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'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Feb. 28Why Republicans should 'call the president's bluff'Ahead on the 2/28 showSequestration will be hazardous to our healthIn post-Sandy Hook America, gun control gets its first test with votersHouse passes Senate version of VAWA39 harrowing photosHome is where the work is? Yahoo work-from-home policy ignites debateDo conservatives feel 'entitled' to scorn 'entitlements'?To make a second 'Giant Leap,' America needs science159 years later, where did the 'party of Lincoln' go wrong?Check out Joe and Mika's Friday live chatRomney donates to Christie's reelection campaign, despite CPAC snubThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/28/13Christie and CPAC: Being snubbed isn't a problem--it's a plusThe Drift spring 2013 book tour mapJesse Tyler Ferguson wearing a bowtie for marriage equalityDrift scheduled appearances - Spring 2013Technology is our friendTrending NOWMorning Maddow: March 1Obama to Supreme Court: No on Prop 8NOW Today: 11th hour?What we're reading: Friday, March 1, 2013Mississippi's Bryant struggles with a bad argumentLet Me Start: Here Comes the SequesterThe 'code' that only Woodward can breakHow not to joke about medically-unnecessary ultrasoundsThe Company Memo: Friday, March 1, 2013Cradle to grave: The gun makers' new marketing strategyChris' List: "Senators quiet' over sequestrationMust read of the day: Woman receives bill after using restaurant restroomFlashback Friday: 2010 Vancouver OlympicsWho's 'creating havoc'?Too Young to Die: Montreal Blakely Jr.Obama admin. urges Supreme Court to reject California ban on same-sex marriageIf Gov. Ultrasound is a RINO...Woodward: I never said Sperling's 'regret' comment was a threatMassachusetts 1, John Roberts 0Top Links: Happy Sequester Day! With special appearance by Mitt Romney'Homeland security' has received $791 billion since 9/11Inside the mysterious papal conclave#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerSerena Williams gives props to first lady's 'Let's Move' dance skillsA poll only Fox News would commissionAhead of sequester, GOP open to closing tax loopholesFirst Word: Nobody blinked'Top Chef' host's new film argues hunger in America can be fixedBoehner will accept only a 100%-0% dealEmergency manager to take over Detroit, Michigan governor announcesBrace yourselves! Without a deal, Obama warns of sequestration painsRaising sequesterOn voting, VAWA, and the debt, GOP re-opening issues long thought settledSweet '16: The week in moves and misstepsNew faces offer new hope for bipartisanship in CongressNerd fail: Obama dares to confuse Star Wars with Star TrekObama calls cuts 'just dumb,' but is still open to compromiseVery Last Word: Jesse Tyler Ferguson on LGBT issues in pop cultureFriends of Malaysia'There's no good reason' to ban same-sex marriageMichigan's Snyder to impose 'emergency manager' on DetroitThe gun-control flash mob is not going to go awayFriday's Mini-Report'I remember when it was sufficient for a police officer to carry a six-shooter'March 2: Voting Rights, Tom Colicchio, food cultureKing zings Rubio: NYers aren't 'suckers'It's time to televise Supreme Court hearingsWorld's weirdest BFF's? Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-unAhead on the 3/1 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Friday, March 1This American Tragedy: Gun violence at Harper High SchoolThe corporate jet loophole: A problem Congress could actually fixThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/01/13Obama got it right with 'Jedi mind meld,' says Star Trek's SuluThe sequester is here. When will you feel it?Links for the 3/1 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #18A sordid businessFormer GOP senator: Voting Rights Act should be a 'legislative matter'This Week in GodVoting rights, the Supreme Court, and Obama's most important legacyVoting is no 'racial entitlement,' Justice ScaliaShots (mis)fired as Texas' arms race explodesMarch 3: The budget 'crisis,' death penalty, CPACIt's official: Obama formally orders sequestration cutsChances of a late sequester grand bargain look slimWeek in Geek: Freaky nature editionRomney returns: 'It kills me' to not be presidentCantor commemorates Selma march, but how does he feel about the Voting Rights Act?Richard Haass: Hacking not cost-free for ChinaFiscal crises threaten national security, expert saysWhat are the moral justifications for drone strikes?Lawmakers warn sequestration pains could compromise military readinessThe left's austerity strategy for the death penaltySeeing the sequester with a fresh set of eyesJohn Kerry makes first official overseas trip as secretary of stateWomen of Value: The president's gatekeeperTrending NOWMorning Maddow: March 4Either Boehner is confused or he thinks you're confusedLet Me Start: Cutting CrewNOW Today: Coming around on same-sex marriage?When promises meet mandatesChris' List: Top Obama donorsThe living toll of guns: Broken bodies and mindsRighting Roberts' wrongMust read of the day: the new billionaires clubThe Company Memo: Monday, March 4, 2013Republicans and rape rhetoric, reduxWisconsin GOP wants end to weekend votingGOP mega-donor's business caught up in international scandalPublic sector unions brace for sequestration impactWhat we have here is more than a failure to communicateTop Links: Perhaps Republicans should sequester Mitt and Ann RomneyWhere presidents have broad power (and where they don't)Monday's campaign round-upBudget cuts to pack a 'wallop'Jeb Bush backs pathway to failureWealth inequality video goes viralAccording to Rodman, North Korean dictator wants Obama to call him, maybeFormer Bush staffer: GOP should be 'outspoken' advocate for gay marriageFirst Word: Moving on, or not?Governor LePage filibusters state of MaineThe Daily Rundown wants YOU to kick off the show#TDRGoodMorning Challenge Winner'It will not happen'Sequester Day has come and gone--now what?New Facebook game raises awareness to women's challengesWhat's driving the deficitsSen. Graham slammed by extreme immigration group for supporting reformWhen the 'candidate of the people' shtick doesn't workThose who still blame Obama for GOP intransigence'We The People' gets results'Inside Pakistan': Reporting from a dangerous corner of the EarthAmerica is more productive, but only the rich reap the rewardsVery Last Word: How 'Cantor and Boehner caved' on VAWAMonday's Mini-ReportAt last, hope for an AIDS cureShifting GOP winds on gay marriage?'Playing chicken': Tom Brokaw on D.C. dysfunctionChart Imitates Life: Planet Fatigue SyndromeIn online commenting, anonymity breeds bad behaviorMark Sanford tries to woo a potential staffer...his ex-wifeIf this is Friday, the White House must be dumping news againThe health gap: What ails the African-American community?Mortality mystery: Female death rates are rising--and it's not clear whyAhead on the 3/4 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Monday, March 4A hard pill to swallow: How our medical bills are killing usNote to Rodman: Being friends with Kim Jong-un is nothing to brag aboutRomney still doesn't get it, but could Jeb Bush save the GOP?Why the march for civil rights continues, 48 years laterThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/04/13Links for the 3/4 TRMSDennis Rodman and his North Korean bromanceKing to Rubio: You shouldn't get 'one nickel' from New YorkersCivil rights leader Rep. John Lewis accepts long-awaited police apologyHow DOMA hurts our military familiesThe MVP of the 2012 campaign: James Carter IVDecrytomaddowlogical #18WATCH: Joe Scarborough and Paul Krugman face off over debtAn excerpt from Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick's "Immigration Wars"Morning Maddow: March 5Trending NOWJeb Bush causes quite a stirLet Me Start: The First Hit?NOW Today: Cabinet QBAn excerpt from Sandra Day O'Connor's "Out of Order"A tale of two falsehoodsAn excerpt from Taiye Selasi's "Ghana Must Go"Bipartisan gun bill set to move on Capitol HillMust read of the day: How not to steal a yachtChris' List: Colleges with richest alumniThe Company Memo: Tuesday, March 5, 2013After the shots ring out: Regrets and redemptionConservative media keeps stumbling, fallingToo Young to Die: Marty KentCornyn's secret sourcesJeb Bush's shifting position on immigrationDow reaches all-time highTaking welfare drug tests to the national level5 lessons learned in the Romney Sunday interviewMore of Jindal's education overhaul ruled unconstitutionalProstitutes rewrite sex scandal involving Sen. Bob MenendezTop Links: Jeb Bush's immigration flip-flops may determine his 2016 status for himGOP spending bill blocks funding for non-existent groupAre working women sabotaging themselves?GOP: No to VAWA, no to Sandy, yes to half a billion on abstinence educationInsensitive? NRA to sponsor NASCAR race in TexasMcConnell condemns Obama for thinking like McConnellRep. Charles Rangel calls newest NRA ad an insultHouse Democrats seek to shore up at-risk membersAmerican workers' trek to cities create 'mega-commuters'Capito downplays role of outside groups#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerOn first trip as Secretary of State, Kerry talks Syria, Iran, and 'basketball diplomacy'The domestic policy the GOP wants to spend money onFirst Word: Jeb Bush talks immigrationBush fatigue? Five signs that Jeb will run in 2016What's the matter with Virginia?Those with 'limited futures' in GOP politics'Stay tuned' for new GOP hostage crisisVenezuelan leader Hugo Chavez dead at 58Tuesday's Mini-ReportCalls to start charging for White House tours miss the pointRachel on Today this morningVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead at 58Why Warren Buffett is right about newspapersKenya's election: Where they have hope...President Obama's wobbly approval ratingS.E.'s Tweet Bag with Thomas RobertsWell, which is it? Making a budget deal is 'not easy' (says Boehner) or 'pretty easy' (says Christie)The White House 'closer''ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, March 5Ahead on the 3/5 Maddow showThe right-wing blogosphere: If you can smear a Democrat, don't let the facts stand in your wayVery Last Word: Was Dennis Rodman VICE's first choice?Rebuilding Brand Bush with an eye on 2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/05/13A victim in the Air Force rape scandal breaks her silenceO'Donnell rewrites President Obama's critics on Wall StreetLinks for the 3/5 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #20A long road to voting rightsMorning Maddow: March 6Let Me Start: A chance for bipartisanship?Bush's best subjectTrending NOWCanceled White House tours, not projected job losses, cause uproar'Holding onto' stories that don't seem trueThe Company Memo: Wednesday, March 6, 2013Chris' List: America's best cities for pizzaMust read of the day: A surrogate mother's legal battleBoehner explains 'the battle of cliffs'GOP election fraud reported in FloridaMust-Read Op-Eds for March 6, 2013Fox News head: Biden 'dumb,' Newt a 'prick,' Obama 'lazy'The top 10 eyebrow-raising Chavez momentsPutting the schmoozing strategy to the testBest geek thing in the world today, so far: 'The Bay Lights'Wednesday's campaign round-upTop Links: Hey, CPAC, how's that hopey, changey, rebrand-y thing working out for you?Dow surges into new record territory...what's next?Senate GOP blocks another judicial nomineeJeb Bush 'not saying no' to 2016First Word: The GOP is coming to dinnerNew York State gun reform faces local backlashThe Dow is soaring, now what about the rest of us?Photos: 'Snowquester' shuts down WashingtonThe fate of the 'Hastert Rule'Former congresswoman Giffords targets senators in gun control adThe real GOP voter fraud: Employees admit forging voter registration formsRand Paul's 13-hour filibuster accomplished... what?Obama shifts Republican outreach strategyHouse passes spending bill to prevent shutdownFilibuster reform advocates: We told you soNew York homelessness on the riseGabby Giffords returns to scene of deadly Tucson shootingPaul Ryan: Man with a budget axeGuess who's coming to congressional dinners?Wednesday's Mini-ReportDemocrats: Don't hold your breath for 2014#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerInstead of hating Obama, the right should embrace himOn trial for Gulf oil spill, BP faces the price of profitBlumenthal to NRA: Don't count on 'the Connecticut effect' to go awayAnd the latest CPAC snub is...Ahead on the 3/6 Maddow showGuess who has a new job? Romney heads back to private sector'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, March 6Couldn't stand the weatherDomestic terrorism: 'Patriot' hate groups skyrocketWhich cuts make Republicans really mad? Cancelled White House toursThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/06/13Insight on Scalia's 'racial entitlement' remarkLinks for the 3/6 TRMSFox News chief calls Obama 'lazy' - Did he go too far?Very Last Word: Can Jeb Bush overcome his family name?Obama is 'pretty tenacious and he's not about to give up now'Lesbian couple takes on Michigan's same-sex marriage banChristie's approval rating is high. What about other NJ numbers--like unemployment, the poverty rate, or foreclosures?The Bill O'Reilly rules of anger managementDecryptomaddowlogical #21An excerpt from Jay Bilas' "Toughness: Developing True Strength On and Off the Court"Morning Maddow: March 7President Obama to speak 'soon' on drone programOpportunistically standing with RandTrending NOWRand Paul: Obstructionist or uniter?Jobless claims improve again, near five-year lowLet Me Start: Droning on?Bipartisan background-check bill stalls as GOP balksThe Company Memo: Thursday, March 7, 2013North Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear attack against USMust read of the day: NYC's next public health initiativeChris' List: Companies with the best reputationsGohmert starts First Golf War with White HouseGOP senators break bread with ObamaCharm offensive wins positive preliminary reviewsReport: Unemployed most at risk for job, social security scamsThe 'crying wolf' meme takes rootChart battle: Rattner and Chatzky on the economyGlenn Beck returns to the NRA as group strengthens ties with gun manufacturers'O that mine enemy would write a book'Thursday's campaign round-upIraq rebuilding is an $8 billion bust#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerWhat Reid considers 'a filibuster'First Word: Obama and Ryan do lunchExtreme makeover for 2016 GOP candidates?'Harlem Shake' craze needs historical, cultural contextEx-Republican lawmaker convicted of corruption points finger at BoehnerPennsylvania's first female governor? Rep. Schwartz may make historyFilibusterer Rand Paul draws praise from liberalsCan the right retire the 'lazy' attack?Coburn fails test as bipartisan bridge on background checks for gun salesGOP senator diners press Obama for more outreachHow Rand Paul hit Obama, Bush and Rubio where it countsThe record that beat Rand Paul's 13-hour filibuster, and why it matters todayIt's official! Obama signs expanded Violence Against Women ActPaul satisfied after Obama admin responseGun control: Which bills have the best chance at becoming law?Rachel has a Reddit AMA tomorrow at 11 am ETVotes on domestic-violence bill lead to GOP fibbingArkansas' campaign to roll back reproductive rightsObama hosts 'constructive' lunch date with Paul RyanThe silver lining of the sequesterArkansas passes strictest abortion ban in the USThursday's Mini-ReportHillary leading the pack in 2016Was the Rand Paul filibuster merely a fundraising stunt?Very Last Word: Joe Biden's 'chattitude'Corker: 'There is commmonality' between us and the presidentWe have the perfect numbers system for compromise, so let's do itThinning The HeardChristian conservatives make case for immigration reformA tale of two filibusters: Blocking Obama's judicial nomineesOh really, banks are 'too big to jail?' Elizabeth Warren isn't having itRice to North Korea: Embrace peace and 'there will be much more than Dennis Rodman available'Obama administration criticized for bringing Osama bin Laden's son-in-law to USAhead on the 3/7 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, March 7Who is your legislator listening to on gun policy?Bill Clinton tells the Court: Overturn the Defense of Marriage ActNRA field representative barred...from owning gunsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/07/13'Paranoia' on the Senate floor: Highlights from Rand Paul's filibusterLinks for the 3/7 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #22Trending NOWMorning Maddow: March 8Michigan's Levin latest to exit SenateTed Cruz's secret past? Stimulus funds and teacher payoutsNOW Today: Who's in, who's out?Too Young to Die: Taylor CornettJob growth picks up steam, unemployment dropsLet Me Start: Back to workUnemployment at 4-year lowMust read of the day: $30M of art found in garageChris' List: States with the highest tax burdensThe Company Memo: Friday, March 8, 2013A climate crisis wake-up callFlashback Friday: 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in JapanClinton urges court to overturn DOMARubio moves to the right of House GOPThe AMA... it is happening!Costco CEO wants minimum wage hike to $10-plusMark Sanford out in front with fundraising in S.C.Obama's outreach isn't newCha-ching: Salaries from Hollywood to Main StreetMayor Cory Booker 'preparing' for Senate runIt's jobs report Friday!Friday's campaign round-upHow February's 7.7% unemployment rate changes budget talksTime to move past 'cliffs, crisis and chaos' in budget talksRand Paul pushes his luckPolitical metaphor waits to happen: Bailey the beagle plays dead#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersMinority job growth and signs the economy's improving beyond Wall StreetFirst Word: Economy adds 236,000 jobsStrange claims predicated on ignoranceYear of the mad men: Rush Limbaugh labels grad student a 'slut'Year of the mad men: Republicans fought equal pay legislation (again)Year of the mad men: Religious uprising over birth controlTimeline: Bill Clinton's evolution on gay rightsYear of the mad men: Komen spurns Planned ParenthoodYear of the mad men: GOP donor Foster Friess recommends an aspirinYear of the mad men: Rape, pregnancy and a couple of Senate candidatesChuck Hagel jets to Afghanistan in first trip as defense chiefYear of the mad men: House fights expanded protections in Violence Against Women ActMcCain laments 'wacko birds'Year of the woman...or year of the mad men?Senate Republican infighting: #awkwardToday's Reddit transcriptMadame secretary: Hillary's diplomatic legacyAmong Catholics, increasing support for same-sex marriageObama prosecutes terrorist suspect, GOP complainsInternational Women's DayVery Last Word: Boehner's 'smoke and mirrors' strategyThe terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea of the weekAn intriguing new study: States with more gun laws have fewer gun deathsThe odd preoccupation with White House toursMore US unions are now running their own businessesMalala Yousafzai and the global struggle for girls' educationMarch 9: Rand Paul, drones, overestimating voters' conservatismFriday's Mini-ReportWe need a two-party system this country can reasonably choose betweenThis 'weak' in conspiracy: CPAC infiltrated by the Muslim BrotherhoodDee Dee Myers on Hillary's achievements, and life in the boys' clubAhead on the 3/8 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Friday, March 8'Dream On' v. 'Roadrunner': Official TRMS EndorsementJob numbers show a stronger economy--but where's Obama's credit?'Salt Sugar Fat': How food companies put profits ahead of public healthThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/08/13Can a million dollars buy gun safety? The administration's new campaignBin Laden son-in-law formally charged in New YorkCocktail Moment: Corpse Reviver #2Seriously? Republicans angry over canceled White House toursUN diplomacy is serious--but not always soberLinks for the 3/9 TRMSThis Week in GodFormer GOPer-turned-Independent governor could join DemsStudy: Politicians think voters are way more conservative than they actually areCPAC 2013: The young conservatives to watchMarch 10: Hugo Chavez, Latin America, how the rules get made in WashingtonDecryptomaddowlogical #23Mayor Bloomberg, stop shaming teen parentsAfter Newtown, families hold out for mental health reformFlight attendants fight new knife rulesMayor Cory Booker on sequester: 'It is brunt, brutal and blind'Beyond good and evilBarack Obama on Woodward, White House tiff: 'What's the worst that could happen?'Week in Geek: Spring forward editionChristine Quinn launches bid to become New York City's first female mayorCarl Bernstein: Pope Benedict has been a 'disaster'Rep: Mitch McConnell apparently 'panicked' about Ashley Judd Senate runJeb Bush on presidential rumors: 'Man, you guys are crack addicts'Carl Bernstein: Sequestration result of "total irresponsibility"Bernstein: Nixon's remarkable mindReport: Ashley Judd set to run against Mitch McConnellCash-strapped cities seized by new managementMorning Maddow: March 11Jeb Bush and the 'Full Ginsburg'Trending NOWWhat we're reading: Monday, March 11, 2013NOW Today: Security ConcernsA voucher by any other name...Must read: 'When the world's top restaurant serves up a bug'Chris' list: Weekend box office hitsCornyn hails VAWA law he opposedThe Company Memo: Monday, March 11, 2013Satirical Krugman item trips up conservativesThe rule Congress forgot: First, do no harm#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerThe sequestration 'wolf' is already showing his fangsSen. Johnson: The free market is better for healthcare than ObamacareMore guns, fewer homesFirst Word: Budget battles aheadTop Links: Here's why Jeb Bush likely won't be president – in 2016 or everUS pope a 'real possibility' says Vatican expert'We need Ted Kennedy'Senator: "What President Karzai said doesn't make any sense"'[T]ar sands oil should be among the first fossil fuels we decide to leave alone'Ryan's budget blunderEx-Defense Sec. William Cohen responds to North Korean threatsThe silent majority: Legislators don't know their constituentsSusan Rice: The comeback kid?Pres. Obama to speak to Organizing for ActionScott Brown, lobbyistObama jokes about sequester: 'My joke writers have been placed on furlough'#GunCrisis: A mission to stop gun violence in PhiladelphiaRural versus urban on gun reformThe GOP's love/hate relationship with 'Obamacare'Very Last Word: Do we have the will to break up big banks?Meet Tom Perez, Obama's rumored pick for Labor Secretary'Ghana Must Go' author talks immigrationHow much does it cost to win a seat in Congress? If you have to ask...Bill Clinton urges the strike down of DOMAThe rough road ahead for AfghanistanWe don't pick other countries' leaders, but we do get to pick our alliesGlimpses from Rachel's road tripAbu Ghaith NYC trial reopens debate over GuantanamoDetroit's troubles: Takeover looms, former Mayor Kilpatrick convictedToo good to check? Breitbart runs with fake Krugman bankruptcy storyGeorge W. Bush, Painter-in-Chief?'ED Show' playbook: Monday, March 11Sen. Chris Murphy asks NASCAR to drop NRA sponsorshipHillary Clinton's global journey: How far will it take her?A big victory for Big Sugar: How sweet it isn'tThe Queen signs on for gender equality (and maybe even gay rights)The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/11/13Tour de Farce: Trump gripes about White House tours while America feels budget cutsFlorida healthcare: Gov. Scott gets blocked by his own partyCoburn: 'Our problem in the Senate is the leadership'Afghan anxiety: Why Karzai fears the U.S. and Taliban are colludingStep right up! Trump offers to pay to save White House toursMoms for gun sense march on WashingtonWhat, no Bible? Conservatives angered that Brennan took oath on ConstitutionLawrence O'Donnell rewrites Scott Brown's political futureLinks for the 3/11 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #24Trending NOWAn excerpt from Peter Blair Henry's "Third World Lessons for First World Growth"Morning Maddow: March 12Paul Ryan pretends he didn't loseLet Me Start: Crossing the aisleToo Young to Die: Alexandra BrownInside the Conclave: How the cardinals choose a new popeCan you hear him now?A background-check consensusChris' list: Worst places to retireWhat we're reading: Tuesday, March 12, 2013Reaching out, finding nothingThe Company Memo: Tuesday, March 12, 2013Must read: How to interpret the smoke signalsMcCaskill challenges military justice system over sexual assault caseJudicial nominee confirmed after 484 daysPalin rejoices on behalf of 'liberty-loving soda drinkers'Senator Romney? Mitt's brother leads Michigan GOP poll for SenateA cyclical focus on technologyTesla repaying Obama admin loan 5 years earlyColorado state senator pledges to break gun law if it passesSen. McCaskill releases her music mash-upSenate panel OKs gun background checksGOP's far-right flank demands 'Hastert Rule' fealtyWhy I'm obsessed with banning super-sized sodasFirst Word: Ryan Budget 3.0Tuesday's campaign round-upDetroit officials beg state to reconsider Emergency Manager appointmentRyan makes his caseMust-Read Op-Eds for March 12, 2013Different day, same old budgetSteve Forbes scolds Romney: Be more 'Reaganesque'With Bolling out, the stage is set in VirginiaMichigan GOP considers investing in Detroit, once they're in charge of itEditor admits 'Being White in Philly' article had 'flaws'Pelosi: Assault weapons ban will not pass CongressRyan's unfortunate slip#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerPope-watch: The frontrunners begin to emergeHow Bill Gates is making a difference to end polioThe flip-flopping nature of Kirsten GillibrandSenate Dems prep rival budget planVirtual smoke signals? Twitter takes a stabWhy Detroit is broke, and who's being asked to payTuesday's Mini-ReportVery Last Word: So long, Scott BrownWe are entering a crucial stage in the Obama presidencyBloomberg vs soda: The battle's not over'ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, March 12Ahead on the 3/12 Maddow showFor nearly 150 years, we had no formal budget--and we did fine. Now?Former Sen. Craig has a 'wide stance' on what constitutes 'official Senate duties'Paul Ryan Budget: Isn't it ironic?Top Links: Even conservatives are tiring of the 'Paul Ryan's got a new budget' actA question of intimidation: Oregon lawmaker vs gun rights extremistsThe '47% tape' and the man who revealed the real Mitt RomneyThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/12/13At least one monster is off the streets--for nowGhana pulls for native Cardinal Peter Turkson as next pope'All for nothing': The military, sexual assault, and the search for justiceFighting for the legacy of boxing champ Jack Johnson'Hubris: Selling The Iraq War' to re-air March 22 at 9 p.m. ETLinks for the 3/12 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #25An excerpt from Lanny Davis' "Crisis Tales: Five Rules for Coping with Crises in Business, Politics, and Life"Morning Maddow: March 13Dems see opportunities in Ryan budget planPaul Ryan suggests Obama 'charm offensive' could be poll drivenAn excerpt from Rita Moreno's "Rita Moreno: A Memoir"Obama rejects GOP premise on balanced budgetsLet Me Start: Charm OffensiveChris' list: Papal conclave 2005 votesGOP governors face resistance on MedicaidMust read: 'Secrets of the Vatican: exposed'The Company Memo: Wednesday, March 13, 2013House GOP eyes end to 'Obamaphones'What do Seminarians want from a new pope?NOW Today: Oh Budgeteers!Why we can't have nice thingsWhat we're reading: Wednesday, March 13, 2013Trending NOWBloomberg Mayors Challenge celebrates and funds local reformMaking a commitment to a lieWednesday's campaign round-upGeneration Priebus raises old demons of Republican Party's pastTime is now for US-Latin American outreachFirst Word: Sexual assault in the military finally gets heardHoneymoon's over? Obama's approval rating drops to 50%How voter ID kept minority youths from the polls in 2012Military tuition assistance snagged by sequestrationSheryl Sandberg, Hillary Clinton & the politics of 'leaning in' (feat. Tina Fey)Chris Jansing's hopes for the new popeBill to help victims of military sex assaults has 'good chance'The budget meetingsOn, Wisconsin.Scandal forces Florida Lt. Gov. to resignDetroit's cash crisis: Blame the banks?Steubenville case: Why acquaintance rape is not a mythDubai-cyclesTop Links: Polls, Republican voters and NRA households love background checks – so why don't GOP politicians?First Latin American pope: Meet Jorge Mario BergoglioObama presses Senate Dems on filibustersCities earn DOJ grants to stop domestic violenceWelcome, Pope Francis! Please focus on our beloved Church's eternal beliefsArgentina's Bergoglio introduced as Pope Francis I'Show people the good and kind Catholic Church that I love'Military sexual assault victims demand independent criminal systemHagel orders review of military sexual assault convictionsMcConnell's wife stars in first ad focused on racial slurObama's not the one with a popularity problem'Here's hoping--praying--that Francis has something of John XXIII in him'Election of a new PopePope Francis' mission: Refocusing on what Catholicism is really aboutWednesday's Mini-Report'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, March 13'This is my story': Senate hearing on military sexual assaultA former lawmaker regrets her 'politically expedient' support for DOMAPolitical metaphor waits to happen: Seal pups on a surfboardJansing: Pope Francis an 'extraordinary' choiceSteve's Korner: The 1996 PrimaryPaul Ryan's imaginary savingsGOP tries reaching out to minoritiesVery Last Word: Does Paul Ryan need a hug?Ahead on the 3/13 Maddow showDocumenting the missing American DreamThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/13/13The Ed Show moves to weekend evenings on MSNBC this springObama used the 47% video 'exactly the way I would have hoped'Releasing the tape: Not the first time Prouty was 'incredibly brave or incredibly stupid''It is good politics to oppose the black guy in the White House'Rewriting the price of political expedience and DOMALinks for the 3/31 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #26Morning Maddow: March 14CPAC 2013: Let the games beginStopping imaginary threats in their tracksJobless claims keep improving, near 5-year lowThe budget talks continue in WashingtonLet Me Start: Divided we standThe Company Memo: Thursday, March 14, 2013A matter of prioritiesChris' List: Most ordered dessertsThe circus is in town: Conservatives gather for day one of CPACDems to Ryan: We'll see your budget plan and raise you anotherChris Hayes to host MSNBC primetime showCreator of the 47% tape shines 'a little bit of light' on a labor rights activistWhat we're reading: Thursday, March 14, 2013GOP spins its wheels on health careTrending NOWThink the NRA is controlled by gun makers? Think againTop Links: Your Guide to CPAC, Day 1Obamas reveal White House family life to VogueFirst Word: First day of CPAC 2013Obama heads into the lion's denWatch: Feinstein and Ted Cruz spar over assault weapons banThe three ring circus'An emergency manager is like a man coming into your house...'Thursday's campaign round-upFamily Research Council: Functioning societies 'punish' premarital sexYoung guns target 'old school' NRA board memberElizabeth Warren has some questionsObama invokes Dick Cheney defense on dronesGOP Senator: A grand bargain is possibleCPAC Chair: Chris Christie 'didn't deserve' to be hereReport card: Three months after Newtown, how much progress on gun safety?#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerThe biggest reason to hope Google Glass catches onHappy Pi-Day!Freshman GOPer claims wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 'not responsible for' debtBarney Frank: Cutting military spending isn't a radical ideaBoy Scouts survey members on anti-gay policy ahead of May voteBoehner still waiting for others to 'lead'Michigan governor unveils his pick for Detroit Emergency ManagerPolitical players in glass houses...Republican identity crisis on display at CPACUpdate from the 'Drift' book tourThe 'Back To Work Budget'What to know about Pope Francis'It is good politics to oppose the black guy in the White House'Rubio on 'traditional' marriage at CPAC: I'm no 'bigot'Very Last Word: A 'teeny-tiny' grand bargainThursday's Mini-ReportPope Francis: A reminder of Latino priority for corporate America and the GOPCardinal Dolan: Don't expect Pope Francis to change the church doctrinePope Francis: conservative on some issues, progressive on othersBest quotes from CPAC Day 1: Rubio, Paul, Norquist, RGIII, One Direction and rat headsPresident Obama's advocacy machineAhead on the 3/14 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, March 14Sexual assault in the military: 'It's something that should outrage every American'Are you biased? There's a test for thatFeinstein on assault weapons: 'I've looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons''Being Biden': The Veep gets his own showThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/14/13Michael Steele to CPAC: It's 'mind-boggling' not to invite ChristieGOP Rep: Supreme Court does not determine constitutionalityThe danger of 'slash-and-burn' budgetingLinks for the 3/14 TRMSSanders: 'Insane to simply talk about cut, cut, cut'President vs. Congress: Deal or no deal?Sequester trumps Sandy Hook: Why gun-control measures may falterWhy Scott Prouty went public with the 47% tapeA look at the new Ed ShowDecryptomaddowlogical #27Trending NOWMorning Maddow: March 15'Not a home for everybody'NOW Today: The future?Sen. Rob Portman 'wrestled' with decisionOhio's Portman flips, backs marriage equalityLet Me Start: Change of heartChris' list: Most popular CEOsSenators 'quietly' do NRA's bidding in spending billToo Young to Die: Demetrius CruzThe Company Memo: Friday, March 15, 2013Numbers trip up Alabama's Sessions again#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersJindal's enthusiastic embrace of anti-populismTop Links: Your guide to the nuttier parts of CPAC, Day 2Senators 'quietly' do NRA's bidding in spending billSequestration continues to take its tollFirst Word: Contradictions galore at CPACToday on The Cycle: Help yourselfWhat we're reading: Friday, March 15, 2013Michigan governor defends Emergency Manager power grab: I'm the elected official responsibleGiving new meaning to 'March Madness'Portman's reversal not convincing others in GOP so farPaul Ryan's 'gifts'Tweet of the day, so far'The Almighty Dollar'?LaPierre accuses gun control supporters of 'insanity'Former Army specialist 'still concerned' about military sexual assaults'Severely' bland Romney returns to CPACRomney sees 'jihadists' as possible global superpowerRemembering a political icon for Women's History Month: Texas Gov. Ann RichardsMarch 16: Pope Francis, New York City's soda banDick Cheney movie shows no regrets for wars, tortureImaginary threats posed by imaginary proposalsBig 'war on Christmas' sell begins for Palin at CPACScott Prouty offers final thoughts on Romney in 'last' television interviewVery Last Word: Where is the 47% tape camera?The NYPD--and its statistics--on trialHurdles to gun reform'Lean in'? For Millennials, the question is what are we leaning towardFriday's Mini-ReportWhy there's no reason to expect a grand bargainIn long overdue 'coming out,' Portman embraces the 'overriding message of love'Best quotes from CPAC Day 2: Romney, Ryan, Yale and the guy who ripped Trump'We need leadership,' said Donald Trump--to a half-empty roomKimani Gray: What really happened?Kim Jong-Un 'is playing with fire'--so Hagel strengthens US defensesAhead on the 3/15 Maddow showMaryland set to become 18th state to ban death penaltySharpton pushes back against Snyder over Emergency Manager lawThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/15/13Responses to Portman's reversal on gay marriage: Respectful, critical--and from his son, proudMen, as well as women, struggle to balance work and familyLinks for the 3/15 TRMSSequestration cuts begin to hit homeDecryptomaddowlogical #28Hypothetical Republican empathy emerges as political memeGay marriage fight divides supporters'Coming out' on gay marriageThis Week in GodWhy now may be the time to buy a new homeNAACP president comes out against blocked NYC soda banRubio, Paul chart wildly different courses at CPACMeet Mike Mika, who hacked 'Donkey Kong' for his daughterThe Catholic Church's costly stance on contraceptionCan police stop violence without trampling civil rights?Sarah Palin takes a Big Gulp at GOP establishmentTo win back black voters, GOP must do more than 'show up'March 17: The budget debate, Iraq ten years laterRand Paul wins CPAC straw pollSteubenville football players found guilty of rapeGuiding the greenWeek in Geek: Good vibrationsMichael Isikoff on the fall of Newsweek and the drone white paperIsikoff: Bush administration was determined to go to warIraqis still face violence, corruption as they rebuildThe celibacy rule: Why one priest left the Catholic Church for loveThe co-author of 'Hubris' on torture, secrets--and what we still don't know10 years later: The architects of the Iraq WarWhat we're reading: Monday, March 18, 2013Trending NOWMorning Maddow: March 18Boehner agrees: there is no debt crisisNOW Today: More confusion?Chris' List: Worst customer serviceRemember Michael Mukasey?A soldier reflects: Those who had the least to lose sent us to warThe Company Memo: Monday, March 18, 2013Ben Carson revels in GOP spotlightJohn Boehner: Marriage is union of 'one man and one woman'Two steps forward, two steps backSupreme Court considers registration requirements in voter ID caseArms Trade Treaty on deck at United NationsRNC admits need for makeover from 'stuffy old men' repHillary Clinton announces support for marriage equalityHillary Clinton endorses gay marriageTop Links: GOP autopsy report calls party 'scary,' 'out of touch,' with 'stuffy old men'What's wrong with the Republican Party#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersLabor groups applaud Obama's labor secretary pickDoes the devil in 'The Bible' look like Barack Obama?Toure on why Prince became an iconMonday's campaign round-upFirst Word: GOP's 'autopsy' report releasedRNC's Priebus plots a new way forward for his partyArizona voter registration case before Supreme CourtObama nominates Thomas Perez for Labor SecretaryHouse (un)divided?Will Supreme Court reject Arizona's other 'papers please' law?Video highlights: CPAC circusHigh court weighs Arizona voter-registration lawCase against Menendez unravels furtherTaking stock of the Iraq WarIn a democracy, citizens are not 'customers' of the stateReport: Healthy students are better studentsTouré explores the music of his generation and PrinceObama nominee for Labor Department triggers right-wing backlashDriver's licenses ubiquitous no longerAmerican support of marriage equality reaches new recordSelling the Iraq war: Experts knew the intel was faulty. Why didn't they blow the whistle?Monday's Mini-ReportRNC report: GOP 'must embrace' and 'champion' immigration reformHillary Clinton embraces marriage equality, says 'views have been shaped over time'Police shooting of teen sparks rage over New York City's 'stop and frisk' policyAhead on the 3/18 Maddow showHillary comes out on gay marriage: Is she preparing to run for president?Dead men talking? Despite RNC 'autopsy,' GOP stars say there's no reason to changeVery Last Word: Puppies vs. pundits'ED Show' playbook: Monday, March 18NRA mocks congresswoman whose husband died in mass shootingDesiline Victor to Justice Scalia: 'Voting Rights Act is not a racial entitlement'Could anyone have stopped the march to war in Iraq?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/18/13The education gender gap: have men given up?Tea Party's 'movie trailer' cribs from 'The Hunger Games'... and everything elseBoehner: 'We do not have an immediate debt crisis'O'Donnell: Palin 'a comedian first, political commentator second'The Portman dilemma: Can a conservative Christian support same-sex marriage?Links for the 3/18 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #29What we're reading: Tuesday, March 19, 2013Selling the Iraq war: 'Chicken hawks'--and the price of their aggressionRand Paul supports path to citizenshipBudget battle continues in CongressLet Me Start: 10 years laterMorning Maddow: March 19Trending NOWWhat social progress looks likeChris' list: Highest taxes on cigarettesToo Young to Die: Jamarcus AllenThe Company Memo: Tuesday, March 19, 2013Perez nomination undercuts GOP outreach effortsMust read: Foods that put you to sleepRand Paul to back comprehensive immigration reformAmerica's leaders are failing our veteransNOW Today: Evolving opinionRNC to back Rove tech ventureBiden attends new pope's inaugural massGreat moments in misleading headlinesGOP autopsy results: Full body traumaJoe Scarborough: People across the political spectrum still oppose gay marriageThe 'nutters' push back against RNC blueprintUS role in Mideast diminished by Iraq WarGOP congressman Stockman calls VAWA 'horrible' bill that helps 'men dressed up as women'Sequestration undercuts veterans, studentsStudy: Climate change makes 'Katrina magnitude events' more likelyObama's Israeli charm offensiveMailer: Democrats see political gain in Clinton's support for marriageFirst Word: Rand Paul backs path to citizenshipRand Paul: We 'aren't going to deport' 12 million illegal immigrantsBlunt vs. McCarthySteve Kornacki to host MSNBC's 'Up'Support for death penalty on the declineThe RNC's 'Celebrity Task Force'The man with the worst memory in American politicsIraq 10 years later: The deadly consequences of spinVoter ID law takes effect in South Carolina special electionReid drops assault weapons ban: 'I want something that will succeed'Senate Dems pull the plug on assault-weapons banWould changing food stamp rules help the poor to eat healthier diets?Who is the future of the GOP?The scariest part of the Iraq War? The 'ease' with which it was sold to AmericansTuesday's Mini-ReportVery Last Word: What people want to do about Social SecuritySelling the Iraq War: Why the Bush administration was so eager to invadeBig Gulps or electrified fences: Sometimes the props flopA reunited GOP will spell trouble for progressivesAhead on the 3/19 Maddow showMark Sanford: A rise from disgrace?'ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, March 19The continuing costs of the Iraq war: 'We're not doing enough' for veteransA multitude of budgets, a shortage of agreementA pile-up of claims: Veterans wait months for benefits10 years later: How Americans now see the warThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/19/13Guess what else the sequester hurts? Our ability to track a 'city-killer' asteroidSecond term's a charm? White House makes (small) progress on (big) policiesWho will face Elizabeth Colbert Busch in South Carolina's congressional election?Lefties had their turn. Now conservatives are trashing Paul Ryan's budgetLost a presidential race? If you failed at selling yourself, try pitching a product!Links for the 3/19 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #30What we're reading: Wednesday, March 20, 2013Trending NOWColorado governor signs tough gun laws in wake of mass shootingsMorning Maddow: March 20From the Appalachian Trail to the Comeback TrailChris' list: Fastest growing citiesObama calls US commitment to Israel 'unwavering'The Company Memo: Wednesday, March 20, 2013The immigration policy Rand Paul (quietly) supportsMust read: Pope Francis on gay marriageHow not to make friends and influence peopleDarrell Issa's misguided prioritiesLet Me Start: Minority rules on assault weapons banFormer CBO director: Why too much debt means too little growthObama says 'there is still time' to find diplomatic solution to Iran nuke dispute'Strategy is not our long suit'Scarborough to pols: 'Lots of luck explaining' your vote against background checksNOW Today: Thank you for being a friendPriebus: GOP had 'tough time' winning 'decisive' presidential electionsGOP senators to Dems on immigration: Slow downUS not 'living up' to promises for veteransWednesday's campaign round-upCuccinelli's website gets a touch-upS.E.'s Tweet Bag with Jonathan CapehartWill Arkansas become the next voter ID state?Colorado governor signs gun reformFirst Word: What's next for gun legislation?Mark Sanford and the art of the political comebackIsrael to Obama: 'We trust your policy' on IranObama's rocky relationship with Israel: A timelineWatch: Obama, Netanyahu hold joint news conference'Reassess all the rules'Priebus: 'I think we've got to get with it'Allegations of NYPD quotas in 'Stop-and-Frisk' trialIsrael's high-tech, highly effective missile defense systemHouse committee jabs at president over White House toursPriebus reaffirms GOP opposition to same-sex marriageMurray supports assaults weapons ban, but trusts Reid's decisionSenate run vs. Franken may be too tempting for 'Pinocchio' BachmannSteele: How can GOP reach minorities when its policies are seen as racist?'Trickle-down' theories keep bobbing back upApple workers unlikely to see any of company's massive cash surplusNever thought the tiger sounded like thatSteve Speak: A Cycle goodbyeTea Party Caucus, we hardly knew ye...Wednesday's Mini-ReportWatch: Bachmann dodges questions about her own speech'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, March 20Not so fast, Ashley Judd: Clinton may have someone else in mindWill voters need to bring birth certificates to the polls?GOP's lack of reaction to defense cuts shows how 'really extreme' the party has become, says WelchAhead on the 3/20 Maddow showAmid growing unrest at Gitmo, plans for a $150 million overhaulPolitically, 'there's no incentive' for Bachmann to stick to the factsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/20/13Yankees, Red Sox come together to honor NewtownWhy it's so hard to keep guns out of abusive householdsAdopted son of two gay men to Justice Roberts: My family is 'valuable' and 'worthwhile'Restraining orders often don't require a surrender of gunsObama warns Syrian leaders: 'The use of chemical weapons is a game changer'Links for the 3/20 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #31What we're reading: Thursday, March 21, 2013Let Me Start: Syria 'game changer'Morning Maddow: March 21WATCH: Chuck Todd gets ribbed by President Obama for too many questionsTrending NOWBoehner (briefly) supports 'real background checks on everyone'NOW Today: Shifting over?Jobless claims inch up, but remain near five-year lowCampbell Brown: 'Breast milk flying everywhere,' - How do you lean in?Chris' list: Airport shop best-sellersThe Company Memo: Thursday, March 21, 2013Paul's perplexing 'Personhood' palaverRhode Island Senate to hold crucial hearing on gay marriageMust read: Mom fired for selling Girl Scout cookies at work'I'm not gay. So I'm not going to marry one'Obama to young Israelis: 'You are not alone'As 'Obamacare' turns three, the politics haven't changedObama: 'Palestinians deserve a state of their own'Rand Paul's perplexing 'personhood' palaverDying vet to Bush, Cheney: 'My day of reckoning is upon me. Yours will come'Krystal and Ella talk politics#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersDrone hearing hints at expanded domestic role for unmanned systemsMarch Madness for political junkiesCongress votes to keep USPS Saturday deliveryCongress manages to avert government shutdownGOP at a fork in the roadCan Biden revive the assault weapons ban?House approves far-right Ryan budget planWhat will the Clean Coal Carolers sing about now?Florida voters prefer Hillary Clinton to hometown favorites in new pollNewtown dad ashamed Congress 'doesn't have the guts' on gun reformObama brushes off heckler: 'Made me feel at home'Sequester threatens pile up of discrimination casesCoburn 1, political scientists 0Why the assault weapons ban was really killed--and what happens next?First Word: Obama addresses the Israeli peopleBachmann says Obamacare will 'literally' kill women, childrenTuition Assistance no longer a sequestration victimEvangelicals to GOP: Don't throw us 'overboard''You must create the change that you want to see'Bachmann's CPAC lies come under scrutinyPresident Obama in Israel: 'Peace is possible'It's only the nation's biggest nuclear-contamination siteChicago to close 61 school buildingsThursday's Mini-ReportA change of heart on marriage equality, in an unexpected placeA good sign from Israel: Obama, Netanyahu are on the same pageVery Last Word: Do personal relationships matter in diplomacy?Ahead on the 3/21 Maddow showWhy the Steubenville verdict is just the beginningDevil in the details? Radio host says God made TV Satan character look like Obama'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, March 21Rachel at Stanford'Inside the Actors Studio' showcases Tina Fey--or was it Sarah Palin?'The gift that keeps on giving': Tina Fey channels Palin on guns and gaysTexas GOP congressman trolls his loyal opposition with Earth tweetWATCH: Child-rearing tips from an 'unprepared single dad'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/21/13Does paid sick leave hurt employers and the economy?O'Donnell: The assault weapons ban is not deadBackground checks--and an assault weapons ban--are not lost causes (yet)Links for the 3/21 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #32Parenthetical bracketsWhat we're reading: Friday, March 22, 2013Marriage equality: Republicans struggle with shifting viewsNorth Dakota may take lead in GOP race to end abortionMorning Maddow: March 22Senate roundly rejects radical Ryan budgetTrending NOWToo Young to Die: Michael KearinsGingrich-Santorum 2012? The secret 'unity' ticket that almost wasLet Me Start: DoublespeakThose who forget their own policy positionsRNC chair: It's not what we say, it's how we say itThe stage is set for the fight over gun violenceChris' list: Global box office resultsThe Company Memo: Friday, March 22, 2013Must read: 'If I shoot it, I'm gonna eat it,' Rep. saysGettysburg Address joins Library of Congress displayOverwhelming support for background checks in new pollMeet the guy who painted his house in LGBT pride colorsNOW Today: A push for peace'He won Israeli hearts'#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersHow the Bush administration sold the Iraq warBoehner subtly gives the game awayBattle over paid sick leave intensifiesNo peace for Army town where Iraq War rages onGOP state party discovers actual voter fraud: Its ownBachmann: Obamacare 'literally kills' peopleThe 39th time was not the charm on Obamacare repealYoko Ono joins gun debate, tweets picture of John Lennon's glassesFreelance workers unite for workplace rightsDrone policy shift will strengthen US defenseThe importance of Netanyahu's surprising apologyDinner table conversation inspired gay marriage pitch to Chief Justice Roberts, preteen saysChoosey Americans choose background checksDaily Caller faces new allegationsYes, Vote-A-Rama is annoyingRestaurant, hotel workers neglected in minimum wage fixThe Dorito Addiction: How food is manufactured to keep us hookedWill immigration reform protect civil rights?Bachmann's confusion bubbles overMemo to Rush Limbaugh: 'Bow down' to BeyonceThe Syrian refugee crisis: 'How are you going to turn back women, children, the wounded?'Friday's Mini-ReportGOP's latest program for the hungry: Let 'em eat roadkill!Flashback Friday: Iraq invasionHunting for traitors is not a good way to unite a country'We can't give up' on educationCHAT: Scarborough talks gun control, Beatles, and Rand Paul's filibusterVery Last Word: James Lipton on Tina FeyChristie on 2016: 'I'm not thinking about running for president'Tonight! The re-airing of Hubris: Selling the Iraq WarA new report card gives America's infrastructure a D+Chris Christie grilled by young journalists. Really young'ED Show' playbook: Friday, March 22The GOP's fear of 'going wobbly' on marriage equalityMarch 23: Immigration, guns, Obama in IsraelNot letting upHappy Birthday, ObamacareAlthough discredited, gay conversion therapy remains an option for minorsSenate narrowly passes first budget in 4 yearsThis Week in GodMy open letter to the Steubenville survivorA Gingrich-Santorum ticket?...Yeah, that almost happenedWhite House drops judicial nominee after second GOP filibusterLabor board alleges Walmart-connected companies intimidated workersPresident Obama in Israel: Hope and change 2.0Meet Aaron Jackson, prideful neighbor of Westboro Baptist ChurchMarch 24: Dan Savage, NYC Mayoral Candidates, stop-and-friskTexas bill could effectively close most abortion clinicsMideast trip a success for Obama?Senate passes budget after late-night 'vote-a-rama'Hayes on lessons from Iraq War: 'Don't start wars'How the sequestration battle started back in 2010GLAAD adds transgender equality to its missionBloomberg group puts $12 million into gun control ads as NRA fights checksLiu: Forget about NYPD inspector general, just abolish 'stop and frisk'How about a mass-transit lobby?Chris Hayes says farewell to UPOnce an Iraqi refugee, 'Princess Alyaa' now a US citizenWhat we're reading: Monday, March 25, 2013Morning Maddow: March 25Moderate Sen. McCaskill supports gay marriage'Stop scaring people'Let Me Start: Gun fightThe return of 'skewed' polls -- marriage-equality editionMust read: MoMA performance artThe Company Memo: Monday, March 25, 2013Chris' list: Five new national monuments to be dedicated MondaySen. Casey: I want to be able to say, I did what I could to prevent the next NewtownThe political relevance of Rand Paul's budgetThe 'greatest health care system the world has ever known'If Huckabee is the RNC's model spokesperson...NOW Today: Getting BloombergedBloomberg, NRA prep national campaignsStudy: Rising inequality is 'permanent'Same-sex marriage shifts 2016 political landscapeKarl Rove 'could' imagine 2016 GOP candidate in favor of gay marriageMonday's campaign round-upToday on The Cycle: What is happening in WashingtonTop Links: How far will Supreme Court go on same-sex marriage ruling?#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersWill Portman says dad offered 'rock-solid' support on coming outElectoral-vote scheme still simmering in PennsylvaniaObama calls on Congress to stop avoiding immigration issueObama a 'rock star' in Israel, says one DemGay marriage showdown at Supreme CourtRight policy, wrong questionsJustice Roberts' lesbian cousin to attend Prop 8 and DOMA hearingsWhich SCOTUS justices are key in gay marriage battle?Episcopal Church procession aimed against gun violenceSupreme Court must 'catch up' to Americans supporting same-sex marriageDo Rep. Stockman's tweets make him the 'craziest' Republican in America?Bush's pension benefits top $1 MILLION in 2012Boehner's instincts fail him againConnecticut senators blast NRA for 'insensitive' robocalls to Newtown familiesWhite House gives up on Halligan nominationFirst Word: GOP softens on marriage equalityGun lobby helps block US from signing UN arms treatyHow higher wages can lead to bigger corporate profitsMonday's Mini-ReportRape isn't 'like a football game' to UNC survivorsGun control heats up as Congress heads homeWhat could we, the media, have done to stop the war?IRS calls its 'Star Trek' spoof a mistakeEvangelical leader: Same-sex marriage polls are 'skewed'Arkansas governor vetoes voter ID billDo deficits matter?Ahead on the 3/25 Maddow showThe 'graying' of the job marketThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/25/13Bachmann faces congressional ethics probe over presidential campaignKarzai: I never claimed Taliban, US are 'colluding'IRS regrets making costly 'Star Trek' video parodyWhere have all the 2012 GOP candidates gone?South Dakota Democrat to retire from SenateLinks for the 3/25 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogcial #33Bloomberg gets serious on gun control as Congress takes spring breakWhat we're reading: Tuesday, March 26, 2013Morning Maddow: March 26Marriage equality gets its day in courtToo Young to Die: Marcus HunterLet Me Start: Marriage Equality's Day in CourtTim Johnson latest to depart SenateArkansas' Beebe vetoes voter-ID billGOP senators threaten filibuster on gun controlChris' list: Bush's pension benefits top $1 millionThe Company Memo: Tuesday, March 26, 2013Must read: Should government run like a business?Bandwagon effect kicks in on marriage rightsProp 8: What's at stake?Cruz dodges question on McCarthyThe 81%: How young adults are reshaping the marriage equality debateChris Hayes on what he really thinks about the assault weapons banSCOTUS Preview: Understanding the DOMA and Prop 8 argumentsTrip in Review: George Mitchell on Obama in the Middle EastChicago to shutter 54 schoolsAll eyes on Justice KennedyTop Links: Everything you always wanted to know about the Supreme Court's Prop 8 case (but were afraid to ask)#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersBachmann the subject of ethics inquiryVirginia Governor signs strict voter ID lawPreviewing Prop 8Jim Carrey spoofs gun owners, NRA in 'Funny or Die' videoTuesday's campaign round-upMommy wars alive and wellDad of Newtown victim: 'I'm not real proud of what I see in Congress'John McCain: I refuse to stop saying 'illegal' immigrantSupreme Court weighs options in Prop 8 caseWhat politicians' March Madness brackets say about their politicsCarville: Field is clear for Clinton in '16The 52%: Republican support for same sex marriage is growingNorth Dakota governor signs abortion bans, calls for tax dollars to defend them'Sweeping ruling' on gay rights looking doubtfulThe gay agenda (hourly version)Must-Read Op-Eds for March 26, 2013Alito's provocative questionCyprus disaster shines light on global tax haven industryGOP's big flip-flop on debtNorth Dakota governor signs 'fetal heartbeat' abortion billVirginia's McDonnell moves backwards on voting rightsVery Last Word: Marriage equality in 2016Seeing red: Symbol for marriage equality goes viralAll In With Chris Hayes premieres April 1Obama appoints first female head of Secret ServiceMontana's Tester backs marriage equality'The Supreme Court is not a legislature,' Prop 8 defendant saysAdvocates say court, not states, should decide on same-sex marriageCan Dems accept conservative allies in support of same-sex marriage?The next talking filibuster?First Word: Supreme Court hints at more narrow Prop 8 rulingTuesday's Mini-ReportThe 2016 presidential campaign is getting underwayGOP Rep. Steve King compares US border fence to Great Wall of ChinaIs snoozing making us more tired?O'Donnell on why 'Grover Norquist is not a conservative' and bathtub metaphorsAhead of the curve on marriage equality, Mass. waits for rest of nation to catch upAhead on the 3/26 Maddow showFrom Loving v. Virginia to Hollingsworth v. Perry, the battle for marriage equalityThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/26/13Reading the tea leaves on Prop 8Petraeus expresses 'deep regret' over scandal in first public addressLinks for the 3/26 TRMSIs Joe McCarthy a hero to Ted Cruz? The Texas senator won't sayAshley Judd: 'Regretfully,' I will not be a Senate candidateAn excerpt from Bob Dotson's "American Story"Trending NOWMorning Maddow: March 27Supreme Court turns its attention to DOMALet Me Start: Marriage Equality, Day 2Free from DC gridlock, Delaware moves ahead on gun control'Sometimes a mop sink is just a mop sink'Unlike his father, Rand Paul just says 'no' to marijuana legalizationLee seeks two-thirds majorities on new gun lawsChris' list: Young innovators