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Bipartisan fiscal agreement reachedSenate reaches deal to avert fiscal cliffFiscal deal sails through Senate, awaits House actionNew Senate report faults State Department, widens blame over BenghaziGOP congressman: Senate agreement is a 'measured victory,' but not complete'Moral business practices' need not be an oxymoronArmed officers to guard schools in New Jersey townHouse GOP expected to vote on Senate billFresh faces to watch in 2013: Deb FischerFresh faces to watch in 2013: Tammy BaldwinPolitics: Fresh faces to watch in 2013Fresh faces to watch in 2013: Elizabeth WarrenFresh faces to watch in 2013: Ted CruzFresh faces to watch in 2013: Castro twinsCongress approves fiscal cliff dealTrending NOWMorning Maddow: January 2NOW Today: Who has the upper hand after last night's cliff vote?A House divided against itselfLet Me Start: Last minute dealBipartisan outrage as House GOP refuses to vote on aid for Superstorm Sandy victimsObama urges Illinois lawmakers to legalize marriage equalityIn fiscal cliff fit, House skips out on Sandy aid billThe fiscal deal: a tale of the tapeWhat we're reading: Wednesday, January 2, 2013The Company Memo: Wednesday, January 2, 2013House GOP prepared to ignore Sandy victimsMust read of the day: An ode to HillaryChris' list: 11 things that will be cheaper in 2013Boehner channels Cheney in shot at ReidToday on The Cycle: The dysfunction of the U.S. CongressAbout that price tag...GOP in disarray after fiscal fightLabor leaders: Fiscal cliff deal a temporary victoryRep. Waters: GOP in DisarraySandy aid hung up in HouseThe Biden-McConnell DealFiscal cliff cheat sheet: Everything you need to know about the dealTop Links: Fiscal cliff redux and the Sandy Hurricane relief fightChart: Anti-abortion legislation in statesRep. Paul Ryan and his 'tough decision'Scott Brown ribs Markey, raises residency questionHouse GOP blocks Violence Against Women ActRepublican Strategist: "Wait till the Debt Ceiling debate"Time to play offense for the social safety netChristie on Sandy bill: 'This is why the American people hate Congress'Christie blasts Boehner, House GOP over Sandy aidFirst Word: Fiscal cliff deal passesBreaking the glass ceiling: N.H. first state with all-women delegationNorquist: 'No Republican voted for a tax increase' in fiscal cliff dealHouse failure to fund Sandy relief triggers Republican civil warNOW's fiscal cliff winners and losersScott Brown's next moveWednesday's Mini-ReportWhere's the apology? Silence from the right on Hillary's illnessA side of pork with fiscal dealFiscal cliff deal difficult because of gerrymanderingAhead on the 1/2 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, Jan. 2Congress lets Violence Against Women Act wither awayWhy the right is acting like 'third graders' over Clinton's health scareThe wackiest laws enacted in 2013Congress continues to get shamed after dropped Sandy aid voteThe Sandy bill that may haunt BoehnerN.J. Congressman: Boehner punished Sandy victims because they're not from red statesAlabama releases graphic instructional video on how to survive shooting massacreThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/02/13Boehner admits he 'deserves' anger over Sandy flub, GOP Rep. Runyan saysWhat Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell did while you weren't lookingAn excerpt from Fred Kaplan's "The Insurgents"An excerpt from Dick Wolf's "The Intercept"Sandy Hook students resume classes Thursday at new schoolMorning Maddow: January 3Let Me Start: Out with the old Congress, in with the newRep: GOP needed 'shock treatment' on Sandy aid billThe election Lindsey Graham might have missedGOP's debt ceiling threat must not standUnderstanding the 'debt problem'What we're reading: Thursday, January 3, 2013Chris' list: The least stressful jobsMake recycling pay: A new year's resolutionTop Links: Worst Congress Ever, don't let the door hit you on the way outMust read of the day: White House's 'year in photos'The Company Memo: Thursday, January 3, 2012GOP rises again in the old ConfederacyStarbucks rolls out $1 reusable cupsThe Cycle welcomes the 113th CongressObama signs 2013 defense authorization, minus indefinite detention banFrom pageants to politicsDon't go away mad, 112th Congress, just go awayGun deaths in America: Keeping the conversation aliveCould new Congress thwart GOP on spending cuts?Jersey Mayor on Sandy Aid: "One of the greatest lapses of leadership ever."GOP willing to shut down government over debt ceiling?Scarborough: Seeds being planted for destruction of House GOP majority5 epic Sandy-fueled GOP tirades against Boehner113th Congress: By the NumbersForeclosure aid stalled as mortgage deadline loomsSchumer praises Christie, paints a harsh reality for BoehnerSignaling intent, Dem lawmakers offer gun control billDennis Kucinich says farewell to the House of RepresentativesJohn Boehner re-elected House speaker in tense voteHillary Clinton to return to work next week2013: 'Yet another year of the drone'Political hostage taking should never be normalizedPresident Obama's political New Year's resolutionsA House full of disappointmentFirst Word: 113th Congress now in sessionThursday's Mini-ReportExpectations for the 113th Congress: Only up from hereRepublicans vote to preserve 'agricultural socialism'With the cliff resolved, immigration back on the tableYear in photos through the White House lensThe hardball politics of the Penn State lawsuitAhead on the 1/3 Maddow showNo real answers on 'death' of Violence Against Women ActAdiós,112th Congress! A look at lawmakers who AREN'T coming backToo much? Newspaper prints names, addresses of 16,000 gun ownersSenators to investigate CIA contact with 'Zero Dark Thirty' producersWhen did Violence Against Women become a partisan issue?'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Jan. 3How the GOP uses the deficit as cover to shred the social safety netHow to make Congress workIf I could save sound in a bottleThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/03/13Rep. Grayson rips GOP on first day back in CongressSame-sex marriage bill advances in Illinois SenateChicago charter schools rake in thousands in 'disciplinary fees'113th Congress: Most diverse, most like the rest of AmericaObama scores: Why it was a BFD for Republicans to raise taxesLinks for the 1/3 TRMSJeh Johnson's full address to the Oxford UnionMorning Maddow: January 4Come at the Speaker, you best not missBarney Frank: I'm interested in being temporary Mass. senatorLet Me Start: Political stories driving the dayEconomy added solid 155,000 jobs in DecemberThe Company Memo: Friday, January 4, 2013Chris' must read of the day: Six habits of remarkably likeable peopleThe Violence Against Women Act is down, but not outChris' list: Top turnaround housing marketsWhat we're reading: Friday, January 4, 2013Biden picks Sotomayor to swear him in to officeAt the intersection of recklessness and stupidityBiden Unplugged: 'If you need any help on those pecs, let me know'Time for a $1 trillion platinum coin?Job Report FridayTop Links: After failed Boehner coup, GOP having 'relationship issues'. Paging Dr. Phil.Appetite for cutting entitlements not just a Republican thingBeau Biden: My dad would be a great presidentDem Rep: We Must Reauthorize the Violence Against Women ActNRA whipping boy Oliver Stone's top 10 movie scenesHouse quickly approves $9.7 billion in Sandy aidUp on Jan. 5: The fiscal curb deal, the fight over spending, an interview with Oliver StoneGoodbye to the 112th Congress--Will the 113th be any better?113th Congress: New Year, New You (and me)House passes $9.7B in Sandy aid despite Republican oppositionObama's popular vote totals put him in small clubSandy aid bill passes through HouseAmerican screengrab: Bismarck, North DakotaNOM pledges to unseat pro-marriage equality Illinois RepublicansJob growth by the numbers during Obama's first termThe junior senior senatorsIt's not just welfare: Our incredible shrinking governmentBoehner wins a second term—but can he control his caucus?NRA's Hammer connects assault-weapons ban, racismWeek in Geek: Winter space editionVacation outrage: Right slams Obama for Hawaii trip, ignoring the factsVery Last Word: On negotiating tax billsRendition? I do not think it means what you think it meansMalala heads home to continue recovery'Disciplinary fees' show the trouble with charter schools and privatizationWhat House Republicans have against the futureTarantino's cinematic catharsis with 'Django Unchained'First Word: Debt ceiling fight 2.0Republicans lie about the deficit and get away with itAt the intersection of courage and dignityFriday's Mini-ReportMalala discharged from hospitalThe political jokes that wrote themselvesInside the brain of John BoehnerWhy Spike Lee should see 'Django Unchained'Gillibrand: 'The real hope for Congress is in the women'Here we go again: GOPers threaten to shutdown governmentBachmann introduces first bill in 113th repeal ObamacareAhead on the 1/4 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Jan. 4Metal headsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/04/13Joe Biden deserves his own reality showLinks for the 1/4 TRMSLessons from the cliffThis Week in GodUp on Jan. 6: Hurricane Sandy relief, the 112th Congress, Chicago's homicide rate'Uncle Louie' Gohmert is at it againThe fiscal cliff deal: A tax hike for the real middle classMeet Jason Benson, 'Foot Soldier' housing the homelessOn Roe v. Wade anniversary, a letter to one fighting for choiceOnce homeless, Kyrsten Sinema now a congresswomanMcConnell lays groundwork for debt ceiling battleObama signs $9.7 billion Sandy aid bill into lawTrending NOWPresident Obama to nominate John Brennan to head CIAMorning Maddow: January 7Obama sees 'a path forward' on GOP hostage standoffNOW Today: Never a dull moment in WashingtonDisaster relief for me, not for theeObama nominates Hagel, Brennan for Defense and CIAWhite House eyes 'far broader' gun-control agendaLet Me Start: Cabinet ShakeupMcConnell demands unbalanced dealChris' list: The 10 best countries to retire to in 2013What we're reading: Monday, January 7, 2013American screengrab: LA previews the newsAddington to monitor executive branch overreachMust read of the day: Micheal J. Fox to star as news anchor in NBC comedyThe Company Memo: Monday, January 7, 2013Those who root for a government shutdownHillary Clinton returns to workHagel for Secretary of DefenseHagel: Why his sec of defense confirmation is far from certainTop Links: Why the GOP's promised fight over Chuck Hagel won't be its last nomination fightMust-Read Op-Eds for Jan. 7, 2013First Word: Tough fight for Hagel nomination?How to pass gun controlDemocrats signal intention to tackle the 'submerged state'"Cliff" cash goes to special interestsLog Cabin Republicans: Hagel is not a good choiceRep. Schiff: Questions about Hagel are legitimateObama taps Hagel for Defense SecretaryObama adds Hagel, Brennan to cabinet lineupObama first presidential candidate since Eisenhower to top 51% twiceBrennan nominated to head CIAPresident's nominations signal return of the old boy's clubNewtown pol to Gabrielle Giffords: 'Stay out of my towns!'Congressman 'Rip Van Winkle'Combatants start taking sides on Hagel nominationMorality, Partisanship, and Asteroids'Chuck Hagel left the Republican Party,' says CornynWhy Lance should confessMonday's Mini-ReportIs this Obama's America--or Bush's?Top 5 details from John Boehner's juicy WSJ interviewNewtown legislator tells Gabby Giffords to 'stay out''Gun Appreciation Day': Conservatives can make this stuff upGive Hagel a chanceAhead on the 1/7 Maddow showConservatives skeptical of Hagel today sung his praises not long agoSame old GOP: A new bill to stop 'anchor babies''ED Show' playbook: Monday, Jan. 7Horseless carriage soon to be driverlessSecretary of Defense? More like Secretary of Cuts.Are Southerners sinking the GOP?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/07/13McConnell can't define 'tax increase' without Norquist's helpAmericans are ready for 'sensible reduction' in military spendingLinks for the 1/7 TRMSDancing outside the spotlightTrending NOWAn excerpt from Stanley McChrystal's "My Share of the Task"An excerpt from Dr. Robert Lustig's "Fat Chance"Morning Maddow: January 8Boehner: debt limit 'not the ultimate leverage'Giffords fights against gun lobby with new PACGen. McChrystal: Assault rifles are for battlefields, not schoolsGOP opposes its own goals on MedicareAIG's gratitude comes with fine printNOW Today: Common on NOWThe Company Memo: Tuesday, January 8, 2013What we're reading: Tuesday, January 8, 2013Must read of the day: Jobs fit for a psychopathWalden pushes remedy to platinum-coin loopholeChris' list: Best diets13 days until inaugurationGun control battle heats upTop Links: Giffords hopes to jump start gun control support two years after Tucson shootingMust-Read Op-Eds for Jan. 8, 2013Wendy's, Taco Bell franchises are latest to cut employee hours, blaming ObamacareTime for Madame PresidentElizabeth Warren slams AIG for mulling bailout suit against governmentCongress less popular than root canals, traffic jamsToday on The Cycle: Diamond in the roughCorporation carpool: 2 or more (or less) personsPoll: Americans prefer cockroaches and root canals to CongressGOP Senator: Hillary will testify on Benghazi on Jan. 22ndVP Biden statement on Richard Ben Cramer's passingWhat happens if the GOP shoots the hostageMother of shooting victim: 'Stand up to the gun lobby'Why do we have guns in space?Tucson shooting victim remains optimistic about the future of gun controlAre gay rights groups warming up to Chuck Hagel?Remembering a man who knew "What It Takes"Republican lawmaker introducing bill to squash trillion dollar coin ideaFirst Word: Gabby Giffords takes on NRAMemo to Romney (and other climate skeptics): 2012 was warmest year on record40 Years of Roe v. WadeCrapo poised for promotion after DUIFuture of the CIA drone war may rest on BrennanHagel: what I learned in VietnamCould the government start hiring again soon?Tuesday's Mini-ReportConfessions of a Downton ConvertTucson shooting anniversary prompts new calls for common sense gun safetyHiding hell is not tolerable in the pursuit of a big-time football programFlu-ridden and looking for someone to blame? There's an app for thatChildren and CongressTea Partier: Democrats want 'abortion on demand''ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, Jan. 8Ahead on the 1/8 Maddow showTwo years later, Tucson shooting victim 'outraged' at Congressional inactionPoll: Root canals are more popular than Congress'We need to restructure the black family': CommonGiffords vs the NRAThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/08/13Alex Jones attacks Piers Morgan: Watch the latest pro-gun rantPlaying politics? PA governor sues NCAA for Penn State sanctionsI'm passing on 'Chuck Hagel' for the same reasons I'm passing on 'Jack Reacher'Who should take over John Kerry's Massachusetts Senate seat?Links for the 1/8 TRMSThe tax law's scooter boosterTrending NOWMorning Maddow: January 9When policymakers' minds go 'blank'NOW Today: Trendlines for the new Obama cabinetDick Armey dishes dirt accidentallyThe debt reduction that's already happenedThe Company Memo: Wednesday, January 9, 2013Must read of the day: Scalped Inauguration tickets going for big bucks on CraigslistChris' list: The "Razzies" names the worst movies of 2012Rick Scott's alternate Medicaid realityBeyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor to perform at Obama's inaugurationWhat we're reading: Wednesday, January 9, 2013New House Rep. insists Congress must say 'hell no' to ObamaObama expected to name Jack Lew to Treasury ThursdayToday on The Cycle: The Gun Control DebateThe NRCC forgets how money worksRight-wing extremists, conspiracy theorists behind Gun Appreciation DayCongress' unpopularity may clear the way for compromiseFlorida governor cites discredited numbers to block Medicaid expansionAwkward anniversary: Nixon at 100First Word: Biden kicks off guns summitMust-Read Op-Eds for Jan. 9, 2013Poll: NRA reputation takes a hit after Newtown responseGun task force chair: 'Comprehensive approach' needed on gunsTop Links: Biden, White House gun control summit begins without, then with, WalmartSwift about-face by Walmart, America's big box gun storeWho's who in the far-right gun debatePoll: Congress unpopular, but Democrats more liked than RepublicansThe problem with Michelle Rhee's report card for public schools100 years of Nixon: Tan, rested and readyDems trounce GOP in new popularity contest: pollAnti-abortion GOP strategist urges party to push for contraceptive fundingNRA's public standing takes a hitGov. Cuomo proposes nation's 'toughest' ban on assault weaponsWhite House may push separate gun billsKlobuchar: Decrease in mental health care is a factor in gun violenceChristie: I compromise, DC doesn'tObama jokes of rescinding Lew's appointment over signatureSurprising no one, Republicans oppose Jack LewAn ode to Richard Ben CramerMore and more 'pro-life' Americans support abortion rightsWednesday's Mini-ReportLabor Secretary Hilda Solis resignsDem. Congresswoman and shooting victim to serve on Congressional Gun Violence Task ForceAIG won't join anti-government lawsuitVery Last Word: O'Donnell for Senate?Nixon and Kennedy: an example of friendship in politicsAhead on the 1/9 Maddow showWhat's ahead for Messi--and for global media?Obama must leave his party strongIs immigration reform starting to take shape?'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, Jan. 9Obama's cabinet: a question of diversityGOP revives the fight to defund Planned ParenthoodThe Daily Show's Jon Stewart rips 'paranoid' gun advocatesNRA must drop 'slippery-slope' rhetoricJack Lew might have to practice his, signatureThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/09/13Guns, teachers and respectParents do 'not necessarily' have a right to know if I'm armed, says teacherO'Donnell: Barney Frank should be interim MA SenatorLinks for the 1/9 TRMSTrending NOWLet Me Start: The Lew nominationMorning Maddow: January 10Carney on coin gambit: 'There is no backup plan'Governor Rick Scott's disregard for the health of FloridiansThe Company Memo: Thursday, January 10, 2013NOW Today: Bring the #Binders back?Business leaders back Obama, not GOP, on debt ceilingMust-Read Op-Eds for Jan. 10, 2013Conn. Gov.: Other states undercut our gun laws, we need federal gun laws'A victim is a victim is a victim'... the women left behind by VAWA expirationMeet the high priests of austerity politics: 'Fix the Debt'President Obama to nominate Jack Lew to run the Treasury Dept.What we're reading: Thursday, January 10, 2013Ryan picks up where he left offCharlie Rangel on Obama's all-white appointments: 'Embarrassing as hell'Chris' list: IMDB users' top movies of all timeTed Nugent says gun owners will be the next Rosa ParksTop Links: At least the NRA is telling the White House to its face it won't support new gun laws. That was considerate.Must read of the day: The five coolest gadgets at CESGiglio dropped from Obama inaugurationHollywood's Oscar nominations pack political punchWatchdog: Tax code too complicatedPastor bows out of Obama's inauguration over anti-gay sermonsWATCH: Morning Joe interviews with Oscar NomineesJoe-mentum: Veep to have gun measures to Obama by Tuesday'Freedom is not a handgun on the hip of every teacher.'Progressive coalition 'Democracy Initiative' aims to rebuild liberal politicsFirst Word: Will gun debate erode the GOP brand?Obama under fire for all-male cabinet appointmentsWhere are the women?NRA slams WH after task force meeting, claiming prejudiceVa. Tech survivor: Fractures emerging within NRA ranksThe real story behind the bank bailoutsThe future of Planned ParenthoodGov. McDonnell pushes to restore felon voting rightsRepublican Congressman tells women their place in the militaryAll of us should make gun laws, not just the gun groupsPolitical dramas dominate Oscar nominations7 things that are harder than buying a gunShould Barney Frank return to Capitol Hill?New Jeep sales figures a fitting coda for Romney 'Lie of the Year'Ahead on the 1/10 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Jan. 10I want pancakesSteele rips GOPers for missing the 'sweet spot'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/10/13Pastor is under fire for views that are in the BibleTrending NOWMorning Maddow: January 11Flunking Currency Policy 101Let Me Start: Biden vs. the NRAScarborough: NRA is protecting gun manufacturers, not the Second AmendmentNOW Today: Extreme languageWhy Biden's interest in gun research mattersOn debt reduction, U.S. is nearly finishedLew's detractors struggling with coherenceWhat we're reading: Friday, January 11, 2013No one talks about armed guards already in Latino schoolsChris' list: Top 10 smartest cities in North AmericaToday on The Cycle: What we learned this weekMichele Bachmann accused of stiffing campaign staffers' payCuccinelli to allies: 'Go to jail' over contraception accessMust read of the day: Text your prayer to a friarMust-Read Op-Eds for Jan. 11, 2013Happy Birthday TDR!Top Links: The gun wackos have ended their too-brief media silenceFmr. Ambassador: Afghans need to solve Afghanistan's future, not the U.S.Some congressmen just can't help themselvesChamber CEO to big business: Hold your cashReporter Takes CDC's Advice; Gets Flu Shot On Live TVFeeling achy? You could have the fluThe Senate's shrinking 1600 club of former presidential contendersJindal wants to scrap income, corporate taxesNY Congressman concerned about Sandy aidPaw-litical metaphorGeorge H.W. Bush discharged from hospital after bout with bronchitisRight-wing fringe hijacks debate on gun safety'Broken City' director and actor talk political corruptionGOP Rep: Todd Akin 'partially right' on 'legitimate rape'Support for assault weapons ban, background checks gains steamDems offer Obama cover for unilateral debt-ceiling actionShould the U.S.--the sickest country in the developed world--shred its safety net?Up on Jan. 12: The trillion dollar coin, Tim Geithner's legacy, and fiction writers on political rhetoricRNC Chair Reince Priebus boasts of 'great' Republican campaignHow to win your Oscar poolFlashback: Bill Clinton criticized for lack of diversity in CabinetFriday's Mini-ReportVery Last Word: Signatures, confirmations and a belated ChristmasWashington can get messy, but we can still make things workIf everyone opposes slavery, why has the Trafficking Victims Protection Act died?Obama, Karzai: U.S. will transition to support role earlier than expected'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Jan. 11Ahead on the 1/11 Maddow showThe politics--and profits--of weight lossObama has 'guts' for accelerated troop withdrawal from AfghanistanAnd the Oscar goes to...Washington, D.C.The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/11/13Friday night news garbage masherMapping the World War II bomb censusThis Week in GodThe magic coinAlex Jones gets some gun-crazed companyUp on Jan. 13: Diversity, the Obama Cabinet, and accountability in pro sportsSame-sex couples request marriage licenses, knowingly face rejectionAmericans feel austerity's bite as payroll taxes risePump your brakes, Gov. ChristieBill Clinton visits Haiti on 3rd anniversary of devastating earthquakeThe demise of the platinum coinPhotos: Bill Clinton's relief efforts in Haiti, 3 years laterA volunteer's look at Haiti's devastationPhoto finish: Golden Globe memoriesThe brilliant mind, righteous heart of Aaron Swartz will be missedOn Delta Sigma Theta's centennialWeek in Geek: Belated Weekend EditionPowell slams GOP for 'dark vein of intolerance'Blackout: How the NRA suppressed gun violence researchTrending NOWMorning Maddow: January 14Powell laments GOP's 'dark vein of intolerance'NOW Today: A Month After NewtownLet Me Start: GOP readies for spending cut battleCracks in the wall on opposition to gun safetyWhat we're reading: Monday, January 14, 2013Should Obama violate the Constitution to protect it?With coin gambit off the table, GOP faces stark choiceMust Read of the day: Some on Death Row 'low risk' for paroleChris' list: Best dressed at the Golden GlobesThe Company Memo: Monday, January 14, 2013Obama chides GOP on debt limit: 'We are not a deadbeat nation'Neocons, Hagel, and a tired proxy fightToday on The Cycle: Guns and PoliticsCausing a crisis 'for member-management purposes'Top Links: The state of the gun control debate, one month after NewtownWill Biden target violent video games? (And should he?)First Word: One month anniversary of Newtown shootingGOP rep: A shutdown is 'on the table''The Administration does not support blowing up planets'Gun lobby stokes fear because it's 'good for business,' says ObamaVillaraigosa: GOP has 'poisoned the well' on immigration reformColleges roll back faculty hours in response to Obamacare'Sensitivity training' won't helpNew, from the NRA! A shooting-game appExecutive action on gun policyObama: 'We are not a deadbeat nation'In our diverse country, why is the Senate overwhelmingly white?In Golden Globes speech, Jodie Foster comes out. Or not.'My son.' 'My daughter.' 'My dad.' In a new ad, families ask for gun controlHuntsman: 'Our nation works better when we have a viable two-party system'Obama defends diversity of his administrationMcChrystal: I won't accept Newtown as the status quo'We are not a deadbeat nation'How community organizing transformed New HavenClarence Thomas breaks 7-year court silence, with crack about Harvard LawMr. President, don't back down nowHow the NRA got Tea PartiedMonday's Mini-ReportConservatives whine about Sarah Palin 'bullying' at Golden GlobesGOP Rep: If Obama uses executive power on guns, I'll impeach him'Argo' truly was 2012's best filmNot again! GOPers attempt to gut next round of Sandy fundingThe second-term curseObama has 'some 19 areas' to use executive orders for gun controlThe Golden Globes: A night of surprises'ED Show' playbook: Monday, Jan. 14Ahead on the 1/14 Maddow showBen Bernanke schools Congress: Raising debt ceiling 'doesn't create new deficits'WATCH: Gun Appreciation Day organizer insists he's honoring MLK's legacy, Sharpton respondsAn excerpt from James Grippando's "Blood Money"The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/14/13President Obama backs away from invoking 14th Amendment on debt ceilingParents of Sandy Hook victim: 'Don't stop thinking about this'Lawrence O'Donnell on why Scott Brown has better shot at governor jobAn excerpt from Michael Hastings' 'Panic 2012'Morning Maddow: January 15Let Me Start: Debt ceiling warTrending NOWNOW Today: Ready for a fight?DeMint may help GOP 'understand' an offer it can't refuseThat's not what 'thoughtful' meansPoll: Majority of Americans support gun control, assault weapons banImpeachment is not a toy, reduxThe Company Memo: Tuesday, January 15, 2013Must read of the day: Most annoying clichésTexas does not succeed in its secessionChris' list: Worst cities for commutersWhat we're reading: Tuesday, January 15, 2013Schumer says he'll back Hagel, Senate approval now likelyNew York legislature approves sweeping new gun legislationArizona Gov. Jan Brewer learns to love ObamacareTop Links: Expect the White House's answer on gun control as early as tomorrowMurkowski rejects GOP's debt-ceiling hostage strategyIs outside help making things worse in Haiti?Today on The Cycle: Ping FuNY Rep. Grimm: Arguments against Sandy relief bill not validVirginia committee kills felon voting rights billMorning Joe and Way Too Early are live in D.C.With his state broke, Maine gov quietly asks for higher taxesFirst Word: Biden's gun policy recommendationsDem: Plenty of House GOP Reps. have 'no fear' about shutting down govt.Chelsea Clinton: Hillary 'as vibrant as ever'GOP leader backs plan to rig electionA look back at Morning Joe's 2009 trip to the InaugurationWhat was the NRA thinking? Group releases shooting game 1 month after NewtownHouse Democrat on Ashley Judd for Senate: 'She'd fit right in'"This is climate change. And it's not a political concept; it's a practical concept. It's not debatable and not ideological or philosophical; it is reality-based. "The distance between here and HellerVicco, Kentucky, wants a futureGovernor Jan Brewer wants to expand Arizona Medicaid programTracy Thorne-Begland's long trip to the benchTop-Two Primary Brings Political Newcomer Back to WashingtonRight-wing rips Colin Powell for exposing GOP's 'dark vein of intolerance'Potential 2016 candidates keeping their names in the headlinesMark Sanford is back -- Disgraced GOPer to run for Congress'Forced by the momentum of their ideology'GOP Rep: Jail Feds who enforce 'King Obama' gun banMitchell: Armstrong revelation 'very personal' for millionsReading (most of) the ConstitutionNo U.S. 'boots on the ground' in MaliNew York school bus drivers go on strikeVery Last Word: Cory Booker vs. Frank Lautenberg?Tuesday's Mini-ReportCan New York's new gun law be a model for other states?Will Boehner play 'Dr. No' in the debt limit fight?A gun lexicon: If you speak out, speak accuratelyPresident Obama: 'I'm a pretty friendly guy'Which should count more: Lance Armstrong's accomplishments or his lies?GOP increasingly stands for 'Guns Over People'GOP shocker! Gov. Rick Scott abandons ReaganThe Dems' tongue-in-cheek advice for the GOPA vehicle for change? Obama's license plates'ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, Jan. 15Why Sandy aid has taken so longAhead on the 1/15 Maddow showSo much for the debt ceiling! House GOP raises budget to defend DOMAFinally! House approves $50.7B Sandy recovery packageFast-food chains continue to slash worker hours, blame ObamacareThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/15/13The GOP's 'REDMAP' memo'The West Wing' gets a shout out from the West WingMaryland's governor tries again to end the death penaltyIt's official: Wendy Schultz is cancer free!Stabenow 'confident' that women will be represented in Obama's second termNRA targets Obama's kids in a scathing new adA Haitian horror story, three years laterTrending NOWMorning Maddow: January 16Sandy aid passes House, 'Hastert Rule' in troubleNOW Today: "Significant" ReformThe return of Mark SanfordGOP's debt-ceiling fissures are getting worse, not betterLet Me Start: Gun FightWhat we're reading: Wednesday, January 16, 2013The Company Memo: Wednesday, January 16, 2013Must read of the day: The high price of being singleScarborough: NRA is its own worst enemyGun ControlNRA launches unhinged ad campaignNRA pushes back on critics of ad targeting Obama kidsChris' list: Top bachelorsMississippi Republicans not letting upAn excerpt from Hoda Kotb's 'Ten Years Later'When the GOP loses the Koch brothers...Top Links: How does President Obama get a 'big' gun control package past the NRA, GOP?Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to step downThe return of the public optionConn. town receives 'veiled physical threats' after proposing new gun restrictionsObama unveils sweeping gun reforms, 23 executive actionsPresident Obama signs 23-point gun-control orderFirst Word: Obama reveals his gun proposalMap: You've got a pointPutin is key to Obama's foreign policyFar right reacts to Obama's call for gun control -- 'Let's have a debate, not power grab'Rep. Van Hollen: Public deserves an up or down vote on gun proposalsObama unveils sweeping new gun control proposalsDefining 'power grabs' downLimbaugh mocks kids at Obama gun safety event, calls them 'human shields'No solution with Huntsman, Manchin 'No Labels' makeoverObama's gun reforms are only the beginning'MHP' transgender report nominated for GLAAD Media AwardDuckworth on gun debate: 'Let's have a sensible conversation'In gun control speech, Obama rejects radical individualismAs funding debate continues, parents still divided on charter schoolsFederal laws are not optionalCreationism spreading in schools, thanks to vouchersGun lobby leader says Obama's daughters not off-limits in new NRA ad"His kids go to school with armed guards carrying assault rifles. They sleep all right."Sandy vote splits the GOP House leadershipGuns: Obama's strong proposals draw strong reactionsWednesday's Mini-ReportThe new right-to-life campaignRick Scott shirks the blame for disastrous voting lawSandy Hook superintendent shares the chilling detailsA vote to protect guns is a vote against peopleWorking with Congress: Lessons from LBJDo Republicans need a 'slice' of reality?Very Last Word: Pornographic prose'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, Jan. 16Bill Clinton: Hillary will live to be 120 (and have three more husbands)VA Tech survivor: 'We finally had leadership from the White House'NRA represents gun manufacturers, not owners, says Rep. EllisonAhead on the 1/16 Maddow showScarborough: Is the GOP the party of Reagan or Wayne LaPierre?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/16/13Links for the 1/16 TRMSEven Lance Armstrong's money can't help the Postal ServiceA surprise for the NRA? Justice Scalia may be open to tighter gun control lawsMorning Maddow: January 17What we're reading: Thursday, January 17, 2013Let Me Start: The hard part of gun legislationNOW Today: Taking it on the roadTrending NOWSen. DeMint: Congress is a mess, so we're going straight to the peopleGun control debate: How both sides use childrenRepublican says raise taxes on the rich...No Such Dame: Football star's girlfriend hoax unravelsThe Company Memo: Thursday, January 17, 2013Must read of the day: Surgery horror storyExecutive orders are routine, not scandalousPanetta: 'Who the hell needs armor-piercing bullets' except soldiers?Chris' list: Most expensive TV shows5 things we learned from Justin Timberlake's new song, 'Suit and Tie'Youngest congressional member plans to bring his CPA skills to the HouseTop Links: Obama readies for 'fight of the century' over gun controlWas Manti Te'o innocent or in on it?A comprehensive approach, with many partsDenis McDonough expected to take over as Obama's chief of staffEnviros to Obama: Pick Grijalva for Interior jobFirst Word: The hard part is yet to comeDancing alone in North DakotaMayor: 'I don't care what the NRA thinks'Rand Paul vows to 'nullify' Obama's executive action on gunsCongressman tells personal story of his own shootingManufacturing returns to the United States, minus unionsMental Health: the medical perspectiveGood riddance to the 'Hastert Rule'?Blue dot wonders: Better life somewhere else?Violence Against Women Act tops priority list for Senate's longest serving DemWho is Denis McDonough, the man likely to be Obama's next chief of staff?Five more things about trollsHappy Birthday, Michelle Obama!Ray Kelly: Armed guards in schools is not the answerGOP pollster: consider rape a 'four-letter word'Castro: Gun control proposals will be a 'heavy lift' in Congress but most will passTorture and the mask of moral ambiguityPaul Ryan signals GOP ready to cave on debt ceilingObama's policy push strategy: Give speech, Tweet, repeatThe challenge of diversityVery Last Word: Fate of the gun proposalsHow technology can protect a woman's right to chooseChristie slams NRA, calls ad of Obama's daughters 'reprehensible'Bill Clinton jokes: I'm Hillary's 'first husband,' she'll live to be 120Michelle Obama celebrates birthday with new Twitter account, new bangsThursday's Mini-ReportNewtown superintendent: Arming teachers is 'not even logical'Hollywood slow to spotlight women, says 'MHP' panelIt's time for Madame PresidentStop glossing over the problem of addictionInto AfricaThe GOP retreat (as in, retreat from reality)Ahead on the 1/17 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Jan. 17Look out, GOP: Why Obama doesn't need to make niceRand Paul: I will 'nullify' 'King' Obama's executive orders on gunsWidespread support for more restrictive gun measures, polls sayDoes single-sex education help women succeed?Election process toolkitWidow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers 'honored' to deliver inaugural invocationThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/17/13O'Donnell: 'It is time to question Tom Selleck's humanity'Armstrong cheated in all seven Tour de France winsLinks for the 1/17 TRMSTrain your brainAhead on the 11/18 Maddow showTrending NOWSupport for gun control up, support for GOP downWhite House releases new official portrait of ObamaLet Me Start: Democratic DivideNOW Today: Belief to betrayalThe debt-ceiling hostage strategy starts to unravelObama claims Reagan legacy as his ownWhat we're reading: Friday, January 18, 2013The Company Memo: Friday, January 18, 2013Must read of the day: AAA's Five Diamond restaurantsChris' list: Best companies to work forA low standard for a 'rising star'Obama's not from Kenya. He's from the BronxTop links: Public opinion and Republicans still aren't on speaking termsWhen a partisan gap becomes a chasmAfter Newtown, a renewed demand for better mental health careCongressman returns after 32-year break, says 'money is toxic in politics'What retreat looks like3 days until Inauguration DayObama poll numbers strikingly similar to Bush's$2,000 for a presidential inauguration ticket?Dem. Rep: Guns on agenda, but economy more important to AmericansObama campaign structure relaunches as new political groupThe great Kentucky slogan contestToday on The Cycle: How to get a better diagnosisWhole Foods CEO: I don't think Obamacare comment will hurt salesIf you can't win elections, rig themOFA 2.0: Obama for America converts into nonprofit groupFirst Word: Looking ahead to Obama's inaugurationUp on Jan. 19: Civil rights and the re-election of the first black presidentChicago legislature cracks down on wage theftCantor announces plan for three-month debt-ceiling extensionVirginia governor to GOP: 'Stick to your principles'After the election, Obama for America is 'not done' yetInaugural flashback, featuring Andrea Mitchell'We suck. We're bad.'GOP caves on debt ceiling fight -- for nowObama's inauguration playlist is released, and we have a few suggestionsThe GOP's new debt-ceiling conditionWEB EXCLUSIVE: Hoda Kotb on waking up at 'Mika time' and overcoming adversityNewly discovered MLK Jr. audio recording unearthedGun Appreciation Day sponsored, then not, by White Nationalist PartyTotal number of Obama executive orders on guns: ZeroWe are the 92%: Americans overwhelmingly support background checks for gun salesLimbaugh: If civil rights activists had guns, they wouldn't 'have needed Selma'Election: Can Kenya move beyond tribalism?What this scandal really says about Manti Te'oThe seven inaugural moments that mattered'The Vote No/Hope Yes Caucus'Chicago Teachers Union president on 'fighting with the bosses' tools'Friday's Mini-ReportIconic inaugural momentsWhat we have here is a sea of blue dotsVery Last Word: GIFs, cojones and Tom SelleckNOW panel on Lance Armstrong's interviewLet's hope for a more civil, more productive second termFlashback: The lighter side of Obama's first termVIDEO: How to become the leader of the free world (so help you God)'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Jan. 18Buzz Bissinger: Lance Amstrong's lying 'shot my credibility'One day's worth of gun recklessnessWATCH: Rev. Sharpton vs the rep who wants to nullify federal gun lawsAhead on the 11/18 Maddow showWhy tougher mental health restrictions are the wrong remedy for gun violenceThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/18/13There's no war on the Second Amendment--despite what the NRA phone line tells youArmstrong told his son, 'Don't defend me'Practice makes perfect: Obama and Roberts have an 'oath card' this timeTRMS special report: What 'Roe' means nowThis Week in GodUp on Jan. 20: Joe Biden, filibuster reform, and Obama then vs. Obama nowObama kicks off inauguration weekend with National Day of ServiceGet tough on assault weapons, Harry ReidTrouble ahead? A look at two-term presidenciesWeek in Geek: Potpourri Edition*Sotomayor bolts after Biden swearing-in ceremonyIn Algeria, hostage crisis comes to a bloody closeObama, Biden sworn in for second termObama officially begins his second termHe campaigned for change. But what has changed about Obama?Americans speak out: Top second-term to-do's for Obama #msnbcMake a commitment to reach for real equalityElected-while-black: President Obama is already a transformational figureObama can make history by redefining 'rights'Four years later: Did Obama keep his promises?Five shot at 'Gun Appreciation Day' eventsSchumer vows Democratic budget blueprintGOP senator: gun-show loophole 'doesn't exist'The official inauguration playlist: United States of popCondi Rice transitions to pundit roleColin Powell: The Second Amendment calls for regulations, you knowOklahoma: Reddest state not interested in changing rules for presidentTop Links: The second term of President Barack Obama has begunMitch McConnell campaign: We're 'surrounded' by 'gun-grabbers'Obama second inaugural livestreamInauguration Day Open ThreadWatch LIVE: The 2nd inauguration of Barack ObamaInauguration: Along the RoutePresident George W. Bush sends his inauguration regretsThen vs. now: Obama's first term by the numbers'Post-racial'? No: with a black president, all issues are racializedValerie Jarrett: Obama's not done campaigningObama: 'We are made for this moment, and we will seize it'Inauguration day in Times SquareInaugural Attendance listDr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s last campaign'We are made for this moment'; Obama's spirited defense of 'collective action'President Barack Obama's second inaugural full textThe new normalcy of a black presidentWatch: President Barack Obama's second inaugural addressLooking out 'one last time'Where in the world is Mitt Romney? (Hint: Not in D.C.)Obama stops to watch crowd: 'I'm not going to see this again.'GOP feels left out of Obama inauguralMyrlie Evers-Williams' invocation a nod to civil rights struggles old and newOn inaugural weekend, Biden lays groundwork for 2016How the Texas GOP fuels anti-government paranoia'One Today' - full text of Richard Blanco's inaugural poemObama's 'Big Deal'Monday's Mini-Report" addition to serving as vice president of the local school board, is also the vice president of the Golden Fleece Spinners and Weavers Guild."Family values: Celebrating with the ObamasFor the first time, 'our gay brothers and sisters' included in the inaugural addressHow liberal was Obama's inauguration speech?'ED Show' playbook: Monday, Jan. 21Ahead on the 1/21 Maddow showA bigger role for Michelle Obama?Obama's inaugural address was a 'statement of hope'O'Donnell explains why this inauguration was so New York-centricObama affirms the 'overwhelming judgement of science'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/21/13Virginia Republicans move for permanent majorityCrazy in Love: images from a joyous dayLinks for the 1/21 TRMSA song for peace and unity in MaliMorning Maddow: January 22Trending NOWWhat we're reading: January 22, 2013Let Me Start: Liberalism is backOn Roe anniversary, support for reproductive rights growsNOW Today: Progressive PrioritiesWhen a 'fresh start' meets a stale pitchStrong for the future? The Democratic Party after ObamaClimate change: the Obamacare of the second termTop Links: An amazing inaugural and even better poll numbers on abortion and climate change for ObamaTea Partiers face 'branding' concernsMichelle Obama's eye roll: Was she throwing shade?The discomfort with an unapologetic presidentChris' Must Read: Malia & SashaWashington goes back to workA delay in filibuster reformInaugural poet Blanco: I felt that Obama and Biden had my backRemembering the women who made a KingThe spending surge that didn't happenHow the GOP governs through perma-crisis4 decades after Roe vs. Wade, majority in U.S. want abortion to be legalDemocratic Rep.: Obama "determined"40 years after Roe V. Wade, majority of Americans believe abortion should be legalObamas attend inaugural prayer serviceFirst Word: Inaugural festivities wind downBy the numbers: More than 1 million attend Obama's second inaugurationOne language, indivisibleVirginia Republicans celebrate inauguration with gerrymanderingPaul Ryan vs. Paul RyanBeyonce lip-synched national anthem at O's inauguration40 Years After Roe, A Shift in Public OpinionVirginia gov would really like everyone to stop talking about GOP's sneak redistricting nowIt's true: Beyonce lip-synched national anthem at inaugurationNetanyahu's re-election threatens Israel's identity as Jewish state'Right-to-work' legislation proposed in Penn. legislatureFixing the filibuster: Will Democrats hold their nerve?Conservatives split over response to Obama's call for LGBT equalitySuspending, not raising, the debt ceilingCrises and opportunities around the globe. But first, put America's house in orderTuesday's Mini-ReportRoe attorney: We must educate, energize younger generations of womenSupport for Roe at all-time high, but state battles persistThe state of abortion rights, 40 years laterWe, the people, not 'them' or 'those'Conservatives warn of Obama's 'liberalism' following inauguration speechAhead on the 1/22 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, Jan. 22Mississippi's lone abortion clinic struggles to stay openPeople are awesomeTurning 'sworn enemies' into 'durable friends': a message to Iran?Rightwing radio host likens Planned Parenthood to Hitler's 'killing machine'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/22/13Rubio trashes Roe v. Wade as 'blatant' judicial activismBurned by 2012 loss, GOP wants to blow up Electoral CollegeImmigration reform isn't an 'if,' but a 'when'Links for the 1/22 TRMSA look back at gun control historyTrending NOWMorning Maddow: January 23Cuccinelli claims King legacy in fight against contraceptionLet Me Start: GOP likely to cave on debt limitWhat we're reading: January 23, 2013NOW Today: Debt ceiling strategyNetanyahu pulled to center in Israeli electionsWhy the new House GOP budget plan will be even worseBacking Obama but still hungry for changeOn health care, the 'arc of partisan fever is beginning to recede'Must read of the day: lip-sync editionThe Company Memo: Wednesday, January 23, 2013Top Links: House GOP may temporarily end the debt ceiling hostage crisis. Well, maybe.'The era of liberalism is back'NRA to Obama: 'Absolutism' to you is a 'dirty word'Today on The Cycle: debt voteUnion membership continues half-century declineWATCH: Hillary Clinton smacks down Tea Party senator over Benghazi'What difference, at this point, does it make?'Violence Against Women Act reintroducedIs Chris Christie ready to tackle Hillary in 2016?Wednesday's campaign round-upRev busts out the science lab to school climate change deniersHillary Clinton takes on the HillDNC'S new chief, same as the old chiefNew GOP budget may have unprecedented spending cutsThe imaginary spending surge, reduxFirst Word: Clinton testifies, House votes on debt ceilingClinton stands ground in Benghazi hearing in the face of heated oppositionMaine, you're kind of a mess right nowToo much? John McCain jokes Senate panel will 'waterboard' John KerryHouse GOP cave complete, debt-ceiling suspension passesAn audio excerpt from Terry Francona's "Francona: The Red Sox Years""Some of you might wonder what took us so long. Others might wonder whether John Muir is sitting up in his grave. In fact, John Muir had both a deep appreciation for Thoreau and a powerful sense of right and wrong."President Clinton? Carney's Freudian slip draws laughsObama's comments on gay equality have made a difference in my familyVirginia GOP takes pity on seniors trying to voteRand Paul to Hillary Clinton: I would have fired youPhilosophy and the moral issue of abortionForceful Clinton delights Democrats. What's next?The next manufactured, self-imposed fiscal crisisObama's second inauguration: Chris Jansing reportsCombat roles will open to womenNow, women can serve in combatRush Limbaugh and the right rip Hillary for emotional 'theatrics'A blow to Netanyahu as Israeli centrists gain groundNRA blasts universal background checksWednesday's Mini-ReportMark your calendar now: the next debt crisis comes in MayHillary Clinton looks like a winnerClinton made the GOP 'look small''ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, Jan. 23Biden vs. Clinton in 2016?The House finds a short-term fix for the debt ceilingAhead on the 1/23 Maddow showWill GOP obstructionism subside in Obama's 2nd term?Tea Party senator says Hillary used emotion as 'trump card' to dodge questionsThe NRA and its 'tyranny hypotheticals'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/23/13A modern day John HenryIt's a man's world? Tell that to the female troops who can now serve in combatGeorge Takei on Obama and gay rights: 'We have come an incredible long way'Links for the 1/23 TRMSHow cold?Trending NOWMorning Maddow: January 24What we're reading: Thursday, January 24, 2013If you can't win elections, rig themLet Me Start: Battleground Texas?Child poverty rates increase unabatedNOW Today: Kerry's turnIf you can't beat 'em, gerrymander away their electoral votesViolence Against Women Act proponents get to workBoehner: Obama intends to 'annihilate' the GOPThe Company Memo: Thursday, January 24, 2013Must read of the day: Growing use for DNAThe pot accuses the kettle of having an 'adoring media'The next Secretary of StateRepublican congressman challenges Senate to pass a budgetTop Links: Hillary winsThe emergency-room argument just won't dieNorth Korea vows more nuclear testing, threatens US as 'sworn enemy'UN launches investigation into US drone strikesFirst Word: Kerry confirmation hearing or Clinton round two?Virginia GOP 'freaking out' over gerrymander billSen. Feinstein introduces new military-style weapons billTerror threats brew in North AfricaGOP senator to co-sponsor bipartisan anti-gun-trafficking measureKerry sails through Senate confirmation hearing5 right-wing theories why women shouldn't be allowed to serve in combatRon Johnson, still strugglingAyotte not satisfied with Clinton's Benghazi testimonyThe GOP's new strategy: Rig the gameSupermajorities don't (and shouldn't) define the SenateBiden pushes for assault weapons ban in 'Fireside Hangout'GOP senators vow to not back down on BenghaziVery Last Word: George Takei, 2024 and embarrassment of richesWhat happened to Harry?Biden: It's not about gun control, it's about gun safetyWomen in combat? OK, but what about the sexual assaults?GOP minority outreach could start with RNC websiteWATCH: Kerry calls out Tea Party senator for missing Benghazi briefingThe share of union members in the work force in a union is lowest in 97 yearsSenate agrees to watered-down filibuster reformIn D.C., Toure connects with people-on-the-streetMining company which laid off workers after election might be rehiringThursday's Mini-ReportLessons for the small blue dot: Fair is popularThe Mickey Mouse Club is back'What would Django do' about gun rights?Eisenhower: a childhood 'shadowed by armed bodyguards' isn't 'lucky'--no matter what that NRA ad saysAhead on the 1/24 Maddow showRhode Island moves toward marriage equalityThe right's reaction to the prospect of women in combat'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Jan. 24Women in combat? We were 'already doing these jobs,' says Rep. Duckworth'Bawdy, bullying, smelling of cats'This nun says, if you call yourself 'pro-life,' you must support gun controlRev. Sharpton defends Beyoncé's performance at the InaugurationWe did the math: How the GOP will gerrymander its way back to the White HouseThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/24/13Women of Value: Cecilia MuñozBoehner fears Obama will 'annihilate' the GOPAttack of the Giant SquidSenator Kerry's most important Senate appearance was in 1971Trending NOWMorning Maddow: January 25What we're reading: January 25, 2013NOW Today: Taking ActionLet Me Start: Can You Rig It?Filibuster reform dead until at least 2015 [updated]'A cautionary tale'New York shivers while Senate delays Sandy voteLone Star dreams: How Democrats plan to turn Texas blueGeorgia's Saxby Chambliss to retireThe Company Memo: Friday, January 25, 2013Must read of the day: Tom Brady's $20M mansionChris' list: Must-have Super Bowl foodsGeorgia Rep. dodges on challenging ChamblissTea Party dreams of rigging the voteTop Links: GOP's new election strategy, 'Why win when you can gerrymander?'Today on The Cycle: GunsHell hath no fury like a House Ways and Means committee chairman scornedSen. Sanders votes no on filibuster: "majority doesn't rule"Is Hillary Clinton untouchable?Mitt Romney does lunch in D.C. - after dissing President ObamaRichard Cordray's uncertain futureFirst Word: The budget and BeyoncéElection-rigging scheme stumbling in Virginia?GOP's electoral vote scheme likely illegal in VirginiaGOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss to retire, frustrated by 'Congress at its worst'5 more things about chimpsAfter many all-nighters, Denis McDonough takes White House chief of staff jobDemocrats to put up a 'reasonable and fair' fight for new gun control measuresSaturday, Jan. 26: Climate change, brain disease in the NFL, Aaron Swartz's legacyVery Last Word: Scott Brown and American Horror StoryBarbour not in favor of GOP push to change Electoral CollegeBarbour rejects election-rigging scheme, but denies 'conspiracy'Careful what you scheme forTimothy Geithner's last day as Treasury secretaryVirginia governor opposes plan to rig electoral collegeCory Booker adds to superhero image, rescues freezing dogLessons from Va. Tech shooting shape Biden's pitch on background checksA fraction Republicans should try to avoidRoe victory faces challenges more than 40 years after winReince Priebus keeps RNC gig; outlines GOP future40 years later, Roe v. Wade decision continues to change livesFriday's Mini-ReportFoster Friess resurfaces to talk about his favorite thing: ContraceptivesSometimes you want to go where everybody knows your nameLike it or not, Hollywood gets dragged into gun debateLGBT groups gain another boost from ObamaAhead on the 1/25 Maddow showWhat about Joe? Obama, Clinton to hold first-ever joint interview'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Jan. 25Ariz. sheriff vows to defy gun actions, calls Obama a 'dictator'Obama: 'You don't want to mess with Mary Jo.' Here's why.The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/25/13I can't hear you, there's a finger in my earHope and climate changeThis Week in GodMeet Ben Simon, recovering unsold food for the needyWhy ending affirmative action makes America less secure'Not going to see this again' - WATCH: Inauguration highlightsIowa Democrat Tom Harkin to retire from SenateSunday, Jan. 27: Libya fallout, Clinton's legacy, GuantanamoDem vote worth three-fifths of GOP's in Va. Electoral College-rigging schemeHow the Keystone Pipeline is worse for the planet than 'drill, baby, drill'Obama: Media is to blame for promoting gridlockLet's Move (faster) on childhood obesityTrending NOWMorning Maddow: January 28Scarborough: Palin represented a time in politics that is passing us very quicklyWhat we're reading: Monday, January 28, 2013Bipartisan group of senators complete immigration reform packageLet Me Start: Dynamic DuoNOW Today: A new agenda?Bipartisan group of senators to announce sweeping immigration reform dealBullpucky Alert proves effectiveTom Harkin announces retirement, sets stage for key raceHow the NRA became the fringeIt's 'not a viable pathway,' but it may happen anywayThe Pity Party gets some new membersThe Company Memo: Monday, January 28, 2013Chris' list: SAG award winnersTop Links: Everything you always wanted to know about the immigration deal (but were afraid to ask)Houston, they don't know they have a problemImmigration ReformDem rep.: GOP must stand up to tea party to get immigration reformIn the Obama Doctrine, wherefore 'perpetual war'?First Word: Obama administration pushing immigration reformVoter fraud seemed like a good idea at the timeCredit card users could get socked with 4% "checkout fee"Pic: 'Dear Obama, Come and take it'Today on The Cycle: The art of successAfter Harkin and Chambliss, are other Senate veterans eyeing the exits?Boy Scouts will vote on admitting gay members, leadersNext stop for GOP scheme to rig Electoral CollegeWhat Grassley doesn't know about the 'twilight struggle'"Won't get fooled again"'Gang of 8' announces immigration reform, but 'devil's in the details'Boy Scouts of America may end long-time policy of banning gaysNational Council of La Raza president: 'Our work is not done'Dick Cheney offers mixed review of 'Zero Dark Thirty'How much did Fox pay for Palin's pearls of wisdom?And the Oscar goes to...Learning from experienceSuper Bowl: President Obama flags football safetyAnti-immigration groups slam reform as 'amnesty'Monday's Mini-ReportSuccess! What you can learn from Alec and YogiThe GOP needs a Ronald Reagan for the 21st centuryChange they can't believe in: the stubborn GOPAhead on the 1/28 Maddow showObstructionist Saxby Chambliss calls it quits'ED Show' playbook: Monday, Jan. 28Images from the gun war: family fun, family tragedyTo oust McConnell, Kentucky Dems team up with the Tea PartyIt's never too early to be 'Ready for Hillary'Is the new immigration reform plan enforceable?Batter up! Taft to join Nationals' mascot dashThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/28/13Rep. Blackburn weighs in on new immigration proposalThe Scott Brown saga: late-night tweets further hints against another Senate run?Skeet-shooting Obama has 'profound respect for the traditions of hunting'Links for the 1/28 TRMSO'Donnell on the entirely predictable end of the Sarah Palin phenomenonTrending NOWMorning Maddow: January 29An excerpt from Tom Daschle and Charles Robbins' 'The U.S. Senate'Sandy aid passes Senate despite GOP oppositionNOW Today: Progress on immigrationLet Me Start: Pres. Obama's TurnMcCain: GOP can't win without immigration reformOdds keep improving for immigration reformWalker starts to get cold feet on electoral scheme'Ardent fans of the U.S. military'The Company Memo: Tuesday, January 29, 2013Must read of the day: Would you pay to eat dirt?Chris' list: Hidden hotel feesWhat we're reading: Tuesday, January 29, 2013Obama mentioned climate change, so now what?Are recent school closings a civil rights issue?Sen. Rand 'I don't have any proof' PaulMitch Daniels wants you to know he's doing just fineThe other high-profile Ayn Rand acolyteEmotional father of Sandy Hook victim heckled at gun hearingPresident Obama talks about immigration reformTop Links: And now it's President Obama's turn to talk immigrationFirst Word: Obama heads to Vegas, babyHagel faces unprecedented ad blitzDem Rep.: Don't tie immigration to border securityBob McDonnell weighs in on Va. governor's raceWhy immigration reform won't be enough for the GOP to win Latino votersOak Creek police chief: 'We're trying to control violence,' not gunsReady for Hillary 2016 super pac formsPic: Babes and armsStrange bedfellows: Liberals, Tea Party team up to oust McConnellNational Urban League president on immigration reform: 'It's a good start'These two PACs are 'Ready for Hillary'Chicken tender? Chick-fil-A president, LGBT leader strike up friendshipJustice Scalia: Constitution is 'dead'NRA still not backing downAnd then there were none?Rendell: If Hillary runs, Obama will get Biden out of the raceVoting is still a partisan issueGOP memo on immigration: don't use the phrase 'electric fence'Rubio's exit strategy takes shapeGun safety advice from Dick Cheney, the guy who once shot his friend in the faceObama: 'Now's the time' for immigration reformLetter from Vicco, Kentucky: 'We want everyone to be treated fair and just'President Obama's immigration planIs there an 'Obama Doctrine'?Grades-for-aid? Lawmaker defends controversial welfare planListen up: Work out motivation from Michelle ObamaTuesday's Mini-ReportVery Last Word: Steve 'Kornacki-Sanchez'Hillary video: 'I have no doubt I'm healthy enough'The 'nay' votes don't have it—Kerry is confirmedTRMS Headline Writing Challenge: Infoxication RESULTSAhead on the 1/29 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, Jan. 29