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All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 5/31/2016SiriusXM suspends Glenn Beck over guest's extreme comments about TrumpTrump gave millions to vets groups after media report about donationsCourt documents reveal how Trump University staffers sold the brandDisability rights have long been bipartisan. Will Trump end that?Trump's veterans controversy goes from bad to worseEgyptAir search: Egypt says French ship detected potential black-box signalsBill Kristol finds his anti-Trump RepublicanMcConnell ponders how politics 'is supposed to work'Is Bernie Sanders the Steph Curry of politics?First Read: Trump's temperament problemWho is David French?Gary Johnson's not-so-subtle pitch to Bernie Sanders' fansJohn McCain slams key veterans' advocacy groups2016 TV ad spending nears $500 millionDalai Lama thinks Europe has let in 'too many' refugeesThe 'Trump University' train wreck jolts presidential raceWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.1.16Donald Trump and the limits on institutional constraintsTwo dead in apparent murder-suicide at UCLA engineering lab: PoliceUS death rate rises, but health officials aren't sure whyDomestic violence advocates alarmed by fallout from Johnny Depp allegationsIn Ohio, battle rages over access to votingLouisiana takes a healthy step forward todayDemocrats look to succeed where Republicans failed with Trump University attackIt's close in California: Clinton 49%, Sanders 47%Wednesday's Mini-Report, 6.1.16Obama jumps into 2016, blasts Trump proposals as 'crazy'Ken Starr resigns as Baylor chancellor in wake of sex-assault case controversyMassachusetts poised to become 19th state banning trans discriminationHardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/1/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/1/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/1/2016Trump University case: Who is Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel?Citations for the June 1, 2016 TRMSHillary Clinton to deliver policy speech aimed at Donald TrumpCampaigner in Chief makes some unexpected newsEven Trump's defense of 'Trump University' raises questionsMitch McConnell sees Republican Party 'at an all-time high'Trump attacks Clinton: She has 'no natural talent' to be presidentFirst Read: Whose poll numbers are worse -- Trump's or Clinton's?Major golf tournament leaving Trump for MexicoEven Rick Scott thinks the GOP Congress is negligent on ZikaPro-medicinal marijuana NFL player unafraid of backlashPayday lenders face new pushback from CFPBNorth Korean leader has a favorite in U.S. presidential raceThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.2.16UCLA gunman Mainak Sarkar had kill 'list,' may have slayed Minnesota woman: LAPDRepublican outreach to Latino voters takes a big step backwardsPraying mantis named for Ruth Bader GinsburgWill those who weep for Harambe also decry deaths in Chicago?GOP's new head of Latino outreach has been strongly critical of TrumpPrince died of accidental overdose of painkillers: Medical examiner's officeMuhammad Ali hospitalized in fair condition with respiratory issue: RepObama says transgender bathroom directive based on lawAfter holding out, Paul Ryan says he will 'vote' for TrumpClinton Roasts Trump in Foreign Policy Speech: The 13 Biggest ZingersHillary Clinton: Trump presidency would be 'historic mistake'Sec. Kerry: Scrapping Paris climate accord would be 'an act of ignorance'Paul Ryan finds an odd time to endorse Donald TrumpGraduation odds of students who get fed loans for private college just 55 percentMore bad news for Bill Kristol's ongoing search for a Donald Trump alternativeStacey Dash says transgender people should 'go in the bushes'Thursday's Mini-Report, 6.2.16Did Clinton just finally figure out how to hit Trump?Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/2/2016Paul Ryan backs down –- it's Donald Trump's party nowTrump University model: Sell hard, demand to see a warrantAll In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/2/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/2/2016Global terror attacks decreased for first time since 2012: ReportThe Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/2/2016Protesters assault Trump supporters with eggs, bottles, punches after rallyCitations for the June 2, 2016 TRMSHow Minneapolis became the first city in the country to pass trans protectionsTexas floods: 5 Fort Hood soldiers dead, 4 missing with more rain expectedAgainst Trump, Hillary Clinton did what his GOP rivals could notJob market's hot streak comes to a screeching halt in MayDeadly floods in France force Louvre to evacuate artFirst Read: Trump's takeover of the GOP is now completeUS created 38,000 jobs in May vs. 162,000 expectedDonald Trump escalates offensive against federal judgeMcConnell boasts, 'There is no dysfunction in the Senate anymore'Trump decides he likes New Mexico's governor after allWhat is fentanyl? The drug that killed Prince has killed thousands of othersIn NH, Ayotte struggles to defend her record on gun reformsFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.3.16'This is how authoritarianism starts'George W. Bush administration is split over Donald TrumpPaul Ryan disavows Trump's attack on judge's 'Mexican heritage'As Dems' primary saga plays out, California Latino voter registration surges5 pieces of life advice from Michelle Obama's commencement speechesAnalysis: Obama's executive order protects workers from 'outlaw' contractorsJudge: US women's soccer team bound by no-strike clauseRyan: Trump's racially charged rhetoric came 'out of left field''Bigotry': Trump's escalating attacks on judge rile Latino legal expertsThe most important number for Bernie Sanders next week: 256Friday's Mini-Report, 6.3.16Muhammad Ali in 'grave condition' in Phoenix hospitalHardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/3/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/3/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/3/2016Obama cuts prison sentences for 42 drug offendersHow close will Puerto Ricans get Hillary Clinton to nomination?Trump nods to 'my African American' supporter at rallyMuhammad Ali, 'The Greatest of All Time,' dead at 74Citations for the June 3, 2016 TRMSThis Week in God, 6.4.16Why Muhammad Ali was 'The Greatest' - an appreciationObama mourns Muhammad Ali: 'A man who fought for us'Donald Trump's 'my African-American' supporter: I wasn't offendedClinton looks to inch closer to clinching in two weekend contestsMuhammad Ali died of septic shock, will be honored at public funeral: SpokesmanPolitics Nation With Al Sharpton, Transcript, 6/5/2016Jim Brown on the lesson of Muhammad Ali: 'Money is not god'Week in Geek - Earth from above editionMcConnell on Trump judge comments: 'I couldn't disagree more'Donald Trump: 'It's possible' a Muslim judge would be biasedCause of Muhammad Ali's death, septic shock, targets sick, elderlyGOP bigs urge Trump to move on from Judge Curiel's Mexican ancestryWhat is Donald Trump's position on Libya?On verge of nomination clinch, Clinton wins in Puerto RicoDavid French won't mount independent bid for presidentIn historic Senate race, two women of color likely heading to California runoffDonald Trump's overt racism takes 2016 race in a new directionMatt Damon blasts banks for 'biggest heist in history,' backs WarrenBernie Sanders vs. the 'magic number'Donald Trump does not have a campaignFirst Read: What will Bernie Sanders do?Senate Republican Leader prioritizes winning over principlesBob Corker sees Trump's 'maturity' where none existsMuhammad Ali's daughter, Laila Ali, honors her father's life and legacySupreme Court: Immigration, abortion cases pending in final days of termThe GOP's 'French Revolution' comes to an abrupt haltJessica Valenti: Sexism on campaign trail will be 'more insidious'State Attorneys General get caught up in 'Trump U' scandalWhy does Sanders do better than Clinton against Trump?Supreme Court declines to decide how long is too long on death rowMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.6.16Team Trump struggles with dysfunction, leaderless amateurismMuhammad Ali death puts Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric under microscopeSenators blast Trump's racism, but hold a High Court seat for himGender and the presidency: A look through polling historyAre bipartisan efforts on criminal justice reform at an impasse?Clinton 'excited' about historic nature of likely nominationHarry Reid changes his tune on Elizabeth Warren as possible VPRecall effort launched against judge Aaron Persky in Stanford rape caseMonday's Mini-Report, 6.6.16'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli pleads not guilty to new chargeMuhammad Ali scripted his own funeral plans in 'The Book'Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/6/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/6/2016Clinton hits 'magic number' of delegates to clinch nominationThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/6/2016Hillary Clinton slams Trump's 'racist attack' on Trump University judgeThe Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/6/2016Hillary Clinton makes historySanders blames media's 'rush to judgment' as Clinton hits delegate majorityMinnesota judge puts settlement of Prince's estate on a fast trackPoll: Clinton holds 4-point national lead over Trump -- or does she?Poll: Majority of Democratic and Republican voters think primary process is fairEven blatant racism remains a major problem in some death penalty casesDemocrats find a surprise at the primary finish lineDonald Trump is convinced his critics 'are the racists'Tom Cotton loses sight of what public service is all aboutAfter months of requests, mugshots of Stanford rapist Brock Turner finally emergeFirst Read: How Hillary Clinton clinchedTrump finds a Capitol Hill ally to defend racist comments'Trump U' scandal gets worse for Florida's AGPaul Ryan is the latest Republican to denounce Trump's 'racist' remarksChuck Grassley's descent into unintentional humorTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.7.16Clinton's warning about Trump and women proves prescientWhat's the deal with Stacey Dash? New book offers insightRyan says Trump's rhetoric is 'racist,' but he still endorses himAmerica's obesity epidemic hits a new highDolly Parton on 'bathroom bill': Treat everybody 'with respect'Superdelegates don't determine the Democratic nomineeWhy Marco Rubio doesn't get an 'I told you so' momentDonald Trump receives his first un-endorsementNo one wanted Hillary Clinton to win this wayTrump defends 'misconstrued' attacks on judgeTuesday's Mini-Report, 6.7.16Trump dodges issue of judicial bias in Trump University statementThe irony of Hillary Clinton's historic momentRepublican civil war erupts over Trump's attack on judgeTrump celebrates new chapter of 2016 campaignTrump follows the political playbook in victory speechHillary Clinton pledges Dem unity and reflects on historic victoryWhere do Democrats go from here?Bernie Sanders vows to continue fight to the conventionA breakthrough 240 years in the makingUnder fire, Trump tries to explain away racism controversyWhat took Trump's Republican critics so long?First Read: Trump starts the general after squandering a head startHatch wants us to 'be nice' to flailing, amateurish TrumpThe key detail Ron Johnson hopes Wisconsin won't rememberSanders' top congressional backers ready to support ClintonThreats made against judge in Brock Turner rape caseTurkey's President Erdogan calls women who work 'half persons'Wednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.8.16Talk of a convention coup rattles Republican politicsCourt blocks another set of voting restrictions in OhioOpinion: Why the Democratic Party should unite behind progressive ideasActivist takes anti-violence message into men's locker roomsSome Republicans discuss anti-Trump convention coupGrassley sees a bizarre equivalence between Trump, SotomayorFour dead in Tel Aviv shopping mall attackPaul Ryan's anti-poverty plan isn't the 'better way'Koch officials agree to meet with Donald Trump's campaignWednesday's Mini-Report, 6.8.16Democratic Party begins healing process as they craft platformClinton: I won't go insult-for-insult with TrumpHardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/8/2016Donald Trump faces familiar hurdles as general election beginsAll In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/8/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/8/2016Prince estate trustee wants to turn Paisley Park into a tourist attraction: court docsThe Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/8/2016Elizabeth Warren: Trump is 'a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud'Texas abortion clinics wait for the Supreme CourtIowa lawmaker has seen enough, gives up GOP allegianceDonald Trump's 'huge and not widely understood' disadvantageN.C. Republican is the exception that helps prove the ruleMcConnell tries teaching someone to 'act' like a candidateKarl Rove's failures of self-awareness reach new depths'It showed me his heart and I didn't like what I saw'Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.9.16With #GirlIGuessImWithHer, some Clinton voters show their reluctant supportMaybe Trump studied Campaign Management 101 at Trump UPresident Obama announces his support for Hillary ClintonMiss USA Deshauna Barber: 'Beauty comes in all shades'Thursday's Mini-Report, 6.9.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/9/2016GOP donors gather to hear Donald Trump's pitchElizabeth Warren, Joe Biden blast Donald Trump and GOP over judgesThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/9/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/9/2016Can Bernie Sanders rally his supporters behind Hillary Clinton once his campaign ends?Elizabeth Warren is ready -- in more ways than oneLatest polling shows a shift Republicans won't likeRubio makes a powerful case against Trump (while endorsing him)McConnell agrees Trump's ignorance is a problemRNC keeps its presidential candidate under an online bushel'Deadbeat Donald' caught refusing to pay his billsFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.10.16GOP senator directs a provocative 'prayer' at Obama'Me Before You' controversy puts Hollywood on noticeHillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood unite after weathering the stormFriday's Mini-Report, 6.10.16Florida AG Pam Bondi, under fire for Trump donation, says attacks are 'without merit'Hardball with Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/10/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/10/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/10/2016Quiz: This week in newsThis Week in God, 6.11.16Donald Trump still insists Don King endorsed him, despite King's denialAs vice president, could Elizabeth Warren get what she wants?Stark divide between Clinton, Trump seen in Orlando attack responsesAfter Orlando massacre, Trump faces leadership test -- and flunksTrump suggests President Obama may be terrorist sympathizerDebate over guns, terror watch list to begin anewWhat we know about deadly Orlando shootingOrlando massacre: Names of gay bar shooting victims emergeCruz sees Orlando massacre as possible wedge issueTrump's tweets after tragedy often strike self-congratulatory notesLin-Manuel Miranda highlights Orlando as 'Hamilton' sweeps TonysHow Marco Rubio hopes to avoid a debate over gunsObama admin waives privacy law after Orlando massacreMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.13.16The debate over 'Islamic terrorism' goes off the railsClinton explains, 'Rhetoric is not going to solve the problem'Monday's Mini-Report, 6.13.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/13/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/13/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/13/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/13/2016Citations for the June 13, 2016 TRMSAfter massacre, Trump speech takes 2016 race in a scary directionCould Utah be a presidential battleground state?Trump picks a fight with one of the nation's largest newspapersSenator draws a curious connection between assault rifles, bombsRepublicans' 2016 email advantage starts to evaporatePoll: One-in-three Americans support special ID cards for MuslimsTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.14.16Russia hacked DNC network, accessed Trump researchTrump turns 70: Age ain't nothing but a number in 2016 campaignObama shreds Republicans' terror talking pointsKris Kobach won't say if he's complying with order to register votersAfter Orlando, some Republicans ready for McCarthyismTuesday's Mini-Report, 6.14.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/14/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/14/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/14/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/14/2016Why calling the Orlando shooting a hate crime matters: analysisGOP lawmaker says Orlando shooting site wasn't a gay clubTrump accuses Obama of siding with U.S. enemiesLatest polls show Clinton getting stronger, Trump fallingTrump accuses U.S. troops of stealing money in IraqAMA pushes Republicans to support gun researchRepublicans moving forward with IRS impeachment gambitOut of options, Kobach backs down, allows voters to be registeredWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.15.16Why Republican despondence over Trump mattersWomen in Politics: College Edition -- Washington Univ., St. LouisWomen in Politics: College Edition -- Wesleyan UniversityColbert's epic takedown of TrumpWednesday's Mini-Report, 6.15.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/15/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/15/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/15/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript, 6/15/2016Citations for the June 15, 2016 TRMSEpic Democratic filibuster earns 'commitment' on gun votesPaul Ryan's 'Better Way' points in a worse directionTrump offers hilarious 'proof' to back up conspiracy theoryMarco Rubio prepares to break his wordNew polls point to a specific kind of problem for RepublicansWhen it comes to Trump and gun reforms, caveat emptorThursday's Mini-Report, 6.16.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/16/2016A special Father's Day slam for Donald Trump from Men for ChoiceAll In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/16/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/16/2016John McCain: President Obama is 'directly responsible' for OrlandoTop Trump ally distances himself from presidential candidateClinton campaign takes a chance on early offensiveGOP congressman: 'Muslim community' wants to kill all gaysFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.17.16One year after Charleston shooting, we must disarm hate: opinionStage set for major Senate showdown on gun policyFriday's Mini-Report, 6.17.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/17/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/17/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/17/2016This Week in God, 6.18.16Analysis: Closing abortion clinics results in tremendous burden on womenPolitics Nation with Al Sharpton, Transcript, 6/19/2016In one way, Trump is to the right of the NRA on gunsAt the crossroads, Bernie Sanders has a decision to makeHe's lined up excuses, but Donald Trump knows he's losingThe list of officials quitting the Republican Party keeps growingThe United States of TrumpDonald Trump ousts campaign manager Corey LewandowskiClinton moves forward with a '50-state strategy'5 facts to know about Virginia Raggi, Rome's first female mayorCleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James win NBA championship: photosMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.20.16Chatter of a convention coup gets Trump's attentionCorporate sponsors keep their distance from Republican conventionElizabeth Warren 'intrigued' by VP possibilityMonday's Mini-Report, 6.20.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/20/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/20/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/20/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/20/2016Citations for the June 20, 2016 TRMSSenate Republicans take a stand against key gun reformsIn more ways than one, the Trump campaign is brokeNew polls show Clinton and Trump are not 'essentially even'Independent analysis: Trump's economic plan invites disaster'Obamacare' contributes to dramatic health care savingsWhat happened after California raised taxes and Kansas cut themTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.21.16Utah GOP chairman convinces Trump to campaign in the stateFor his next trick, Trump questions Clinton's religious faithDem congressman convicted on federal corruption chargesTuesday's Mini-Report, 6.21.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/21/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/21/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/21/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/21/2016Citations for the June 21, 2016 TRMSBachmann's new gig: Trump adviser on evangelical issuesWhat Steve King considers 'racist' and 'divisive'Trump giving new meaning to 'self-funded' campaigningRepublicans continue to turn to the wrong economistRubio breaks his word, decides to seek re-electionLife in Missouri's Fading Old Lead BeltThe Republican healthcare plan isn't actually a healthcare planWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.22.16House Democrats stage dramatic 'sit-in' on chamber floorDonald Trump gets lost beneath 'an avalanche of falsehoods'Wednesday's Mini-Report, 6.22.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/22/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/22/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/22/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/22/2016Facing Democratic sit-in, Paul Ryan takes his House and goes homeTrump's Scottish trip is a bigger mistake than he realizesGOP's foreign policy old guard prefers Clinton to TrumpMarco Rubio's first day as a new candidate wasn't easySupreme Court blocks Obama admin's immigration policyThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.23.16Supreme Court surprises with affirmative action rulingBipartisan gun reform measure advances, despite NRA oppositionDonald Rumsfeld's curious taste in presidential candidatesThursday's Mini-Report, 6.23.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/23/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/23/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/23/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/23/2016UK's 'Brexit' results rattle the worldTrump baffles with bizarre appearance in ScotlandBernie Sanders says he'll vote for Hillary ClintonDrawing a nationalistic line between Brexit and Donald TrumpAfter Brexit, Clinton stresses 'steady, experienced leadership'Friday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.24.16Paul Ryan's 'Better Way' points in a worse direction on taxesRepublicans think 'it's America's turn' for a Brexit of our ownFriday's Mini-Report, 6.24.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/24/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/24/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/24/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/24/2016This Week in God, 6.25.16Op-ed: Love trumps hate, or why I'm voting for Hillary ClintonPolitics Nation with Al Sharpton, Transcript, 6/26/2016As Brexit crisis intensifies, Trump celebrates his 'great timing'Latest polls offer more bad news for RepublicansBush/Cheney Treasury Secretary: Vote ClintonLeading Republican pundit says goodbye to his partySupreme Court strikes down Texas' abortion restrictionsThe 2016 question Mitch McConnell doesn't want to answerMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.27.16With Supreme Court's help, Virginia's Bob McDonnell avoids prisonDonald Trump calls Elizabeth Warren a 'racist'Monday's Mini-Report, 6.27.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/27/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/27/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/27/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/27/2016Christie tries to put a nice spin on Trump's Muslim banRepublican gambit undermines response to Zika virus threatReligious right leader sees Trump as 'a baby Christian'On gun reforms, 'it truly is a broken system'Republicans aren't alone in worrying about a convention coupRepublican Benghazi Committee ends with a whimperTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.28.16Trump may have promised millions to charity, but did he deliver?Trump combines Sanders' questions with Romney's answersTuesday's Mini-Report, 6.28.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/28/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/28/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/28/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/28/2016Citations for the June 28, 2016 TRMSDonald Trump sees a problem only torture can solveColorado Republicans miss an important opportunityFar-right justices warn of 'an ominous sign'Sanders' electoral revolution off to a mixed startBenghazi victim's sister: 'I do not blame Hillary Clinton'Fight over Medicaid expansion reaches a crossroadsWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.29.16International audiences have confidence in one U.S. candidateAlaska and OilMove over, 'Trump U,' the new scandal is the 'Trump Institute'Voices of AlaskaThe science of studying the atmosphereDateline Extra with Tamron Hall on MSNBC weekendsWednesday's Mini-Report, 6.29.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/29/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/29/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/29/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/29/2016Citations for the June 29, 2016 TRMSAdd Native Americans to Team Trump's listRepublicans' Benghazi Committee just keeps goingCanadian Parliament to Obama: 'Four more years!'Donald Trump's fundraising takes an even more controversial turnDobson walks back claims about Trump's born-again conversionWith Clinton exonerated, conspiracy theorists turn on Trey GowdyThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 6.30.16Brexit backers took 'an American-style media approach'Trump flunks Supreme Court arithmeticThursday's Mini-Report, 6.30.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 6/30/2016