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Wildstein: Christie knew about lane closuresRead: Letter alleging Christie knew of bridge lane closingsNew video of epic 23-mile space jump will blow your mindAhead on the 1/31 Maddow showSyrian crisis needs political solution, says USAIDThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/31/14Links for the 1/31 TRMSThis Week in GodMap: How states are implementing ObamacareOnly half-way there on mercyMayor calls Christie allegations 'damning'Super Bowl ad honors America's fallen soldiersThe February 2 'MHP' SyllabusWeek in Geek, 'Omaha' edition: Super Bowl scienceRepublican leaders come to Christie's defensePhilip Seymour Hoffman found dead at 46 from apparent overdoseObama and O'Reilly have a pre-game talkMorning Headlines: Monday, February 3Rev's Early Reads: February 3Christie staffer resigns and other headlinesAbortion rate lowest since Roe v. WadeWhen Team Christie 'plays offense'Subpoenaed Chris Christie aide quitsO'Reilly vs. ObamaPaul Ryan perceives 'lawless presidency'How a toy startup won the Super BowlAn ACA alternative takes shapeThe Grio's Class of 2014: Black leaders making historyA past client is used against an Obama nomineeContraception helps lower U.S. abortion rateChristie to face his toughest critics: NJ residentsDCCC seeks apology from McMorris RodgersThe rush to ready SochiEmbattled Christie gets chance to woo conservativesMonday's campaign round-up'America the Beautiful' ad features gay parentsLet Me Start: The dam is breakingScotty McCreery: Being ambassador in Newtown is 'why I'm here'Setting the stage for a net-neutrality fightGut Check: Do you think Peyton Manning is still one of the greatest quarterbacks?Paul Ryan slams 'increasingly lawless' ObamaA tale of two water mainsPoliticians Tweet the Super BowlAnd then there were fivePhilip Seymour Hoffman and America's heroin problemA narrow path for 'common ground'Monday's Mini-ReportAnother debt ceiling crisis?Business Latest: Dow sinks by over 300 pointsAll In Agenda: Philip Seymour Hoffman is not aloneRest in peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman--the best of the bestLetter claims Christie was aware of lane closuresPresident Obama has issued fewer executive orders than most presidents in the last 50 yearsBridget Kelly pleads the 5thAhead on the 2/3 Maddow showThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/03/14Irish drag queen gives impassioned speech on gay rightsWATCH: Cory Booker's first Senate speech on unemployment benefitsLinks for the 2/3 TRMSRev's Early Reads: February 4The toll of fast-food profitsMost Tweeted Super Bowl MomentsTed Cruz makes nice and other headlinesChristie still unsure about traffic studyGov. Martin O'Malley considering run for president in 2016NRCC crafts new fundraising gambitGrassley's 'gravely concerned' about executive ordersWas Twitter the real Super Bowl winner?Obama to O'Reilly: 'Absolutely' you've been unfairMedicaid expansion sure is popularElizabeth Warren backs plan to save USPS, replace payday lendersSenate effectively scraps Iran sanctions billSandra Fluke to run for CongressTurning back the clock to 1965An excerpt from Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld's "The Triple Package"An excerpt from Charlie Crist's "The Party's Over"Live Video: Obama delivers remarks on educationGut Check: Are you concerned that talking car technology will invade your privacy?Tuesday's campaign round-upLet Me Start: Christie's fight for a political futureGay rights group criticizes Mike Rogers for 'homophobic' jokeWhen the CBO causes a stirBoehner: GOP immigration plan isn't 'amnesty'Only 4 meet subpoena deadline in 'Bridgegate' probeCongress passes $8.7 billion food stamp cutA half-hearted hostage strategy unravelsNo, Obamacare isn't handing out 2 million pink slips'What are you going to do when I'm gone?'Zuckerberg group skewers 'shocking extremism' in immigration debateCBO delivers welcome news to Obamacare backersCruz blasts Obama for 'breathtaking' 'lawlessness'Tuesday's Mini-ReportThe Creation Museum wants your childrenBusiness Latest: Dodd-Frank failBill Nye debates Ken Ham on creation vs. evolutionAll In Agenda: Obamacare bailout? No.Study shows record number of US exonerations'People are fed up' in West VirginiaAri Melber answers your questions about veteran drug courtsAhead on the 2/4 Maddow showBill de Blasio to skip St. Patrick's Day parade over gay rightsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/04/14GM's first female CEO makes half of what her predecessor didLinks for the 2/4 TRMSMorning Headlines: Wednesday, February 5An excerpt from Robyn Doolittle's "The Rob Ford Story"Youth must fight income inequality for the sake of the futureDefunct Winter Olympic SportsCVS to stop selling tobacco productsOwl Heist! and other headlinesReality has a bad day at the office'American Idol' star enters Congressional raceRisk corridors for me, not for theeSeven 'hubs' will try and mitigate climate changeOn leadershipGOP Senate candidate lobbied for company run by Milosevic cronyGut Check: Do you agree with CVS' decision to stop selling tobacco products?CVS snuffs out tobacco productsPete Sessions: extended jobless aid 'immoral'Trivia Time! Wednesday's trivia answerSandra Fluke shakes up political plansIn N.J., Wildstein's position is no moreShaun White drops out of Sochi eventWednesday's campaign round-upTexas woman executed WednesdayLet Me Start: Who was Christie in high school?Holding a blank ransom noteThe news ACA critics didn't want to hearJansing is taking your questions from SochiPussy Riot vows to fight Russian lawsDMX reportedly to fight George Zimmerman in celebrity boxing matchGeorgia is site of latest GOP attack on early votingBusiness Latest: CVS kicks tobacco habitA majority of Americans still disapprove of ObamacareDemocrats split over Syria, IranToo Young to Die: Zainee HaileySonia Sotomayor's 'allegiance'Paul Ryan: Obamacare is a 'poverty trap'Wednesday's Mini-ReportAll In Agenda: Should we socialize law?Ahead on the 2/5 Maddow showHas America grown weary of talking about income inequality?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/05/14India has produced its first 'woman-friendly' gunLinks for the 2/5 TRMSMorning Headlines: Thursday, February 6New Olympic Events in SochiRev's Early Reads: February 6How Obama could strike a blow to workplace discriminationLive Video: Obama speaks at National Prayer breakfastDemocrats try to capitalize on Christie and other headlinesGOP eyes spending increases in debt-ceiling fightRomney: 'I'm not running' for president in 2016Jobless claims show big improvement'Affluenza' teen will go to rehab, not jailKeeping Christie at arm's lengthThe right shifts on the 'insurance trap'Atlanta's next transportation problemAlex Sink to get fundraising boost from BidenObama gives Rubio a second chanceTrivia Time! Thursday's trivia answerBeating a dead horseGut Check: Should schools be required to display the gun ban sign?Nan Hayworth to run for her old seatThursday's campaign round-upBoehner warns immigration reform is in serious dangerDOJ civil rights nominee clears hurdleLet Me Start: Democrats look to halt Christie's momentumBoehner's 'trust' issues on immigrationSurprising type of Democrat could threaten Hillary ClintonTop Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers may face ethics probeWendy Davis supports the expansion of gun rights in TexasSenate GOP again blocks jobless aidSenate GOP blocks unemployment aidObama jokes with, calls big critic Gohmert 'unbelievably gracious'Business Latest: ID theft rises'The 1 percent work harder'Chris Jansing and Brian Shactman: Live From SochiCelebrating President ReaganObama prays for release of American prisoner in North KoreaThursday's Mini-ReportReligious liberty bill opens door for LGBT discriminationAll In Agenda: 2014 for saleAhead on the 2/6 Maddow showObama: Putin has a tough guy 'shtick'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/06/14Links for the 2/6 TRMSHow progressives can turn the deep South blueRev's Early Reads: February 7What Obamacare's critics mean by 'dignity of work'"Republicans dancing to talk radio" and other headlinesBesides his Corvette, Biden can't think of a reason not to run for presidentChristie's evolving version of eventsCan the GOP take the Senate in 2014?Another weak month of job growthJobs report underwhelms again'Why don't we just pack up and go home?'When AIPAC throws in the towelNot all doom and gloom: Many states look to make voting easierACA becomes an easy scapegoatTrivia Time! Friday's trivia answerThe Beatles' Biggest Billboard HitsWhen tribalism takes overFriday's campaign round-upGut Check: Do you think Wellesley should remove the 'sleepwalker' statue?Rand Paul steps up Lewinsky attack in new interviewRand Paul remains preoccupied with Bill ClintonPoison controlLive Video: Obama announces program to help farmersThe GOP's debt-ceiling farceBush still getting blame for economic woesImmigration activists fear House GOP is backing off reformImmigration, cybersecurity top DHS agendaThe most jaw-dropping pre-Olympics #SochiProblemsPresident Obama signs $8.7 billion food stamp cut into lawGOP ignores bill-signing invitationsFormer contractor pleads guilty in leak caseThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Live from SochiWe're not in Kansas anymoreToo Young to Die: David Carpenter-KohlerSen. Roberts of Kansas doesn't really live in KansasFriday's Mini-Report5 things you need to know about events in UkraineSochi Latest: Aerial display wows at opening ceremonyAll In Agenda | 'Bridgegate': televised drama?The February 8 'MHP' SyllabusAhead on the 2/7 Maddow showThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/07/14Links for the 2/7 TRMSEnough about 2016: Can Chris Christie keep his governorship?This Week in GodMoms give Facebook's gun policy a 'thumbs down'What do Republicans want?A letter to John Boehner: Don't fold on immigration reformDOJ extending new benefits to same-sex couplesThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Live from SochiJansing responded to your Olympic questions from Sochi!The February 9 'MHP' SyllabusWeek in Geek: The physics of the Winter OlympicsSchumer: Start immigration reform in 2017Chobani vs. Russia: LGBT editionThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 2Big decision ahead on Keystone XLU.S. curling team: 'We may surprise some people'AOL backtracks after blaming 'distressed babies' for cutsAn excerpt from Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes' "HRC"Morning Headlines: Monday, February 10Rev's Early Reads: February 10Christie endorsement regret and other headlinesA governor and his rogue operationNew Jersey newspaper regrets endorsing ChristieRefusing to take 'yes' for an answerPeter King's wholesale reversal on GOP, SandyFootball star Michael Sam comes outExclusive: Sen. Claire McCaskill takes your questionsClosing the parties' tech gapObama to stay away from midtermsHardball tactics emerge in AlaskaTrivia Time! Monday's trivia answerBridenstine's townhall gone wrongLA County sheriff's deputies face civil rights chargesChristie gets the cold shoulder in IllinoisMichael Sam may become NFL's first openly gay active playerMonday's campaign round-upLawmakers: 'Redskins' is 'insulting'Right goes back to the '90s with new Hillary reportDo you think Michael Sam's coming out will have any effect on his chances in the NFL draft?Christie 'Bridgegate' panel votes to enforce subpoenasLet Me Start: NJ paper regrets Christie endorsementGoing all in for the 'insurance trap'Montana GOP looks to end same-day voter registrationThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 3Was AOL's Tim Armstrong right?The new Obamacare talking pointA breakthrough moment awaits NFLNew York's test in Robin Hood politicsHouse GOP finds new ways to say 'no' on immigrationRand Paul's faint praise for Mitch McConnellRand Paul's endorsement for Mitch McConnell turns awkwardLive Video: Obama, French President deliver remarksToo Young to Die: Payton BensonFatal shooting of Boston child leads to citywide gun buybackMonday's Mini-ReportAll In Agenda: Christie endorsement regretW.Va. water: 'Everybody has a different definition of safe'Ahead on the 2/10 Maddow showSmall firms get a small break on ObamacareMichelle Obama's popular... except with conservative RepublicansThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/10/14Libya teetering on the brink of failureBoehner's debt-limit gambleYour tweets on the NFL and the Washington RedskinsLinks for the 2/10 TRMSMorning Headlines: Tuesday, February 11Rev's Early Reads: February 11Ohio set to pass tough new round of voting restrictionsRubio pushes education reform, maybe even a 2016 ticketChristie goes to Chicago and other headlinesDebt-ceiling debacle limps forwardClaire McCaskill: I wouldn't campaign next to ObamaNevada moves away from gay-marriage banWhen the immigration debate turns farcicalHouse Benghazi report slams White House, defense cutsPutin adds to his conservative admirersGOP debt-ceiling plan collapses, diesLawmakers probing Bridgegate' serve 18 new subpoenas: Who's whoIntel chief doubts Karzai will sign security pactPopular Medicaid expansion still strugglingLive Video: Obama, Hollande hold joint news conferenceLive Video: Obama, Hollande hold joint news conferenceHolder: Restore voting rights for ex-felonsTuesday's campaign round-upLet Me Start: Christie keeping some GOPers worriedHouse GOP passes a clean debt-ceiling billGut Check: Should ex-felons be allowed to vote?Holder pushes for criminal-justice overhaulClass ActImmigration groups ready 'punishment' for GOPThis is how families go hungryObama keeps promise to young men of colorThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 4Another chemical spill in West VirginiaAnother Florida Republican jumps shipDon't run, Hillary. Don't runWA suspends death penaltyChristie's office pushes back on NYT reporter's commentsFrom 'Freedom Industries' to 'Patriot Coal'Christie on 'Bridgegate': Only a few minutes to 'wallow'Nevada gives up on its same-sex marriage banClarence Thomas: Americans are more 'sensitive' about race than in the 1960sTuesday's Mini-ReportRand Paul is suing the NSAVirginia Senate votes to repeal forced ultrasound lawAll In Agenda: House votes to raise the debt ceilingAhead on the 2/11 Maddow showExclusive excerpt from 'HRC' by Jonathan Allen and Amie ParnesSochi Latest: USA men's hockey -- ready for revengeThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/11/14State dinner hosting French president features American cuisine, celebritiesLinks for the 2/11 TRMSSnow Sports to Try This WinterRev's Early Reads: February 12Texas ban on same-sex marriage challenged in federal courtSen. Cruz threatens filibuster and other headlinesMarking the end of debt-ceiling extortionTed Cruz threatens filibuster on debt-limit bill'Probably one of the crazy ones'It's official. Obama signs minimum wage orderClarence Thomas' 'sadness' on raceThrowing out the 'rule' bookAdd Carson to Putin's far-right fan clubDems to donors: Help us fight off Kochs before it's too lateNew voting restrictions ahead of 2014 midtermsWednesday's campaign round-upTrivia Time! Tuesday's trivia answerNearly 30 people have been killed at school since NewtownStudy: two-thirds of Americans 'not bothered' by e-cig useCrash-and-save luger Shiva Keshavan won't slow down'The rest is filler'Palin on Christie: 'You blow it if you ever try to hide anything'Take the quiz: Your day in state newsLive Video: Obama raises minimum wage for federal contract workersLet Me Start: Boehner draws anger from his partySympathy points? Despite 'Bridgegate,' Christie rakes in cashCelebrating the life and legacy of President LincolnFederal judge strikes down part of Kentucky's gay marriage banA red state breakthrough on health care reformAnti-gay law in Kentucky struck downAll In Agenda: Raising the minimum wageDems rally around marijuana in 2014 pushFormer New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin found guilty of corruptionChristie: Bush 'grossly underappreciated'Wendy Davis falls into abortion question trapNorth Carolina voting law hits black voters: StudyKansas advances religious liberty bill that could lead to anti-gay discriminationACA enrollment picks up steamWednesday's Mini-ReportReport: Missouri voter-ID bill could disenfranchise 220,000Former Marine debuts at Fashion Week, weds partner on same dayLimbaugh makes new prediction about "lawless" ObamaHow to rid the Port Authority of politics and patronageJury deliberates in 'loud music' murder trialObamacare enrollment is up againTake our quiz: Your day in newsAhead on the 2/12 Maddow showCongress goes home, leaves unemployed behindSochi latest: American takes home the gold in women's half-pipeThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/12/14Links for the 2/12 TRMSThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 5Rev's Early Reads: February 13Don't eat the fish and other headlinesCruz does his allies no favorsRepublicans in the fire over debt votesJobless claims inch higher in FebruaryQuestions surround Rand Paul's NSA suitNASA's view of SochiTenn. GOP pulls out the stops to fight unionizationGay Republican House candidate features partner in adRand Paul didn't plagiarize his NSA lawsuitAfghanistan frees prisoners over US objectionsNew bill aims to make sure no one waits over half an hour to voteMexican tycoon accused of U.S. campaign schemeCore contradictions drive ACA criticismThursday's campaign round-upThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 6Russia takes aim at gay parentsTexas voter ID trial likely to happen before electionLet Me Start: Fierce right-wing reaction to Boehner, McConnellSome retirements reverberate more than othersHillary Clinton counts on women's rightsGOP leaders to Obama: Your health care destroys seniors' optionsJudge blocks sale of controversial execution drugLawmakers act out lines from 'House of Cards''Maybe a good thing' Aurora suspect had high-capacity mag, lawmaker saysKansas makes anti-gay discrimination easierFacebook expands gender identity optionsMitch McConnell's algae problemTwitter pleads for a 'House of Cards' early releaseGOP cards: 'If you like this Valentine, you can keep it'Bombogenesis? Show me.Thursday's Mini-ReportFirst model in wheelchair featured at New York Fashion WeekRepublicans introduce a bill that looks a lot like DOMAAll In Agenda: Sandy victims sound offSochi latest: Team USA sweeps men's slopestyle skiing eventAhead on the 2/13 Maddow showThe true costs of mining coal in West Virginia keep risingSenator Claire McCaskill answered your questions about sexual assault in the militaryTake our quiz: Your day in newsNJ residents sound off on Christie admin: 'Knock it off'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/13/14Judge strikes down Virginia gay marriage banLinks for the 2/13 TRMSLinks for the 2/13 TRMSBest Love Songs by Real-Life CouplesRev's Early Reads: February 14Chris Christie's 'Bridgegate' strategy: Blame the mediaSave the monarch butterflies and other headlines'My marginalization was thoroughly unfair'Even the GOP pollsters see trouble for Mitch McConnell in NovemberVirginia really is for loversLive Video: Biden speaks at Democratic ConferenceThe ACA 'victims' who aren'tAutomaker—but not the GOP—fine with unionA new phase in open-carry lawsLive Video: Obama speaks at Democratic ConferenceCruz making enemies and alienating peopleSharron Angle: 'Did Harry Reid steal the election?'Morning Joe's '90s playlistFunding gambits for me, not for theeMitt Romney would like your attention nowTrivia Time! Friday's trivia answerVoter ID cases could let John Roberts destroy Voting Rights ActFriday's campaign round-upRand Paul's 2016 long gameBillionaire suggests rich should get more votesLet Me Start: Who runs the GOP?'It isn't a Democrat or Republican issue'The 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 7Biden: 'There isn't a Republican Party'Self-awareness is a virtueBanks, pot shops cleared for businessModerate group spoofs gun debatePerkins suggests poor should lose voting rightsPaul Attorney: Everything's FeinNetflix original programming...of CongressWATCH LIVE: President Obama discusses ongoing US droughtFriday's Mini-ReportAll In Agenda: Huge week for marriage equalityThe February 15 'MHP' SyllabusAhead on the 2/14 Maddow showSochi latest: Bode Miller, Ted Ligety shut out of super-combinedReport: Richie Incognito, teammates 'engaged in a pattern of harassment'Kansas lawmakers retreat from religious liberty billFake blood and blanks: Schools stage active shooter drillsLinks for the 2/14 TRMS2016 GOP hopefuls' Christie dilemma: Rally? Attack? Steer clear?This Week in GodNot just AOL: Retirement benefits are under attack everywhereLabor loses big in TennesseeA letter to Mitch McConnell, who needs to watch out for sinkholesActress Ellen Page comes out as gay in moving speechObama seeks $1 billion to fight climate changePartial verdict reached in Michael Dunn trialMistrial on murder charge in Dunn trialWatch Live: Reactions to Michael Dunn verdictThe February 16 'MHP' Syllabus2014 Winter Olympics Day 8: "Marathon" on IceAnother Christie childhood friend witnessed traffic surgeHey, there's a convection cell in my coffeeJamaican bobsled team looks for 'Cool Runnings' pt. 2Gay seniors get an affordable home of their ownJoin Melissa Harris-Perry for the Nerdland Scholar ChallengeBill Nye spars with member of congress over climate changeAsk national health reporter Geoffrey Cowley your ACA questionsMichael Sam supporters block out Westboro Baptist Church protestObama condemns Ugandan anti-gay bill, issues warningSen. McCain: GOP 'must act' on immigration reformMorning Headlines: Monday, February 172014 British Academy Film AwardsRev's Early Reads: February 17"Chip" mystery solved? and other headlinesGOP intervention tips scales in unionization voteClimate gets its day in the sun'Someone orchestrated that'Mitch McConnell defends vote on debt limitMcConnell tries to have it both waysWhere the parallels endTrivia Time! Monday's trivia answerTransgender ex-member of Italian parliament detained in SochiA misplaced Medicare canardMonday's campaign round-upZimmerman says in new interview he's not haunted by what happenedLet Me Start: New report could spell more trouble for ChristieObama: critics won't want to give me credit for Obamacare somedayHealthcare proponents face tough choice in ArkansasUN report finds widespread human rights violations in North KoreaWatch: Toronto's Polar Bear Cub makes his debutCelebrating Presidents Day'Loud music' verdict increases call to alter Florida gun lawOverwhelming amount of New York state voters support legal potKerry compares climate change deniers to 'Flat Earth Society'The 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 10The Recovery Act, five years laterMedical Marijuana a "no brainer" for NY votersThe 'practical impact' of Kansas discriminationMonday's Mini-ReportLooking Back at Presidential Farewell AddressesAll In Agenda: Worst president ever?Immigration protest sparks arrests outside White HouseSochi latest: Historic skate for the goldAhead on the 2/17 Maddow showTake our quiz: Your day in newsHow Boston marathon bombing survivors celebrated Valentine's DayThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/17/14Christie acknowledges relationship, denies discussing traffic jamLinks for the 2/17 TRMSAn excerpt from Kevin Roose's "Young Money"Olympic Events the U.S. Has Never WonChristie to face NJ residents at town hall as questions growThe conservative case to limit votingRev's Early Reads: February 18How we made our miracleDetained Pussy Riot members released in SochiWildstein unplugged and other headlinesLacking the will, not the votesObama shifts new fuel-saving policy into gearAmericans want jobs, not deficit reductionParents vs. Non-parents: Who are happier?Ken Buck addresses gender gapCelebrating 'job lock'Taking on Maine's LePage over NarcanLiberal revolt grows over Obama judgesNation hasn't forgotten jobs crisisPharmacy agrees not to provide execution drugsLIVE VIDEO: Pres. Barack Obama delivers remarks on fuel-efficiencyTrivia Time! Tuesday's trivia answerThe 'silent war' only Jindal can seeInappropriate? Sokolich rejects Team Christie interview requestTuesday's campaign round-upGreg Abbott under fire for campaigning with Nugent'Viva Tancredo'Clint Didier announces run for CongressSochi's unseen playersTwo Democrats to leave the HouseLive video: Flames engulf Independence Square in KievNoose found on Ole Miss statue of first black studentObama acts again on fuel efficiencySochi Latest: Congrats on the medal—now back to workCollege football players demand right to form a unionChristie's crisis managementAfter background checks were scrapped in MissouriTuesday's Mini-ReportNew Jersey residents: Christie bungled Sandy aidCBO: Raising the minimum wage helps the poor but reduces jobsAll In Agenda: Ted Nugent, not okThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 11Ahead on the 2/18 Maddow showRemoval of Russian radio station CEO stokes concernsChristie's former campaign manager rejects subpoena request againObama meets with civil rights leaders, vows action on jobs, wagesTake our quiz: Your day in newsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/18/14Why has Grover Norquist entered the union-busting business?'Systematic, widespread and gross' crimes against humanityDiplomatic disunity: We need ambassadors, not fundraisersLinks for the 2/18 TRMSTyson Foods, American Meat Institute respond to "The Meat Racket"Obama's outreach to young men of color: too little too late?Rev's Early Reads: February 19Obama to sign executive order on Air Force OneLive video: Independence Square in KievMore leaking coal ash and other headlinesA 'thumb on the scale' in minimum-wage fightKansas bill allows spanking hard enough to bruiseCognitive dissonance on MedicareReligious freedom used to chip away at LGBT rightsA 'fighter for freedom'?Juror reveals why panel deadlocked on "loud music" murder chargeWomen in 2014: Eloise Gomez Reyes'STOP' resolution gains GOP backingFight over judicial nominees on two frontsCulture war remains on the front burnerMayor lends a hand to fired grocery workerWednesday's campaign round-upLet Me Start: The wheels on the Christie story go round and roundAn unpleasant day for Scott WalkerPentagon calls soldiers' casket photo 'totally unacceptable'Lockup fans check in from around the worldVW may reconsider future in South84-year-old nun sentenced three years for anti-nuclear protestGohmert starts PAC to defend tea partyUS to help build first new nuclear reactors in decadesSochi Latest: Embodying the Olympic spiritThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 12Why Chris Christie still has GOP donor appealNet Neutrality, Take TwoWednesday's Mini-ReportVoters' Bill of Rights blocked in OhioViolence grips Kiev as truce shattersMayor Bill de Blasio on All InAhead on the 2/19 Maddow showTake our quiz: Your day in newsCPAC ends freeze-out to gay-rights groupThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/19/14Pussy Riot attacked by Russian militia in Sochi'The victim was the one that had a bullet go through his lungs'Links for the 2/19 TRMSMorning Headlines: Thursday, February 20More jobless Americans: The new normal?Mitch McConnell's Senate primary turns uglyRev's Early Reads: February 20George W. Bush: 'I miss Air Force One'Gap to raise minimum wage to $10Urban warfare shatters Ukraine truceChristie meets the public and other headlinesScott Walker's 'inner circle'Ohio passes restrictive voting bills, Dems vow to sueOhio Gov holds slim lead over unknown challengerCollege Courses You Won't Believe ExistJobless claims inch lowerSubpoenas raise stakes in N.C. criminal probeStates fight to push anti-gay bills. But will they pass?Minimum wage advances without CongressKasich's turnaround on state-park frackingCentenarian for Congress?Gut check: Do the firings go far enough?Live Video: NJ Gov. Chris Christie holds town hallWhat could save Georgia's closing hospitalsDear Abby smacks down anti-gay letterTrivia Time! Thursday's trivia answerA closer look at latest ACA 'horror story'Christie breaks his silence at town hall meetingAn 'affront to democracy' in OhioLet Me Start: Digging up dirt on old Clinton conspiraciesObama moves away from chained CPIChristie lays blame on federal government at town hallWhy Gap's wage hike mattersWendy Davis turns up heat on opponent over Nugent praiseFracking-caused quakes in Oklahoma?A winner drinks all political style betEmail dump makes political hurdles for WalkerThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 13Thursday's Mini-ReportOhio voters favor Clinton for 2016Sochi Latest: Bode Miller's legacyAre black holes dangerous?What does the Voting Rights Act mean for states?Why Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' mattersCan you get the flu from a flu shot?What is the Fed?Nebraska county court deals blow to Keystone XLLeak spotting: Dan River editionBachmann: Obama was elected 'because of guilt'All In Agenda: Chris Christie's town hallAhead on the 2/20 Maddow showTake our quiz: Your day in newsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/20/14Judge throws out lawsuit challenging NYPD's spying on MuslimsMichelle Obama hams it up in Tonight Show sketchLinks for the 2/20 TRMSTop White House adviser: 'You can have it all'Morning Headlines: Friday, February 21At last! Sleeker super PACs give rich more options to boost cloutGovernors come to DC, bringing their drama with themOlympians Turned PoliticiansRev's Early Reads: February 21The GOP's most likely threat to HillaryTracking Christie and other headlinesMeet McCrory's top environmental officialScott Walker 'needs to talk'Arizona passes law allowing discriminationVIDEO: Live Look at Independence Square in Kiev'Religious freedom is a shield, not a sword'Rand Paul hits Ted Nugent for 'offensive' Obama criticismA noticeable lack of statesmenmsnbc reporter Geoffrey Cowley answered your Obamacare questionsTrivia Time! Friday's trivia answerChristie spurns White House dinnerA different kind of 'achievement' for womenJohn McCain's winter of discontentGut Check: Do you agree with critics who say the bill creates a "license to discriminate"?The most misleading anti-Obamacare ad yet?Let Me Start: Ted Nugent kind of apologizesStepping up to hire our vetsKasich to sign restrictive Ohio voting billsIssa starts scraping the bottom of the barrelThe Grand Bargain's dead. What now?No more waiting to wed in Illinois' largest countyGirl Scout sets up cookie shop outside marijuana dispensary'Green Eggs and Ham' signed by Cruz brings in thousandsFrom the fringe to the HillVouchers stumble in N.C. court fightNugent offers apology for anti-Obama 'subhuman mongrel' commentSochi Latest: Judging the judgesFriday's Mini-ReportStatement from Veterans AffairsThe 2014 Winter Olympics: Day 14Gillibrand: 'will meet that 60 vote threshold'Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart discuss acting and LGBT rightsAhead on the 2/21 Maddow showGillibrand gears up for next military sex assault fightThe February 22 'MHP' SyllabusThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/21/14Links for the 2/21 TRMSThis Week in GodHow to fight the heroin epidemicLive Video: Look at Independence Square in KievLive Video: Look at Independence Square in KievA new strategy in the fight to reduce smokingWhy CBO differs from other economists on the minimum wageWho will survive in America?Live Video: Look at Independence Square in KievDocument: Month-long traffic study for Fort LeeA letter to Nate Bell, who opposes more health care in ArkansasWhat to know right now about VenezuelaThe February 23 'MHP' SyllabusJeremy Scahill of "Dirty Wars" on drones, NSA and the OscarsStudies show connection between anti-gay bias and deathMap: How toxic spills impact communitiesLive Video: People gather in Independence Square in KievWeek in Geek: No doughnuts on MarsGeorge W. Bush: Let's do better by our veteransNow what's the matter with Kansas?Rice: I have no regrets over BenghaziJason Collins signs with Brooklyn NetsSenate hopeful apologizes for posting, mocking graphic X-raysTake our quiz: Your day in newsGov. Rick Perry: Don't rule me out for 2016Top 8 quotes from 2014's most intense raceMeet Wendy Davis's running mateRand Paul uses Clinton attacks on new targetUgandan president signs anti-gay lawRev's Early Reads: February 24Anti-gay bills and other headlinesWalker dodges questions on email controversyGut Check: Should the NFL begin using a 15 yard penalty for using racial slurs on the field?Susan Rice, vindicated, has no regretsTamron answered your questions live on Google+Live Video: Independence Square in KievThose who long for the Cold WarWhy actual ACA 'victims' are so elusiveAfter 58 years, Dingell to resignLeave the Girl Scouts aloneMedicaid expansion struggling in Virginia, ArkansasTrivia Time! Monday's trivia answerChallenging 'interference' in VW union voteMonday's campaign round-upWhy 'religious freedom' laws could be a license to discriminateMississippi River reopens after oil spillLegal showdown over 'Bridgegate' subpoenas loomsThe FCC won't 'monitor newsrooms'The Call: Tell us about your student loan debtLive Video: Hagel provides Defense budget briefingMarathon spelling bee runs out of wordsBobby Jindal rips Obama at bipartisan White House eventHolder moves to protect reporters' recordsRob Ford celebrates Canada's Olympic gold winPentagon budget confronts sequestration, end of Afghanistan warA twist on Christie introspectionFresh off apology Nugent compares Obama administration to NazisGrowing Hope: Change begins with youMonday's Mini-ReportBusiness Latest: Pentagon's new budget: Who wins?All In Agenda: Not in my frackyardConservative group won't back up anti-Obamacare adAhead on the 2/24 Maddow showTake our quiz: Your day in newsVirginia Republican labels pregnant women as 'hosts'Davis opponent still not sorry for campaigning with NugentGeorge Takei threatens to boycott Arizona over anti-LGBT lawThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/24/14Businesses urge Gov. Brewer not to sign Arizona's anti-LGBT billLinks for the 2/24 TRMSDick Cheney rips military spending cutsJoe Biden: 'I was planning on making a major announcement''A light at the end of the tunnel' for marriage equality in MichiganCommunity wrestles with unhealed woundsCould technology be the gun control of 2014?Rev's Early Reads: February 25States fight rape kit backlogChristie falls further, as Sandy-bolstered approval erodesFighting gay-marriage bans and other headlinesPressure rises over Arizona discrimination billWinning a debate by quashing scrutinyJindal clumsily claims the spotlightThe next round on sexual assaults in the militaryGOP court blockage 'unprecedented'Pussy Riot members detained againGut Check: Will Gov. Jan Brewer veto bill that could allow discrimination against gays and lesbians?GOP for and against Medicare cost-savingsTrivia Time! Tuesday's TriviaGOP lobbyist wants to keep gays out of NFLHolder urges states not to defend gay marriage bansWhat Cheney sees as 'absolutely dangerous'Tuesday's campaign round-upLIVE VIDEO: Bill Clinton hits campaign trail in Kentucky for Alison Lundergan GrimesLIVE VIDEO: Bill Clinton hits campaign trail in Kentucky for Alison Lundergan Grimes'Political ju-jitsu' in FloridaBitcoin theft calls currency into questionCheney says Obama prefers food stamps to military spendingGOP candidate defends use of 'wetback' slurOhio cuts early voting method favored by blacksMichelle Obama wants to cut junk food, sodas from schoolsLobbying is booming under Obama. Here's why.Jan Brewer likely to veto anti-gay billGender-based abortion ban gets green lightLIVE VIDEO: President Obama speaks about manufacturing in AmericaKentucky Democrat gets a boost from ClintonHouse GOP struggles with immigration 'principles'Amid scandal, Christie unveils budgetRun, Elizabeth Warren, runPresident George W. 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