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#click3 Breaking Bad does not have to endThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 09/30/13The pain of playing political ping-pongHighlights from Chris Hayes' Facebook Q&AGovernment to shut down at midnightClosed for businessRepublicans force first government shutdown in 17 yearsWhy the Republicans lostObamacare rolls out: Five vital signs to watchLinks for the 9/30 TRMSJohn Boehner: We will resolve this shutdown issue at conferenceTwitter: The new frontier for terror groupsChris' List: Shutdown MoviesMorning Maddow: October 1GOP constituents 'love' this shutdown, VandeHei saysNew low! Congress, GOP popularity tanks amid shutdownWhy Republicans shut down the governmentAn excerpt from Chris Matthews' 'Tip and The Gipper'First Read Flash: Shut it downWhy the GOP can't avoid responsibilityChris Matthews: 'Brilliant' Ted Cruz planned shutdownStarting in the centerObamacare's enrollment site faces biggest testWas losing my seat for Obamacare worth it?Shutdown continues as negotiations failHas the far-right itch been scratched?White House warns of 'catastrophic' consequences if debt ceiling hitTuesday Gut Check: The government shuts downRep. Tom Cole: Shutdown is about who gets hurtA failure for the agesGOP Sen. Flake: I don't know how this endsPolls show opportunity for Dems in 2014Michele Bachmann: Obama is peddling 'crack cocaine' health careGOP invites a public backlashRepublican lawmaker admits factual Obamacare 'error' on his websiteWATCH: Obama says Republicans are holding economy 'hostage'Government websites, Twitter feeds go darkA shutdown by any other name...PHOTOS: Parks, museums closed in shutdownMillions log on for Obamacare, crashing sitesHigh stakes in battle over North Carolina's voter ID lawObama: Blame the GOP for shutdownChallenge for serious political geeks: Do you recognize this man?Congressional Republicans debate empty chairs, loseObama draws a lineHead Start preschoolers sent home thanks to shutdownRobert Gibbs: White House should 'sit back and watch'Dim prospects for a quick shutdown resolution'ED Show' guest list: Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013 (5p ET)What do people know about health care?First-day jittersWhat 'Tip and the Gipper' says about Congress todayCongress shuts down government, but not ObamacareWATCH: Shutdown barricades broken down for WWII vetsGOP fights on how to fightHouse Republicans suggest government a la carteChemical weapons inspectors arrive in SyriaNetanyahu warns Iran's leader is a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'Tuesday's Mini-ReportReligious leaders unite against 'immoral' shutdownGovernment shutdown metaphor alert: the parable of the burning jerseyMSNBC signs up for Obamacare! Well, tries to anyway...All In Agenda: Day one of shutdown, Obamacare exchanges#DontShutMeDown: How Americans are being affected by the government shutdownPope Francis criticizes the Vatican's narcissismThe return of 'Obamacare Kid'Shutdown is a 'fool's error started by Ted Cruz,' says Rep KingBattle rages over creationism in Texas schoolsAhead on the 10/1 Maddow showThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/01/13Debunking the latest anti-Obamacare talking pointChris Christie tries to block marriage equality in New JerseyAn Obama shutdown scorecardLawrence and Chris on why D.C. doesn't have to be dysfunctionalLatest celeb demand: #GetCovered with ObamacareDirty HarryLinks for the 10/1 TRMSCan GOP undo women's health protections?Oops! GOP helps sell ObamacareMorning Headlines: Wednesday, October 2Chris' List: Top Metro Areas with Govt. WorkersScarborough: Obama, Reid 'loving every second' of shutdownMorning Maddow: October 2The man without a planFirst Read Flash: No end in sightKristol: 'Not the end of the world' if shutdown halts food benefitsThe consequences of callousnessHill leaders head to White HouseToo Young to Die: Tequila ForsheeClinton still tops, Tea Party rises in new 2016 pollRick Perry can't help himselfWATCH: Virginia red district 'devastated' by shutdownGillibrand vows not to vote for 'gimmick' partial fundingBreaking the 'blame both sides' moldWATCH: GOP senator warns against 'food fight within party'Maddow: House GOP gets the shutdown it wantedLIVE VIDEO: Senators, federal employees hold news conferenceEmbracing the 'stupid party' labelWednesday Gut Check: An overhaul at the Vatican?Pete King: It's time for Obama to come to tableMeet Chris Nee, creator of Disney's 'Doc McStuffins''Defending the health of our democracy'Wednesday's campaign round-upCruz who? Huff and puff aside, Texas senator still unknownWATCH: Reid calls Bachmann a 'modern day anarchist'Friendly fire from the National Republican Congressional CommitteePoll: 9 in 10 Americans STILL support gun background checksPope Francis promises major overhaul of Catholic ChurchPoison pillSecurity measures still in place at Capitol ComplexFederal workers beg Congress to send them back to workThe side of the political divide wearing tin-foil hats4.7 million seek out Obamacare in first 24 hoursTop Dem: Tea Party acting like 'spoiled' childrenReddit's Alexis Ohanian: There will always be 'haters'Shutdown impairs cancer treatment for childrenPerry lashes out at Affordable Care Act as other GOP governors stay silentReddit's Alexis Ohanian: There will always be 'haters'Is Wall Street Obama's Way Out?Democrats unveil new(ish) immigration planGOP senator: NSA furloughs 'scared the hell out of us''ED Show' guest list: Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013 (5p ET)Obama on government shutdown: 'I'm exasperated'WWII memorial open to vets after political kerfuffleSequester likely to survive as shutdown hitsPresident to Wall Street: 'This time is different'Dems still pushing GOP to end shutdownWhat about 'economic growth and jobs,' Speaker Boehner?Wednesday's Mini-ReportNSA doesn't want your mobile location data--yetAll In Agenda: Pointing fingers on day 2 of shutdownNetanyahu claims Iran intends to deceive the WestWhy the shutdown?Shutdown? Nah--it's a 'slimdown,' says FoxWomen are the biggest winners of ObamacareWhat's the fight about? Republicans struggle to explainNo breakthroughAhead on the 10/2 Maddow show#click3 Celebrities respond to the shutdownFar from the Castro, California's Bible belt chases equalityThe blame game over the WWII memorialThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/02/13How the Tea Party propelled the shutdownThe 'unflappable' Judy WoodruffLinks for the 10/2 TRMSCaught in the crossfireMorning Maddow: October 3Having a 'grand' old timeMastering the art of shiny objectsMarlin Stutzman and post-policy nihilismHouse finance chair says GOP'll pay debts, but not much elseTop Links: October 3GOP governors dodge shutdown battleTea Party roars—Boehner cowers, says ObamaKnocking down the GOP's one weak pillarThe fine art of editing'I'm so happy that this came along'American exceptionalism, for all the world to seeBoehner's red line gets a little blurryThursday's campaign round-upGOP congressman shames park ranger over shutdownNeugebauer plays tough, bullies Park Service Ranger'Park Service should be ashamed' says GOP lawmakerStates attempt patchwork immigration reformPaul caught on hot mic: 'We're gonna win this, I think'Gun shots lead to Capitol Hill lockdownBoehner's red line gets a little blurryThursday's Mini-ReportWendy Davis kicks off campaign for Texas governorAhead on the 10/3 Maddow showDramatic video shows police pursuing DC suspectThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/03/13From 'The Rejected Stone': Sharpton on why he backed Obama over Hillary'More money than Carter had liver pills'Why this shutdown is differentLawmaker apologizes for ridiculing Democrats during Capitol Hill shootingLawmaker sorry after ridiculing Dems during Capitol Hill shootingSenate Chaplain: "Save us from the madness"'Heartless Harry': The truth behind the GOP's slam on ReidThe Tea Party used to obsess about the debt ceilingUnarmed woman shot dead after car chase from the WhiteHouseMorning Maddow: October 4Affordable health care is a 'life or death issue' for Amanda Barrett'We have to do this because of the Tea Party'Republicans struggle to understand their own shutdown planThere is no shutdown for the kid presidentAs shutdown drags on, America's vulnerable sufferPennsylvania's Corbett equates gay marriage, incestThe party making no demandsPaul caught on hot mic: 'We're gonna win this, I think'Cruz 'could never answer a question about what the end-game was'Top Links: October 4Thursday's campaign round-upThe nature of pain and sufferingGOP Gov. Corbett compares gay marriage to incestEMILY's List will mobilize for DavisAnother shutdown casualty: White House Soup of the DayFirst Read Flash: Washington on edgeWoman shot dead at Capitol suffered from mental issues'The poorest of the poor' lose their welfare checks'The Rejected Stone': Sharpton on supporting immigrants' rightsWatch: RNC chair explodes when pressed on GOP strategyDemocrats to Boehner: 'Get over it'Leaving the uninsured behindWhat white lab coats can't cover upHouse Dems plan procedural move to end shutdownBoehner blames the Dems for playing political gamesGOP tantrum carries international consequencesRand Paul has a debt-ceiling planFriday's Mini-ReportAhead on the 10/4 Maddow showThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/04/13Links for the 10/4 TRMSShutdown hurts GOP efforts to woo younger votersThe piecemeal partyObama defends glitchy healthcare rolloutObamacare 'disaster,' or routine maintenance?Democratic rising star Wendy Davis announces her campaign for Texas governorWhite House raises alarm as US default loomsGOP rep won't donate paycheck, needs to pay for his 'nice house'Boehner digs in: Debt default is 'the path we're on'Ted Cruz: I have 'not remotely' hurt GOP imageMorning Maddow: October 7Reid's silver liningAl Qaeda and its offshoots: The terror network nowHow to make The Mary PickfordThis Week In GodU.S. nabs al Qaeda leader in LibyaMeet the Senate Chaplain, a voice of reasonTop Links: October 7Shutdown: 5 tricks the GOP will try this weekBoehner can't countBoehner: 'I don't want the United States to default on its debt, but...'Texas food banks feel shutdown squeezeConservative group knocks Liz Cheney on gay marriageJustice Scalia 'very much' suspects he has homosexual friendsPeak ScaliaNFL is back for troops after shutdown interference'We are the ones who did shut the government down'What we have here is a failure to communicateCotton turns shutdown against Pryor in new adWhy 'negotiations' are no longer a credible optionWhen will the shutdown end?Monday's campaign round-upThe worst debt-ceiling talking point of them allObama weighs in on Redskins name controversyMormon church not budging on gay marriageLawmakers who struggle with the basicsSome Republicans plan to give 'Obamacare' another lookConservative media fooled by satire, Part XXVIIMonday's Mini-Report'There are not millions of federal workers who are furloughed,' says GOP RepShutdown puts college sexual assault investigations on pauseMedal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer contemplates congressional runThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/07/13Federal workers beg Boehner: Bring us back to workTime to free those who've been jailed too longWhy Wall Street isn't freaking out yetPoll: Catholics agree with pope on changing Church focusSen. McCaskill: Boehner needs to 'show some courage'Morning Maddow: October 8Sexist 'KFC' Hillary Clinton buttons at GOP eventObama to GOP: Stop the excusesIs Speaker Boehner leading or being led?Military death benefits suspended amid shutdownJon Stewart mocks Affordable Care Act's rocky startTop Links: October 8TRMS clean continuing resolution whip count - annotated versionTRMS clean continuing resolution whip count - annotated versionAhead on the 10/7 Maddow showToo Young to Die: Karla ValeriaAxelrod: Boehner has to 'take the whip to these guys'Robert Gibbs: Cruz is the 'Honey Boo Boo' of WashingtonNewtown vows to make town 'whole again' with a new schoolLinks for the 10/7 TRMSBrzezinski: Sen. Cruz doesn't love AmericaShutdown takes its toll on congressional GOPTop Dem: GOP thinks it's 'reasonable' to bring country to its kneesChanging higher education's ratingsSenate Dems poised to move on debt-ceiling billToo immature for an abortion, but not for motherhoodCuccinelli loses his long war against sodomyHouse GOP demands treats because they've 'fought so hard'GOP moderates failing put-up-or-shut-up challengeWhen global laughs turn to fearTuesday's campaign round-up'Groundhog Day' politics continue to dominate on Capitol HillTRMS clean continuing resolution whip count - annotated version'The government is hurting the wrong people'Arizona GOP lawmaker equates Obama, HitlerLinks for the 10/4 TRMSPic: A very tiny shutdown protestCongress less popular than dog poop, more so than Miley Cyrus, twerkingLawrence slams Boehner's wrong debt ceiling historyWATCH: Tea Party chair applauds shutdownDirector M. Night Shyamalan explores education reformA 'perfect storm' for hungerFlorida Lawmakers propose tweaks to Stand Your Ground LawsKerry 'very pleased' with Syria developmentsShutdown hurting America's image abroad, lawmaker saysHoyer: 'Republicans stay stuck in the mud' on shutdownTuesday's Mini-ReportOlympics official: LGBT community must be protectedThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/08/13Janet Yellen: Finally, a woman at the FedDueling pressers intensify fightJohn McCain: 'I'm ashamed…all of us should be'The end times are nigh, says BachmannArizona to require 'evidence of citizenship' to voteColorado gun groups mount new recall effortBoehner's whale of a problemMorning Maddow: October 9Privacy PolicyStarbucks enters political fray with free coffee offerChristie: I enforced Obamacare even though I didn't like itAbused teen denied abortion rights by courtGOP senator scoffs at chance of debt defaultSupreme Court could unleash new flood of money in politicsTreasury warns: Debt default would be 'catastrophic'GOP donors balk at shutdown strategyA deeper look into the war on privacyHappy Birthday InstagramIt's not about health careThe McCutcheon case will hit Millennials hardNo gameplan as time runs out before defaultKansas senator gets Tea Party challenger: Obama's cousinObama vows to restore military death benefitsPOLL: Women back Booker in New Jersey raceShutdown keeps female prisoners closer to home--for nowEnough is enough, pleads Senate chaplainObama to GOP: Stop the extortion, drop gimmicksObama wants 'unconditional surrender' from GOP: BoehnerSorry, GOP: IRS official has not been 'consorting with the devil'No mention of 'Obamacare' in Ryan's government stalemate fixOrganization that empowers tech women wins Feast competitionThe government shutdown in 10 tweetsGov. Jindal: Washington shouldn't define GOP brandShutdown keeps women prisoners closer to home--for nowRep. Sanford: Dems are 'overplaying their hands'Americans still blame Republicans for shutdownTerms of ServiceLinks for the 10/3 TRMSFriday's campaign round-upAhead on the 10/8 Maddow showLinks for the 10/8 TRMS'Unconditional surrender'Default deniers complicate GOP extortion planHostage takers disagree over ransom noteKansas, Arizona move forward with new war on votingThose who wrap themselves in the ConstitutionGovernment a la carte doesn't, and can't, work#DontShutMeDown Day 9: Americans protest government shutdownWednesday's campaign round-up'A small ask'GOP losing powerful allies in hostage crisesGallup: support for Republicans plummetsWhere there's a Will there's no wayObama chats up prominent figures from conservative mediaWednesday's Mini-ReportMcCain's fury over the denial of military death benefitsVIDEO: Obama would 'spring for dinner' over budget talks'We have made every concession'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/09/13A broken promise to service membersThe new default settingNew law increases abortion accessObama flips the debate: What if I were hurting people just to get my way?It's not just Obamacare: The conservative comparisons to slaveryDemocrats see hope in GOP shutdown backlashAhead on the 10/9 Maddow showLinks for the 10/9 TRMSMorning Maddow: October 10How is the government shutdown affecting you?Americans say 'dysfunctional government' is No. 1 problem, not deficitUp Against the Clock: The shutdown continues editionA GOPer who's standing firm–in the centerN.J. voters to Christie: Stop blocking marriage equalityGOP favorability slumps to record lowCuccinelli trailing opponent, seen as 'too conservative'GOP's new plan: Kick the can down the roadLew warns Congress: 'Irresponsible' and 'reckless' to threaten defaultChristie holds big lead over Democratic opponentBoehner pushes short-term debt ceiling increaseAs shutdown continues Congress approval fallsMorning Maddow: October 10Top Links: October 10Marco Rubio: The great Houdini#DontShutMeDown: Americans protest government shutdownTight-fisted teens? Web tool teaches youth fiscal responsibilityDebt limit deal? We'll see, say DemsSorry, we can't help you: States undercut ObamacareRepublicans are 'almost all' to blame for shutdownConfusion over Obamacare isn't unique#FollowFriday: Live tweeting with the Martin Bashir teamDrunk dialing Congress over shutdownGOP plummets, Obamacare soars in shutdown standoffJudge rejects attempts to block marriage equalityGOP sets trap, falls in, seeks way outReviews of Obamacare have been underwhelmingNational Organization for Marriage president speaks to Russian legislatorsFurloughed worker living 'paycheck to paycheck' tells her storyThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/10/13Before his execution, Texas man questioned safety of lethal drugJobless claims soar unexpectedlyTed Cruz struggles to explain fiasco of his own makingObama poised to meet with (some) House RepublicansBig Business feels neglected by GOP alliesTen days into 'Obamacare'Thursday's campaign round-upBoehner wants to keep one hostage, briefly let the other goTea Party: Obama's too meanHow to prevent Kermit Gosnell casesObamacare's unexpected ally in ArizonaThursday's Mini-ReportAhead on the 10/10 Maddow showNational Organization for Marriage president speaks to Russian legislatorsWatch what happenedSurprise! Americans miss their governmentMorning Maddow: October 11Morning Maddow: October 11Conservative radio writes GOP scriptHouse Republican: Meeting with president was 'positive'More Americans blame Republicans now than during the '95 shutdownToo Young to Die: Alysa BobbittA kindergartener strikes a dealLinks for the 10/10 TRMSToo Young to Die: Michelle MillerTop Links: October 11Republican women lead the wayShutdown's founding fathers rally their base (or don't)Government shutdown is 'matter of life or death,' says cancer patientWhite House, GOP explore possible resolution to crisisRepublican support in 'jaw-dropping' free fallCruz has some explaining to doMarriage fight intensifies in New JerseyGOP leaders recommit to far-right culture warFriday's campaign round-upThe fear of 'precedent'Ted Yoho making quite a name for himselfA trip to the zoo: Shutdown!Who's really running the Republican party?'The worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery'Friday's Mini-ReportTruckers make little impact in D.C.-area government protestTeen Taliban survivor Malala meets with the ObamasVeterans benefits threatened by government shutdownAfter furor, president reinstates military death benefitsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/11/13Ohio may expand Medicaid this yearQuestions about the debt ceilingKentucky GOP senators were wrong that state didn't want ObamacareDebt deal remains elusive—but there's a chanceDomestic abuse victims may lose havens and helpNo deal to end the shutdown–yetGOP governors 'driving America's comeback'? Not so muchA party at the crossroadsObsessed by Mika Brzezinski: Out on paperbackAhead on the 10/11 Maddow showLinks for the 10/12 TRMSThis Week in GodPresumed guilty: Obama's 'miserly' use of the pardonStandoff shifts to the SenateCory Booker stumbles to finish lineDems call the shots in debt ceiling standoffBob Corker admits GOP overreached on ObamacareA view from MSNBC's Studio Square: More fun from the Essence FestivalMSNBC at Essence Festival: a view from Studio SquareAnnouncing the MSNBC and Essence media partnershipWhite house meeting postponedMorning Maddow: October 14Morning Maddow: October 14Majority of Americans want a third partyJim Henson: The man behind the muppetCongress negotiating 'terms' of GOP 'surrender'Ezra Klein: Obamacare roll-out is a 'disaster'Manchin: Senate not on 'suicide watch yet'Veterans protest at White House over closed war memorialsReport: Paul Ryan rallies the troops against debt ceiling dealTop Links: October 14Shutdown is 'dream' for Gov. Chris ChristieBob Corker predicts debt deal within daysIntroducing the new Politics of Power on-demandThe five craziest GOP shutdown claimsThis is your homeIn the midst of crises, chaos grips CongressObama on GOP crises: 'This is not normal'GOP turns to Palin, Cruz on shutdownContraception restrictions remain a top Republican priorityThe sudden importance of the 's' wordThe problem with an evolving ransom noteGOP's government-by-crisis strategy has cost jobsLindsey Graham's unique list of prioritiesThe electoral consequences of the shutdownWelcome to our new digital spaceCongressman equates default, American revolutionACA repeal crusade over, 'delusional folks' notwithstandingA ransom by any other name...Why is Paul Ryan still pushing on birth control 'conscience clause?'It's the GOP that needs to stop with the 'political games'Ahead on the 10/14 Maddow showMonday's Mini-ReportWelcome to the new msnbc.comGun groups now won't hold 'Guns Save Lives Day' on Newtown anniversaryTea Partier tells Obama to 'put Quran down'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/14/13What will happen if the shutdown lasts until Nov. 1She's back: Sarah Palin's going to IowaThe walk to school that put lives at riskCongress goes quiet -- and it's good newsThese are the people who are running the country: Rep. Markwayne MullinSequester becomes defining piece of shutdown fightBob Costas: Redskins name is 'an insult, a slur'The House GOP's rule change that ensured a shutdownLinks for the 10/14 TRMSLinks for the 10/14 TRMSWATCH: Scarborough dares Cruz to keep hurting AmericansFavorable ratings for Republicans sink even furtherMeet the political middle-ground: 51% Americans are moderateMany miss the opportunity to buy Banksy pieces for cheapWATCH LIVE: Lawmakers discuss budgetIntroducing the Morning Joe groupsRepublicans prepare a shutdown counterofferA Senate deal takes shape, may avert catastrophe#DontShutMeDown: Americans protest government shutdownSenate women trust each other, parties asideHouse GOP brinkmanship puts economy in jeopardyThe obscured view from the bleachersCruz again huddles with his House GOP flockHouse GOP to reject bipartisan crisis resolutionIntroducing the official AMR groupsIntroducing the official Jansing & Co. groupTop Links: October 15With the new design, a new comment system!LIVE VIDEO -- White House Press Secretary Jay Carney holds the daily briefing for 10/15/2013Meet Roger Ross Wlliams, exposing America's exported intoleranceBig test for race and higher ed hits Supreme CourtIs Amazon the next Wal-Mart?With two days until debt-ceiling deadline, chaos grips Capitol HillVideo shows Medal of Honor recipient rescueGOP antics may lead to a 'de-Americanized world'McConnell blames Washington, not Cruz for shutdownFormer San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleads guilty to criminal chargesFormer Army captain awarded Medal of HonorMitchell: 'We need more women in politics'Fitch warns of a downgradePutting an end to the series of hostage crisesMarriage equality tiptoes forward in North Carolina (in Mark Meadows' county!)Philadelphia police caught in shocking stop-and-frisk videoSpeak up Mr. SpeakerScalia: Constitution doesn't protect 'only the blacks''Throw me a bone' caucus emergesSon of slain Sikh temple leader to challenge Rep. Paul RyanTuesday's Mini-ReportIs it racist to want a 'white Republican' in the White House?GOPers balk at Boehner billIran presents nuclear plan in GenevaObama: Boehner 'can't control his caucus'Tip of the day: Create a profileAhead on the 10/15 Maddow showSenate moderates trudge onHey we're over on the new site!Boehner pulls shutdown bill in major defeatA kindergartener explains the debt ceilingThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/15/13How the southern strategy brought the rebel yell to the White HouseChristie, Buono spar in Jersey fight nightLinks for the 10/15 TRMSMorning Headlines: Wednesday, October 16Scarborough: Predictably, GOP will panic, 'lose'Morning Maddow: October 16As debt deadline nears, now what?Collins: Senate's 'best hope' deal gives each side a winTV preacher Robertson sees GOP as too extremeGOP rep: We've 'been a pretty reasonable caucus'Veteran journalist: GOP leadership is 'cancerous'The 2013 National Book Award FinalistsThe dubious value of a leader who can't leadWhite House soup of the day, October 16Watch live: House in session as default loomsGoing round and round with the debt ceilingThe collapse of Republican governanceFirst Read Flash: Entering the 11th hourSen. Joe Manchin: Moderates will find a way to end the shutdownPotential for US 'catastrophe,' Mort Zuckerman saysDone dealLive Video -- Watch Senate floor as default deadline loomsLive: Conservative lawmakers meet with reportersHeritage Action: Obamacare safe 'until 2017'Chris' List: Best & Worst Airports for DelaysWarren Buffett: 'Credit worthiness is like virginity'Wednesday's campaign round-upTip of the day: Follow your favorite msnbc hostsSenate Republicans find silver lining in EPA furloughsHouston Chronicle regrets endorsing Ted CruzTop Links: October 16Senate deal complete, floor votes on the wayJoin the new Daily Rundown groups!New website, new system, new communityAmericans are fed up with WashingtonObama readies next move: immigrationQ & A with Grace Kahng, producer of "Sex Slaves"'ED Show' guest list: Wed., Oct. 16, 2013 (5p ET)Gov. Tom Corbett to release $45 million to Philly schools#click3 Elizabeth Berkley is so excited againThe failed CruzadeTea Party popularity plummetsStudy: 500,000 Iraqis died due to warFederal judge punts on Michigan same-sex marriage banWhy the House should dump BoehnerWednesday's Mini-ReportAll In Agenda: We have a dealDebt ceiling deal could defer GOP's impeachment dreamsJim DeMint pulls the stringsMcCain as shutdown ends: Thank the womenLIVE VIDEO: President Obama speaks after shutdown dealJoin The Last Word communityAhead on the 10/16 Maddow showRush Limbaugh: GOP is 'throwing away' the Tea PartyInterns are running the countryFlashback: 6 times Obama promised he wouldn't blinkThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/16/13Report: NSA director on his way outTip of the day: How to join a GroupBooker sails to victory over LoneganThe GOP's epic defeat in one chartMcConnell's home state does well in dealNewark Mayor Cory Booker wins NJ Senate raceObama's next moveBreaking black: The right-wing plot to split a school boardDoomed to another shutdown?Links for the 10/17 TRMSMorning Maddow: October 17Will the GOP learn from its failures?First Read Flash: Game overJobless claims start to improve againGOP doing just fine—outside of DC, says Jeb BushBooker: Frustration creates climate for changeVeteran journalist: Real winner is President ObamaBooker wins, poised to join SenateLive Video: Obama delivers statement on government dealWhy Boehner's failures don't affect his job security'Our philosophy is do no harm' says GOP repSen. Kaine: Shutdown was 'unnecessary pain'Son of slain Sikh temple leader to challenge Paul Ryan in 2014Cruz discovers the fringe benefits of failureGOP senator: Heritage in danger of not amounting to 'anything anymore'Riding the Cycle: October 17Top Links: October 17McCain: We have to assure the public we won't do this againCountries with Perfect CreditIt's time to take the gun off the stageObama on budget deal: 'There are no winners here'Thursday's campaign round-upWaiting on Washington: The last minute CongressGovernment reopens after 16-day shutdownThe Panda Cam is back!A tarnished brand is hard to overcomeThe Notorious P. LePThe shutdown: When Republicans turned on each otherMidshipman alleges bias in Naval Academy rape caseTip of the day: Watch msnbcNo regrets! Far-right praises budget showdownThomas Roberts: Why I'm going to Russia despite anti-gay lawsBiden brings muffins to government workers back on the jobAssessing the cost of 'unnecessary damage'DC survived shutdown with comfort food and boozeGOP civil war reaches MississippiReady to start #disrupting the conversation?Remember the pundits who urged Obama to cave?Thursday's Mini-ReportThe Republican Party needs a heroWomen nudge purple state blue in Virginia governor's raceMillions still live in slavery around the globeBush promised Iraqi civilians a better future. What are their lives like now?All In Agenda: The blame gameAnthony Weiner: I'd probably be mayor if it wasn't for the Internet#click3 Best of the shutdownObamacare is like Katrina? Really?Gay couples begin applying for marriage licenses in New JerseyThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/17/13Ahead on the 10/17 Maddow showDante de Blasio steps out of the spotlight, sister Chiara steps inObamacare: The ultimate survivorLinks for the 10/17 TRMSTop Concert Tours2016 candidates figure out their shutdown stanceMorning Maddow: October 18Oregon's health care success storyBrzezinski: Damage from shutdown supersedes Obamacare website malfunctionDiplomacy with Iran inches forwardFirst Read Flash: 'No education in the second kick of a mule'GOP already balking at new immigration pushGetting to know Ted Yoho's constituentsJoin the MSNBC Docs teamBig Business knocks GOP's 'Taliban minority'Tip of the day: How to comment on a storyUP: Saturday October 19Top Links: October 18Heritage may not 'amount to anything anymore'President Obama to federal workers: You are importantConservatives set their sights on Mitch McConnellFriday's campaign round-upFormer House Speaker Tom Foley dead at 84Why Obamacare's critics have to make stuff upGOP shutdown failure gives Dems 2014 optimismKen Cuccinelli's voter purge in VirginiaMesser: Obamacare could change shutdown viewsLive Video: Obama nominates DHS ChiefTea Party popularity fallsRiding the Cycle: October 18No. 15: New Jersey welcomes gay marriageSpotted in LouisvilleSnowden: US would have buried NSA red flagsSame-sex marriages to begin in New Jersey on MondayObama picks Johnson to head Homeland SecurityShutdown means 'lost ground' for disabled veterans benefitsGOP split is 'real possibility,' FreedomWorks CEO saysBoehner: 'I got overrun'Friday's Mini-ReportAll In Agenda: So, about that Obamacare rollout...After targeting abortion providers, Kansas Supreme Court suspends law license of attorney generalThe 'MHP' Syllabus: October 19NYC mayoral race now has its 'Willie Horton ad'Ahead on the 10/18 Maddow showObamacare attacks, heavy on rhetoric, light on facts#click3 The shutdown babyWhy it matters if a rape victim is drunkThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/18/13Links for the 10/18 TRMSCocktail Moment: The Old FashionedBoehner's no-win immigration dilemmaFailure is the new success? Not reallyThis Week in GodThe war on voting is a war on womenUP: Sunday October 20We have a winner!A different "redskin"Cruz: Washington sold out Americans by ending shutdownPennsylvania's Corbett using schoolkids to win union battleTip of the day: Join an activist groupCheney feared of assassination by heart device hackThe October 20 'MHP' SyllabusHillary Clinton is back on the campaign trailTed Cruz: I would 'do anything' to stop ObamacareRubio defies tea party with McConnell endorsementHealth care website rollout frustrates administrationBill Clinton to stump for old friend Terry McAuliffeBest Haunted HousesClinton vs. BushMorning Maddow: October 21Jeb Bush to Ted Cruz: 'Have a little bit of self-restraint'House Majority PAC takes aim at Southerland over shutdownRubio: House GOP likely to kill immigration reformThat's not what 'ransom' meansRepublicans are ready to tackle larger issues, Texas Rep. saysThese aren't glitches, Obamacare is broken says Ezra KleinCruz, unembarrassed, stays on offensiveFirst Read Flash: System processingChristie: I won't stop gay weddingsMajority believe GOP control of House is bad for the countryObamacare horror stories aren't so horribleLive Video: Obama delivers remarks on the Affordable Care ActWhat Inhofe doesn't understand about ObamacareRiding The Cycle: October 19Speaker Pelosi? Democrats' have shot at House in 2014Arkansas Republican Tim Griffin retiring after just two termsNearly 6 million young Americans not in school or workingTop Links: October 21Looking for the congressmen from OccupyMonday's campaign round-upDems rake in cash on GOP's shutdown anticsTrivia Time! Monday's trivia answerKoch brothers eye states, not Congress, for health care goalsObama defends botched health care rolloutPresident Obama's approval takes a hitAs mass shootings rise, Eric Holder calls for better police trainingSen. Inhofe: I wouldn't be here if I had to rely on ObamacareMarriage equality arrives in New JerseyNevada school shooting leaves teacher dead, two wounded'ED Show' guest list: Mon., Oct. 21, 2013 (5p ET)Sebelius to testify on Obamacare as GOP criticism mountsGOP complaints over Jeh Johnson crumble under scrutinyMonday's Mini-ReportThe horror: Facebook went down!All In Agenda: The Maryville case and rape cultureTip of the day: How to take and create pollsGOP opposition to Affordable Care Act is single-minded, relentlessObama calls in tech cavalryRight-wing pastor wants you to stop buying lesbian Girl Scout cookiesAhead on the 10/21 Maddow show#click3 $24 billion up in flamesObama says, pick up the phone to buy health careThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/21/13Steve Lonegan blames shutdown for Senate election lossThe legacy of the Willie Horton ad lives on, 25 years laterEstablishment roars in GOP civil warObamacare wins in Ohio as John Kasich expands state's Medicaid coverageLinks for the 10/21 TRMSMichelle Obama weighs in on being married to a 'sex symbol'Longest Celebrity MarriagesMorning Maddow: October 22Mika Brzezinski calls Obamacare (and gets through) on airAlmost half of Americans want to replace everyone in CongressMorning Joe sits down with Jeff Greenfield, author of "If Kennedy Lived"Ohio's Kasich expands healthcare access through ObamacareMorning Joe sits down with Peter Baker, author of "Days of Fire"First Read Flash: Tech help wantedU.S. economy added 148k jobs in September, jobless rate ticks lowerWhen fundraising totals matterSeptember jobs report shows sluggish growthPublic support for GOP continues to collapseHuman rights groups accuse US of war crimesTrivia Time! Tuesday's trivia answerAnother teacher dies protecting studentsDems seek to capitalize on strained ties between Tea Party, Big BusinessRiding The Cycle: October 22CEO pay still skyrocketingNC governor fights for restrictive voting lawTop Links: October 22Tuesday's campaign round-upChanneling Mitt Romney: Maine gov says 47% in his state don't workTip of the day: ExploreThe GOP's '47 percent' problem still lingersHobby Lobby asks Supreme Court to hear contraception mandate challengeIs the first born smarter?Predictions are hard, especially about the futureHutchison: Obamacare defunding 'wrong approach' by CruzJudge allows anti-Obamacare suit to proceed'ED Show' guest list: Tue., Oct. 22, 2013 (5p ET)Majority of Americans want to experiment with pot legalizationPublic attitudes shift quickly on marijuanaMeet the Republican who quit his party over 'bigotry' and 'hate'Jobless rate reaches five-year lowAll In Agenda: Obamacare and the lie about part-time jobsTuesday's Mini-ReportAhead on the 10/22 Maddow showHacking group Anonymous plans rally for Maryville, MO sex assault case#click3 The other Chris HayesThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/22/13An Obamacare informercialJFK on the important fusion between science and governmentNext up in gay marriage... New Mexico?links for the 10/22 TRMSWorld's Sexiest AccentsShutdown's self-inflicted woundsLeft burned in Obamacare rolloutMorning Maddow: October 23House Republicans' unique appreciation for 'expertise'Surprise: Ted Cruz, Tea Party, GOP burned by shutdownFirst Read Flash: Need to know'The blast doors are never to be left open'Bill Kristol: Enough 'hysteria,' GOP are fineA problem golf can't solveRising tuition costs slow for the first time in decadesTweets get senior White House staffer cannedPolls show growing support for ObamacareTeen charged after teacher found dead near Danvers High SchoolWhite House, Boehner: What jab against Obama?Harvesting hope: The Buffett missionThe GOP's newfound interest in healthcare briefingsRiding The Cycle: October 23Top Links: October 23Obamacare gets a slight uptick in support post-shutdownTrivia Time! 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Jeanne Shaheen calls on White House to extend Obamacare enrollment periodRick Scott finally admits 2012 voter purge was flawedFlorida Republican congressman Bill Young to retireBarack Obama to Angela Merkel: No, the NSA isn't spying on youOne-third of Americans see a lifetime of work'ED Show' guest list: Wed., Oct. 23, 2013 (5p ET)Report: Chris McDaniel addressed neo-Confederate eventA few good menVoter ID gov: I haven't paid 'a lot of attention' to the issueWhen minority outreach meets a mixed messageWednesday's Mini-ReportWatch: panda cub receives her first vaccinePandas, Immigration & a five year old's takeAll In Agenda: No end in sight to the Obamacare fightTell us your Obamacare sign-up storyThe culture wars are overAhead on the 10/23 Maddow show#click3 AnchormaniaTed Cruz gets his health care plan from Goldman SachsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/23/13Why women in Texas may be blocked from votingA call to delay the Obamacare sign-up dateLinks for the 10/23 TRMSMost Popular Car ColorsWill it be ruin or resurgence for the Tea Party in Alabama race?Morning Maddow: October 24So about that Facebook post, Dick DurbinLiterally anyone could govern better, survey saysPutting immigration back on the front burnerFirst Read Flash: Shifting tacticsJobless claims improve$38K settlement for infamous pepper-spray cop from Occupy protestWatch live: CAP Policy ConferenceTip of the day: SearchCruz depends on Goldman Sachs for health careWhere anti-Obama fanatics get their 'facts'Health care contractors: don't blame us, we just built itComplaints for the sake of complainingHillary Clinton scuffles with hecklerThe root of the Obamacare exchange glitchesThe education of Ted YohoDetroit pensioners await bankruptcy rulingTop Links: October 24Riding The Cycle: October 24Lew: 'We can do something good for the economy now'Blumenthal joins growing chorus: Delay ObamacareToo Young to Die: Jonathon BellTrivia Time! Thursday's trivia answerGut Check: Md. AG caught in photo an underage drinking partyBarton vs. Barton in a 'monkey court'President Obama pressures House GOP on immigrationThursday's campaign round-upCulture warriors push back against 'conventional wisdom'Is the CIA undercounting civilian deaths from drone strikes?Right-to-life movement split on health care for the poorShooting at Tennessee Navy base'The right thing to do'Democrats freak out over Obamacare glitches'ED Show' guest list: Thu., Oct. 24, 2013 (5p ET)Ohio 'Right to Life' movement split on MedicaidThursday's Mini-ReportThe White House turns pinkAll In Agenda: A presidential pivot to immigrationGeorge Soros signs on as a co-chair for pro-Hillary Clinton super PACNo charges filed against Zimmerman in incident with wifeLive: Hillary Clinton speaks at CAP conferenceEx-NSA director gets a taste of his own eavesdroppingWebsite wars beginA lesson for the GOP on charityGOP civil war heats upUN Women ad campaign highlights sexism worldwideAhead on the 10/24 Maddow show#click3 Sexy HalloweenHillary Clinton headlines CAP birthdayWhy presidential disrespect seems plausibleThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/24/13Cuccinelli tries Obamacare to save him in Virginia raceLinks for the 10/242013 Top Earning Dead CelebritiesMorning Maddow: October 25'There's probably beer in the red cups,' admits Maryland AGAn excerpt from Jefferson Bethke's "Jesus>Religion"N.C. Republican ousted following 'Daily Show' interviewSandy Hook Elementary School demolition beginsFirst Read Flash: Monkey courting aroundIncome inequality isn't 'a problem' says NYC mayoral candidateFull of sound and fury signifying nothingRaising Medicare age eligibility doesn't workEveryone agrees: No grand bargainAmericans still divided on gun-control legislationNebraska scientists balk at GOP ordersTop Links: October 25To the rescue: Congressmen revive unconscious airline passengerThe right's realization: websites can be fixedGut Check: Should Jay-Z end his partnership with Barneys?Trivia Time! Friday's trivia answerKoch-tied group caught funneling dark moneyGOPer ousted for trashing 'lazy blacks'Cruz tackles wealth concentrationRussell Brand doesn't vote, planning a revolution insteadKeeping an eye on the generic ballotFrance, Germany seek anti-spying pledge from USNigeria to Ted Cruz: 'We demand an apology'Number of homeless students in America hits an all-time highRiding The Cycle: October 25Rand Paul: Stop YellenThose with a selective distaste for governmentImmigration reform could still leave thousands in detention'ED Show' guest list: Fri., Oct. 25, 2013 (5p ET)Officials promise to fix glitches by late NovemberObama admin gets specific on website fixesPic from home: Hope, frustration and the Mississippi flagNorth Carolina GOP makes matters worseWelcome, #innersPaul Broun needs a calendarUP: Saturday October 26All In Agenda: Tea Party purgeHayden's hypocrisy'A deal means everybody gives something up'Friday's Mini-ReportObama jabs GOP for 'obsession' with spending cutsMichelle Obama shows she's still got her husband's backThe 'MHP' Syllabus: October 26Killing pain without killing the patientAhead on the 10/25 Maddow show#click3 Ted Cruz <3 'The Princess Bride'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/25/13Increasing school violenceDon't blame 'Washington' for the economyWhy North Carolina's minority outreach is doomedLinks for the 10/25 TRMSThis Week in GodMoving forward on guns, without CongressGOP is too moderate for Ted CruzHappy Birthday, Patriot ActDoes Rick Perry want women to vote in Texas?See Ted huntMeet Addy Jeffery, breast cancer survivor and 'Foot Soldier''Stop Watching Us' sees a chance to reform the NSAThe 'MHP' Syllabus: October 27Jindal: glitches are 'symptomatic of a bigger problem'Democrats continue freakout over ObamacareSantorum on Cruz: 'In the end he did more harm'The NSA owes us answersNSA director stars in bizarre YouTube videoCelebrities who Started in Horror FlicksHillary road tests campaign materialThe next budget battle beginsMaya Angelou hits Obama on school 'testing overuse and abuse'In the dark, again, on phone-tappingMorning Maddow: October 28Dem hits McConnell on shutdown in fiery adObama blasts 'rooting for failure'Sen. Coburn: Government is 'incompetent' to roll out ObamacareCheney: We feared that 'Homeland' plot lineFirst Read Flash: Guten TagOne step forward, one step back on immigration reformSenate readies ENDA for floor voteGraham pushes new obstructionism based on Benghazi conspiracy theoriesHawaii special session on same-sex marriage beginsTop Links: October 28Slam dunk for Chris Christie: An endorsement from ShaqLive Video: Obama delivers remarks at installation of FBI directorTrivia Time! Monday's trivia answer'Free Think U'Gut Check: Julianne Hough under fire for blackface Halloween costumeRiding The Cycle: October 28Losing 'the war of ideas'Monday's campaign round-upThe point of a bogus health care argumentRubio to GOP: Don't pass my immigration bill!Amazon's spotty labor recordTom DeLay's political heir: Ted CruzRand Paul raises specter of eugenicsNancy Pelosi chimes in on the Redskins controversyJudge strikes down parts of Texas abortion law'ED Show' guest list: Mon., Oct. 28, 2013 (5p ET)Court strikes down Texas abortion restrictionsFormer NSA supporters join critics in calling for reformAll In Agenda: Lindsey Graham's temper tantrum over BenghaziSee Joe Scarborough: events scheduleDrone victim's son: 'I don't believe that this was just'Monday's Mini-ReportAhead on the 10/28 Maddow showSenate puts gay rights on the agendaStudy: Cervical cancer vaccine misses minority womenNumber of American children who have died from guns has spiked 60% in a decadeString of 'shop and frisk' incidents are 'reprehensible': Civil rights groupsNSA angers Feinstein, one of its key allies in CongressRooting for Obama to fail since before he was president#click3 Ohio State Marching Band makes moviesThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/28/13The VA candidates use their friends Clinton and RandYoung Americans could get health coverage for under $50Rand Paul added to the Gattaca entry? Don't look at us!Links for the 10/28 TRMSMorning Maddow: October 29An excerpt from Charles Krauthammer's "Things That Matter"Millions may lose current plans under ObamacareHouse Republicans exhausted by failureFirst Read Flash: Can you keep it?A new definition of 'expert'Brzezinski: George W. Bush should also answer spying questionsSchumer: 'Spigot is open' for Sandy relief fundsReplacing poor insurance plans with good onesIntroducing the official Thomas Roberts Agenda Setters groupThe basics of 'court packing'Nevada Republican would allow slaveryGOP slams 'bystander president' for not knowingGut Check: Should O.J. Simpson be eligible for the Rose Bowl's All-Century Class?Top Links: October 29Abortion rights advocates respond to Texas rulingLive Video: Congressional briefing on drone warsWelcome to the official Hardball page!Boehner: Obamacare is a 'wet blanket over our economy'Trivia Time! Tuesday's trivia answerThe 'Watch' page is best for searching video in the new designNevada GOP lawmaker insists he was joking about voting for slaveryRiding The Cycle: October 29Texas couples sue to lift same-sex marriage banConservatives go after Mitch McConnellTuesday's campaign round-upMedicare chief: I'm sorry for problemsSochi Olympics: watershed moment for gay rights?And then there were twoWhen does science not matter? When it's women's health in the courts'There are bound to be glitches'Live Video: House hearing on NSA programs; Intelligence Director Clapper testifiesEMILY's List shapes its strategy for 2014--and beyondHow Wendy Davis can winGov. Snyder won't say whether Detroit needs pension cutsIs Affordable Care Act the next Medicare Part D?7 reasons why the RNC youth director's job will suckWidely mocked Heritage report returns'ED Show' guest list: Tue., Oct. 29, 2013 (5p ET)Cruz: Stand your ground laws good for African-AmericansMothers of gun victims speak out against 'Stand Your Ground'The new Daily Rundown online: For true political junkiesAbout those genetic discrimination concerns...What Sebelius needs to sayPolitical big guns in VirginiaJoin Rev & the PoliticsNation teamTuesday's Mini-ReportThe Rand Paul plagiarism read-along!Would you help 'Free Snowden'?All In Agenda: One year since SandyIntel chiefs defend NSA as Congress considers changesPro-immigration Republicans unhappy with Rubio's takeAhead on the 10/29 Maddow showAmericans need to rediscover the meaning of 'together'Nice try Cheney, but we gotchaGov. Deval Patrick: 'The ACA is not a website, it's a value statement'College students booed Ray Kelly offstage over 'stop and frisk'Debunking the right's latest Obamacare spinWildwood Elementary raises money for K.I.N.D.Wildwood Elementary raises money for K.I.N.D.Link for the 10/29 TRMSAmerica's new hunger crisisBest Value Destinations for 2014Sebelius survival guideMorning Maddow: October 30Ex-NSA chief: Spying on Merkel is business as usualENDA adds support in SenateLive Video: Sebelius testifies at hearing on Affordable Care Act glitchesAn excerpt from Julia Reed's "The Southerner's Handbook"First Read Flash: Sebelius in the hot seatThe Oval Office code of silenceJohn Boehner's 'wet blanket'McConnell reflects on health care, BigfootAnother temporary funding bill?Cruz defends 'Stand Your Ground' lawsSebelius on 'You deserve better. I apologize.'When discredited nonsense gets recycledWelcome to NewsNation's new home on the web!Default? What default? GOP lawmakers downplay debt ceiling deadlineCheney ponders 'potential' weapons of mass destructionRiding The Cycle: October 30Missouri smelter gains attention from conspiracy theoristsTop Links: Oct. 30Wednesday's campaign round-upDems: GOP doesn't even want to workWendy Davis' fix to voting law lets her cast ballotGut Check: Are harassment charges for unwanted baby bump rubbing going too far?Last Dem holdout throws support behind gay rights bill ENDASenate Dems now unanimous on ENDAMy Obamacare: You told us your storiesChuck's Takeaway: Sebelius hearing 'too much grandstanding'NSA chief responds to bombshell hacking allegationsMust-Read Op-Eds for Wednesday, October 30A kindergartener's take on healthcare.govThe futility of congressional self-indulgenceSebelius survives Obamacare grilling: The key takeawaysForbes ranks 15 entrepreneurs as influentialLive video: Obama remarks on health care reformCloser than they appear? McAuliffe only up four in VirginiaForcing people to give up their current coverageFlashback: Spying between friends, 1996Budget deficit shrinks to five-year lowAll In Agenda: Monkey court, part 2No apologies: Obama blames 'bad apple' plansMitch Daniels returnsWednesday's Mini-ReportObama's approval rating at all-time low, says new NBCNews/WSJ pollSupport for death penalty drops to 40-year low in new pollCan Elmo help the first lady get kids to eat healthier?Ahead on the 10/30 Maddow show#click3 Special serum keeps Hollywood youngMichelle Obama enlists Elmo to sell fresh produceThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 10/30/13Full interview: Sen. Reid joins Rachel MaddowOneida Nation says NFL should bar use of the term 'Redskins'Links for the 10/30 TRMSSpooky Halloween Town Names'I'm showing my son mercy'Morning Maddow: October 31Obama receives lowest approval ratingAn ebbing tide sinks all boatsFirst Read Flash: Bully pulpit the right prescription?GOPer: Trust us on that spying thingJobless claims improve for fourth straight weekTed Cruz heads to image rehabWar brews on spending cutsGOP demands healthcare briefing, fails to show upHappy Halloween: It's time to have a costume partyGOP holds court nomination hostage...againAnd then there were threeAmid glitches, views of Obamacare remain the sameAnother horror story, another debunkingTrivia Time! Thursday's trivia answerBoston strong bats its way into a comebackGut Check: Do you think this woman's letter is out of line?Obamacare 'let us get back on offense,' says GOPer'Conservatives have to do more than pick a fight'NSA leaker Snowden gets an IT job -- in RussiaTop Links: October 31Crime is on the rise, but awareness is not, according to pollHawaii Senate advances marriage equality billPseudo historian for the U.S. Senate?Happy Halloween from team NewsNationThursday's campaign round-upJoin our #TDRgoodmorning challenge!Riding The Cycle: Halloween Edition'Look in the mirror--things are that bad'Cory Booker takes his superhero act to the SenateBenefits that can disappear in a SNAPLive Video: Obama speaks at business summitZombies on The HillCan Kanye reclaim the Confederate flag?GOP obstructionism pushes Senate to breaking pointTDR's Political PlannerChris Matthews' New Book: 'Tip and The Gipper: When Politics Worked' | MSNBCTeen birth rates drop but underlying problems persistTrick! The nine spookiest inventionsNice work if you can get itHarry Reid on the issuesThursday's Mini-ReportWATCH LIVE: Halloween at the White HouseWATCH LIVE: Halloween at the White HouseAppeals court blocks ruling on 'stop and frisk'Teen's mysterious death: crime or accident?Sanford bans guns for neighborhood watch volunteersThe work of private prisonsFeinstein gives the NSA what it wantsCan health insurance companies survive?Ahead on the 10/31 Maddow showAll In Agenda: The second term downward spiral