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Ask Rev: Is Obama the Jackie Robinson of politics?Twisters in Oklahoma bring dangerous winds, floodingThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 05/31/13Tornado Alley: Images of the stormWeather science: The latest twister fits Tornado Alley's patternWill Supreme Court decide companies can own human genes?June 2: Broken DC, the DOJ and the mediaThis Week in GodHow Anthony Weiner won the first timeFoot Soldier Katie Meyler to open academy for Liberian girlsBradley Manning at the heart of Obama's war on leaksRahm Emanuel, there's a good reason people are mad at you'ED Show' guest list: Saturday, June 1IRS-funded video surfaces of employees practicing dance movesLong road ahead for resolution between press, DOJThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the June 2 'MHP'The best reason to stop using dronesIssa: White House spokesman 'paid liar' regarding IRSAffirmative action on tap at the Supreme Court'ED Show' guest list: Sunday, June 2GOP congresswoman says women don't want pay equity lawsTony-nominated 'Motown: The Musical' comes to #nerdlandThe Foreigner: Steven Seagal in ChechnyaAt military sexual assault hearing, expect mostly menMorning Headlines: Monday, June 3What we're reading: Monday, June 3Must-Read Op-Eds for Monday, June 3An excerpt from Jonathan Alter's "The Center Holds"'Mr. Grand Theft Auto' gets a brush-back pitchFirst Read Flash: IRS scrutiny continuesLet Me Start: Congress returns, as does controversyMust read: Harrowing kindergarten rivalry in ChinaThe Company Memo: Monday, June 3, 2013McCain: Syrian Rebels are 'very disappointed' in AmericaBlackburn's unique views on pay equitySenator Frank Lautenberg dies at age 89New Jersey's Frank Lautenberg dies at age 89Senator Lautenberg dies at 89, a 'strong voice' for gun control and public healthDoes the Manning prosecution show overreach on leaks?Supreme Court rules police can take DNA from suspectsHow not to connect the IRS dotsChristie likely to appoint Republican to replace LautenbergCorporations have religious liberty, my friendFirst Word: NJ Sen. Frank Lautenberg dies at 89IRS scandal spotlighted in DC this weekWhat happens now in New Jersey after Lautenberg?The transcripts Issa doesn't want to share'You are not alone. There is hope,' Obama says to Americans with mental illnessesInterracial family in Cheerios ad sparks online backlashFrank Lautenberg dead: How will the NJ senator's passing affect Cory Booker's 2014 bid?Supreme Court opens 'gaping new exception' to privacy rightsHeard in Oklahoma: 'We cannot wait for our government to fix this'New Cheerios ad sparks racist response onlineVeteran storm chaser killed in deadly Oklahoma tornadoA generation of voters with no use for the GOPAfter deadly storms, how can costs be controlled?Bradley Manning on trialBradley Manning: Frenemy of the stateAvik Roy and the wonk gapHow technology helps erode labor strengthSo long, XangaA plea to Congress on immigrationYoung voters call GOP 'closed-minded,' 'racist,' and 'solely for the rich'Michael Steele weighs 2014 run for governorNew IRS chief: Trust in the agency 'has been broken'Immigration reform: The tough road aheadSyria slams Turkey's PM as violent protests enter fourth dayOuch! Young people see GOP as 'closed-minded, racist, rigid, and old-fashioned'Did Ken Cuccinelli nudge E.W. Jackson to run for Lt. Gov?IRS scandal shows White House 'lacks a strong chain of command'Week in Geek: Way back editionIn Supremes' DNA decision, Breyer and Scalia switch sides--againTurkey: How #occupygezi built a hashtag armyMay marks the deadliest month in Iraq in 5 yearsThe GOP's fresh calls for Holder's resignationThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/03/13IRS allegations: Republicans tell Issa, don't 'make it personal'#click3 'Game Of Thrones' spawns 'Gaggle of Tantrums"Michael Douglas calls attention to cancer caused by oral sexCheerios ad with interracial family gets slams but also supportMorning Headlines: Tuesday, June 4What we're reading: Tuesday, June 4Mr. Smith goes to Washington?First Read Flash: Court now in sessionThe GOP's most recognized 'leaders'Too Young to Die: Daniel GardnerLet Me Start: The GOP's goal -- Abolish the IRS?Mental-health issues do not need scare quotesNY congresswoman diagnosed with lung cancer: 'I am a fighter'Chris' list: Best written TV showsThe Company Memo: Tuesday, June 4, 2013Penelope Cruz to be the next Bond girlWhat scandal-mania overreach looks likeMilitary must weed out 'predators' to be strong, says Sen. GillibrandEven playing the Reagan Card won't helpNOW Today: Vacancy or no vacancy?Axelrod: Issa should 'step away' before sending GOP over the cliffMississippi's Bryant laments when 'mom got in the workplace'UN Report: Syrian conflict at 'new levels of brutality'Obama accuses GOP of 'unprecedented' obstruction to judicial nomineesFirst Word: Obama announces judicial picks to the publicIs it time for the GOP to re-brand?Irate conservative groups lash out at IRSObama blasts 'unprecedented' GOP obstruction, calls for quick Senate vote on judicial picksMust-Read Op-Eds for Tuesday, June 4If Democrats put the South in playCost of gun control: Colorado state senator faces recall electionReport details IRS' excessive spendingMilitary chiefs fight for commander control of sexual assault casesMika Brzezinski and Arianna Huffington to host women's conferenceOctober surprise? Christie sets special election to fill Lautenberg seatChristie pursues unexpected course in New JerseyWATCH: Senator says commanders can't differentiate 'a slap on the ass and a rape'Justice Department slams down GOP claims, defends Eric HolderRumsfeld Unbound: Am I in Zero Dark Thirty?Racial disparities in marijuana arrests are getting worseWomen in politics--a surprisingly level playing fieldChambliss reflects on the military and 'hormone levels'What hurt US education? 'Mom got in the workplace'JSOC and the shadow war on terror'Mom in the workplace' hurts kids' education, says Gov. BryantThe GOP 'clown car' is backVery Last Word: Besides Cheerios, what's your favorite cereal?Top Links: Cruz's Abolish the IRS movement picks up new GOP supporterTransgender Navy SEAL comes out in new memoirWho will Christie pick? The political calculusThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/04/13Morgan Freeman: 'This is America--always hopeful'Sex, politics and the stigma over the HPV vaccineWar on marijuana racially biased, new report suggestsFor Trayvon Martin's parents, a journey of grief and advocacyNew poll shows Christie's crossover appealPoll: Obama's standing is steady--but scandals hurt him with independents#click3 Rosie the Rivet-ing Cleaner?Morning Headlines: Wednesday, June 5An excerpt from Karen Finerman's "Finerman's Rules"What we're reading: Wednesday, June 5, 2013Don't let the facts get in the way of a good storyLet Me Start: Shakeup in White House foreign policy teamFirst Read Flash: Foreign policy shakeupAbout those 'secret' email accounts...Chris' list: Best city parksMust read: Tough rules for high school gradsThe Company Memo: Wednesday, June 5, 2013Chuck Grassley, waiting by the phoneSusan Rice to replace Donilon as national security adviserFirst lady Obama confronts gay-rights heckler at DNC fundraiserDarrell Issa's demagoguery stirs up echoes of Joe McCarthyChristie challenger jabs governor's 'arrogant' special election decisionRubio threatens to betray his allies on immigration reformRumsfeld can't help himselfApple's lock to Pandora's music box?Must-Read Op-Eds for Wednesday, June 5Rice 'competent,' but Holder should goDemocratic donor launches website to stop NRATexas cops fired after being caught on tapeFederal judge says minorities 'predisposed to crime'Rice re-emerges, Republicans howlWalmart files restraining order against protesting labor groupsAn excerpt from Mark Bittman's "VB6"Heritage 'destroying its own usefulness'First Word: Obama holds steady but independent support down after scandalsJudge accused of saying blacks, Hispanics are 'predisposed' to crimeAnti-union bill draws protests in OhioGillibrand 'surprised' with military push to maintain status quoAttorney Barry Scheck on taking DNA from suspected criminalsRep. Mike Rogers: Susan Rice appointment 'curious'Late Sen. Frank Lautenberg remembered by Biden, ClintonHelp bring free health care to New OrleansObamacare critics have outspent supporters, 5 to 1'Battlefield Dallas' off to an awkward startClinton, Holder honor civil rights icon Medgar Evers 50 years after his assassinationWatch: Dan Gross discusses when the recovery will arrive to Main StreetDying girl's desperate parents sue Secy. Sebelius over transplant policyGOP comments highlight regressive views about womenChildren ask for pathway to return deported family membersSome GOPers have yet to evolve on sexual assaultTexas Tea Party leader: GOP doesn't want black people to voteVery Last Word: Christie's brushes with the Romney campaignTop Links: Virginia yoga enthusiasts be warned about the GOP's Lt. Gov candidateRight-wing uses heckler as excuse to attack Michelle Obama againHolder tells NBC News he won't step down'Moral Monday' protest pits NAACP vs. N.C. Republicans#click3 Are you a 'derp'?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/05/13Striker: 'We're not anti-Walmart, we're pro-associate''Sired by Him'How do we get more women into politics?Marco Rubio says he might not support his own immigration billGovernment secretly collecting Americans' phone recordsHow Section 5 blocked a GOP power grab in TexasFarm subsidies-loving congressman wants to cut food stampsMorning Headlines: Thursday, June 6An excerpt from Drew Magary's "Someone Could Get Hurt"What we're reading: Thursday, June 6, 2013Where in the world is Steve Benen (and hello, guest blogger Zack)Why is immigration reform losing steam? The IRSFirst Read Flash: Can you hear me now?Health care law's unpopularity reaches new highsLet Me Start: NSA secretly collecting phone recordsNJ Senate candidates scramble to gather 1,000 signatures in mere daysThe Company Memo: Thursday, June 6, 2013Must read: Teen gets full ride to nine top schoolsSale of some 'morning-after' pills to all ages allowedChris list: Crazy ballpark foodsFirst Word: Obama administration faces a new controversyWeb exclusive: Breaking down the Mass. special Senate debateACLU calls NSA order for phone surveillance 'very troubling'Dingell: Obama's staff has sheltered him too muchMore Americans oppose Obamacare than ever beforeTex messaging (Or, what's the deal with the Lone Star State?)Gang of 8 senator: Still 'long way to go' on immigrationObama picks human rights advocate for UNRepublicans still waging war on women, Dems still noticingObama's '08 pledge: US must respect Americans' privacyFeinstein: Collection of Verizon phone records was not done in secretChristie appoints Republican as interim NJ senatorZappos CEO spearheading revitalization of downtown Las VegasDuckworth: Take sex assault out of chain of commandProgressives' fears stoked in Obama era surveillanceDoctor says, keep [healthcare] simple, stupidRepublicans defend NSA surveillance but Holder attacks continueHarvey Fierstein takes on LGBT issues, both onstage and offDoctor says, keep [healthcare] simple, stupidChristie's Senate pick might be his latest insult to the GOPWhite House unveils new education initiativePoll: Americans blame 'government welfare' for povertyCommencement speaker: We don't need female CEOs, we need invested momsJoe Scarborough: Obama 'amped up' the 'Bush security state'Very Last Word: Searching for cookies at 30 RockJan Brewer <3 ObamacareThe majority's now the minority when it comes to same-sex marriageBobby Kennedy: The 'hero' we lost 45 years agoChinese hacked Obama and McCain campaigns, officials sayGov. Chris Christie opposes costly special election--then calls for one'Bag men' sue New York Post over Boston Marathon bombing portrayalObama acknowledges signs of economic growthTrayvon Martin's mother: 'There are voiceless families out there'Government secretly mines data from internet companies#click3 A 'cymbal' of patriotismThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/06/13Intelligence agencies tap into servers of top Internet companiesThe GOP's 'women problem' hasn't gone awayHow Section 5 stopped a modern day 'poll tax'Lawrence O'Donnell on Rudy Giuliani's rewrite of historyCities battle hunger crisis where unhealthy food is everywhereToo Young to Die: Bernard ScottFirst Read Flash: Economic status quo?Job growth improves, 175k jobs added in MayUnemployment 7.6% with 175K jobs added in MayChris' list: National Donut DayMust read: Moving memorial at Camp PendletonThe Company Memo: Friday, June 7, 2013Patriot Act author: NSA's phone tracking is un-American, abuses powerParis Jackson hospitalized but 'physically fine,' family saysRomney: Hurricane Sandy helped ObamaWere you paying attention in 2011?Where do good ideas come from?Where do good ideas come from?Chinese hacked Obama, McCain campaigns, took internal documents, officials sayObama: 'Nobody is listening to your telephone calls'Why GetEQUAL's heckling of Michelle Obama backfired20,997 days: Dingell looks back at his 57 years in CongressSecond child gets chance for adult lung transplant'Nobody is listening to your telephone calls,' Obama saysPols vote for national security laws they don't understand. Here's whyAmericans must judge how much privacy they're willing to give upEffects of Obamacare are 'too early to tell,' says NYT Magazine editorRepublican obstruction hits home for workersEffects of Obamacare are 'too early to tell,' NYT Magazine editor saysFeinstein, McCain to inspect conditions at GitmoTech struggles to respond after US spying programs laid out50 years of women's fight for equal payThings are getting ugly fast for immigration reformThe NSA tramples on privacy you already gave upAssignment desk: The consequences of NSA surveillancePresident touts Obamacare's success in CaliforniaCeci n'est pas un crullerInternet spying kept secret from most of Congress, Sen. Merkley saysCory Booker in for NJ special electionAnd now our 51st state: North ColoradoPenn. governor's strategy of budget cuts and voter ID not working out so greatChristine Quinn confronts NYC hate crimes in quest to be mayorThe future is in our own handsThe Manning trial shapes how the world sees AmericaSurprise, surprise: Cory Booker expected to announce Senate runWhat Game of Thrones teaches us about politicsPresident Obama gears up for summit with China's Xi JinpingVery Last Word: Will privacy ever increase in the digital age?Why we should have an 'Opt Out' organ donation policyPresident Obama's message to RepublicansBachmann 2016? Don't write it off!The Syllabus: What you need to know for the June 8 'MHP'Another child's fate now hangs on transplant policyThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/07/13#click3 Alert: Ryan Gosling has a doppelgangerSlow but steady jobs growthSenator Merkley: 'Certainly what the president said today stretched several things'Mandela returns to hospital in 'serious condition'Richard Engel's full drone pilot interviewThere's a map for that: (again!)Back to Bush era? Liberals see Obama regressingMeet Marcel Neergaard, anti-bullying activist (and 11-year-old)Hundreds arrested in NC protests combating Republican attacks on social programsAt Their Wit's EndNorth Carolina's 'Moral Monday' protests are only the beginning'ED Show' guest list: Saturday, June 8Joe Biden to headline Virginia Jefferson-Jackson DinnerUS, China enter 'uncharted waters' in cybersecurity talksThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the June 9 'MHP'Checks, balances, and the National Security AgencyNC state senator dismisses protests as 'circus'Anti-gay marriage protesters storm French Open'ED Show' guest list: Sunday, June 9Civil rights hang in the balance in Supreme Court decisionsNSA leaker comes forward, says government set to destroy privacyKaren Finney: Defending Jay CarneyAyotte says she'll support immigration bill50 years on, women still fighting for equal payWhat we're reading: Monday, June 10, 2013Glenn Greenwald: 'Rampant abuse' needs sunlightSnowden: 'I know I have done nothing wrong'First Read Flash: NSA leaker revealedWatch: Guardian's Greenwald defends leak as essential to democracyCummings on IRS story: 'The case is solved'Chris' list: Most famous whistleblowersMust read: Restaurants charging for skipped reservationsThe Company Memo: Monday, June 10, 2013Poll: Booker way ahead in NJ Senate primaryHolding Congress accountable for NSA excessesTrayvon Martin's father appeals for peace as jury selection beginsNOW Today: Secrets, surveillance & civil libertiesRNC boosts evangelical outreachEdward Snowden: What you need to know about the NSA leakerMaking prison reform a conservative issueIn time for summer, a new #nerdland reading listMood shifts as Nelson Mandela remains in South Africa hospitalFormer CIA chief of staff: Snowden 'not a whistleblower'First Word: NSA leaker Edward Snowden speaks outTop Links: Senate debate on immigration reform exposes GOP rifts on every 2014-sized issueHistoric political blackmail led to Senate suicide and delay of gay rightsNSA leaks: Who has clearance for top secret information?Can you really become addicted to your smartphone?Most in Congress direct anger at leaks, not NSA surveillanceACLU asks spy court to release secret rulings in response to leaks'One Million Bones' lays bare human toll of genocideHillary Clinton tweets, fuels 2016 speculation with 'TBD...'McDonnell's case before a grand juryAn excerpt from Rodger McDaniel's "Dying for Joe McCarthy's Sins"If NSA controversies are a recurring issue...Walmart shareholders' meeting: Carefully choreographed, but signs of unrestLive video: Jury selection begins in George Zimmerman trialOpinion: Can Booker live up to all the hype?E. W. Jackson's Christine O'Donnell problemNational intelligence director: Snowden chose to 'violate a sacred trust''Moral Monday' protests continue in North CarolinaNelson Mandela may be the 'world's greatest hero'Extreme political views not always accompanied with understanding, study showsImmigration reform entering 'most crucial phase' in the SenateWage gap even more pronounced for LatinasThe IRS scandal: Cummings and Issa sparTrayvon Martin's family has 'faith in the justice system'Support NSA surveillance? That might depend on who's presidentThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/10/13Obama: women 'bringing home home the bacon' is 'nothing to panic about'Ted Cruz says Obama is playing politics with immigration reformVictims of gun violence gather at Zimmerman trialThe immigration bill moves forwardFree guns for 'vulnerable' women in HoustonSanta Monica College shooting: Thank the NRA, says O'Donnell#click3 #tweetsfromhillaryMorning Headlines: Tuesday, June 11What we're reading: Tuesday, June 11, 2013An excerpt from Rob Kaplan's "What You're Really Meant to Do"An excerpt from Steve Berry's "The King's Deception"U.S. majority backs N.S.A. surveillanceToo Young to Die: Mason HanawayFirst Read Flash: Spy gamesObama administration drops fight against morning-after pillNew York City defends soda ban in appeals courtAn excerpt from Rich Lowry's "Lincoln Unbound"Why the Farm Bill mattersObama admin relents, clears morning-after pillThe List: Changes to Hillary Clinton's Twitter bioThe Company Memo: Tuesday, June 11, 2013The 'biggest obstacle' in the immigration debateRemembering Doug Bailey: A political pioneerPhiladelphia mayor defends school closures, layoffsRon Paul: NSA leakers are 'the real heroes'House GOP eyes more anti-abortion votesDid the NSA stop Najibullah Zazi?White House mess celebrates 62nd anniversary with special menuObama: Congress, get your act together on immigrationOpinion: JFK's historic civil rights speech revisited 50 years laterMust-Read Op-Eds for Tuesday, June 11Bipartisan bill would force secret court into openTop Links: Wyden's Group of 8 takes on the White House – and Booz Allen Hamilton is hiring!NRA thanks pro-gun Democrat in resurgence of arms debateForget expansion, Mississippi at risk of losing all Medicaid'The Invisible War' impacting efforts to combat military sex assaultDem senators to voting panel: Fix the long linesDemocratic senator diagnoses Ted Cruz with 'Obamaphobia'What James Clapper told Ron WydenBiracial Cheerios star becomes a phenomenon—chalks it up to her 'great smile'Obama's former chief of staff plans run for Illinois GovRepublicans disagree on federal role in educationWhat's next for NSA leaker Edward Snowden?First Word: NSA leaker Edward Snowden firedCelebrities praise Walmart management at shareholders meetingVIDEO: Turkish police unleash on protesters in Taksim SquareThe right struggles badly with Plan B approvalFranken defends NSA surveillance programsBoehner calls NSA leaker Snowden 'a traitor'Racial discrimination in housing persists in 2013June 11, 1963: From George Wallace to John Kennedy, a momentous day for civil rightsGOP senators target nominee for ATF (now seven years without a director)ACLU sues, tech giants asks permission to publish government data requests'A Tale of Two Girls'Google adds to its mapping serviceThe NSA and 'insurrectionists' vs 'institutionalists'What makes government spies scarier than corporate snooping?Trending: Fears of an 'Orwellian society'--and sales of OrwellBloomberg's $20B plan to protect NYC from climate changeThe Whistleblower Protection Act is not created equalPennsylvania's McCord inches closer toward running for governorThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/11/13#click3 What you'll look like in 100,000 yearsWatch: JFK's civil rights speech, 50 years agoHealth Clinic Volunteer: an experience rewarding 'beyond words'Morning Headlines: Wednesday, June 12What we're reading: Wednesday, June 12, 2013King eyes prosecutions for leak reportersFirst Read Flash: Decision timeWithin the chain of commandWatch: Snowden's girlfriend a dancer and bloggerDavid Horowitz's palsThe List: Delicious summer food festivalsThe Company Memo: Wednesday, June 12, 2013Bloomberg makes anti-gun plea to Democratic donorsOnce burned, Mass. Democrats take no chancesRight hopes to rally support for 'Hastert Rule'An excerpt from Fred Hiatt's"Nine Days"An indefinite vacancy atop the ATFTed Cruz proudly embraces 'Obamaphobia'White House staffers appear in 'nation of immigrants' videoMajority of Americans say NSA data mining 'acceptable'Setback to military sexual assault billTrent Franks reflects on abortion and rapeDoes 'Veep' mimic real life politics?Daughter of imprisoned Chinese activist inspires new novelFirst Word: Snowden says he's not hiding from justiceSenate set for battle over military sexual assaultLong-shot LGBT amendment back on immigration billGOP Rep. Franks: There's a 'very low' pregnancy rate from rapeOklahoma's Bridenstine wants a presidential apology'A Tale of Two (real and fictional) Girls'Bright socks celebrate President George HW Bush's 89th birthdayActivists push uphill to curtail NSA surveillanceRecord-low support for affirmative action, poll saysThe House GOP's 'number one priority'50 years after his death, Medgar Evers' legacy lives onDefense bill could give service members a license to discriminate'We need some honest answers' from Obama, says Rep. EllisonDaughter of imprisoned Chinese activist inspires new novelCan universities become more affordable?NSA chief: 'We're trying to be transparent here''We don't need to censor the mail, but...'Wisconsin Senate passes ultrasound bill. (P.S. Senate boss will not put up with you)Fears rise that Supreme Court decision will rollback voting rightsNew allegations of a State Department cover-up?Southern Baptists condemn Boy Scouts' policy on gay youthGOP Rep. says rape comments 'taken out of context'Wednesday's Mini-ReportWATCH: Newtown parent reminds lawmakers: 'We are not going anywhere'Collective sky'We live in a recording studio'Very Last Word: Do bold ideas require formal attire?Snowden 'thinks long and hard before coming to a decision,' friend saysWhy Bloomberg asking donors to withhold gifts over gun votes won't workMedgar Evers' widow: 'Jim Crow is a Brooks Brothers suit'The NSA leak: What the reporter knowsAhead on the 6/12 Maddow showTop Links: Let's stop it with this 'treason/traitor' talk, okay?#click3 The Whitehouse makes creepy Vines.The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/12/13In surveillance, the issue is distinguishing between ordinary people and suspected terroristsIs there deeper meaning to be found in painting a blue lagoon black?Issa attacks Cummings instead of releasing IRS transcriptsBiden and Bloomberg step up gun safety fightLinks for the 6/12 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #67Facebook fuels kiddie clothing business to the tune of $20 millionWatch: Facebook fuels kiddie clothing business to the tune of $20 millionWhat we're reading: Thursday, June 14, 2013Morning Maddow: June 13Wisconsin's Walker: 'I don't have any problem with ultrasound'Morning Headlines: Thursday, June 13NRA ad hits Sen. Manchin on background checksFirst Read Flash: Spilling secretsJobless claims show unexpected improvementKen Fredette's brainThe Virginia GOP does it againThe List: Most affordable cities for summer travelA rolling disaster on auto-pilotJudge Jones' troubles intensifySupreme Court: We own our genesDuncan fears IRS firearmsThursday's campaign round-upLGBT Americans feel more accepted by society, Pew survey findsObama to arm Syrian rebelsWhat is public is no longer private in the digital eraThree months later, GOP rebranding falls off the railsSecond chance? These ex-Reps. want back in for 2014'Momentum' still favors gun control as Newtown families head to HillSen. Manchin counters gun lobby: NRA 'has lost its way''Peacemaker' heals city in wake of Trayvon Martin killingGamers fear Xbox One could be 'future of PRISM'Unanimous court: companies can't patent human genesCensus report shows multiracial and minority population growing fastestRepublican congressman raffling off Bushmaster AR-15 rifleTester: Country needs 'best of both worlds' in surveillance balanceNewtown families to meet with Obama after Capitol Hill rallyThe line Rubio will not crossUS white population at historic lowLawmaker stresses military accountability: I was 'sexually assaulted'The future for Affirmative ActionPhiladelphia schools latest victim of massive state cutsShould Newtown crime scene photos be released?New polls: Even in red states, strong support for immigration reform'North Colorado' would be kind of an oil stateThursday's Mini-ReportNFL commissioner defends Redskins team name in letter to CongressThe 'American Sniper' widow would like a gun for herselfCould Supreme Court Ruling help lower cancer risks for women?Ahead on the 6/13 Maddow showYou are not aloneRoberts orders formal review of complaint against judge for alleged racist remarksFirst Word: Chemical weapons in SyriaHouse GOP digs in against immigration reformSix months after Sandy Hook, grassroot groups and the gun debateAmerica's challenge is to 'build unity out of differences'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/13/13As immigration bill moves forward, right-wing fights harder to block reformThe poker game between Issa and Cummings continuesLinks for the 6/13 TRMS#click3 'And Miss NSA goes to...'Decryptomaddowlogical #68Six months later: Heartache propels Newtown familiesWhat we're reading: Friday, June 14, 2013Morning Maddow: June 14Six months after NewtownMorning Headlines: Friday, June 14U.S. intervention in Syria enters new phaseFirst Read Flash: Crossing the lineBrewer's Medicaid hardball pays off in ArizonaPoll: Americans' disdain for Congress hits lowest yetDemocrats take food stamp challenge to highlight GOP's proposed cutsThe Company Memo: Friday, June 14, 2013Clinton on Syria: All I said was 'I don't think we should give up on them'ENDA moves to front-burner, picks up 50th Senate cosponsorScott Walker's enemies listGOP loses congressional baseball game in 22-run shutoutMcDonald's 91% graduation rateNew abortion restrictions set to become law in WisconsinMcDonald's 91% graduation rateTrent Franks laments 'spin dryer'Kamikaze conservatism: Why the GOP can't stop talking about rapeTo stem gun violence, confirm a leader for ATFMandela exhibit captures 'face of the anti-apartheid struggle'Confidence in Congress continues to plummetGOP senator: Obama admin 'too little, too late' on SyriaRep. Clyburn says US should consider no-fly zone in SyriaJoe Scarborough: New NRA ad is 'race bait'Nevada governor vetoes gun background check billPriebus' 'listening tour' continuesCan the NSA convince Americans to surrender privacy concerns?'Immigrants are more fertile,' says Jeb BushCourts weigh legality of unpaid internshipsFreedom from religionMSNBC Google+ Hangout series: Supreme Court on marriage equalityLGBT advocates howl as Obama stalls on workplace protectionsToo Young to Die: Ragee ClarkThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the June 15 'MHP'The same tired talking points win againEx-NJ governor defends Christie: Oct. election lets voters focus on Senate raceVery Last Word: Overstatements on the NSA storyHow zombie lies maintain their gripFriday's Mini-ReportNew Gitmo envoy announcement expected soonBill Clinton on immigration: "55 or 60%"chance it will passAwaiting decisions from the highest courtA focus on the war on drugsSebastien De La Cruz's national anthem and America's moral rejection of racismPandora on?Arming Syrian rebels: Too little, too late?We misunderstood, and we're clarifyingIt looks like the IRS drama is not a 'scandal' -- more like a 'screw up'Ahead on the 6/14 Maddow showZimmerman trial: Quiet waiting in Sanford for the testimony to begin#click3 'Let freedom ring'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/14/13Links for the 6/14 TRMSPatriot Act architect cries foul on NSA program, but skipped briefingsDecryptomaddowlogical #69This Week in GodGOP lawmakers escalate their war on womenMeet Amy Palmiero-Winters, amputee runner helping disabled kidsAnthony Weiner defends 1991 flier as quoting the New York Times'ED Show' guest list: Saturday, June 15How reproductive rights are an economic issueAbortion access on the chopping block in TexasJune 16: Immigration, Southern politics, gunsHouse abortion ban now includes rape exceptionIran elects moderate cleric Hassan Rowhani as presidentUS to provide arms to Syrian rebelsSarah Palin's how-to guide on spotting hecklersThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the June 16 'MHP'Amendments may pose as 'poison pills' to immigration reformObama reflects on his father's absence in weekly addressWeek in Geek: resonance editionHow marijuana could be the new gold rushFood stamps, Roger Goodell, and other things you need to know this weekMichael Bloomberg has a new gun control tactic—will it work?Inner-city fathers face challenges and possibilityLawmakers have NSA on the membraneWhy your DNA is a civil rights issue'ED Show' guest list: Sunday, June 16Do we still need the government to end racial discrimination?What we're reading: Monday, June 17, 2013Morning Headlines: Monday, June 17Morning Maddow: June 17Who counts as married? DOMA ruling could cause chaosNSA cannot wiretap Americans' calls without a warrantAmbitious, low-income kids get lift from education nonprofitLet Me Start: Cheney to the rescueAmbitious, low-income kids get lift from education nonprofitCheney, Rogers show how not to defend NSA surveillanceOfficials: Less than 300 phone numbers targeted by NSA'The stupidity is simply staggering'The Company Memo: Monday, June 17, 2013Remember who passed the WARN Act?Poll: Obama's approval ratings dive amid surveillance controversySen. Graham: GOP in 'demographic death spiral' absent immigration reformPoliticians in glass houses should not throw stonesSupreme Court strikes down Arizona voting lawBorn of a blackened pool, a handy new phraseHunger strike against school closures begins in PhiladelphiaTrayvon Martin's father, mother fight for his imageSkipped briefings lead to fewer factsFirst Word: New leak reveals U.S. and British intelligence tracked world leadersWATCH at 12:15pm ET - MSNBC Google+ Hangout On Air: DOMA/Prop 8Monday's campaign round-upHigh court strikes down Arizona's proof-of-citizenship lawMust-Read Op-Eds: Monday, June 17GOP Rep.: Pelosi is the problem for immigration reformEssence Festival ready to 'party' and give back to communitySen. Manchin fires back at NRA on gun controlOfficials get vocal on next steps in SyriaAre cell phones the new Black Box?The literal, physical size of a bill never mattersSnowden speaks: Cheney calling him a traitor is 'highest honor'Syrian conflict sparks debate on national and global stagesCongressional Republicans face a health care conundrumIs Obama one step closer to closing Guantánamo?Watch: Sorry I used to be a sexist, says former Clinton aideBloody Father's Day weekend in Chicago leaves at least 7 dead, dozens shotWhistleblower for the world?Snowden: It's an 'honor' to be called a traitor by Dick CheneyRepublicans quietly change 20-week abortion bill. Are they 'running scared'?The nature of international espionage and surveillanceTed Cruz wants to push voter ID into immigration billGOP's off-base definition of 'patriotism'Top Links: GOP knives are out for Rubio over immigrationObama has some explaining to do on the NSAWhy Senator Gillibrand is right about military sexual assaultMiss USA contestants on current eventsChris Hayes answers your questions on DOMA/Prop 8Obama and Putin remain far apart on SyriaObama says he's not Cheney, defends intel gathering50 years after SCOTUS banned school prayer, debate lives onCheney's 'credibility' problemThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/17/13The High Court is creating high drama#click3 Miss Alabama <3 NSAHealth care costs really are coming under controlObama continues defense of NSA programsCocktail Moment by proxy: The Maddow ColadaMorning Headlines: Tuesday, June 18What we're reading: Tuesday, June 18, 2013First Read Flash: Dividing linesBiden warns opponents of gun legislation 'will pay a political price'Let Me Start: Back to the culture warsMcCaskill jumps on Hillary Clinton 2016 bandwagon'Gang of Eight' felt the need to lobby FoxThe Company Memo: Tuesday, June 18, 2013Must read: Top selling albums of the LP eraChris' list: Coolest new roller coastersChris Christie: Presidential aspirations can wait 'till 2015'Duncan has 'questions' about the president's 'validity'What 'dumbed-down conservatism' looks likeUS and Taliban to begin peace talksThe game Issa loves to playSally Ride's historic space mission turns 30 years oldFirst Word: NSA chief defends surveillance as helping stop over 50 attacksNewtown families continue push for gun reform as political will wanesGOP Congressman takes abortion debate to new lowDoes Obama really 'welcome debate' on his national security policies?Menendez: Immigration bill will pass by July 4thFBI: Snooping programs helped thwart more than 50 terror plotsWhat Marsha Blackburn doesn't understandWatch: Russell Brand takes over Morning Joe, makes fun of our newsroomDid Scalia add 'virus' to Arizona voting opinion?Thanks, feminist movement, for making Father's Day better for dads'Spanning the entire range of Alabama Republicans from Lutheran to Methodist'Republicans claim science on their side in abortion warsRepublican congressman questions Obama's 'validity'Drug testing for food stamps, and 10 other GOP amendments to the farm billWhy the GOP should spotlight adoptionNSA, FBI offer spirited defense of surveillance programsCummings gets tired of waiting for IssaWill releasing the IRS transcripts kill the conspiracy theories?'Days of Rambo are over' as women to enter combat rolesPoll: Opinions on government spying programs are changingRick Perry tries to court gun ConnecticutIssa's hypocritical 'selective' informationSame-sex couples face significant housing bias, study findsThe real deal on abortions after 20 weeksImmigration: Boehner dances around as decision time nearsThe U.S. should have serious doubts about arming Syrian rebelsHouse passes go-nowhere bill to limit abortions after 20 weeksGone are 'the days of Rambo'--combat roles will soon be open to womenJournalist Michael Hastings dies at the age of 33Google+ Hangout: Prop 8 plaintiffs talk Supreme Court rulingsVery Last Word: Jay-Z questionsHouse GOP approves sweeping anti-abortion billWhy the civil rights struggle is like the LGBT struggleBucking Issa, Cummings releases IRS transcriptHouse debates $20.5 billion cuts to food stampsTop Links: What the CBO's immigration report does — and doesn't — mean for reform#click3 'Burger Jenga'Why Marco Rubio is walking a tight lineThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/18/13GOP pleads for help in MA Senate as Markey still leadsIRS 'scandal': Issa's case crumbles after release of transcriptsCBO report: Immigration bill cuts deficit by $197 billion over 10 yearsWATCH: Remembering the 'fearless' Michael HastingsAn excerpt from Niall Ferguson's "The Great Degeneration"Watch: Michael Hastings on Morning JoeWhat we're reading: Wednesday, June 19Morning Headlines: Obesity, Taliban peace talks, and Jack Lew's new signatureThe immigration price tag the right didn't want to seeThe inanity of the 'war on men' talking pointFirst Read Flash: History at the GateLet Me Start: The GOP's 'Clueless Caucus'Must read: New 'Anchorman' trailer outObesity recognized as disease by American Medical AssociationAfghan government to shun US talks with TalibanPhoto gallery: The faces on the borderMurkowski the third Republican senator to come out for gay marriageCan tech make government better?Will Obama declassify secret court opinions?First Word: Obama channeling JFK at Brandenburg GateRepublican staffer 'beats' food stamp challengeBachmann's last IRS stand: Targeting 'worst form of tyranny'Top Links: GOP's 'vote to nowhere' on abortion more a 'vote of confidence' in its 2012 plankCondemning today's dancing, quad-sexual military (with our annotations)FBI acknowledges using drones on US soilMust-Read Op-Eds: Wednesday, June 19Obama defends NSA program to the worldJoe Scarborough: Small businesses finding ways to lower riskObama outlines major nuclear reductions in Berlin speech'Real jeopardy' for immigration in the HouseJoe Scarborough: Small businesses finding ways to lower riskGeorgia's Gingrey calls for teaching gender rolesRep. Grijalva: Scope of NSA surveillance 'worrisome'Pillow talk with Mika: Working women defining success beyond money, powerAssange: Wikileaks brokering asylum for SnowdenProp 8 plaintiffs look forward to celebrating SCOTUS rulingThe political significance of HPV ratesBoxer: House abortion 'is about hurting women'Tea Party sees 'Barack O'Nixon' behind IRS targetingGOP 'no' vote highlights anti-abortion divide in GeorgiaMike Rowe gets down and dirty for jobsAnn Romney speaks out at city council meetingAt Gitmo, pretrial hearing for accused 9/11 plottersWednesday's Mini-ReportSenate plan addresses VA backlogOhio Republican does not care if state probes your ladypartsDouble Check It Out!Can the Tea Party stop immigration reform?'Do-nothing' Congress spends time on abortion billAhead on the 6/19 Maddow showGOP Rep. Gingrey: teach kids about traditional gender rolesThe political symbolism of BerlinThe problem with Jack Lew's new signatureIRS transcripts refute Issa claims#click3 Snake, will you get the door?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/19/13Very Last Word: How 'wingman' Rubio ditched Graham on immigrationFood Network not renewing Paula Deen's contract after N-word fiascoWant a STEM job? A new list says where to lookRecruiting begins for Affordable Care Act enrollmentKeeping Guantanamo open means keeping alive the 'forever war'GOP antics are 'just a circus,' says RangelMSNBC bringing health care to the uninsured in LouisianaLinks for the 6/19 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #70Morning Headlines: Thursday, June 20What we're reading: Thursday, June 20, 2013Morning Maddow: June 20GOP and Tea Partiers: it's like deja vu all over againFirst Read Flash: On the borderJobless claims increase, but remain below thresholdLet Me Start: Nearing a deal?E.W. Jackson just can't help himselfNew Jersey pols remember 'Sopranos' star James GandolfiniManchin unveils fiery new ad against the NRAChris' list: Threatened American landmarksMust read: Sean Parker alleges harassment by 'eco-terrorists'Back to the rhetorical drawing boardGOP senator: New border security amendment 'almost overkill'Candidate's counter to Booker: Elect a rocket scientist for NJ SenateMaking an 'exodus' from a cruel, absurd initiativeMust-Read Op-Eds: Thursday, June 20House rejects amendment to restore food stamp fundsMcCaskill: Commanders must be involved in military assault prosecutionsLGBT Pride finds home in federal departmentsCongress vs. public opinionHPV vaccine slashes infections for a generation of teen girlsThursday's campaign round-upRattner's charts on Fed pulling back on stimulusObama faces demands to declassify scope of surveillance powersAgreement on border security is 'almost overkill'First Word: Border deal likely to boost chances of immigration reformSupport for same sex marriage grows ahead of Supreme Court decisionsSexual assault charges filed against Naval Academy football playersAnd speaking of oil-related leaks ...Democratic senator challenges Obama's Syria policyFeinstein calls for end to Guantanamo force-feedingsSupreme Court helps Obama correct course in the fight against AIDSAnother setback in the GOP's outreach effortsAnti-gay organization apologizes to LGBT communityInstagram adds video to photo serviceMcCaskill: Clinton called me after my endorsementThe unpaid internship racketA really big showCantor plays the blame game (poorly)Democrats let GOP name their price on immigrationHouse kills its own farm billStay classy, Paul LePageRepublicans link IRS conspiracy theories to ObamacareSlideshow: The Obama family in EuropeKeeping it in the family?Thursday's Mini-ReportDelaware to grant casino industry $8 million bailoutChristian ministry that backed 'gay therapy' apologizes, shuts downStudy: Tea Party supporters more likely to exhibit racismAhead on the 6/20 Maddow showGOP official out after 'racist rant' about fmr. Miss AmericaWHO report: One in three women abused worldwideGeorge Zimmerman to face all-woman juryLGBT workers should hide their sexual orientation, says Rep. GohmertLet's talk about sex (in a funny new book)Watch: Filmmaker Jon Alpert on Gandolfini's impressive careerJurors selected in Zimmerman trialDo the right thing, Mr. SpeakerInjured, Tammy Duckworth found another way to serveThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/20/13#click3 We'll always 'reserve' a place for James GandolfiniTop Links: How Boehner got 'Oceans 11'ed' with the farm bill voteFarm bill vote is a 'massive failure' for Boehner and GOPWhy the military still bans sodomyShocker: Affordable care act helps patients get affordable careLinks for the 620 TRMSTom Colicchio: Hunger activists 'thrilled' farm bill didn't passVery Last Word: Is Cruz throwing 'boob bait' to IRS haters?Female entrepreneur used fear of failure to persevereFemale entrepreneur used fear of failure to persevereMorning Headlines: Friday, June 21Immigraton reform: Nine groups to watchMorning Maddow: Summer SolsticeHouse, Senate moving in different directionsFirst Read Flash: Trouble on the FarmUnhinged N.H. lawmaker exits stage rightLet Me Start: A 'Rubio-free' Senate?Mika Brzezinski responds to Russell Brand interviewBoehner struggles with the economic basicsRepublican super PAC vows to 'Stop Hillary 2016'Chris' List: Best songs of summerThe Company Memo: Friday, June 21, 2013Chris's Must Read: Cat nurses puppy back to healthThe subtext behind Comey's FBI nominationDon't expect TV in the High Court any time soonThe GOP's 'Tuesday Group' wants to be heardProminent climate denier balks at labelGOP profiles in courage: Why Senator Murkowski mattersFriday's campaign round-upFather of gun victim to hecklers: 'What happened to my daughter wasn't propaganda'Boehner reflects on the Hoover DamLawmakers push for televised Supreme Court proceedingsA murder-suicide and the dark side of military recruitingWisconsin lawmaker: Republicans use 'Taliban' tactics against womenCongressman Schiff calls farm bill failure part of 'dysfunctional House leadership'McConnell takes more air from IRS scandal balloonObama's 'insider threat' crackdown on leaksObama meets with little-known privacy board over NSA snoopingO'Reilly throws his support behind immigration billPaula Deen dropped by Food Network after apologizing in video statementThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the June 22 'MHP'Texas abortion bill inspires massive 'people's filibuster'Gohmert says employees shouldn't discuss sexual orientation at workEmergency contraception finally clears final hurdleRepublicans gone rogue: Why Boehner couldn't pass the farm billFriday's Mini-ReportThe Border Surge: Christmas Comes Early for HalliburtonHealthcare's opponents have no planMcConnell: Shhh! I'm exercising free speech!Today In Hyperbole: Zombie EditionMLK's first 'I have a dream' speechAll In with Chris Agenda: Paula Deen and affirmative actionEdward Snowden charged with spyingVery Last Word: The butterfly effect of gerrymanderingGOP rep proposes bill to fire federal employees who refuse to testifyAhead on the 6/21 Maddow show#click3 Look North West and you shall see Kim & KanyeThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/21/13Texas Republicans meet the 'Citizens Filibuster' and -- update -- schedule new abortion vote anywayLinks for the 6/21 TRMSWhat Arizona can teach Republicans about immigrationDecryptomaddowlogical #71June 23: Immigration, SCOTUS previewThis Week in GodMeet Jon Sink, whose 5-year-old sold lemonade for peaceLabor protections still elude home care workersSerena Williams, it's never good to blame a rape survivorSmall farmers face trouble without agricultural aidDemocrat takes double-digit lead in Mass. Senate raceSharpton invites Bobby Jindal to free health clinicKerry presses Taliban to revive Afghan peace bid'ED Show' guest list: Saturday, June 22The Syllabus: What you need to know for the June 23 'MHP'N.J. Democrat: GOP 'road blocks' threaten immigration reformWhere in the world is Edward Snowden?Hillary Clinton's pre-game strategy? Be cool, tread carefullyLessons from 'To Kill a Mockingbird' relevant in schoolsGlenn Greenwald asked why he 'shouldn't be charged with a crime'Pelosi booed after saying Snowden 'broke the law''ED Show' guest list: Sunday, June 23Public defenders challenging the system profiled in new filmDoes there need to be a 'fight for black men?''Bring down unemployment' will reduce economic inequalityMandela in critical conditionMorning Headlines: Monday, June 24What we're reading: Monday, June 24Chris' List: Weekend Box OfficeMorning Maddow: June 24Peripatetic Snowden eyes asylum in EcuadorLet Me Start: ManhuntFirst Read Flash: Where in the world is Snowden?Obama poised to 'lead global efforts' to combat climate crisisTop Weekend Links: Snowden takes flight from Hong Kong'The party has to be bigger than Utah and South Carolina'The Company Memo: Monday, June 24, 2013When counting to 218 is harder than it looksBroadcasting live from the city I love, New OrleansHigh court largely sidesteps affirmative action case in 7-1 rulingTwilight days of Jim CrowMorning round-up: Snowden, Zimmerman and Twinkies editionMust-Read Op-Eds: Monday, June 24Essence Festival 2013: An experience too good to pass upEssence beat 'The Cosby Show' to coolSupreme Court raises bar for affirmative action in college admissionsHelp bring free health care to New OrleansMass. Senate candidates make final push before electionSupreme Court sets stage for fights over buffer zones, recess appointmentsVenus Williams' volley for equal payMonday's campaign round-upCastro: House immigration window 'is within 2013'WATCH: Dan Savage, Tate Donovan, more celebrity activists talk DOMA, Prop 8Kathleen Parker: President Obama 'took advantage' of Newtown shootingCould Snowden cause problems for future whistleblowers?Justice Thomas compares affirmative action to slavery, segregationReport: Edward Snowden took job with contractor to gather info on NSAHelping Paul Ryan with arithmeticOn the run, Snowden gets assistance from WikileaksVideo: In Texas 'rape kits' debate, the sound of abortion politicsSCOTUS: Affirmative action to live on (for now)Paul Ryan: Democrats are the reason behind farm bill defeatCuccinelli: Focus should be on jobs, not E.W. JacksonAffirmative action survives as court imposes stricter standardSupreme Court sets high bar on affirmative actionTexas' attack on abortion advances to state SenateProsecution, defense make opening arguments in Zimmerman trialObama to address climate change: 'This is a challenge that affects everyone''Freedom Federation' prepares to defy marriage equality'You've got to have some kind of race-based formula,' says former NAACP chairWhy Jan Brewer is praising immigration reformTaking a trip to 'Boehnerland'Edward Snowden on the run: Why Ecuador?'Moral Mondays' in North CarolinaSupreme Court does not strike down affirmative actionIn just 99 days...Assange: Snowden 'safe and healthy,' whereabouts unconfirmedAll In with Chris Agenda: Affirmative Action ruling affirms nothingMonday's Mini-ReportHealth Clinic Volunteer: Patients don't want 'something for nothing'First Word: Edward Snowden reportedly took job to find documentsPutting the lie to gross Hispanic stereotypes by Gohmert, 'Top Gear'George Zimmerman trial: Knock-knock jokes and profanityTake that, Westboro Baptist Church! Lesbian couple marries across the streetTexas tentatively passes several new stringent abortion policiesNearly one in four American children in poverty, report findsVote for your beliefs, not for someone you likeTop Links: Louis B. Mayer, Robert Evans, Harvey Weinstein … Rick Santorum?Ahead on the 6/24 Maddow showThe math on the Senate's immigration voteS.E. Cupp: 'Hate the leaker, love the leak'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/24/13Was that gun used in a crime? Now you can find out'Kick-Ass 2': Jim Carrey backs away from his own film over gun violenceParis Barclay becomes first black president of the Director's GuildSpielberg test: Why the One Percenters don't deserve twice as muchLawrence O'Donnell urges viewers to sign IRS petition on White House websiteLinks for the 6/24 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #72#TDRGoodMorning from the Bad News BabesMorning Headlines: Tuesday, June 25Chris' List: Top American-Made CarsWhat we're reading: Tuesday, June 25, 2013Morning Maddow: June 25Immigration reform clears key hurdle, on track for big winMust-Read Op-Eds: Tuesday, June 25WATCH: IRS targeted - progressives - seeking tax-exempt status, tooFirst Read Flash: Climate heatDemocrats defend Senate seat as Mass. polls openStick a fork in the IRS controversy; it's doneLet Me Start: Obama's end-around CongressTroubles worsen for Virginia's Bob McDonnellThe Company Memo: Tuesday, June 25, 2013There's a map for that, Red Panda editionSupreme Court to hear appeal of abortion-protest buffer zoneIssa rekindles flame with the one that got awayIRS targeted groups on left as well as rightSupreme Court strikes down part of Voting Rights ActSupreme Court guts landmark civil rights lawObama to answer student loan questions via text'The Egyptian Jon Stewart' hosts surprise guest, Jon StewartMorning round up: SCOTUS strikes down key parts of Voting Rights ActAlex Wagner talks Essence FestivalWhat Obama could do for home health care workersWhen the voting-rights challenge lands on Capitol HillGomez: We'll win 'with or without DC'Jim Carrey regrets latest role in film because of violenceWATCH: President Johnson signs Voting Rights Act in 1965Putin: Snowden's in Moscow, won't be extraditedLeahy vows 'immediate action' on Voting Rights ActCivil rights leaders dealt 'a devastating blow'Chief Justice Roberts frames Congress for Voting Rights Act demiseObama shifts focus onto climate changeMenendez: Immigration vote should send strong message to House'Moral Monday' leader: Dropping Section 4 of VRA is 'troubling'John Lewis: SCOTUS 'stabbed' civil rights law 'in its very heart'First Word: Obama 'deeply disappointed' by Supreme Court rulingCongress can fix the Voting Rights Act. Here's why it won'tNational Review columnist: SCOTUS decision a 'victory for civil rights'Nelson Mandela opens eyes, smiles when told Obama is visiting South AfricaFederal student loan interest rates set to doubleIRS also scrutinized progressive groups, new documents showThe small significant detail hidden in the immigration billWhite House pushes minimum wage hike on anniversaryNo Keystone if it will add to our pollution, says ObamaObama admin. 'deeply disappointed' by Voting Rights ruling, but not backing downChin up! How to fight for voting rights in 4 stepsUsing media to change the world for teenage girlsThat was quick: Texas moves ahead with discriminatory voting lawsWhy Roberts' extreme Voting Rights opinion could drive congress to actAnd so it beginsObama: 'We don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society'Disabled workers make pennies an hour--and it's legalIn need of a constitutional rationale5 conservative reactions to the Supreme Court voting rights decisionTuesday's Mini-ReportAll In Agenda: Life after Voting Rights ActBooker first ad: I'll run toward problems in D.C.A small blue dot in TexasRick Santorum's new gig: CEO of a Christian movie companyThose 'who laugh at climate change' will regret itImmigration bill is one step closer to becoming realityGun safety: Gabby Giffords sets off to sway resistant senators'Entourage' star tackles drug tradeVery Last Word: Everything you need to know about the Espionage ActAhead on the 6/25 Maddow showLGBT: Two years past 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' Hagel embraces 'Pentagon Pride'Why Ginsburg scorned the Court's voting rights 'compromise'Wendy Davis' epic effort to block rollback of the right to choose in TexasPoliticians react to Voting Rights Act rulingThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/25/13Adoptive Couple v. Baby GirlDemocrat Ed Markey is the new Massachusetts SenatorLongtime Democratic Congressman Ed Markey wins Tuesday's Massachusetts Senate electionLawrence O'Donnell: Why Edward Snowden cannot be a traitorTexas Lt. Gov. stops State Senator Wendy Davis' filibusterLinks for the 6/25 TRMSWhat we're reading: Wednesday, June 25Morning Headlines: Wednesday, June 26Must-Read Op-Eds: Wednesday, June 26Morning Maddow: June 26Markey prevails in Massachusetts special electionToo Young to Die: Skyler BoringLet Me Start: DOMA goes downFirst Read Flash: Voting linesThose who chose to 'Stand With Wendy' prevail in TexasPaula Deen: I'm not a racistObama's record on climate changeEconomic growth in early 2013 revised downThe Company Memo: Wednesday, June 26, 2013Poll: Weiner leads NYC mayoral race'It is open season on voting rights right now in America'Morning roundup: "It doesn't get much bigger than this" editionDOMA finally defeatedSupreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage ActAfter 50 years together, same-sex couple says 'I do'Texas senator stages 13-hour filibuster against abortion billSupreme Court clears way for gay marriage in CaliforniaTimeline: The evolution of same-sex marriageBye-bye DOMA. Hello marriage equalityAnd then there were 13DOMA decision to end exile of gay couples abroadObama calls Prop. 8 plaintiffs on live televisionWatch: Obama calls to congratulate Prop 8 plaintiffsWhy the breadth of the DOMA ruling matters10 best reactions to marriage equalityAntonin Scalia and his 'argle-bargle'Storify: The filibuster that launched a thousand tweetsAt the deadline: Student loan rates set to doubleRachel Maddow on the TV machine all day'Love is love': Americans rejoice over SCOTUS marriage decisionTexas filibuster: #StandWithWendy becomes rallying cry for reproductive rightsObama's Africa trip differs from past presidential visitsWendy Davis' Texas filibuster puts the U.S. Senate to shameFor Wendy Davis, standing up to the GOP is nothing newThe odd couple that cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California'It is the right thing to do'Blue dots, red states and the hope of marriage equalityJustice Kennedy's roadmap for gay marriageFirst Word: Huge day for gay AmericansPost-DOMA, Rand Paul fears humans marrying non-humansCould Wendy Davis be the next governor of Texas?For gay rights, focus now turns to 37 statesPHOTOS: Marriage equality celebrations sweep the countrySilence and pessimism from GOP lawmakers on Voting Rights Act fix10 years after Lawrence, DOMA case 'a matter of history'DOMA and Prop 8: 50 states, 50 tweetsWednesday's Mini-ReportTexas executes 500th inmatePaging Wendy Davis! Rick Perry calls second special session to address abortion bill5 Questions with ESSENCE Festival Speaker Iyanla VanzantDOMA: America reacts to the Court's decisionMarriage milk revisited'A large battle was won' on marriage equalityNational Urban League's Marc Morial Reveals Top Issue Facing Black CommunityAhead on the 6/26 Maddow showVery Last Word: Effects of the Voting Rights Act decisionInside the Supreme Court, witnessing historyMarriage equality: From Stonewall to no wallWill DOMA's defeat boost Christine Quinn's mayoral campaign?Judge stops deportation hearing minutes after high court strikes down DOMATop Links: Great overreactions from the right over Supreme Court decisionsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/26/13#click3: A Rainbow After the StormWendy Davis, next Texas governor?Key witness recalls last moments of Trayvon Martin's lifeLinks for the 6/26 TRMSThe women who made the weekObama arrives in Africa where an ailing Mandela awaitsHarvey Milk's nephew: 'This is the civil rights defining moment of our time'Morning Headlines: Thursday, June 27What we're reading: Thursday, June 27, 2013Chris' List: Forbes Most Powerful CelebritiesMorning Maddow: June 27Democrats see gay marriage decision as energizer for 2013 racesCongressional Republicans struggle with post-DOMA visionWalmart workers' campaign targets Yahoo's Marissa MayerFirst Read Flash: Dividing linesJobless claims show steady improvementObama says VRA crucial in getting him elected'71st Governor of Virginia' engraved on a RolexLet Me Start: Where marriage equality goes from hereGOP struggles to push back against Obama climate agendaThe Company Memo: Thursday, June 27, 2013RNC eyes new outreach initiative targeting womenMorning roundup: The hangover editionIn the wake of a discredited 'scandal'House Republican to introduce constitutional amendment defining marriageRand Paul walks back talk of cross-species marriageThursday's campaign round-upVolunteer: Health clinic made me angry, made me act, make me careRick Perry: Wendy Davis hasn't learned from her own teen mom exampleObama: The US will not be 'scrambling jets' to nab SnowdenTexas' Perry tries mansplaining abortion to Wendy DavisPress corps wins annual Congressional Women's Softball gameFirst Word: Texas Gov. Rick Perry takes dig at Wendy DavisProp 8 plaintiffs reflect upon SCOTUS marriage equality decisionsObama's Africa press conference overshadowedBarney Frank to House GOP: Thanks for getting DOMA struck down!Welcome to Instagram Michelle ObamaUS to suspend Bangladesh trade privileges over poor labor conditionsLouie Gohmert: 'Mankind has existed' fine without sex edENDA support steadily grows in Senate#TDRGoodMorning from the RNC InternsGOP senator argues for eliminating minimum wageIt begins: Republicans rush to change voting lawsHow Washington bypassed a free lunch on jobs and infrastructureBoston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev indictedSenate approves comprehensive immigration reform, 68 to 32Could anything be more conservative than gay marriage?Senate passes immigration bill, but future prospects are cloudyThe US-Africa relationship by the numbersThursday's Mini-ReportObama makes 'powerful' visit to Goree slave-trade houseDOMA attorney: Opinions on gay marriage going through 'an evolution'Gov. Perry's priorities: Pro-life, pro death penalty, invisible on West, TX, explosionRace relations 'dont seem to be improving anytime soon'There's no 'war on men': Claire McCaskill hits back at WSJTexas State Senator: Sonogram law 'was absolutely germane' to abortion debateVery Last Word: First days of testimony in Zimmerman trialAhead on the 6/27 Maddow show'Those of us who oppose gay marriage aren't bigots, bro!'Zimmerman trial: How will the jury react to Rachel Jeantel?#click3 National Wendy Davis WeekThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 06/27/13Top Links: Why the GOP's 'states rights' answer on DOMA won't work come 2016Tammy Duckworth rips IRS contractor for seeking disabled statusIRS chief challenged by Ways and Means committeeEx-Pentagon general target of leak investigation, sources sayLinks for the 6/27 TRMSWhat we're reading: Friday, June 28Chris' List: Cities That Rock!Tesla vs. the auto dealers of AmericaMorning Headlines: Immigration clears Senate, Paula Deen book sales up, and Hernandez denied bailToo Young to Die: Gage WilkinsonDOMA is dead but gay vets remain in limboMorning Maddow: June 28Immigration reform's path to 218 House votesPoliticians join Philly school closure hunger strike in one-day fastFirst Read Flash: Immigration side stepLet Me Start: Take it to the HouseWATCH: Snowden's dad says my son is no traitor'The entire scandal narrative was an illusion'10 House recruits to watch in 2014