianityObama, world leaders discuss keeping nuclear weapons from ISISTrooper, gunman dead in shooting at Greyhound station in Richmond, VirginiaWhy the FBI might not have to share their secret iPhone hacking methodClinton uses Trump's abortion comments to hit SandersRomney, Ryan won't come to the Republicans' rescuePro-Trump super PAC starts efforts with new Wisconsin adThursday's Mini-Report, 3.31.16New York is stealing Wisconsin's thunder in the Democratic presidential primaryHardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript 3/31/2016Wisconsin union members support a Sanders revolution, not tempted by TrumpClinton lashes out: 'I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying'