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Ahead on the 1/31 Maddow showMom of slain Chicago teen: 'She was Hadiya. She was just special''ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Jan. 31Adventures in Google'Hagel is much more comfortable asking questions than answering them'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 01/31/13Jumping the gun: Reagan's home not being demolished for Obama parking lotOn the short-list: Gov. Deval Patrick explains his Senate pick to Lawrence O'DonnellER doctor to Sandy Hook families: 'We tried our best'Links for the 1/31 TRMSMorning Maddow: February 1NOW Today: The 300th ShowDave Barry on an 'Insane City'Trending NOWWhat we're reading: February 1, 2013Ed Koch, former New York City mayor, dies at 88Farewell, Madam Secretary: Andrea Mitchell looks backPresidents and jobs - a tale of the tapeUnemployment ticks up to 7.9%, but signs of strong recoveryThe Company Memo: Friday, February 1, 2013Must read of the day: tipping editionHow to plan the perfect Superbowl PartyRoy Blunt will vote against HagelPhoto Finish: New York Remembers Ed KochThe real fear that fuels the gun-rights movementFirst Word: Goodbye, Hillary Clinton...for nowThe limits of economic 'freedom'Surge of success for women-owned businessesWhat will Hillary Clinton do next?Violence Against Women Act set for Senate approvalDNC Chair: NRA is a fringe groupHeiress to anti-union company rumored for Commerce SecretaryA new contraception compromise from the White HouseReality check on immigration reform's obstaclesHormel forgives Hagel, says anti-gay remarks were from GOP political pressureScott Brown won't run for the SenateObama tweaks birth control mandate to accommodate religious groups150 years after U.S. emancipation, slavery isn't overSen. Blunt says he'll vote 'no' on HagelFmr. NFL player speaks out against homophobia in sportsGOP's failed sleuthing on Chuck HagelVery Last Word: Joy Reid's awardCan Hillary Clinton make Texas turn blue?Another stumble in GOP's minority outreach effortsNYC school bus strike: Who is to blame?How companies force 'emotional labor' on low-wage workersThe 'evidence-based world'Ode to '30 Rock': A made-up show, a real relationshipSandra Fluke: Critics of new birth control rule have 'very extreme ideas'Sat., Feb. 2: Hilda Solis, immigration reformA 'very proud' Hillary Clinton says farewellFriday's Mini-ReportA superPAC says, boycott 'un-American' BeyonceHillary's Beijing speech: a watershed moment for women's rightsBy the numbers: Applebee's explains the resentful tipper controversyWith Mass. Senate seat up for grabs, Markey should win it'I live here, too...'Place your bets for Super Bowl 2013On contraception, White House tries to balance the rights of access and of conscienceCycling through the January job numbersMother who shot intruder responds to Trotter testimonyWatch a GOP rep. explain his position on gay marriage: 'Uh, well, I…'Ahead on the 2/1 Maddow showChef Eddie Huang drops by the panel'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Feb. 1Why the rightwing is rooting for another recessionStraight from the street: What it's like to be young and homeless'Men behaving badly': Has the GOP changed at all?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/01/13Cocktail Moment: Gold RushWATCH: Newtown residents testify at gun violence hearingBronx group works to stop rampant gun violenceGOP's chances to control Congress: 2014 Senate races to watchThis Week in GodWhite House releases photo to stem 'skeet birther' controversyGOP to block Obama's consumer bureau nominee, againFeb. 3: The Hagel hearing, the new GOP, Stiglitz on inequalityWill millions of people be left out of immigration reform?Path to citizenship hinges on border securityNo honor in Boy Scouts' discriminationNRA: Obama will take your rifle, shotgun, handgunThe world is spending more time mired in banking crisesWhy we've been at war, 11 years and countingWeek in Geek: Super Bowl SciencePanetta defends Hagel, says Benghazi security is not like calling 911Rosa Parks was about more than a bus, and a seatNFL players 4 times more likely to die from Alzheimer's, experts sayObama: Boy Scouts should allow gay membersAn excerpt from Paul Dickson's 'Words from the White House'An excerpt from Lawrence Wright's 'Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief'Morning Maddow: February 4What we're reading: Monday, Februaury 4, 2013One day, two messagesTrending NOWLet Me Start: NRA an 'insane' groupA legacy Steven Chu can be proud ofBackground checks' most unlikely supporter: 1999 Wayne LaPierreNOW Today: One Nation, UnderfedThe Company Memo: Monday, February 4, 2013Welcoming the Conservative Victory Project to the fieldChris' list: Highest paid women in musicObama pitches gun proposals in MinneapolisIn some Southern districts, segregation in schools lives onTop Links: President Obama, on the road, selling his gun control agendaFlorida senator on the hunt to fight python invasionFormer Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle killed at shooting rangeMonday's campaign round-upDemocrats at odds over assault weapons banAbout that blackout...Rove declares war on Tea PartyBeltway-aired Super Bowl ad goes after union card checkChurch of Scientology tests new brand with Super Bowl adRove, Tea Party in GOP civil warThe comedy stylings of John McCainPrimary problem hits Senate GOP leaders close to homeReid says GOP 'can no longer stop' immigration reformRattner's charts: More insight into Friday's jobs numbersObama appeals to Midwest to undercut NRA in gun debateGOP hopes to fill Kerry's Senate seat dwindleSen. McCain said what about Ahmadinejad?FCC eyes free-for-all WiFi service [Updated]First Word: Karl Rove takes on Tea PartyWho's on the NRA's enemies list? (Almost) Everyone!Fmr. ambassador predicts a 'very tough agenda' ahead for new secretary of stateFor skeet's sake: The 8 most bizarre reactions to Obama's skeet shooting photoWhen a Justice attains celebrity status'Contraception Stamps?' The NOW panel discussesMonday's Mini-ReportWhat the f*@#? NJ female students don't protest double-standard no-cursing pledgeDestiny again! If you want more Beyonce, here's our playistRemembering a legendThe NRA's political power: overwhelming or overstated?McCain will not filibuster Hagel, increasing likelihood of confirmationObama and anti-gun mayors turn up the pressureMalala: 'God has given me this new life'Is the Super Bowl a 'neo-liberal Trojan horse' for host cities?What's black and white and read by fewer and fewer Republicans?'ED Show' playbook: Monday, Feb. 4Ahead on the 2/4 Maddow showPutting her stamp on history: Rosa ParksRove vs the right: Who will set the direction of the GOP?Jane Pauley redefines life after 50Obama admin birth control solution a victory for all sidesThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/04/13Spoons and guns? Water and marriage? Equations that don't add upNBC News Exclusive: Drone strike white paperA smart grid could have kept the Superdome lights onJustice Department memo: It's legal to use drone strikes against AmericansLinks for the 2/4 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #1Trending NOWAn excerpt from Jeffrey Frank's "Ike and Dick: Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage"Morning Maddow: February 5Kasich: Medicaid expansion 'makes great sense'Let Me Start: The Case for Drone StrikesNOW Today: Closer to reform?There's that 'I' word againFriends and family shot: What's your number?Scarborough: Drone policy is far worse than Bush terror policyEric Cantor, plus ca changeThe Company Memo: Tuesday, February 5, 2013Must read of the day: Youngest American woman billionaire found with In-n-OutThe GOP was for closing tax loopholes before it was against itChris' list: Most congested citiesBoyz II Men, Ben & Jerry's, and ADA on NRA "anti-gun" listWhat we're reading: Tuesday, February 5, 2013Foxconn unions holding elections for some leadership rolesGerrymandering may not be the whole storyFool Wall Street once...Today on The Cycle: UndauntedIsraeli politician goes from newcomer to kingmakerTop Links: Reaction to White House drone policy after NBC News' scoop somewhere between contempt and outrageSuper Bowl blackout highlights failure of New Orleans infrastructurePresident Obama's AgendaRep. Rangel: Gun culture "major problem"The consequences of scrapping recess appointmentsDJ Rubio releases Spotify playlistICE union resists immigration reformWhat will Michelle Obama do in a second term?Ohio congressman demonstrates slippery slopeMust-Read Op-Eds for Feb. 5, 2013Deficit projected to shrink considerablyThe GOP's image problem: Eric Cantor to the rescue?Religious leaders divided over Boy Scouts anti-gay policyVirginia Republicans pass new voter ID restrictionsObama proposes short-term budget fix to avoid 'self-inflicted wound' of sequesterBefore we talk 2016, can Hillary Clinton take a nap?Cantor backs citizenship for DREAMersObama seeks 'balanced deal' to avoid sequesterJulie Andrews: 'It's a huge responsibility to write for children'First Word: Eric Cantor tries to soften GOP's imageA plea to BeyonceTuesday's Mini-ReportNorth Korean propaganda film shows 'evil' America in flamesVoting is a right, not an obstacle courseEnding the gun industry's legal immunityAhead on the 2/5 Maddow showCantor's 'softening' speech omits Violence Against Women ActThe latest ORBAR (Offensive Remark By A Republican)'ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, Feb. 5Malala: 'Today you can see that I'm alive'Dems push bill to prevent intimidation of minority votersWhat singles want. (Find out in time for Valentine's Day)'We have to fix that': Obama will push voting rightsCantor on immigration: softened rhetoric, but no path to citizenshipFarewell to Jon Favreau, Obama's 'mind reader'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/05/13Links for the 2/5 TRMSWith sex ed, contraception--and Plan B--NYC teen pregnancy rate dropsReflecting on the murder of Mark HummelsFox News says farewell to Dick 'Romney-in-a-landslide' MorrisBoasts, blurting and bewildered: Decryptomaddowlogical discussion thread [ARCHIVE]Trending NOWMorning Maddow: February 6What we're reading: February 6, 2013Making Republicans seem less RepublicanNOW Today: Extreme party Makeover?Let Me Start: Extreme Makeover?If only Rubio cared as much about policy as musicChoosing the self-inflicted woundMust read of the day: 'A playground legend who never got out'Lawyer: Drone memo contradicts itselfCrossroads invites rivals, starts to backpedalThe Company Memo: Wednesday, February 6, 2013Arkansas senator now OK with just listening through your bellyChris' list: Best value public collegesWhen an NRA endorsement hurts, not helpsNo vote from Boy Scouts to end ban on gay membersCBO: Turns out austerity is bad for the economyTop Links: Paul Ryan, GOP disparage promising CBO economic report, with sequester on the wayGarcia: Republicans are slowly evolving on immigrationGOP's Responds to Changing Demographics and the Urban-Rural DivideWednesday's campaign round-upSharpton to Christie 'call me' for diet helpVirginia is for lovers of their own currencyKarl Rove super PAC attacks Ashley JuddWashington gridlock, worries about the recovery, causing big problems for small businesses looking to hireTo stop sequester - should we tax Wall Street?Goodbye Saturday letter deliveryThe end of an errorThe Last Straw with A-RodReforming schools by cramming for the testFox anchor speculates about Hillary's face-liftThe War on Terror is the problem, not dronesFormer Boy Scout on org's gay ban: 'This policy is only hurting them'Virginia Republicans squash Inauguration day gerrymandering planBrain trust: Inside the campaignsHouse Intel chair on White House drone policy: 'There is oversight'White House: CIA does not operate detention facilitiesFirst Word: Obama vs. Congress2016: Year of the women?Wednesday's Mini-ReportThe super PAC smackdown! Ashley Judd vs. Karl RoveWomen of Value: Danielle GrayBipartisan support for a 'no brainer' gun-trafficking billTurning Sandy wreckage into artWorkday ZenAs gun violence continues, time to make leaders accountableGod bless you, Aunt AgnesWhy the WH drone targeting policy is right--and goodAhead on the 2/6 Maddow showTime to raise the minimum wage'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, Feb. 6GOP rebranding, Day 2: Cantor cares 'very deeply about women'Very Last Word: Dick Morris and Joy Reid's new phoneGOP celebrates Reagan's 102nd birthday by breaking his 11th commandmentBig states, big egos: Jerry v. PerryThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/06/13The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/26/13Rep. Maloney: Finally, Republicans are signing on to pass gun controlLike father, like son: Mario and Andrew Cuomo and the story of political braveryLinks for the 2/6 TRMSAll the world's a timelineMorning Maddow: February 7Bringing the drone policy into the light (a little)What we're reading: Thursday, February 7, 2013Let Me Start: Attack of the DronesFor Brennan, tough questions on torture, rendition, and drone strikesThe Company Memo: Thursday, February 7, 2013What motivates opponents of the Violence Against Women ActTop Links: Global warming? No, just the sparks likely to fly at the Brennan hearing over drones, torture, renditionMust read of the day: 9 year old gives birthChris' list: Most expensive cities worldwideGOP taps Rubio to counter Obama's SOTUAfter falling in sequester ditch, GOPers look for way outO'Reilly needs a better research teamPhoto Finish: Blizzard of 1978Republican rift over sequesterPhoenix Mayor: Tide is turning on immigration reformEnemies line up against Conservative Victory ProjectPresident reflects on Lincoln's faith at prayer breakfastJohn Brennan heads to the HillTweets gone wild: Twitter trouble for politiciansSen. Udall: Release of drone documents 'about fundamental values'Maryland moves closer to abolishing death penaltyAFL-CIO begins national immigration reform pushLesson not learned? GOPers in MI push transvaginal ultrasound billObama pushes for humility and fairness in speech to House DemsMichelle Obama to attend Hadiya Pendleton's funeralA political test emerges in GeorgiaWATCH: Demonstrators interrupt Brennan confirmation hearingsGOP base: Never compromise!House Dem: Assault weapons ban unlikely without Senate actionFirst Word: Obama wants a big budget dealGov. Christie to White House doc about his weight: 'shut up'Drones: ExplainedHow many angels can dance on the head of an electoral vote?For USPS, ending Saturday delivery is just the beginningFeb. 9: Gloria Steinem, Marlo Thomas, Melissa Harris-PerryThursday's Mini-ReportVery Last Word: The fight for gay rights and immigrationScaredy-cat conservatives can't handle Beyonce's powerSen. Risch: Brennan hearing 'tip of the iceberg' on drone discussionRachel: We are advised...Houston, we have an asteroid!Morality of drone strikes is hardball on the world stage'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Feb. 7Ahead on the 2/7 Maddow showGuns: NY has effective background checks; now it's Washington's turnWeight, weight, don't tell me...In order to form a more perfect petitionThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/07/13Brennan rejects torture, defends drones, promises transparencyThe best bet to beat Hillary? 'Our guys--not Rove guys,' says Tea PartyReviewing US Drone PolicyRove's new enemy? Fellow RepublicansJustice for Oscar Wilde: UK's House of Commons votes for marriage equalityLinks for the 2/7 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #4Trending NOWWhat we're reading: Friday, February 8, 2013NOW Today: Counterterrorism QuestionsThe doctor is in! 'Doc McStuffins' reveals changing face of medicineO'Reilly's version of a correctionLet Me Start: GOP Civil WarAnd the Grammy nominees are...Poll: Clinton top of her field in popularityReal guns vs. virtual gunsMust read of the day: Top 100 movies available on DVDThe Company Memo: Friday, February 8, 2013The nuts and bolts of travel insuranceTop Links: Brennan, 'Whiteout' and Karl RoveFlashback Friday: 2006 Winter Olympics, Torino, ItalyChris' list: Best love songsA contradictory RNC message on race and diversityJoin in: 'The state of our union is...' YOU finish the sentence hereAfghan youth orchestra lights up Kennedy CenterNew push to legalize pot gains tractionGermany isn't sunnier than the U.S.GOP civil war heats up, Trump tells Rove he's a 'total loser'Rewinding NemoAnd then there were sixState of the Union: Elkhart, Indiana four years laterAustralian government scrutinizes internships, other unpaid laborBush family e-mails, photos apparently hackedPressure for gun reform works in Illinois raceGOP's anti-Hagel games nearing an endFirst Word: Sounding the sequester alarmHoney badger alertVery Last Word: Drones, deficits and the new Ronald ReaganThe 2011 ransom note and the GOP's sequesterThe confused column Boehner's office likes so muchWill immigration reform cover LGBTQ couples?Collateral damage: Brennan's claims about civilian casualtiesDrones and 'the Decider'State of the Union: Dems use the guest list to keep gun violence in the spotlightA step forward: Malala leaves the hospitalFriday's Mini-ReportMississippi lets freak flag fly (briefly)Mississippi lets freak flag fly (briefly)The House Democratic Issues Conference is no joke--except to ColbertHope, persistence in 'Silver Linings' is inspiring'Kick the can down the road,' says KrugmanAhead on the 2/9 Maddow showBipartisan group of senators looks to expand background checksNew Jersey's weighty issue: Booker says, 'Shape up!' Christie says, 'Shut up!'Drone strikes: Who should make the call?'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Feb. 8The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/08/13Rightwingers to Karl Rove: Can you hear us now?Links for the 2//8 TRMSPhotos: Winter Storm Nemo blasts through East CoastThis Week in GodAlabama pardon for 'Scottsboro Boys' now 82 years overdueNRA's LaPierre: Wonk with million-dollar megaphoneFeb. 10: The drone program, Paul Krugman on the recoveryFirst lady joins hundreds to mourn Hadiya Pendleton at funeralTea Party taps Rand Paul for State of the Union responseHow America killsObama's State of the Union: A look back at past speechesIn an ever-changing battlefield, America's perpetual warS.T.E.M. education inspiring girls nationwideChinese Year of the Snake: Business, births, and burningsWeek in Geek: Animal House EditionEx-Pentagon chief backs oversight on drone strikesWho is Bobby Jindal, really?Obama's biggest speeches weren't about the state of the unionVatican says Pope abdicating, citing health reasonsTrending NOWMorning Maddow: February 11NOW Today: Papal abdicationLet Me Start: State of the GOP's UnionWhat we're reading: Monday, February 11, 2013Graham: 'No confirmation without information'Obama better trusted on economy than GOPShort-term memory loss grips WashingtonRubio, Paul to deliver competing SOTU responsesThe fiscal fight in Cantor's alternate universeAbdicating the papacy, electing the next pope, and smoke signals: explainedThe Company Memo: Monday, February 11, 2013Cheney's 'second-rate' personnel assessmentsTop Links: What to expect from President Obama's State of the UnionPope Benedict XVI resignsSetting the bar too lowHadiya Pendleton's mother to attend SOTU as guest of first ladyMonday's campaign round-upFashion Week's Inspiration: Power Women of D.C.Presidential road trip annoys GOPSen. Barrasso: I plan to vote against Chuck HagelPope AbdicatesFirst Lady and former president walk away empty-handed from GrammysFirst Word: What to expect in Obama's State of the Union addressRelax! When working less is moreMilitary extends benefits to same-sex domestic partnersRoger Ailes has a planGabby Giffords stars in a new gun control adLatest voter suppression target: college students'I'll be blunt. If you don't like the political atmosphere of Wyoming, then by all means, leave.'Watch: Fmr. Rep. Gabby Giffords stars in her first gun control adPope Benedict retires: What will his legacy be?Chicago violence: Rahm Emanuel calls for tough laws and tougher conversations to stop the bleedingPanetta extends same-sex benefits throughout the military#Pontifexit: The news in tweetsSOTU: Second time aroundWill the next Pope come from Africa?Silence Against Women: House GOP silent as Senate poised to pass VAWAGimmicks aside, austerity's impact is realTed Nugent invited to State of the Union address by lawmaker who threatened to impeach ObamaState of the Union coverage begins at 8pm ET, TuesdayYoung people like medical coverage, tooMonday's Mini-ReportI'm not pro drone, I am in favor of destroying al QaedaVery Last Word: Bernanke and the sequesterA speechwriter on what President Obama will sayWhen has Dick Cheney been right?What happens to your life after you kill bin Laden?Ahead on the 2/11 Maddow showAssessing President Obama's foreign policy legacy'ED Show' playbook: Monday, Feb. 11Beyond the fringe: John Brennan is a secret MuslimState of the Union guest: 'I honor my son's memory every day'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/11/13Links for the 2/11 TRMSMississippi will get health care--despite Tea Party governor's best effortsNRA scrubs 'anti-gun' enemy list from website, but a version still existsGo get a job, Joe Walsh!'Silver Linings Playbook' director on the stigma of mental illnessTrending NOWMorning Maddow: February 12What we're reading: Tuesday, February 12, 2013North Korean nuclear test draws international condemnationsNorth Korea detonates third nuclear bomb testMessage to Congress: It's been two months since Sandy Hook. Act!So much for shedding the 'stupid party' labelLet Me Start: State of the UnionObama to address N. Korea nuke test in SOTUHow lower-income Americans are shut out of journalismThe Company Memo: Tuesday, February 12, 2013Taking Medicare's eligibility age off the tableObama to announce withdrawal of 34,000 troops from Afghanistan in SOTUIn sequester politics, it's something vs. nothingPreviewing the State of the UnionTop Links: Add North Korea, Ted Nugent to the list of topics in tonight's State of the Union speechNOW Today: The State of the Union is...With the Voting Rights Act hanging in the balanceTwo gang members charged in murder of Hadiya PendletonSecond term SOTU's present challengeBoehner on Obama: He doesn't have the gutsTed Nugent: I will 'demilitarize' before going to SOTUWhy the GOP opposes ideas it supportsToday on The Cycle: Mind GamesFirst Word: Obama to focus on job creation'Left-wing' nationVatican spokesman: Timing of conclave should be decided this weekObama planning major nuclear weapons cutsIndiana students, left and right, oppose bill to block them from votingWhy Marco Rubio's SOTU rebuttal may backfireSenate approves Violence Against Women Act despite GOP oppositionViolence Against Women Act passes SenateThe first lady's guests at the State of the UnionSenate approves VAWA re-authorization, on to HouseThe flash seen 'round the world: A papal premonition?The GOP response: Why not say what we actually believe?'I'm here today because my daughter never came home'Watch a hodgepodge of hyperbole: past State of the Union rebuttalsBo Knows Westminster: Obama's dog breed competesTuesday's Mini-ReportHappy birthday, Charles Darwin!Could we all be a little bit 'birther'?Today in lady business: Five bills, one amendment and a court ruling'Why I'm Rising': Rosario Dawson and the15th annual V-dayVery Last Word: Why give a SOTU rebuttal?Meet Desiline Victor, the 102-year-old voterState of the Union Open ThreadRubio's economic remedy: More austerity!Hagel nomination moves through committeeWatch: President Obama's State of the Union speechNorth Korean nuclear test: 'Where is China's red line?'Obama's plan: Background checks, paying back taxes, English classes--and ultimately, citizenshipWhat helps you move into the middle class? Better schoolsIf we don't fix voting problems, 'we are betraying our ideals''Let's get it done': Confident and combative, President Obama takes chargeRead and watch: President Obama's speech'The families of Newtown deserve a vote'GOP rebuttal: One small sip for Rubio...By end of next year, Afghan war 'will be over'Obama calls for $9 federal minimum wage pegged to cost of livingObama pushes deficit reduction: 'We need to finish the job'Watch: Awkward Rubio drink on an endless loop!O'Donnell: Obama should've put Boehner on the spot over gun control voteWhat we're reading: Wednesday, February 13, 2013Chuck Hagel one step closer to Secretary of DefenseTrending NOWAn excerpt from Amity Shlaes "Coolidge"Putting the rube in RubioSen. Coburn: Sequestration will happenRand Paul goes through the motionsLet Me Start: 'The state of our union is stronger'NOW Today: State of the Union reactionTop Links: The reviews are in for President Obama's State of the Union speechPutting election reform on the front burnerThe Company Memo: Wednesday, February 13, 2013Chris' List: Most popular pope namesA filibuster by any other name...The 'suicidal' Republican resistance to compromiseFmr. Sen. Lugar bashes GOP for 'unfortunate and unfair' attacks against HagelMust-Read Op-Eds for Feb. 13, 2013Ted Nugent's bizarre response to the SOTUWednesday's campaign round-upDemocrats fuel momentum on minimum wage increaseObama pitches universal preschool--but at what cost?Pope will move from Vatican to summer villa after retirementFirst Word: Obama's laundry list of proposalsToday on The Cycle: Global EducationThe immigration debate in a post-truth worldPresident Obama brings State of the Union message to votersObama administration releases interactive College ScorecardThe test of intestinal fortitudeSalesman-in-chiefScarborough: Marco Rubio the GOP answer to Obama, not ready to be POTUSMike Tyson will eat your bulletsA conversation-ending chartState of the Union hints at long-term targeted killing programFall from grace? Jindal slipping in Louisiana pollsScott Brown joins Fox News as contributorJordan on edge amid civil war in SyriaRepublicans question Obama's claim that new proposals won't raise deficitRoadblocks to a Hagel confirmation could backfire on GOPWednesday's Mini-ReportRubio claims 'working class' credentials as he tries to sell home for $675,000When tragedy breaks us downThe GIF that keeps on givingJust how 'unapologetically liberal' was Obama's State of the Union, really?Using books to break out of povertyThe Republican response: 'Small, squeaky, and spiteful'Ahead on the 2/13 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, Feb. 13TRMS Writing Challenge: InfoxicationNRA rolls out new anti-gun control campaignThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/13/13A swig and a miss! The scorecard on RubioWatergate 2.0 the least of Rubio's worriesO'Donnell rewrites long list of groups on NRA's enemies listRep. Langevin survived a bullet. He doesn't fear Ted NugentDecryptomaddowlogical #7Opposing a minimum wage hike could be costly for the GOPWhat we're reading: Thursday, February 14, 2013Scott Walker finds an alternative to Medicaid: ObamacareTrending NOWNRA's Wayne LaPierre: Be afraid, be very afraidNOW Today: Playing small ballJobless claims show sharp improvement, near five-year lowLet Me Start: Roadblocks for HagelScarborough: Wayne LaPierre op-ed is 'so laced with racial overtones''We got that in law'The Company Memo: Thursday, February 14, 2013Obama 'expects' to see Pelosi as Speaker againChris' List: Top Romantic CitiesAfter state takeover, Michigan school district not getting what it pays forWalker's Medicaid rejection comes with a twistThe Family and Medical Leave Act 20 years later: Time for an expansionReid sets stage for Hagel showdownWhy can't Latinos get elected to Latino congressional districts?A lesson in fearmongering from Wayne LaPierreSend a GOP Valentine to that special person in your lifeStay classy, FreedomWorksLaPierre one-ups Graham scare tactic in op-ed screedHouse Democrat sure GOP taking U.S. to next fiscal cliffA lot of cooks in the GOP's kitchenThe Chuck Hagel confirmation processGOP strategist calls Obama a 'coward' over gun control measures37 senators call for executive order on gay rights in the workplaceOpponents to minimum wage hike propose raising EITC insteadThe NRA's plan of attack: Pro-gun groups kick into high gear after Obama's SOTUNew York moves forward on a 'rape is rape' lawReport: Tea Party group made fake-Hillary with fake-panda sex videoGrowing GOP opposition to minimum wage increasePro-gun policies, NRA, may undercut GOP Latino outreachObama pushes for expanded early childhood educationFailure of filibuster reform puts Hagel confirmation at riskFirst Word: Boehner says budget cuts aren't his problemObama pushes universal preschool in GA, GOP expresses doubts'Extraordinary stunts like today's filibuster can't happen'Very Last Word: Rosario Dawson, and the minimum wageSports reporter Carillo 'heartsick' over Pistorius murder chargeThe Cycle's Valentine's Day spin listSenate Republicans block vote on HagelOpening the door on 'the last closet in America' -- the NFLThe neocons' problem is with Obama, not HagelTo anyone voting against the Violence Against Women ActWhy Obama is choosing now to push a minimum wage hikeThe case for raising the minimum wageCan the NRA quash the growing public demand for gun limits?Kill the Lincoln penny, and other 'awesome' news from Obama's Google Hangout'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Feb. 14Hubris: The Selling of the Iraq War - Monday 2/18 at 9 p.m. ETTRMS Writing Challenge: Infoxication RESULTSA Kennedy pleads, 'Save American lives'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/14/13Obstructing Hagel is 'damaging to our national security'This shouldn't be a Democrat versus Republican conflictLinks for the 2/14 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #8A New York City ValentineChris Noth talks climate change on NOWFrom Space with Love: meteor over RussiaTrending NOWMorning Maddow: February 15When partisan politics turns pettyWhat we're reading: Friday, February 15, 2013NOW Today: Delay Tactics'What was she a victim of?'O'Donnell: 'The enablers of Republican tax policy are Democrats'Asked and answeredMust read of the day: Why didn't Carnival evacuate cruise passengers?The Company Memo: Friday, February 15, 2013Next from space, an asteroid flying byChris' List: Meteorites gone astrayIn a time of warFlashback Friday: 2005 Election of Pope Benedict XVILaPierre re-hashes Chicken Little act in SOTU responseRubio takes a stand against a minimum wageTop Links: Hagel went down via filibuster. So now what?President Obama in ChicagoCuccinelli gets promotional help -- from DemocratsRaul Labrador debuts as immigration contrarianThe president vs. the penny?Hagel's holdup comes down to GOP 'vendetta'Backlash from both parties to Obama's proposed voting commissionHouse GOP attempts to block federal employee pay raiseThe perilous future of infrastructure investmentsThe Russian meteorite blast as it happenedVirginia's new voter ID bill likely illegalFirst Word: Obama talks gun violence in ChicagoNew wave of voter suppression: The show me your ID stateTackling pre-K in 'a realistic and ambitious way'What is a sequester anyway?With Lautenberg out, is Booker in?Very Last Word: How to reform the filibusterChart imitates life, prison editionWatch out Wall Street: Warren comes out blazing in first hearingA lesson on the value of inflationReport: The '47%' pay more of their income in taxesWarren to regulators: When was the last time you took a Wall Street bank to trial?Friday's Mini-ReportReopening Dr. Tiller's former abortion clinicMitch McConnell, Rand Paul team up on hemp legalizationGuns in the black communityPics: Welcome home, Desiline VictorGay marriage hurts no one; a gun in the wrong hands doesFamilies marred by gun violence add unified voice for tighter gun lawsWet's Happening: Could you be the next Wendy the Waterdrop?Changing expectations: First ladies are windows into historyFeb. 16: The minimum wage, Universal Pre-K'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Feb. 15Ahead on the 2/15 Maddow showThe gaffes-that-last club: Is Marco Rubio the newest member?Is this the new McCarthyism? Ted Cruz's innuendo war against HagelPressure on Boehner to ensure the Violence Against Women Act becomes lawThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/15/13In Chicago, Obama talks about 'the work that remains unfinished'You said it! MSNBC viewers told us what the State of our Union isAfghan women worry: Who will protect our rights after the U.S. is gone?Links for the 2/15 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #9Everything but the mynocksIs a new progressive era upon us?'Building momentum for regime change': Rumsfeld's secret memosThis Week in GodWhy we need an inclusive Pope for a modern worldRachel Maddow talks 'Hubris' with Ed Schultz and David CornGOP senator calls universal pre-K a 'great idea,' but questions fundingFeb. 17: The pope, the no-fly list, climate changeThe 113th Congress casualty listInside The CycleIs fighting poverty 'clearly a second-agenda item' for Obama?Climate policy comes out of exileWeek in Geek: Space rocks editionWomen of Value: Michelle Obama's right armMorning Maddow: February 18Dem forced from congressional race over NRA supportBush's 'Texas Miracle' debunked, Lone Star State sparks anti-testing revolutionWhat we're reading: Monday, February 18, 2013McCain lost in a fog of partisan rageLindsey Graham struggles with fiscal basicsMust read of the day: 'And the award goes to...'Chris' List: America's richest presidentsThe Company Memo: Monday, February 18, 2013GOP senator sees merit in Obama's 'great' pre-K ideaWatching standards fall to new lowsOp Ed: A beautiful life takenRon Johnson's odd take on his political rivalsMonday's Mini-ReportTop Links: Obama wants to map the human brain. So are Republicans now against brains?First Word: Obama's backup immigration planMississippi finally ratifies amendment banning slavery5 signs Republicans will cave on HagelHagel delay a 'function of the Tea Party'Mark Sanford emerges with first TV ad of campaignCrowd: Sources?First ladies, first lobbyists?Not gone for long: Palin to speak at CPACJobs aren't everythingHubris: Selling the Iraq War - The Rumsfeld memosNebraska GOP Sen. Mike Johanns won't seek another termA protest tactic you can take to the bankRove praises Hillary, bashes Obama, says GOP needs more Rand Paul'sChicago teen fatally shot hours after sister attended Obama's speech on gun violenceWisconsin GOP forces 2,000 low-income women to travel miles for reproductive health careLeaked White House immigration plan threatens to derail bipartisan effortsA Harvard Class about Quentin Tarantino?Keeping an eye on the Clinton-Obama scorecard'ED Show' playbook: Monday, Feb. 1850 years later, a reinterpretation of JFK's famous wordsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/18/13Cuomo to expand abortion rights in NYRoadblocks in path to immigration reformWhat will define Obama's legacy?Film 'Lincoln' inspires Mississippi to officially ban slaveryLinks for the 2/19 TRMSMorning Maddow: February 19What we're reading: Tuesday, February 19, 2013Political gamesmanship on immigration reform gets messyThe details Paul Ryan doesn't want you to knowBrown keeping options open for gubernatorial run'Hubris' documentaryLet Me Start - Progress on Gun SafetyChris' list: Top off-peak destinations for springMust read of the day: Lingering Pope questionsThe Company Memo: Tuesday, February 19, 2013Don't blame 'ineptitude' on 'Washington'The problem with Boehner's newest 'rule'How not to accommodate radicalismMichelle Obama's "midlife crisis" bangsS.E.'s Tweet Bag with Andy CohenBehold new Simpson-Bowles fiscal plan--now with more cuts!Must-Read Op-Eds for February 19, 2013Obama to receive Israeli honor next monthTop Links: President Obama brings sequester cuts homeToday on The Cycle: The Feminine MystiqueTuesday's campaign round-upMeet the new CongressDigging in on entitlement reformGas prices climb to four-month highBloomberg super PAC tackles NRA with $2 million in Chicago raceSupreme Court will hear GOP challenge to campaign donation limitsObama challenges congressional GOP: put away the 'meat-cleaver'Clinton, Palin Remain in the SpotlightFirst Word: Sequester time crunch is onDeficit Duo to Washington: 'Use your bean'If Michigan takes over Detroit, does that save the city?"Government By Crisis" Needs to EndIsrael's 'Iron Dome' may be instrumental in peace processMark Sanford's mea culpa tour: Will it work?Tea Party leader offers $10K for plan to take on RoveMeet the new Simpson-Bowles planYo! Brooklynites demand apology from NRA big mouth (huh? fuhgetaboutit!)Targeted killings: Does it matter if we trust Obama?Blood IvoryToo Young to Die: Alfreddie GipsonToo Young to Die: Aaliyah BoyerToo Young to Die: James ParkerIf the phone doesn't ring, it's meToo Young: Lost to gunfireWhat is Mike Leara afraid of?Tuesday's Mini-ReportOn 4th birthday, tea party won't back downVery Last Word: Mississippi 148 years late on 13th AmendmentTRMS writing challenge: The missing CPAC panelsHelping the poor can help RepublicansObama, not the GOP, wants to keep government workingFeminism: the goal shouldn't be to 'have it all'--but to 'share it all'Poll: 8 of 10 Americans disapprove of Congress (and we'd like to meet the other two)...'ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, Feb. 19Ahead on the 2/19 Maddow showAre Chinese cyberhackers targeting the U.S. economy?A look inside 'Weed Country'Rev. Sharpton talked to the mother of a slain Chicago teen: yet another mother, yet another teenIncreasingly, the White House can avoid the press. Here's what reporters need to do (instead of complaining)Obama wants to secure his legacy--but his agenda makes it harder for Dems to win the seats they needThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/19/13Maya Angelou on respect: Women are not the 'b' word, and blacks are not the 'n' wordHappy trails? Former Gov. Mark Sanford says he never let down South Carolina taxpayersTargeting Ashley Judd, McConnell's campaign gets an early startWisconsin budget cuts close four Planned Parenthood clinicsCountdown to 2014: Obamacare and the statesLinks for the 2/19 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #10Rattner's charts: Share of income changes going to top 1%An excerpt from Emily Bazelon's "Sticks and Stones"Morning Maddow: February 20Virginia will not have its own currencyLet Me Start: Build Baby Build!Guantanamo detainees aren't getting GI Bill benefitsWhat we're reading: Wednesday, February 20, 2013Reality 1, Boehner 0The Company Memo: Wednesday, February 20, 2013Chris' List: Most likely to find love at workMust read of the day: U.S. exec tells France to keep your 'so-called workers'Obama eases tensions with Rubio, GOP reform advocatesFriends of Hamas -- The Origin StoryMissouri Republican wants to turn gun control supporters into felonsAn excerpt from Michael Hainey's "After Visiting Friends: A Son's Story"Top Links: GOP may have picked the wrong fight with Obama over sequester cutsTo lower the deficit, don't cut taxesNewt: Rove group is 'opposite of the Republican tradition'The sequester slideshow that may haunt the Speaker#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerWednesday's campaign round-upToday on The Cycle: The Secrets of Happy FamiliesUPDATE: Laura Bush asks to be removed from same-sex marriage ad featuring Cheney, ObamaFar Right to McCain: 'You said build the dang fence, where's the fence?'Following Rick Scott's not-so-fine exampleGOP rep implies Gabby Giffords is a 'prop' in gun debateFirst Word: Taking the sequester fight to the peopleRising number of women packing heatChris Christie approval at 74 percent, still trails behind Hillary in 2016 match-upWisconsin, again: Work-sharing bill would diminish union powerUgly scene at McCain town hall underscores immigration reform pitfallsConan O'Brien to host White House Correspondents DinnerSeeing the sequester forest for the sequester treesOMG, have you heard Hagel is 'Friends with Hamas?!''Neurodiversity': the next frontier for civil rights?'A severe ignorance problem'Leave the 17th Amendment aloneOhio woman claims in lawsuit she was fired for voting for ObamaWednesday's Mini-Report'Tell everybody back home I'm sorry': Jackson Jr. pleads guilty to fraudNow is the time for marriage equalityBlocking birth control coverage: 'How is that Christian?''Distorting political reality': How Rush hurts the Republicans'ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, Feb. 2011-year-old girl football player tackles the Philadelphia ArchdioceseAhead on the 2/20 Maddow showDemocratic dreams: If only it weren't for gerrymandering...Trying to parse a Massachusetts Senate candidate's view on abortionVery Last Word: No one tells Lawrence about birthdaysIt's the 'Obama Sequester'--according to BoehnerA sequester is like 'leeching'--leaving the economy to bleedTRMS writing challenge: The missing CPAC panels RESULTS'Dumb and dumber': DC plays the blame gameThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/20/13The conservative conference, seeking a fresh new start, invites...Mitt Romney'You hear that?' Obama's 'startling experience' with gunfireWhat you've been waiting for since November! Romney will speak at CPACLinks for the 2/20 TRMSA Last Word exclusive with Elizabeth Colbert Busch'I cannot, in good conscience, deny the uninsured access to care'Decryptomaddowlogical #11Morning Maddow: February 21What we're reading: Thursday, February 21, 2013Americans aren't buying what GOP is sellingLet Me Start: Victory Lap!Jobless claims rise, but remain below thresholdThe Company Memo: Thursday, February 21, 2013Florida's Rick Scott grudgingly makes the right call on MedicaidMust read of the day: The secrets behind the OscarsChris' list: Twitter happinessLadypeople, Indiana Republicans would like a look at your insidesAppreciating empiricism would be a good startPublic sides with Obama on minimum wageEven when they criticize Obama, media still too liberal for LimbaughThe risk for Gov. Snyder in taking over Detroit#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerWhatever happened to the idea of just giving poor people money?Top Links: Looks like the Republican strategy versus Obama on the sequester cuts is failingTed Cruz has it all figured outAll these years later, we still need the Voting Rights Act for equal accessRivlin optimistic on debt deal because 'I can't believe [we'd] be stupid enough not to'Thursday's campaign round-upCornyn leads Cruz, Graham, and Rubio in call for Obama to drop Hagel nominationThose who are 'capable of leisure'Florida governor makes stunning switch on health careHagel's dead-enders start to look sillyCollege degrees are becoming the new high school diplomaKarl Rove vs. The world?Who's who of Republicans at CPACGovernment employment by president (charts)TELL US: With his approval rating at a 3-year high, how should Obama spend his political capital?Shameless plugs take twoClimate change preparedness could leave the poor out in the rainDefense furloughs to hit 800K civilians, halt military trainingNugent: President Obama is a 'clear and present danger' to black AmericaHouston restaurateur will protect his Barack Obama muralP*storiusKey House Republican rejects pathway to citizenshipFirst Word: Open season on Karl Rove15 Republican senators: Drop HagelHouse eyes Violence Against Women ActBig Bird returns to political spotlight to promote good eating, exerciseWhy we need the GOPWho 'owns this mess'Obama: 'Both the best of times and worst of times' for the black communityThursday's Mini-ReportWhat happened to the Republican Party of the 1960s?Speeches about 'respectability' don't stop bullets, Mr. PresidentJon Huntsman, a conservative and a Mormon, says legalizing same-sex marriage is the 'right thing to do''The Dream is Now': A new documentary lets DREAMers tell their storiesAhead on the 2/21 Maddow show'ED Show' playbook: Thursday, Feb. 21An NFL champion advocates for gay rights in pro sportsOops! McConnell duped by parody news report on GitmoIdealizing Millennials is no more accurate than condemning themRick Scott's negotiated surrender on Medicaid: The story behind the storyThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/21/13Mitch McConnell gets punk'd by fake national security blogBetter bring a book: Sequester could mean more air-travel delaysLinks for the 2/21 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #12Crucial protection for minority voters in perilWhat we're reading: Friday, February 22, 2013Morning Maddow: February 22Wyoming's ironic, unconstitutional defense of assault weapons'Pack journalism' targets Ed Markey for no reasonWhen false claims drive the debateLet Me Start: Lunacy on the rightWelcome changes of heart on marriageThe Company Memo: Friday, February 22, 2013Tweets fired: Press secretaries throw barbsA muddled message gets messierMust read of the day: Alternate actors in iconic rolesChris' list: Tax refundsA well-kept fiscal secretTop Links: One week until sequestration and the Republican strategy vs. Obama doesn't appear to be workingThe wrong way to argue about wasteful spendingFlashback Friday: 'Slumdog Millionaire' takes home the Oscar for Best PictureThe limits of Rand Paul's libertarian idealsToo Young to Die: Steven CurtisRep. Cole accuses Obama of political theatrics as sequestration countdown loomsOscar Pistorius has been granted bailTaking McCarthyism literallyVirginia Lt. Gov. Bolling rips his own partyStraight talk: The McCain record on gunsGrassley's accidental pro-choice principlesStudy: Capital gains, dividends biggest drivers of income inequalityNot in The OnionA decade of bloggingIs Ted Cruz the new McCarthy?#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerJimmy Carter's grandson earns a 'half-embrace' from Obama for finding Mitt's 47% videoFirst Word: Slight change of plansVery Last Word: Keep young staffers away from the letterheadGOP ignores 2012 lessons, pushes harsh anti-abortion billsWATCH: How lax gun laws enable gun traffickersRetail rebellion: The next big strike could begin next weekOscar picks from James Lipton of 'Inside the Actors Studio''But I've read Robert Rubin's tax plan...'In Iran, the 'Harlem Shake' could be revolutionaryHouse GOP eyes watered-down Violence Against Women ActThe many faces of Oscar PistoriusFeb. 23: Voting rights, Medicaid, GOP declineFriday's Mini-ReportBlue dot, red state, and more of the storyGet ready for the OscarsAhead on the 2/22 Maddow showFlipper vs Flopper in Florida! Crist, Scott, Obamacare and the next election'ED Show' playbook: Friday, Feb. 22The purple rose of Texas: How Hillary could turn Texas blueObama and the press: A relationship in the roughIt's going, going, Gohmert! The latest news from GOP paranoia landThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/22/13Is America prepared for a 'cyber Pearl Harbor'?Surprise! Republicans and Democrats can agree on immigration reformLinks for the 2/22 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #13My answer to the Conservative Political Action ConferenceThis Week in GodMississippi story takes a turnWATCH: Michelle Obama mom-dances with Jimmy Fallon for 'Let's Move'Get ready for the Oscars! James Lipton dishes on his picksPain at the pump to continue?A day at the zoo: How threat of sequestration hits homeInside The Cycle: What we have bookmarkedViolence Against Women Act isn't just a good bill in name onlyFeb. 24: The press, the sequester, cyber-warFacing cancer together, on the third Monday of each monthUrbanites combat climate change with rooftop farmsHouse GOP's VAWA proposal nixes LGBT, American Indian protectionsSequester blame game picks up speed with deadline days awayRobert Gibbs: I was told 'not even to acknowledge the drone program'Ted Cruz sticks with McCarthyism claimsWeek in Geek: Birds, bees, and bubblesThe naked truth about body imageFmr. NYC Mayor David Dinkins reflects on city politicsMayor who scored hosting US Open in New York talks tennisFmr. Mayor Dinkins: Anti-Obama sentiment stems in part from raceHollywood preps for Oscar nightActress Daryl Hannah says 'absolutely no benefits from Keystone Pipeline XL'Freshman congressman: 'We need to be in Washington now'Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden speaks outRep. Yarmuth: Sequester cuts are 'really stupid'Poll: Americans back postponing sequesterMorning Maddow: February 25Jindal wants GOP change, but not on culture warWhat we're reading: Monday, February 25, 2013Let Me Start: Sequester Week is HereMichelle Obama presents Best Picture Oscar to 'Argo'Woodward's unfortunate errorsMichigan GOP backs electoral college rigging schemeThe Company Memo: Monday, February 25, 2013The public's striking opposition to spending cutsMust read of the day: Italian electionsTed Cruz's 'curious' defenseChris' list: Best dressed at the OscarsMichigan GOP: Heck, yeah, vote riggingA muddled message gets messier and more mendaciousRand Paul's failed fish taleSequester StandoffTop Links: Speaker Boehner to meet the press on sequester cuts#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerThe prerequisites to 'bipartisan compromise'Congress is back but sequester agreement seems a long way offFirst Word: Still playing the blame gameA wasted weekYahoo slashes work-from-home option for all employeesMinimum wage meta-analysis: evidence over theoryAs sequester looms, how is the UK's austerity experiment going?Push to overturn Voting Rights Act tied to GOP voter suppression effortsEx-HUD heads: Fannie & Freddie have to goGOP can't help itself on Planned ParenthoodWhy the sequester would be terrible for California and New YorkFeinstein responds to LaPierre: 'Grievance killers look for these weapons'Even in Texas, 'never' is a long timeObama campaign advisor hired to help win Silver Linings Playbook an Oscar?Cardinal: 'You're trying to figure out what you think God would want' in conclaveRightwing backlash to Michelle Obama's Oscar night appearanceNon-union Target janitors in Minneapolis to go on strikeHuckabee willing to look 'outside the tent'The three-headed elephant: The GOP is split on what it wants from the sequesterMonday's Mini-ReportWill the Supreme Court protect voting rights?Voting rights bill will honor Desiline Victor, 102-year-old Florida voterMusic and pictures: Highlights from the OscarsMedicaid Flip Flop: Is the opposition to Obamacare over?Ike and Dick, the odd couple--even for politicsFind out how the sequester impacts your stateThe Oscars shows America is hungry for a winnerRomney campaign done in by bad 'Kabuki'A cover-up by the Iranian press! Michelle Obama has no right to bare arms'ED Show' playbook: Monday, Feb. 25Ahead on the 2/25 Maddow showGimme a G! Gimme an E! Gimme an O! Florida school sells stadium naming rights to prison companyKerry praises 'Argo,' and Affleck returns the favorWill other Dems step up to challenge Hillary 2016?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/25/13Wayne LaPierre: Dianne Feinstein cares about her agenda, not about kidsICYMI: 'Fresh Guacamole' shortest short ever nominated at the OscarsC. Everett Koop, a conservative who told the truthSuper secret bonus pageLinks for the 2/25 TRMSDOMA and the Supreme Court: The White House files to overturn anti-gay lawThe furlough effect: Why automatic cuts might not reduce the deficit at allDecryptomaddowlogical #14Turning Texas BlueMorning Maddow: February 26Trending NOWCPAC sends message, snubs ChristieWhat we're reading: Tuesday, February 26, 2013NOW Today: Sequester StaredownLet Me Start: Chuck Hagel's MomentWhat contempt for the public looks likeChris' List: new additions to the Oxford DictionaryThe Company Memo: Tuesday, February 26, 2013Introducing the NRA kingmakersVirginia's Cuccinelli draws fire from business leadersTrayvon Martin: One year later, where the case standsWhen the judicial confirmation process gets 'stupid'Must read of the day: Eric Cantor, up closeGOP's election-rigging scheme not yet deadBoehner starts to lose his cool'Brogurt': The latest in nonsensical product genderingTop Links: Boehner says 'ass' during news conference to prove he's serious on sequestration fight versus ObamaHuntsman isn't the only one'I know he died but it still doesn't feel that way.'Today on The Cycle: The sequester#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerGOP Rep. backs voting restrictions and Voting Rights ActThe consequences of misguided assumptionsPennsylvania takes lead on Republican plan to rework Electoral CollegeAlabama, birthplace of the Voting Rights Act, may be its final resting place, tooFirst Word: Sequestration stalemateCuts Loom Large in VirginiaSotomayor rips Texas prosecutor for 'racially charged' remarksGOP tide turning on gay marriage?S.E.'s Tweet Bag with Willie GeistSenate clears Hagel for confirmationDems dream of turning Texas blueGov. McDonnell doesn't see a 3rd party candidate in VA raceToo Young to Die: Paul Sampleton Jr.Gun makers seem a little twitchy just nowConservative conference invites Romney, Palin, snubs ChristieThe Future of FeminismElizabeth Warren: Sequester cuts are 'just plain dumb'Very Last Word: Why Rick Scott took the Medicaid ExpansionAnd then there were eight'Modern Family' star creates bowties for a causeA look at Kerry's debut on the world stage: Andrea Mitchell ReportsToday in Indiana RepublicansSpeaker Boehner to Senate: Get off your 'ass'Weight Watchers and 'emotional labor'Game over, Eric: Cantor's video game failCantor's candid confessionVery Last Word: Who loses the least if the sequester happens?Chris Christie joins the GOP's new Medicaid fan clubThe John Kerry school of foreign policyConservatives should woo the millennial generationTuesday's Mini-ReportTeddy Turner: 'Break up with career politicians'Vicco, Kentucky: Fame, backlash beginHagel confirmed by Senate after contentious battleHow can Obama, Boehner strike a deal in a place like Washington?Did the bruising battle cost Hagel his political clout?Ahead on the 2/26 Maddow showThe X Files: Women's Fight for Rights in Ireland'ED Show' playbook: Tuesday, Feb. 26WATCH: Putting a face on food insecurity in AmericaIs there such a thing as Too Much Michelle?Opposing federal gun control laws, Alaska tries nullificationTrayvon's parents continue to fight for justiceIn Chicago, Bloomberg's gun-control PAC wins its first testFamily of teacher killed at Sandy Hook: 'We're honoring her by fighting for change'Links for the 2/26 TRMSNew poll: Two-thirds say GOP puts party before countryDecryptomaddowlogical #15Quien es mas macho?Slide Show: Chuck Hagel's road to the Department of DefenseTrending NOWMorning Maddow: February 27What we're reading: Wednesday, February 27, 2013Why Robin Kelly's big win in Chicago mattersGOP challenges Chuck Hagel one last timeThe Pope's final public goodbyeLet Me Start: Hagel is confirmed...finallyThe Company Memo: Wednesday, February 27, 2013The party 'in need of a major makeover'Coburn shoots down bipartisan gun controlFudging health care numbers: a case studyYoung voters on the GOP: Not buying what they're sellingNOW Today: Landmark caseIs Bloomberg the answer to the NRA?Pay to play?Must read of the day: What will the royal baby look like?Chris' List: Companies with highest intern payWoodward: it's 'madness' for Obama to follow federal lawVoting Rights Act in danger as Supreme Court hears challengeTop Links: Polls Shmolls, GOP sticks to its guns on sequester cuts and, well, gunsHouse GOP scrambles on Violence Against Women ActYes, tax increases can be part of 'real austerity'Glimmers of hope for immigration reformMeteor blast a wake up call on NASA fundingWednesday's campaign round-upRe-examining the Voting Rights ActA new sequester scheme surfaces#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerScalia: Renewing Voting Rights Act a 'perpetuation of racial entitlement'Rosa Parks statue unveiled at U.S. CapitolGun buyback initiative offers mentorship and tickets to see BeyoncéSenate GOP devise new plan to shift sequester blame on ObamaConservative justices wary of Voting Rights Act#Obamaquester? They were for it before they were against itA look back in history with Steve KornackiSenate hearing on assault weapons ban becomes testy and emotionalChristie vs. Rubio: Inside the NumbersIf men were angels, the Voting Rights Act would not be necessary'Jesse was the love of my life'Arguing in the defense of the Voting Rights ActStudy: Black/white wealth inequality has exploded since '80sSupreme Court looks set to strike down heart of Voting Rights ActFirst Word: A shaky future for the Voting Rights ActWho really gets hurt by the sequester?Why Steve King -- and Iowa Dems -- are smiling todayOn opposite sides of First StreetPoll: Americans worry more about gun violence than job loss, terrorist attacksNational Urban League CEO: Demise of Voting Rights Act 'would be tragic'Claire McCaskill: House GOP 'in a moment of sanity' on VAWAWednesday's Mini-ReportRemembering C. Everett Koop, a man of faith--and scienceSenate witness on weapons ban funded by gun lobbyN.H. GOP lawmaker: Some people may 'like being in abusive relationships''How are things going to change if people aren't there to help make them change?'No, Justice Scalia, the right to vote is not an 'entitlement'The assault weapons ban: if you are not for it, you're against itMilitary spending cuts may force us to reappraise our prioritiesVery Last Word: How to make healthcare a buyers' marketJohn Lewis to Justice Scalia: The right to vote is 'what people died for, bled for''ED Show' playbook: Wednesday, Feb. 27Washington will supply Syrian rebels with direct aidAhead on the 2/27 Maddow showGov. Christie's response to CPAC snub: 'I wish them the best'As support grows for tougher gun laws, father of Newtown victim keeps 'reliving my loss'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 02/27/13Priorities? With the budget on the brink, Speaker Boehner frets about the dress codeLinks for the 2/27 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #16Key speeches in the passage of the Voting Rights ActTrending NOWMorning Maddow: February 28In the Senate, 70 is the new 90NOW Today: Papal departureWhat we're reading: Thursday, February 28, 2013Jobless claims improve unexpectedly, near five-year lowEconomic growth improves -- ever so slightlyWant to join the GOP civil war? It's easy with 'Primary My Congressman!'Chris' List: Top 5 states for well-beingMust read of the day: The Oscar Pistorius caseDefining 'threats' downThe Company Memo: Thursday, February 28, 2013Let Me Start: Sequester EveBecoming aware of diversity of thoughtThe sequester clock is nearly out of timeSo much for 'economic uncertainty'Pope Benedict leaves Vatican for final time as pontiff#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnerTop Links: Sequestration Eve and all through the House not a deal was stirring, except maybe to grouseThursday's campaign round-upBachmann gets facts wrong, but still packs 'chootz-pah'A Robin Kelly win for Michael Bloomberg, but a $2 million loss for campaign finance reformPope's Final FarewellViolence Against Women Act clears House, headed to Obama's deskFirst Word: Sequester spiral, VAWA passes