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#click3 Denzel Washington: 'I guarantee you'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 07/31/13Zimmerman, pulled over in Texas, had a gun in glove compartmentThe GOP plan to fix the party: Move further rightLet them eat cookies: McCrory offers baked goods to abortion law protestersThe government gave dead farmers more than $32 millionLinks for the 7/31 TRMSRush Limbaugh's most outrageous moments in 25 years on the radioRand Paul ready to 'kiss and make up' with Chris ChristieMorning Headlines: Thursday, August 1What we're reading: Thursday, August 1, 2013Chris' List: Forbes' Fictional 15Morning Maddow: August 1'It wasn't pretty, but it got done'Snowden granted temporary status in RussiaFirst Read Flash: Summers schoolJobless claim improve, reach lowest level since January 2008It's time to fix the FISA Court (the way Congress intended)Filner tries to blame San Diego for his alleged misdeedsThe Company Memo: Thursday, August 1, 2013Leading House GOPer rejects 'unrealistic and ill-conceived' spending cutsWisconsin's Walker targets collective bargaining -- again'Selfish' Congress lacks leaders, says really bummed out Sen. Tom CoburnMcCain calls 2016 match-up of Clinton vs. Rand Paul a 'tough choice''We do': Minnesota and Rhode Island celebrate first day of marriage equalityPutting the nail in the phony-scandal coffinThursday Gut Check: Is Snowden's temporary asylum a game-changer?Texas Republican wants Wendy Davis to pay for special sessionsCharter school scandal leads to resignationDREAMers deliver cantaloupes to House members who voted with Steve KingRobert Reich: No quick fix for the widening gap of inequalityAssad joins Instagram, pretends everything in Syria is just fineThursday's campaign round-upIs the new Pope's style spurred by the growing religious left?First Word: Minnesota, Rhode Island legalize same-sex marriageA debt Cuccinelli will struggle to payRobert Reich: No quick fix for the widening gap of inequalityDid Edward Snowden just evade the US justice system?Obama meets with critics of NSA surveillanceEconomic decline is more like cancer than a scratch, Steve Rattner saysPeter King, Newt Gingrich jump into the Paul-Christie feudWatch: Why more couples are choosing a child-free lifeEconomic decline is more like cancer than a scratch, Steve Rattner saysBoehner's plan to hurt the country on purposeLAPD rolls out plan for dealing with claims of racial profilingTop House Dem throws weight behind 'history making' Yellen for Fed ChairCleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro: 'The sex...was consensual'North Carolina targets key women's health clinicSenate GOP blocks spending bill—but not the party's budget woesPoll: Grimes edging McConnell in Kentucky Senate raceMaine's LePage targets clean-air safeguardsThe political egos in WashingtonMichelle Knight to Ariel Castro: 'Your hell is just beginning'Paul Ryan disappoints reform activists on immigrationStudy: TSA worker misconduct has increased by 26%Abby Huntsman answers your questionsThursday's Mini-ReportAll In agenda: A tough battle ahead for Mitch McConnellWatch: Andrea Mitchell's first 'Nightly News' reportSurveillance: You may have 'nothing to hide'--but you still have something to fearSnowden showed government has gotten a 'little too much into our space'A 'despicable PR stunt': Syria's Assad joins InstagramNBC and MSNBC congratulate Andrea Mitchell on 35 years'Nation' interns write letter to the editor requesting better payCleveland kidnapper who says he's 'not a monster' faces 'hell for eternity,' says victimIt's the city's fault Mayor Filner didn't get sexual harassment training, says lawyerVery Last Word: If McConnell loses, who steps up?Rick Santorum downplays pope's comments on gaysThe Queen's speech (in case of nuclear war)Ahead on the 8/1 Maddow showIronically, ex-Goldman Sachs banker Tourre got the bad end of a dealSome Gitmo detainees may return to Yemen#click3 A baby is born at L'enfant PlazaThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/01/13Should SCOTUS justices have a Code of Conduct?New polls show McConnell in troubleWill A-Rod make a deal?RI lawmaker who fought for marriage equality marries his partner of 32 yearsLinks for the 8/1 TRMSO'Donnell: Sister Simone schools 'Catholic school boy' Paul RyanDecryptomaddowlogical #78Morning Headlines: Friday, August 2Morning Maddow: August 2What we're reading: Friday, August 2, 2013Chris' List: The Co$t of DrivingIn bankrupt Detroit, 16 vie for mayor'The American people should be outraged'Too Young to Die: Leonard Smith Jr.First Read Flash: Recess bellUS jobless rate hits four-year low: 7.4%U.S. economy created 162k jobs in July, unemployment rate dipsUnemployment rate reaches lowest point in nearly 5 yearsWhen the media's attention span turns recklessEx-NSA chief blames millenials for leaksUnemployment rate falls to 7.4%. Don't celebrate yetDon't send Wendy Davis a billWATCH: Job creation slows, but unemployment dropsObama nominates woman to lead Air ForcePossible terror threat shutters US embassies'They don't want to be publicly named'Friday Gut Check: Will boycotting Russian products impact Russia's anti-gay laws?Are you following us?'Stand Your Ground' support split along racial linesCleveland Clinic CEO: Patients must be active participants in health careHow not to talk about a 'war on women'Patients must be active participants in health care, says Cleveland Clinic CEO'Rent Is Too Damn High' activist endorses Anthony WeinerEnd of the 'burbs? Why more Americans are skipping town for the big cityMemories from a region rocked by terror, struggling for peaceAnd then there were 40How to help girls graduate and break the cycle of povertyWhat a (male) feminist looks likeNow and later: Weekend EditionSee you in September, CongressColor Coded: 'Freedom Blue' vs. 'Commie Red'Castro's non-apology matches society's excuses for violence against womenWorld leaders work to mitigate violence in EgyptState Department closes embassies amid terror threatThat's not what 'constructive' meansAll In agenda: One California city's plan to alleviate the foreclosure crisisSamantha Power gets past Cruz, heads to the U.N.Up on August 3: what you should knowPelosi slams the GOP as 'not professional,' 'aimless,' and 'chaotic'Islamophobia, alive and well. And Obama is partly to blameFriday's Mini-ReportThink that bounced check isn't a big deal? Don't bank on itMorici: We need to fix what is fundamentally brokeNew ATF director faces tough challengesGOPers are the 'roadblock' to greater job creation40 things the House could have done while it was busy repealing ObamacareVery Last Word: Lawrence O'Donnell answers Twitter questions!Ahead on the 8/2 Maddow showSame-sex spouses to get equal treatment on visa applicationsHouse of Shame: Dem calls out GOP for 'moral implosion'The Syllabus: What you need to know for the August 3 'MHP'#click3 It's pronounced 'hell-VEE-tee-kah'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/02/13The 'War on Poverty': Testimony from a low-income motherLinks for the 8/2 TRMSCocktail Moment: The Stop the Madness and Start Things Moving Bipartisan SmoothieThe right is wrong: Obamacare isn't killing jobsThis Week in GodOak Creek temple shooting survivors remember 'an American tragedy'Up for August 4: What you should knowUS officials warn of 'serious' terror threats abroadStand your ground: 'No progress without struggle'July jobs report 'sluggish at best'Governors outline agenda for the nationWhat's in a name?Paul Ryan, you'll need a safety net to actually fight povertyDream Defenders spur hearings on Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' lawWar on poverty, or war on the poor?Terror threat triggers worldwide travel alertRemembering political legends Bill Scranton and Harry Byrd Jr.Why white sharks are like serial killers'ED Show' guest list: Saturday, Aug. 3What it's like to spend 8 years in solitary confinementSlugfest in Kentucky as pricey race for McConnell's seat kicks offThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the August 4 'MHP'Meet Rebecca Davis, bringing ballet to post-genocide countriesStudent 'MHP' guest on racial profiling, white privilegeUS secrets—and lies—unravel in NSA leaks'Stop and Frisk' taking center in NYC mayoral raceAttacking seniors for wanting to eat?Has conservative radio become irrelevant?Ed: Public schools facing 'systematic destruction'The fight to raise minimum wage to a living wageDetroit: Conservative utopia or liberal disaster?Terror warning shutters US embassiesReport: Bob McDonnell possibly facing criminal charges over cash giftsSupreme Court halts California delays in releasing prisoners'Orange is the New Black' stars make prison reform the new hot topicObama New Hampshire campaign vet endorses Clinton in '16Study: Climate change makes people hotter and angrier'ED Show' guest list: Saturday, Aug. 4Hasan Rouhani, Iran's new president, calls for 'lessening of hostilities'Chairman of the joint chiefs: Terror threats 'serious'Cantor on budget deal: Sure, if you cut entitlementsTop Weekend Links: US embassies remain closed for the weekMorning Headlines: Monday, August 5What we're reading: Monday, August 5, 2013Morning Maddow: August 5Cantor confounded on compromiseThe wrong way to play the shutdown blame gameLet Me Start: McConnell under siegeChris' list: Newsmax's most influential women in the GOPAmericans rank Gov. Christie as 'hottest' US politician'It's a critical first step'The Company Memo: Monday, August 5, 2013Weekends at the movies with Alex WittThe latest 'ominous sign' for McDonnellWhat is a living wage?Ed on Filner: 'Even kindergartners know not to touch people'Obama offering 'grand bargain', but GOP obstructionism still strongEd on Detroit coverage: When you do a story you cover different facetsRepublican threat of shutdown loomsCan a president be a radical socialist and a Wall Street shill?Is Minnesota a 'liberal utopia'?Monday Gut Check: Would you try a burger made in a lab?One year after Oak Creek, why the FBI tracking hate crimes is a victoryThe morning NOW: 8/05/13At the intersection of moral and intellectual bankruptcyWATCH: Joe Scarborough, Rick Santorum spar over terror policyMonday's campaign round-upThe wrong message for the wrong issueObamacare deepens GOP divideNRA opens museum as advocates struggle to refocus safety conversationInside the 2012 race for the White HouseTest-tube burger debuts to mixed reviewsOprah: 'I don't think about' legacy, 'I just try to live'Bunny ears on the president: Inappropriate or all in good fun?Strikers demand $15 hourly minimum wage2016: Who's hot and who's not?Mitch's balancing act: McConnell faces fire from both sidesWhy unions are turning on ObamacareRNC's Priebus threatens networksFlorida's Scott readies second 'disgusting' voter purgeSheriff Arpaio marks 20 years of Tent City with cake, 'Good Housekeeping'White House 'cannot rule anything out' about where terrorists might strikeThe Voting Rights Act: Dead, or wounded?A-Rod is suspended, can play while he appealsStarting a 'relatively small hedge fund'#40Things: What Congress could have been doing while it was busy repealing ObamacareAll In agenda: Sabotaging Obamacare by any means necessaryMonday's Mini-ReportFirst Word: Intercepted al Qaeda message behind embassy closuresSchecter: This fall from grace is one of the biggest in baseball historyCongress is on vacation and 'they've got nothing done'Florida executes mentally ill killer John Errol FergusonAhead on the 8/5 Maddow showA-Rod dishonors baseball's pastBoth sides ready for debate at Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' hearingsTwitter rolls out new rules as threats to women continueThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/05/13Congressman says Obamacare tanning tax is 'racist'A refresher on President Obama's al Qaeda rhetoricThe right's plan to reverse Roe: Ban abortions to 'protect' womenGovernor? Wendy Davis decides her next stepsFrom Mississippi to the Ivy League: Two students reflect on their unique journeysLinks for the 8/5 TRMSAmazon's Jeff Bezos buys The Washington PostMorning Headlines: Tuesday, August 6What we're reading: Tuesday, August 6, 2013Chris' List: Top Party SchoolsMorning Joe sits down with Dan Balz, author of "Collision 2012"Morning Maddow: August 6PolitiFact finds its pants on fireToo Young to Die: Aynis VargasGohmert aims low on terror threatBob Woodward: No downside in sale of Washington PostCuccinelli's self-defeating request in VirginiaMatchstick men and their marksThe Company Memo: Tuesday, August 6, 2013George W. Bush undergoes heart stent surgeryWhen lingering nonsense just won't go awaySamantha Power presents credentials as U.S. ambassador to the United NationsThe 'flat lined' HPV vaccination ratesThe morning NOW: 8/06/13Tuesday's campaign round-upZuckerberg advocates for immigration reformTuesday: Should a Florida bus driver be held responsible for a fight?Amid baseball scandal, Negro League players reflect on their love of the gameDon't boycott the Olympics, ban Russia from competing insteadA Kris Kobach twist to the war on votingFort Hood suspect: 'Evidence will clearly show that I am the shooter'Former Senator DeMint begins road tour to stop ObamacareEveryone has a familyLady Gaga calls out Russia's anti-gay laws on TwitterWatch: 'People thought we were absolutely crazy,' says Airbnb's founder'People thought we were absolutely crazy,' says Airbnb's founderFast food joint pays workers $12 an hour, and lives to tell the talePerry reminded, 'You're in Louisiana!'Opinion: MLB's Latino push fails with news of latest suspensions#click3 We are not the same on the inside8 things you may not know about Jeff BezosBill Clinton says he can't comment on Weiner scandal. Sort ofVoting Right Act's 48th anniversary no reason to celebrateA spoonful of terror prevention helps the surveillance go downFootball accounts for highest concussion rate among young athletesExactly 12 years laterJan Brewer and the GOP's Obamacare quagmire#TDRGoodMorning from the Interns at Harvard Institute of PoliticsObama outlines plan for 'responsibility' in housingRecord-breaking temperatures now the new normObama gets warmer greeting from Brewer on Phoenix tarmacChris Hayes: 'The solution to global warming is just that—global'The help the middle class really needsTop Lines: Perry, Gohmert, O'Reilly, Priebus, and Jay ZAll In agenda: The sale of The Washington Post and the future of journalismTuesday's Mini-ReportVery Last Word: Al Qaeda's English-language publicationFilner demanded a date in exchange for helping an injured vet, says nurseIran is ready to enter 'serious and substantive' nuke talksThe Voting Rights Act then and nowTrial begins in Fort Hood massacre, as victims' frustration mountsAhead on the 8/6 Maddow showAt a Florida reform school, exhuming the victims--and the truthThe Washington Post's famous 1915 typoA failed Egypt is 'my worst nightmare,' says Senator GrahamSuper PAC encourages users to 'Slap Hillary'Imagine: the internet as viewed from 1981Bezos reaction mostly positive after Washington Post saleNBC, CNN hit back at Priebus' ultimatum on Hillary Clinton programming#click3 Al Roker's dog ate his alarmUnequal cuts threaten equal justiceObama embraces bipartisan mortgage reform bill with typical bipartisan reform problemsThe Washington Post sale and the end of local powerThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/06/13Obesity rate falls in 19 states for low-income preschoolersRussia slips back into Cold War mentality, Obama tells LenoJay Leno talks politics and humor with Lawrence O'DonnellLinks for the 8/6 TRMSMorning Headlines: Wednesday, August 7What we're reading: Wednesday, August 7, 2013Chris' List: World's Best IslandsMorning Maddow: August 7GOP struggles to contain monster they createdWatch: Crews bulldoze Ariel Castro's Cleveland houseLiz Cheney's trouble fishing for votesImaginary 'scandals' don't need distractionsThe Company Memo: Wednesday, August 7, 2013Mitt Romney to GOP: Shutting down government is a bad ideaA health care conundrum: help churches or hurt ObamacarePutin meeting off after Russia spurns US over SnowdenLife just goes too quickly, says NPR host who tweeted mom's deathPriebus looks to control 'traveling circus'D-U-G-G-A-N write-in candidate with a jingle dominates Detroit primaryI quit! GOP Congressman fed up with partisan posturingSecessionist staffer puts Rand Paul on the defensiveWednesday's campaign round-upSEE IT: Weiner calls opponent 'grandpa'…at an AARP eventHouse Republican splashes cold water on efforts to defund health care reformObama says 'there is no spying on Americans,' but what about our data?But what about Fox? Brzezinski says RNC is forgetting GOP 'mouthpiece'Military catches flak for poster that warns of sexual assaultsRomney urges shutdown restraint from his partyObama: Russia's anti-gay posture violates 'basic morality'Yemen: We foiled al Qaeda plot to seize oil, gas plantsWednesday Gut Check: Should the families of the fallen Arizona firefighters be given their benefits?Tom Cotton is ready for his close-upUnderdog in N.J. Senate race challenges Booker: I'm the real progressiveObama bets on private market in housing recoveryThe odd couple opera: Ginsburg and ScaliaHenrietta Lacks family granted privacy rights in medical researchWATCH LIVE: Obama addresses Camp Pendleton troopsJeb Bush's narrow understanding of 'choice'#TDRGoodMorning from North CarolinaRenewed al Qaeda threat changes Obama's Middle East strategy'This message is coming from the top': Sexual assault undermines the militaryBezos purchase of Washington Post bridges old, new techIn a state with high voter turnout, a GOP bill targets early voting'He's 47 percent Negro'McDonnell cash grab not a good sign for embattled Virginia governorMilitary sex-assault survivors among those accusing San Diego mayorWednesday's Mini-ReportNow and later: 8/07/13EBONY magazine: 'We Are Trayvon'Very Last Word: Obama's 'late-night forum of choice'Chris Matthews: Sen. Paul will be the 2016 GOP nomineeAll In agenda: It's complicated between the U.S. and RussiaFather of Fort Hood victim seeks 'Justice for Josh'California: Did tough gun control laws cut firearms deaths?George Takei petitions: 'Move the 2014 Winter Olympics out of Russia'Georgia Republicans like Paula Deen more than Martin Luther King, Jr.Ahead on the 8/7 Maddow showMichelle Obama gets vindication for her Let's Move campaignStop-and-frisk victim: 'I could feel the guns being pointed at me'#click3 'Shark Week' extends to NYC subwayThe Rachel Maddow Show, Trancript 08/07/13Michelle Obama credits 'Let's Move' campaign as kid obesity rates dropLinks for the 8/7 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #79Morning Headlines: Thursday, August 8Morning Joe sits down with Thurston Clarke, author of "JFK's Last Hundred Days"Chris' List: Best U.S. Water ParksMorning Maddow: August 8August off to an awkward start for the GOPJobless claims inch higher, but remain near five-year lowSantorum reflects on uncomfortable showersThe Company Memo: Thursday, August 8, 2013Cuccinelli's credibility conundrumRNC chair: I want debate moderators invested in GOP's futureThe view from Rodney Alexander's high horseRubio loses grip on lead in 2016 primary pollRyan, Cantor 'secretly spoke' at Koch brothers' eventEndangered Sumatran tiger cubs born at National ZooThursday's campaign round-upRNC's Priebus sets conditions for debate moderatorsBill and Chelsea Clinton to visit Mandela familyWATCH: How disappearing bees could impact the economyEarly-learning app counters students' plummeting test scoresFriends...or enemies? For US and Russia it's business as usualSteve King rejects global warming: 'It's more of a religion than a science'Thursday Gut Check: Fort Hood shooting trialPA mayor ignores law, marries same-sex coupleSuspected US drone strikes hit militants in YemenObamacare supporters can go to town-hall meetings, tooMore than 100 goats hired to landscape Congressional CemeteryCEO develops early-learning app to counter students' plummeting test scoresMcConnell's campaign manager: 'I'm sort of holdin' my nose for two years'Tsarnaev's friends indicted on obstruction chargesMcConnell campaign manager: I'm 'holding my nose' for the next two yearsChange comes to Tennessee: Small town votes for equal benefitsChilly US–Russia relations are a 'Putin problem,' says fmr. senatorTime for a siesta?'That is what happens when politics drives public health'Remembering George Duke, one of the finest musicians of the modern ageSlate misses the end zone with its 'Redskins' playThursday's Mini-Report5 reasons we still need a national dialogue on raceNOW and later: 8/08/13Bill Clinton and Oprah to receive Presidential Freedom MedalAll In agenda: Dr. Sanjay Gupta embraces medical marijuanaIs Ted Cruz smart? Or evil? Or crazy?Very Last Word: Treatment of gays 'fast becoming a litmus test' for nationsAhead on the 8/8 Maddow showEBONY's editor-in-chief answers critics of the 'We are Trayvon' issueThe firefighters died in the line of duty. Why are their families denied full benefits?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/08/13Find a town hall meeting near youIs the IRS still 'targeting' the Tea Party?Richard Nixon gave resignation speech 39 years agoLinks for the 8/8 TRMSWill a Tea Partier take on military sex-assault?Morning Headlines: Friday, August 9Chris' List: Highest Paid TV PersonalitiesMorning Maddow: August 9Immigration reform's odds improve -- a littleAn affordable degree? You're not dreamingAn affordable degree? You're not dreamingIssa finds a new toy to play withRichwine returnsThe Company Memo: Friday, August 9, 2013Rand Paul's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekMorning Joe sits down with Radley Balko to discuss 'Rise of the Warrior Cop'Weiner's cranky campaign: Staff scolding, media mockingChristie signs new gun bills into law in New Jersey'Specific threats' shutter US consulate in PakistanSome of the people can be fooled some of the time'It's more of a religion than a science'Florida teen dies in police custody after being TaseredFlashback Friday: 2012 Olympic GamesClock ticking down for N.J. Senate candidates to beat out BookerA charismatic president lives on in historyN.W.A. 'Straight Outta Compton' 25 years later#click3 Superfan lets out inner Mean GirlAnother day of setbacks for GOP outreach to minority communities'Girls on the Run' puts kids on track for healthy livesTwitter a driving force behind TV ratings, study finds'Stop-and-frisk' isn't catching the 'real bad guys,' says NYC mayoral hopeful de BlasioBob Filner may be here to stay—unless he quitsSo long, student loan hikes (for now)Ella's take on the honeybeeCuccinelli's cash-flow problemObama unveils reforms to NSA surveillanceWhy voters should care about Booker's start-up problemSen. Boxer calls on Filner to resignLetting in light on the secret intelligence courtObama outlines surveillance reforms at press conferenceVery Last Word: The 'invisible primary' of 2016US-Russia relationship took a hit under Putin, says ObamaAll In agenda: Refusing billionaire Oprah Winfrey's businessReturn of the anti-Obamacare town hallFriday's Mini-ReportAhead on the 8/9 Maddow showObama heads for vacation. Cue the right-wing outrageAdvocates to recharge gun reform efforts for 2014Steve King flunks scienceThe Pentagon's sex assault plan: Is it enough?Flashback: Reagan took controversial vacations, tooStamping the money out of politicsHasan's standby attorneys believe he wants the death penaltyBoycott, ban, or bounce: Advocates weigh options for Sochi 2014The wrong way to deal with a 'birther princess'The Syllabus: What you need to know for the August 10 'MHP'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/09/13Superheroes and sci-fi: Is there really a lack of diversity in science fiction?Links for the 8/9 TRMSShould healthy young adults opt out of Obamacare?This Week in GodHouse Dem: NSA reforms must balance security and privacy interestsTwitter users fearful of threats over social mediaBirthers greet president with 'Kenyan Go Home,' 'Impeach Obama' signs'ED Show' guest list: Saturday, Aug. 10Texas on voting rights: It's not about race, just politicsBlack women's hair becomes target in TSA's security theaterThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the August 11 'MHP'Walmart threatens to vacate DC over living wage billBezos and the future of newspapersHow likely is a Republican presidential nomination for Rick Santorum?RNC Chair threatens to pull candidates from debates over Clinton filmEd: Affordable Care Act first step towards universal health careOld and new millionaires top TrendersAre New York's pension issues as bad as Detroit's?Rep. Steve King insists immigration bill benefits drug smugglersGOP has 'doubled down on its war against women': NOW presidentTeaching racial literacy to our childrenSnowden leaks force Obama's handDonald Trump: US 'laughingstock' in international communityWomen fighting to keep government out of their bodies'ED Show' guest list: Sunday, Aug. 11RIP Fannie and Freddie?Rep. Holt: I'm the progressive in this raceTop Weekend Links: Edward Snowden's father to head to Russia to encourage son's return to US'Would Paris sell the Mona Lisa?' New fears that Detroit will sell its treasuresMorning Headlines: Monday, August 12What we're reading: Monday, August 12, 2013Morning Maddow: August 12Steve King just can't help himself'Thinking Outside the Box' to reform California prisons'It's not my issue'First Read Flash: It's not easy being GreenAnthony Weiner's first TV ad says 'powerful voices' don't want him to winHow LePage would target his criticsThe Company Memo: Monday, August 12, 2013Missouri apologizing for Obama 'rodeo clown''Thinking Outside the Box' to reform California prisonsFox throws Priebus 'a plot twist'Chuck Schumer: Putin is a 'schoolyard bully'GOP leaders fight amongst themselves over shutdown schemeMarco Rubio starting grassroots effort to defund health care lawA case of 'Romnesia'?Attitudes on same-sex marriage changing in Pennsylvania, but law has notReligious right leader backs Russian crackdown on gay rightsWould Ed leave his job to become a teacher?Judge rules New York's 'stop-and-frisk' violates rightsWho will profit from Detroit's bankruptcy?Harry Reid trolls Republicans on race and identity politicsIs the GOP demonstrating Christian hypocrisy?#TDRGoodMorning from the World's Largest Monopoly BoardMonday Gut Check: Missouri State FairZombie lies prove hard to killMust-Read Op-Eds: Monday, August 12Monday's campaign round-up'They can mingle in'Hannah Anderson's 'very lucky' rescueState attorney in Florida: Stand Your Ground 'solved a problem we didn't have'Congressman: Echoes of NSA debate in NYC stop-and-frisk rulingWeekends at the box office with Alex WittMarch on Washington: Reflecting on past, looking to the futureMaximum Wage: Terms of submissionRick Santorum says GOP has 'become tone deaf to America'Photo: Michelle Obama and Bo snap a selfieThere's that 'I' word againNo surprise: 'Stop-and-frisk' ruled unconstitutionalRace resurfaces in conservative protests against ObamaWATCH: Judge says 'stop-and-frisk' violates rightsHolder to rewrite rules in 'war on drugs'Tell us your story at #maximumwageBooker faces questions over finances on eve of N.J. Senate primaryJudge in 'stop-and-frisk' case cites Trayvon Martin's death'Sharing' business model under threat?Dana Rohrabacher, vice chair of the Science Committee'Sharing' business model under threat?WWII veteran: It's up to us to tell young people about unity in AmericaObama outlines reforms to NSA surveillanceNOW and later: 8/12/1310 House Science Committee members who don't understand the science of global warmingNC's McCrory approves sweeping voter-suppression measuresOn $8.00 an hour, it's hard to enjoy even simple things like Christmas2016 preview? Clinton slams voter suppressionMonday's Mini-ReportWeiner surges to claim NY poll's highest unfavorable rating everWhy Obama is entitled to his vacation time tooNorth Carolina ushers in restrictive voting lawsMayor Bloomberg: NYC will appeal 'stop-and-frisk' rulingAll In agenda: Becoming 'smarter' on crimeWhitey Bulger found guilty of racketeering and conspiracyAmerica's best small townsJudge rules a baby cannot be named 'Messiah'The road to becoming smart on crimeNYPD's 'stop-and-frisk' court loss means 'there is a change coming'Ahead on the 8/12 Maddow showNew York's mayoral candidates praise 'stop-and-frisk' ruling#click3: Resurrection of the Monkey Christ PainterThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/12/13Holder's big 'first step' toward improving justice in AmericaIntel chief misled Congress on NSA spying. Now he's leading program's reviewO'Donnell: Bulger brothers should be remembered 'as the losers that they are'New Yorkers recall 'stop-and-frisk' harassmentLinks for the 8/12 TRMSRethinking the 'war on drugs'Morning Headlines: Tuesday, August 13What we're reading: Tuesday, August 13, 2013Chris' List: Best Cars for Short DriversMorning Maddow: August 13Too Young to Die: Alaysha CarradineHolder steps up, GOP stands down on sentencing reformsFirst Read Flash: Give 'em HillThe second half of 'repeal and replace'The Company Memo: Tuesday, August 13, 2013Former Gov. Pataki: Stop-and-frisk isn't racial profilingRand Paul knows nothing of Milton Friedman's workTexas struggles to defend discriminatory voting policiesMicrosoft backtracks on XBox One camera amid spying fearsHiding from town-hall holleringFour takeaways from Anthony Weiner's latest interviewAmerican Airlines-US Airways merger blocked by Justice Dept.Clashes in Cairo continue as police battle protestersMichelle Obama continues obesity fight with a musical collaborationChanging minds on affirmative actionTuesday Gut Check: Lawsuit against Paula Deen dismissedMichelle Obama continues obesity fight with a musical collaborationTuesday's campaign round-upBlack residents in North Carolina fear losing the ability to voteMust-Read Op-Eds: Tuesday, August 13Transgender kids score new rights in CaliforniaDeja news: Obama wins Ohio, Republicans try to make voting harderTelling the truth about True The VoteFirst lady gets set to serve up delicious beatsLIVE: Crowds rally in downtown CairoPR executive: Paula Deen now has chance 'to climb out of the hole'Maybe Obamacare critics shouldn't talk about consumer protectionsMarco Rubio to conservatives: I swear, I'm one of you!Watch: Look inside the green-friendly One World Trade CenterDem. Rep. on N.C. voting law: 'What country are we talking about?'After Hurricane Sandy, New York man lives in backyardKansas clinic under fire from anti-abortion activistsCan a new Air Force chief help the academy move forward?If it's August, it's time for town hallsUS officials try to confirm wounding of top al Qaeda bomb-makerOprah apologizes for Swiss racism comments that sparked uproarNew Yorkers have no love for Anthony Weiner'The majority is at risk'Marco Rubio may be onto something when it comes to deportationsNorth Carolina's 'courageous' YouTube governorPre-trial hearings in Facebook 'threat' case beginNorth Carolina's latest voting restrictions are criminalAll In agenda: The woman behind 'Orange Is the New Black'Tuesday's Mini-ReportHow my white mother shaped me into a black manWhy we shouldn't champion the 'stop-and-frisk' decision as a victory just yetNorth Carolina's voting law faces legal battles aheadTwitter#PAC tries to trend in WashingtonComing out in the spotlight in Christian West VirginiaNAACP leader: NC voting law is a 'crime against democracy'Talib Kweli: 'I've experienced stop-and-frisk all over the world'Why everyone should be allowed to voteAhead on the 8/13 Maddow showAre great athletes born and not made?Why Republicans can't stand Rand PaulVery Last Word: 'Stop-and-frisk' plaintiff discusses victoryHow the right is getting it wrong on 'stop-and-frisk'Bill de Blasio new frontrunner in NYC mayoral raceJudge throws out racism allegations in Paula Deen lawsuit#Click3 On the road to deceptionCory Booker sweeps N.J. Senate primaryThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/13/13Hooters takes a stand against FilnerFDR's evolution in thinking on Keynsian economicsLinks for the 8/13 TRMSPresumed guilty: How prisons profit off the 'war on drugs'Morning Headlines: Wednesday, August 14What we're reading: Wednesday, August 14, 2013Chris' List: Presidential vacation homesOprah: 'The Butler' shows perseverance of black familiesMorning Maddow: August 14Senate Minority BystanderHundreds injured in Cairo as troops clear out pro-Morsi campsCongress isn't 'exempt' from ObamacareWould Booker's popularity hurt him in Congress?First Read Flash: Chaos in CairoThe Company Memo: Wednesday, August 14, 2013Rubio hopes to leverage right's Obama hatred on immigrationHouse Republican ready to 'defund the EPA'Bill de Blasio: Stop-and-frisk ruling will define mayoral raceAnother Bush, another problem with Obama and 'phony' factsWednesday Gut Check: More protection for celebrity kids against paparazziMcCrory struggles with his own voter-suppression lawCongress loses an 'evil genius'Death toll hits 638 in Egypt after security forces attackNorth Carolina governor's popularity plummetsWednesday's campaign round-upChaos in Cairo captured on TwitterUS charges two ex-JPMorgan traders after $6.2B lossDeadly violence rocks EgyptSave the date: Ed Schultz coming to Birmingham Aug. 23!#TDRGoodMorning from the 4H Group in MinnesotaTop Democrat: N.C. laws 'are voter suppression laws'Same-sex military couples to get federal benefitsHolder punts on pot...againPentagon expands benefits for same-sex military couplesJesse Jackson Jr. and wife sentenced to staggered prison termsOprah's trusted stamp of approval extends to politicsPHOTOS: Violence erupts in EgyptThe 'science' behind 20-week abortion bansDecryptomaddowlogical #80GOP ad uses 'Duck Hunt' to take aim at Sen. LandrieuWhen Heritage plays the congressional GOP for foolsNOW and later: 8/14/13Gingrich chides GOP for being too 'anti-Obama'EU may have begun lopsided economic recoveryOn Obamacare, GOP continues to struggle over tactics'That's the only gun violence that I'm aware of'North Carolina's less-than-truthful spin on voter suppressionGOP senator questions Pentagon same-sex marriage benefitsManning: 'I'm sorry I hurt the United States'All In agenda: Violent crackdown in EgyptWednesday's Mini-ReportGOP congressman invites Obama rodeo clown to perform in TexasThe .50 caliber questionBigger is not always better when it comes to airline mergersVery Last Word: Cory Booker, an 'enigma' wrapped in a 'fajita'?Americans who buy own health insurance eligible for big savingsEliot Spitzer's lead widens to 56% in NYC comptroller raceAir Force Academy gets its first female superintendentAhead on the 8/14 Maddow showJesse Jackson Jr. and wife to serve prison timeThe 'Oz-like land' of the man who inspired 'The Butler'Use the pardon power to realize Holder's visionGOP uses Va. gubernatorial race to attack Hillary ClintonClick3: You're my click 1, 2 and 3The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/14/13Google Hangout: The disastrous effects of climate changeGOP science fail: Rev. Sharpton schools the right on global warmingGreg Louganis: Olympic Games must follow own discrimination policyHow sequestration handicaps our future through science cutsLinks for the 8/14 TRMSMorning Headlines: Thursday, August 15Chris' List: Crazy things rich people do with their moneyMorning Maddow: August 15Rand Paul, voting rights, and 'objective evidence'Jobless claims improve, reach lowest point in nearly 6 yearsFirst Read Flash: Egypt in crisisThe Company Memo: Thursday, August 15, 2013New Obamacare TV spot: 'The law works'Progressive group hits McConnell over Social Security'The king of golf and vacations'Get to know the new GOP hostage strategyVoter-suppression off to a fast start in North CarolinaObama puts Egypt on alert: The people deserve better'Mark Levin should ask the questions'Thursday's campaign round-upThe last unasked question: 'If Anthony Weiner were a tree, what kind of tree?'Rand Paul: No 'objective evidence' of racial discrimination in electionsHarvey Fierstein on Russia's anti-gay laws: 'You cannot just ignore evil'Russell Simmons sorry for Harriet Tubman 'sex tape'Looking for a Bruce Hanes of the SouthN.J. judge hears marriage equality argumentsUS wants to extradite 'largest facilitator of child porn' from IrelandClimate reality must win out over political attacks on scienceThursday Gut Check: Custody battle intensifies over Baby VeronicaSyrian Electronic Army hacks Washington PostTea Partiers: U.S. 'can no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship'Must-Read Op-Eds: Thursday, August 15Decryptomaddowlogical #81An olinguito? Scientists discover new speciesMcConnell digs a hole, falls inNew York's new frontrunner: Bill de Blasio moves aheadMajority of adults remain unaware of online schoolingHow media galvanized a March on WashingtonMusk's hyperloop: Technologically--if not politically--feasibleHempfest 2013: Seattle police to protect and serve...munchiesSome 'objective evidence' for Rand Paul on voter suppressionWATCH: Would you tweet your weight? Mika did.Twitter trolls stuff jihadist suggestion box'Nixonian' doesn't mean what George Will thinks it meansAll In agenda: The right wing war on food stampsAndy Cohen says 'No, thanks' to Moscow's Miss Universe pageantOverreacting vs. underreacting to GOP threatsRNC refocuses outreach to women, youthThursday's Mini-ReportKmart takes heat for 'yo mama' back-to-school adsBob Filner's latest accuser: A great-grandmotherGOP Re-branding: 'It should also have a pair of menacing tusks.'Pranksters put Detroit up for 'sale'It's time to put people ahead of partyCourt clerk fired for helping free wrongfully convicted manVery Last Word: Can Hillary escape the 'dysfunction' in 2016?Newark tests 'stop-and-frisk' transparencyObama sends Egypt a strong message, but leaves open communication linesAhead on the 8/15 Maddow showWhy are Republicans already choosing sides for 2016?'The Butler' brings a front row seat to the civil rights movementTransgender equality moves forward on both coastsBradley Manning apologizes for the 'hurt' his actions causedThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/15/13#click3: Say hello to your furry little friendThe NYPD must stop all racial and religious profilingLinks for the 8/15 TRMSLawrence O'Donnell remembers legendary reporter Jack GermondMorning Headlines: Friday, August 16NSA spying broke privacy rules thousands of timesMorning Maddow: August 16'Every now and then, there may be a mistake'What the RNC chair considers 'horrific'First Read Flash: Who's watching you?The Company Memo: Friday, August 16, 2013'This is a moral conundrum for me'Scarborough: GOP leaders say one thing in private, another on TVKoch brothers thrive on healthcare confusionWATCH: How to buy happiness'Truly abominable anti-democratic legislation'UPDATE: No, Reince Priebus did not call Romney's 'self-deportation' policy 'racist'Internal NSA audit contradicts official claims about lack of abuseClashes continue in Egypt after more than 600 killedHow one Ohio family's struggle defines the deportation debate'For a criminal practice, there has to be a gun'Friday Gut Check: How was 'Area 51' used?Friday's campaign round-up'Stand Your Ground' protesters end sit-in at Florida state CapitolCritics say Pentagon's 'shallow' sexual assault proposals don't go far enoughFmr. Russian Olympian backtracks on support of anti-gay lawRNC unanimously approves 2016 debate resolutionSteve King tells Obama to hold rodeo clown 'beer summit'Hillary is good for the GOP, the GOP is better for HillaryThe truth really is out there--Area 51 existsWho's going to Iowa? Not Hillary--yetSantorum condemns references to 'middle class'Edward Snowden's media blitz: Shouldn't he be trying to fly under the radar?A perfect storm for sentencing reformThe more buzz the better? Study finds tweets predict electionsAfter coming out, wrestler says he's a 'lucky man'Debate over Fed Chair heats up as Obama doubles down on SummersSteve Jobs, the everyman featured in new movieUp for August 17, 2013: What to KnowPenny wise, pound foolishWorst. OBL Conspiracy Theory. Ever.Zombieism 101 with Toure'Butler' filmmaker Lee Daniels: 'We need more heroes'Christie vetoes medical marijuana measure, but leaves door openConservative group pressures McConnell on Obamacare defundingChris Christie agrees to medical marijuana expansionMichelle Obama: Black president 'changes the bar' for youngest AmericansFriday's Mini-ReportPhilly schools buoyed by $50 million infusionThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the August 17 'MHP'Ahead on the 8/16 Maddow showFor sick children, 'happy hope' comes in small packagesChristie vetoes measures on gun violenceAs global food supply diminishes, look to seafood?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/16/13Sharpton: Why is O'Reilly privately generous, yet publicly vile?Cocktail Moment: The Sky PilotAhead of Sochi, former Russian Olympians become US citizensReport: Egyptian police arrest brother of former al Qaeda chiefThis Week in GodCrowley: Egypt's democratic future in hands of militaryJohn McCain assures constituent 'You're not a taker'New Jersey Senate candidate or Canadian pop icon? You decide!Up for August 18: What to knowEgyptian turmoil continues after mosque siege endsNorth Carolina NAACP denounces 'straight up' voter repressionOne woman's fight for better rape investigationsCommunities band together against frackingBaby panda reunites with motherRand Paul, take a deep breath before talking race againThe Syllabus: What you need to know for the August 18 'MHP'NYPD chief: Crime will go up if 'stop-and-frisk' endsEgyptian cabinet debating fate of Muslim BrotherhoodTeam of UN chemical weapons inspectors arrive in SyriaFormer businessmen find 'Gold' in GhanaTrayvon Martin's mother organizes against racial profilingRussian athletes' kiss raises questions over LGBT lawStudy: '50 Shades of Grey' models abusive relationshipAid to Egypt hangs in balance as violence increasesWATCH: Martin Luther King Jr.'s March on Washington TV appearanceNSA reporter's partner held in London under Terrorism Act'The Butler' viewers report police presence at screeningRemembering Jack Germond, and the era of journalism that went with himChris' List: Most Loyal NFL FansMorning Maddow: August 19'It's a total abuse of the law'First Read Flash: What can Brown do for you?Morning Headlines: Monday, August 19Gov. Scott Walker: State GOP is 'laying out a vision'—DC's notFar-right 'ready to erupt' over health care?Scott Brown's latest 'curiosity'The Company Memo: Monday, August 19, 2013Ex-Egypt leader Mubarak could be freedUndermining the Christie 'brand'Unpaid internships and the fight for equal payCrowd cheers as GOP rep. tells girl her dad should be deportedClint Murphy's message to his GOP alliesMarching forward for equal rightsChris Christie, the 'king of hoodwinking'?The Chamber Of Commerce's return on investmentCEO of Cory Booker's Internet video company reportedly resignsScott Desjarlais explains 'where we're at'Monday's campaign round-upHow 57,000 children are paying the price for the GOP's hard lineWATCH: Four-year-old mayor says 'I'm the boss!'Selling a 'wave of fear' in Colorado recallsGift probes back in focus in Virginia governor's raceThe last front in the battle to prevent Detroit's bankruptcyThe slow-motion disaster on auto-pilot just keeps getting worseDisney Princesses sing for equal payPoll shows how the summer is hard on President ObamaScott Brown hints at political futureWhat's being lost in North CarolinaTed Cruz releases birth certificate—with an eye on 2016?'Short Term 12' gets critical acclaimNo gay 'conversion therapy' allowed in NJ, says Gov. ChristieNew Obama plan aims to prepare communities for climate changeRand Paul explains shutdown threats: It's leverage!A different kind of Stone AgeMartin Luther King III: 50 years later, Washington march will focus on jobs, justice and freedomFrom bad to worse in VirginiaWashington has 'limited' ability to influence EgyptNJ Senate primary may be over, but contentious mayoral election brewsOnce again, Obama's economic agenda has to take a backseatThe climate crisis and 'outdated standards'NOW and later: 8/19/13Art imitates life: Paranoia, secrecy and the surveillance stateGun lobby: Who got elected to the NRA board?Still a fight 50 years after 'March on Washington'Flashback: MLK Jr. refutes critics who argued civil rights movement moved too fastA new study on Twitter's power could change how politicians campaignMonday's Mini-ReportYoung black New Yorkers talk about 'stop-and-frisk'Bloomberg defends stop and friskAll In agenda: We see you, Chris ChristieJoin Hardball exclusively at 7 p.m. ET starting Aug. 26Separate doors for the rich and poor--Is this the craziest idea yet for an NYC condo?Ahead on the 8/19 Maddow showWhere in the world is Mayor Filner?Hey, is that a Rolex you're wearing? How to spot a corrupt polBloomberg: If I had a son that was stopped, I might question 'stop-and-frisk'Meet the Obamas' new puppy#Click3: DIY wedding failThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/19/13NAACP president vows backlash if Ray Kelly is nominated for Secy. of Homeland SecurityGay men are still barred from donating blood. Is it time to change the rule?Actor Mark Ruffalo on his mother's illegal abortion: 'Shameful' and 'demeaning'Links for the 8/19 TRMSMorning Headlines: Tuesday, August 20What we're reading: Tuesday, August 20, 2013Chris' List: Presidential PupsMorning Maddow: August 20Between the right and a hard placeTed Cruz renounces Canadian citizenshipBeau Biden hospitalized in Texas, undergoes testsMaine governor says Obama 'hates white people,' state GOP reportMaine's LePage thinks Obama 'hates white people'The Company Memo: Tuesday, August 20, 2013Pakistan ex-ruler Musharraf indicted in Bhutto murder caseGiving lawmakers added motivation on immigrationMcDonnell has made 'the prospect of his continued leadership untenable'Tuesday Gut Check: Should the NFL ban women's bags?Comedian: Democrats are dumb and Republicans are stupid'Why don't we impeach him?'Ted Cruz ready to renounce Canadian citizenshipTuesday's campaign round-upMust-Read Op-Eds: Tuesday, August 20UK unlawfully detained partner of Snowden reporter, lawyers sayScarborough: Is Christie really 'Mr. I Am Who I Am,' or is it all show for a '16 bid?Boston bombing suspect sustained gunshot wounds to the faceA 'nail in the coffin' of the IRS 'scandal'Scalia: Court shouldn't 'invent new minorities'Greg Louganis: Boycotting Sochi 'sends the wrong message'Muslim Brotherhood leader arrestedCan't beat the Democrats? Must be time to secedeEleven-year-old 'mad' at Tea Party Republican for saying her dad should be deportedObama should call it a coupA new set of astronauts to head to the final frontierCEO promotes disclosing all salaries- he makes $120,000No injuries, suspect in custody after shots fired at Georgia elementary schoolHouse Republican fights immigration reformAfter two years of detainment, is Mubarak's release imminent?New survey looks at men and women's success in the officeElmore Leonard 1925-2013Colorado's recall effort over gun laws carries onWhen political commentary goes to the dogsNOW and later: 8/20/13A Rick Perry candidacy would make Lewis Black happyStatistics on 'stop-and-frisk' not on Bloomberg's sideTuesday's Mini-ReportKid President interviews Beyoncé for World Humanitarian DayThe brilliance of Chris ChristieColorado state rep: Slow down on that 51st state thingTennessee has a candidate for the 'US Sentate.' You read that right.All In agenda: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Canadian CitizenThe Filner mess: Will a settlement force him to step down?Will the GOP take the economy hostage?Sharpton ready to 'Realize the Dream'Ahead on the 8/20 Maddow showIn Detroit, the art of the deal: Residents say, hands off our museumShould Congress make the minimum wage?#click3: 'You need to keep your business off of Facebook'Guardian's editor in chief vows to continue publishing NSA documentsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/20/13'We were bored': Two teens charged in athlete's killingBeutler speaks out on 'Stop and Frisk'2016: Are Clinton and Christie getting started too early?The 'real IRS scandal': Now, a lawsuitCruz to GOP: 'How do we win this fight? Don't blink!'Links for the 8/20 TRMSIf you want your own drone, they're available--and legalMorning Headlines: Wednesday, August 21Chris' List: Best Fictional ButlersWatch: Joe and Mika audition for Sunday Night Football theme songConservative group bails out top RepublicanMorning Maddow: August 21Flipping the August scriptChemical weapons attacks kill hundreds in Syria, rebels and activists allegeFirst Read Flash: Tennessee waltzThe company Corbett keepsBentivolio's idea of a 'dream come true'35 years for Manning in WikiLeaks caseThe Company Memo: Wednesday, August 21, 2013State Republicans jump ship: This isn't our party anymoreThe registry the NRA warned againstMcAuliffe leads in new Va. governor pollHealth care hypocrisy with a twistObama endorses Cory Booker in New Jersey Senate race'The party is acting as if the entire world is a GOP primary'NRA reportedly built gun owner database, all while warning of oneWednesday's campaign round-upAbout those 'soaring' premiums...'Stop-and-frisk' expands to DetroitDetroit pension threat is 'attacking the people that served the city well'Wednesday Gut Check: Lifting bans on certain dog breedsThought gun reform was dead? Mayors say think againGuess who keeps a gun-owner registry? The NRARepublicans foster 'dreams' of impeaching Obama#maximumwage: 'My parents are low wage workers'Five national security threats who got lighter sentences than Chelsea ManningManning receives 35-year sentenceHey NFL, where am I gonna put my Dr. Scholl's inserts now?Filner recall effort is going 'swimmingly'Syrian opposition claims government used chemical weaponsEgypt in turmoil: Court orders Mubarak releaseForgetting the relevant Katrina detail, eight years laterFootball's concussion danger highlighted in new filmSuit against IRS could run into speed bumpsSen. Ted Cruz: 'Canadian terror baby' --a birther satireNo terror connection? No problem, says NSAGranholm on 2016: I hope Hillary 'feels the... pull of history'How do you define a terrorist?Turns out Ted Cruz and Dreamers have a lot in commonMalala honored with Irish peace prizeThe anti-immigration forces fail to show upManning's sentence was 'designed to send a message'Wednesday's Mini-ReportAll In agenda: Reports of massive chemical weapons attack in SyriaClose call sparks fears of another Newtown'We've not realized the dream,' says Dr. King's sonAhead on the 8/21 Maddow showWatch: Reporter hijacks Russian TV interview to protest anti-gay laws#click3: Anyone missing a giant deer statue?Zuckerberg and Rubio pair up to push immigration reformThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/21/13Head Start cuts tell children, 'We don't believe in you'Scientists increasingly worry about climate change. Republicans don't.Time to panic for the Virginia GOPThe Heritage Foundation disowns its babyListen: 911 call from Georgia school shooting. How a staffer saved livesThe barbaric treatment of a true patriotHow a school clerk talked down a would-be shooter'Is it disturbing? You bet': Stand your ground PSA uses Trayvon Martin 911 callsMarch on Washington: MSNBC special coverage on SaturdayLinks for the 8/21 TRMSMorning Headlines: Thursday, August 22Chris' List: Most/Least Respected BrandsMorning Maddow: August 22'I am Chelsea Manning'The nation's full faith and credit is not a 'leverage point'First Read Flash: Brown outJobless claims climb, but remain lowLiz Cheney's fish taleThe Company Memo: Thursday, August 22, 2013How Obama would lower college costs—if he couldMcConnell leads Tea Partier by 47 pointsNSA violated the law and misled its court chaperoneBeau Biden released from hospital'A bridge too far'DeMint touts emergency rooms over insuranceMubarak leaves Cairo prison, heads to military hospitalThursday's Google Doodle Honors DebussyScott Brown turns down bid for governorHolder: Wall Street offenders not 'out of the woods'WATCH LIVE: Obama outlines plan to rein in college costsBye-bye Filner: Embattled San Diego Mayor to resignThursday's campaign round-up'Prison Break' star comes out, blasts Russia's anti-gay lawsSan Diego's Filner to resign'This is Trayvon Martin in reverse, only worse,' right-wingers sayThursday Gut Check: Should teachers have special crisis management training?POTUS calls GOP the 'usual circus'Powell says what McCrory doesn't want to hearJustice Department sues to block Texas voter ID lawPowell slams NC Republicans for new restrictive voting lawJustice Department targets Texas' voter-ID lawWould Obama's higher-ed plan actually make college a better deal?Obama eyes fix to 'crisis' of college costsAll In agenda: The battle over voting rightsBloomberg to exit contentious three-term legacyWhen a 'job-killing' law creates jobsBloomberg to exit contentious three-term legacy¡Ay no! 'Carlos Danger' releases Spanish-speaking adWhy is America infatuated with its anti-heroes?10 cool things you can buy from the government right now'We've got to find a way to bring this nation together' says Dr. King's sonThursday's Mini-ReportWATCH LIVE: President Obama speaks about education50 years later: Remembering Dr. King's speechBloomberg loses again on 'stop-and-frisk' oversightWalmart--yes, Walmart--celebrates U.S. manufacturingWATCH: Sharpton addresses Christopher Lane shootingAhead on the 8/22 Maddow showHow Antoinette Tuff was trained to be a heroThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/22/13Scrambling in San Diego: Who wants Filner's seat?#click3: Lost and nicely foundWhen it comes to Twitter, #ThinkTwiceLinks for the 8/22 TRMSWill Manning be treated as a woman in prison?50 years later, what happened to the dream?Morning Headlines: Friday, August 23What we're reading: Friday, August 23, 2013Chris' List: Highest Paid ModelsMorning Maddow: August 23GOP 'getting perilously close' to impeachment madnessKey House Republican asks Holder to back off in TexasObama is 'close' to impeachment, says GOP Sen. CoburnThe Company Memo: Friday, August 23, 2013'It only gets worse'WATCH: As far as hecklers go, at least this one's 'polite'Issa reconsiders the value of personal emailsFriday Gut Check: Ben Affleck is the new BatmanAxelrod: Images from Syrian attacks will press Obama to take actionRetiring NC senator: 'We're becoming a laughingstock'Obamacare's unwitting fansKrystal Ball answers your questionsAttaching a price to climate denialismPresident Obama thanks Tuff for preventing school massacreUN pushes Syria for chemical probe, activists send samples'God help us if we get a worldwide pandemic'The political world through Ella's eyesAustralian pol blames shooting on 'American gun culture'Pressure mounts for US to intervene in SyriaBoehner's pollster: even Republicans oppose shutdown planGOP rep insists 11-year-old's undocumented dad has to goRemembering the March on WashingtonVIDEO: Ft. Hood gunman found guilty of murder in shooting rampageKobach, Bennett team up for voting-rights lawsuit50 Years After the DreamThey call it 'hammocking'Soldier guilty of killing 16 Afghan villagers sentenced to life without paroleA March on Washington 50 years later'Move for Hunger' turns moving stress into food on the tableBoston youths gear up for 50th March on WashingtonThey can't even get dysfunction rightSenator Patrick Leahy weighs in on 'Batfleck'Conservative, red-state Republican connects faith, immigrationStarbucks' gun policy brews 'grande' protestAll In agenda: 50 years since 'I Have a Dream'Friday's Mini-ReportGrand ol' priorities: Mike Lee's budget doublespeakOut! Bob Filner's steady rise--and lightning-fast fall50 years later, Rep. John Lewis reflects on an unfulfilled 'Dream'The Syllabus: What you need to know for the August 24 'MHP'Ahead on the 8/23 Maddow showCongratulations, it's a panda!The life and impact of Marty Glickman#click3 The Fantastic FordThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/23/13John Lewis: 'We have come too far to stop'Links for the 8/23 TRMSOn the road with the Dream DefendersWATCH LIVE: 50th anniversary of March on WashingtonSyria crisis: Obama to meet with national security team'Still room for improvement' on 50th March on Washington anniversaryWATCH LIVE: 50th anniversary of March on WashingtonThis Week in GodPoll: Has Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 'dream' been realized?WATCH: 50th anniversary of MLK's March on WashingtonAsean Johnson: 'Every child deserves a great education'#AdvancingTheDream: We asked, YOU answered9-year-old activist youngest speaker at marchSpies who loved me: NSA officials targeted crushesPlay Hardball with Chris Matthews! Live Twitter chat Monday at 6:15 p.m. ETPHOTOS: The 50th anniversary of the March on WashingtonBus trip to DC links church's civil rights past to activist futureWhite House says 'very little doubt' about Syrian chemical attacksNJ Senate candidate: Sandy recovery funds were 'over the top'The Syllabus: What you need to know for the August 25 'MHP'At King Memorial, two Morehouse men reflect on legacyColin Powell: Zimmerman verdict was 'questionable'Fmr. Army col.: Chelsea Manning should be jailed with menFilner's resignation non-apology reminds accuser of previous mea culpaTrump claims Obama behind university probeWhat we're reading: Monday, August 26, 2013Morning Headlines: Monday, August 26Chris' List: Things not to do if you win the lotteryMorning Maddow: August 26'We do not have the votes right now'Ginsburg reflects on present, futureFirst Read Flash: Georgia on their mindUN investigators shot at in Syria as US weighs optionsA rare defeat for the religious right in AlabamaWhite House's first African-American chief usher praises 'The Butler'How not to defend voter suppression in North Carolina17-year-old's shooting death inspires parents to civil-rights activismThe right seizes on Christopher Lane's killingCruz won't endorse fellow Texan CornynMonday Gut Check: Did Miley Cyrus take it too far?Monday's campaign round-upTrump blasts NY AG who is suing his 'university' as a 'total lightweight'Why the Ft. Hood shooter may want to be executedBobby Jindal: 'Stop talking about impeachment'Has MLK's dream been realized? In Virginia, blacks and whites are splitBlaming the unemployedCuccinelli goes on defense over McDonnell in Va. governor race'ED Show' first 'back to the weekdays' guest list: Monday, Aug. 26 (5p ET)Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' gay rights anthem 'Same Love' wins at MTV VMAsNY AG calls Trump's school 'a scam from the beginning to end'Remembering trailblazing banker Muriel SiebertHow a bronze bust of Rush Limbaugh turned into a good thingWill GOP lawmakers get coverage through Obamacare?Obama 'has to' respond to Syrian chemical attackBrzezinski: Miley Cyrus VMA performance 'really, really disturbing'Impeachment hysteria foreshadows debt ceiling fightScoot to a childfree zone'Human beings will adjust'Myrlie Evers-Williams: 'Stand your ground for freedom'Oh horrors! What if women were allowed to vote?Kerry calls evidence in Syria 'undeniable'All In agenda: 'Our sense of basic humanity is offended'McDonald's former CEO says the minimum wage needs adjustment'Body artists' are 'my people,' says Arkansas RepublicanMonday's Mini-ReportSoldier honored for bravery in Taliban firefightA gap between those who serve, and those who are being servedAhead on the 8/26 Maddow showReport: Colorado judge in hiding after white supremacist group orders 'hit'The two political causes that still 'dominate' meDid 'Grand Theft Auto' turn an 8-year-old into a killer?Justice Ginsburg resists pressure to retire: 'I love my job'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 08/26/13NY AG: Trump University a 'scam from top to bottom'GOP's Sensenbrenner vows to repair Voting Rights ActZimmerman asks Florida to reimburse his court costsSalt in the wound, the cost of healthcareHere we go again: Debt limit showdownLinks for the 8/26 TRMSMorning Headlines: Tuesday, August 27What we're reading: Tuesday, August 27, 2013Chris' List: Top-Earning Tennis PlayersMorning Maddow: August 27Treasury gives Congress a debt-ceiling deadlineFirst Read Flash: At the tipping pointWhen 'consultation' replaces 'authorization'A 'monumental' win for marriage rights in New Mexico#maximumwage: 'When minimum wage doesn't cover the basics, it's time for a change'Obamacare divides GOP against itselfRight-wing continues to frame killings as racistTuesday Gut Check: SC to evict homeless from downtown'A monopoly on stupid comments'All eyes on Syria in light of potential US missile strike